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  1. That means they cannot do anything as the scavenger has nothing to give in the way of a penalty. Cannot get blood out of a stone.
  2. I saw straight away ( I think) how they came to that figure, and I think what they did was use the unused first doses as second jabs.
  3. No mate they did what I would call a proper evaluation. I do have a transformer fitted as potentially we could use 30k plus electricity per month.
  4. If you test negative when you leave your home country and again when you get here where is the problem? I do think that some of the people making decisions are not best suited for the job, IE no medical knowledge.
  5. I have never understood the need to show proof of earnings or money in the bank. The reason I write this is because if we run out of money they don`t give us any. I understand not letting in destitute people but 200 us a day.
  6. Plus, if we ever get back to near normal, there might be an awful lot of people out of work. Maybe, there is a certain amount of self preservation in their decisions.
  7. Paying extra money for this kind of thing would bug the crap out of me, but I would pay it and think to myself "well there is one more thing out of the way". Then I would just get on with my life, it`s all sent to try us.
  8. You know you have adjusted when you eat white rice with a meal.
  9. Another thing when buying property, if you use an agent the price can go up by 1/3 around here so be ready to negotiate as the seller or agent might drop the price.
  10. We looked at a few new build properties to rent out and found the same thing, the internal finish was very basic and would take quite a bit of time and money to finish. Some things, roof vents etc, you might want to install would be done as a basic install in the UK but here an optional extra.
  11. Well that makes all the sellers around here delusional then. Prices have been stable/ rising here since the pandemic started. You might get lucky and buy some land which the owner has to have fast cash.
  12. Lets hope it does open up then all the couples/families which are apart can get together. Also it will help many parts of the economy which are in need of income.
  13. I took the Sinovac as I have no plans to travel outside of the Philippines.
  14. I answered you on FB here is what I put and they took it down as offensive. I had sinovac I don`t see what the problem is grasshopper.
  15. I watched Captain pugwash as a kid, seaman stains, Roger the cabin boy. Yeh pull the other one Clermont.
  16. Yes she lives in this area and I believe is involved with an American which might be where the California accent comes from.
  17. A few of those schemes are going around here. Targeting poor and not so poor people who may not have access to the internet or they just have had no education or experience outside of their Purok. In the beggining some people get paid out so spread the word and that is how these schemes get away with it. Don`t forget a lot of expats got caught with something similar maybe 8 years ago in Cebu.
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