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  1. Does a heart attack count as being sick?
  2. I have had no booze for over a month you can pray for me as well haha
  3. My friend from Bristol, yes I do have one friend who does not drink. haha.
  4. I gave my wife`s mother some seeds and one time my wife came back from a visit she aid I brought some parsnip and shows me 2 shopping bags full woo hoo. No wife brought back the leaves I said I wanted the root, but that is what you buy at Hypermart mmmm Parsley hon. Oh well back to the longing list, probably don`t like it anymore anyway.
  5. Over subscription is the problem, they start off well and just oversell.
  6. I find that also try to make a sun side up the yolk breaks but when you want an omelette yolks are fine. I now try to buy anywhere but the supermarkets.
  7. Yes Scott very easy to quote figures and give a false outcome when the rest of the variants are omitted.
  8. I just read a post from an expat on another forum. He caught covid in March 2020 and he is still suffering. So covid per say is not fake I do however think that all these lockdowns are questionable. Sooner or later we will all have to learn to live with the threat.
  9. You know the of the man my original post was about he has been here at least 7 years and you would think by now he would have gotten used to it. The same people who constantly complain about things here are the same ones who moan when they do maintenance.
  10. We don`t drink warm beer any more. As for incentives I should have thought freedom of movement would be enough. We have been locked down too long now. I will get the jab.
  11. I have no problem with people complaining about the way of life here, sometimes a little constructive criticism can work wonders. What I do have a problem is when people who have been here many years dig up the same topic again and again. We have a 12 hour brown out on the 6th of June and the same people are complaining. If you are that bothered by no power( to improve the system) Get a back up power source. Remember you came here because you didn`t want to be there don`t try to make here like there.
  12. It is to let the young ones buy condoms and the elderly to get their dentures repaired.
  13. My friend had his done on Monday and had the AZ version. I have registered this morning at the local health unit.
  14. Do you ever see parsnips around your place. I know that they grow them in the phills.
  15. I opened a packet of cheese the other day and it is very good. I have been taking it out of the ref a few times a week and letting the sweat melt and it seems to have gone back into the main block and this stuff is strong. I would say worth doing if you have patience.
  16. depends who is on duty. If they had a crap day he will get dome crap as well.
  17. Not bad luck just the usual slipshod way of doing things here.
  18. Yes fototek1 can find the answers on that thread a long read but as far as I can see the answers he is looking for are there.
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