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  1. Good for you! Enjoy your vacation and have fun from start to finish! :thumbsup: Hi Art my plan is to only go back to the uk for 1 month next April. I have to sort out my income tax and make sure my tenants and property are ok and pay some bills that at this time can only be paid in person also to catch up with the few friends I have who actually still live in the uk (most of them left years ago). CheersKevin
  2. Well this is my fourth visit and I plan on staying until April 2012, so far so good I hope it stays this way.
  3. Well at least he tried it for a year+ before he made his mind up. I have travelled to many poor countries and have taken people with me who would judge the place after a few days. Good luck Travis hope you find real happinessKevin
  4. sonjack2847


    We moved into our apartment on Tuesday and we were unpacking our things.I asked Simplicia "honey where are the gravy grannuals" Sim said"I threw them out" "Whaaaat I cried".(they wre only 3 months old) Well I assume you can imagine how I felt! I was very angry and decided that Tampo was in order, well that lasted 30 seconds Sim said "honey do you want a coffee" "Yes I said, damn I am going to have to practice this Tampo thing. Anybody know of any classes? haha
  5. Or could it be you are being stalked,lolHaHa I wish, a good looking 25 year old American! Well if I was that way inclined.
  6. I was here in May this year and used the Sports exchange bar on Mango square. I got friendly with an American guy and we had a few drinks. Any way I was going into my apartment one day and someone was calling me wow it was him he lived in the same block. Well I thought small world we hung out a few times when our gfs were working. Anyway before I left we exchanged tell numbers but we lost touch. Yesterday I went with my gf so she could register with the local police and we decided to walk to Ayala after.We were walking through the mall and I bumped into him again, now that has to be one in a million chance don`t you think?
  7. Could even use one of these if it helps, http://www.cdrking.c...d=8867&main=157 Thanks it is working fine at the moment but I will keep it in mind for the future
  8. This sounds an awful lot like the UK at the moment.
  9. Forgot to say the speed is 0.48 mbps good enough for me
  10. I have just bought the extension usb lead and put the smartbro stick up against the window it went form under half signal strength to full and my computer is working much faster, great tip thanks
  11. Most parents don,t let their kids play on the road, But if by chance they get on that road you do not want a speeding car to run them overYes you are right . I know it is difficult to watch kids 24/7 and yes speeding drivers piss people off everywhere and cause problems for everyone else and usually walk away scot free.
  12. How many people on this forum find it hard to cross a road in Cebu safely? Why let your child play on the road?
  13. Hi KuyaYes I will keep people informed of my progress/demise hehe who knows! Well I arrived at 930am Sunday with only 1 hours sleep, Sim came to meet me at 1pm(after church) I was eating breakfast. Well I was past being tired and the last thing I wanted to do was sleep early and take longer to get adjusted to the time difference, cruel to be kind sort of thing.We decided to go and order the things we needed so off we trot to Robinsons and manage to buy the ref,gas 2 ring stove,electric oven and hehe fan. I had already checked out the prices on the net at several places and got a decent deal there and they wanted to deliver straight away but as I was at the Diplomat for 2 days we asked for next day at 11 am. Big suprise they were there early must be a first I thought, that was until I bought a sala set the next day at dewfoam near SM mall and they took us home in the delivery truck WOW no sitting on the floor for me. Anyway we have most of the things we need now except tv and stand but I am all shopped out now so will look next week for one haha "win radio win radio" hehe. Kuya I have bought the Smart Bro usb connection and it seems to work Ok for now time will tell. I spent last on roach patrol I bought a can of Baygon spray from Fooda I think I have swept about 35 of the bas I mean little devils this morning so it seems to work but as I don`t really have any experience with them I don`t know still I think a good result. Still I have just been told we have to buy a flat iron, no rest for the Kano today. I have to go now see you all soonKevin
  14. Yeah, I have seen the ping pong balls, Smoking a cigarette, Blowing darts out and bursting balloons, opening a bottle of beer, And even a Donkey.Also putting in a 100baht note and getting change....really eye openingBrock sorry to tell you but the donkey has retired, I am told by a reliable scorce.
  15. I am now in Cebu for 6.5 months, I have to go back to the uk in April to do my tax returns and check on my property. I was a bit concerned the last few weeks before I moved here. The reason for this was that I only had 1 tennant in my house (my cousin)so I was thinking that when I returned to the uk it would be a struggle for me to return to Cebu without selling my house (which goes against all advice and my own personal experience) But " happy days" 4 days before I left 2 people who I know and are also members of the British legion wnated to move in. This means that all 3 of my tennants are friends and get along already. Well I hope it stays that way but I have my other cousin and a very good friend who will mediate or sort out any maintenance if it is needed. So now I am looking forward to my time here being stress free as it should be. I will give updates when I can take care all Kevin
  16. Thanks for the info I will check it out when I get there
  17. Frank try worldnomads.com I don`t know how much your premium would be as it is different for each individual. I had a quote for me for 8 months for £380 which I thought was good. Hope this helps
  18. Hi I am coming to Cebu city 18 sept and wondered if anybody knows where I can get a mask snorkel and finsMany thanks in advanceKevin
  19. Condor I seem to remember seeing something like an indoor antenna at CDR KING so perhaps you could check that place.
  20. I think he is lazy I have read this post and everybody has tried to help him/it but I think he wants you or anybody to go to the airport and hold his hand until he gets to where he is going to stay IMHO
  21. Here is 1 of me and Simplicia I will be back in cebu 18 sept maybe for 6 months so might see some of you.
  22. Well I feel sorry for him but he should have known better. Maybe he was straight of the plane,, Maybe it was his first trip who knows.I have never been robbed abroad in fact the only place I have been robbed was here in the UK. Now I wear a cheap watch and only 1 ring which is small so as not to attract too much attention. Still he is 67 and was drinking in the morning/early afternoon maybe the heat got to him. Still hope he is ok and learns from his mistake.
  23. Well thanks for the info chaps I will use this advice if he does make it over btw he is not a sexpat thanks again
  24. Kuya thanks for your advice I don`t actually think I want go to where he maybe be going I am I think sorted still she will tell me maybe hehe hehe
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