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  1. Yes war and peace by Tolstoy comes to mind.
  2. Or phillhealth at the least. @Michael H just be forewarned things don`t work here like they do in the west. For an example my friend had to queue up yesterday to pay an extra on his water bill didn`t take very long but it was only 6 pesos and he had already waited to pay the main bill. Everything here takes time and you have to be very patient. Apart from that, for me, the pros outweigh the cons. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Not true mate it was 4 am. I will say that anything I write here could have changed as it has been a while since I lived there. There (according to friends) have been improvements, I wonder if they still get overrun with flies every chicken harvest. I did like living there but it was too small of a place for me.
  4. I left Dalaguete 4+ years ago and the place has improved a lot in that time. When I lived there I had to walk 100 yards and I was on a nice beach but they reclaimed land from the sea and built tennis courts. The market was not very clean and when they had the chicken harvest you would get overrun by flies. My dentist here told me Dalaguete is the kind of place you visit for the weekend.
  5. Oh my now people cannot be dropped right the door. They dont like to walk here. I have been on a bus and somebody got on, 20 ft down the road somebody else stopped the bus, how lazy can you get.
  6. In 2012 I owed 2 years but they upped the years you have to pay in so now it will be 7. Not worth it in my mind as I may not live to get my pension and they will not give my wife anything ( except a one off payment) as she has property.
  7. I read a post on FB yesterday and an expat in Paranaque had his jab free of any charges.
  8. The traffic problem which Dalaguete has is Pedicabs going about 10 kph they slow it all down. I guess any time you get near a town you will get this problem.
  9. Not any difference that I could tell on the weather. Utilities here are not as reliable as Dalaguete but on the whole this place is much better. There are many more things readily available here than Dalaguete a lot of people there come here or Cebu city 1x per month to get groceries which are not available there and on the whole cheaper.
  10. The place has improved since I lived there. It was nice there but getting things like paperwork done were difficult.
  11. I think you will find Eve has to wait until she reaches the UK pensionable age.
  12. You need to consider getting a power back up as today in Dumaguete we have a 12 hour power cut. This happens quite regularly. It is to replace rotten poles and maybe move vegetation away from the lines. Then you have the illegal connections which can trip the power regulators/transformers which the local electric company seems unwilling or unable to do anything about. I have lived in the phills for 10 years and don`t plan to leave but if you want to work online firstly you have to make sure a decent internet connection is readily available in the area you choose.
  13. If you are thinking of working online you need to be in the city as the provinces take what`s left of everything. Mostly Islands are for visiting at weekends.
  14. It`s the bandwidth which lets the internet down here, even with 30 you can get buffering on certain sites.
  15. When I read it it stated all seniors, I also read somewhere else that if they exempt expats the free vaccines will stop. We will just have to wait and see.
  16. Sibulan Negros Oriental is the same they let all people travel and now have 14 cases so I was told. too much too soon.
  17. I am not too sure about here but in the UK the maximum length of any hose to a gas appliance was 1.5 meters. Judging by the length of any hose I have bought here I would say it is. This would limit the location of any cooker here and it is not always feasible to have it outside. So these shut off valves are a good idea.
  18. I first went to Thailand in 96 it was pretty much like this place is now for infrastructure. Thailand increased it`s tourism and manufacturing ability and look at the place now. Here it is so much paperwork along with the ownership of company`s which puts industry off. It needs to be a change all round to make a real difference.
  19. That`s more like it 7 cases a month.
  20. They have just announced the same in Negros oriental/ UST IN: Maayo Shipping is resuming its trips from Cebu to Negros Oriental and vice-versa starting tomorrow, March 8, 2021. The first trip is at 6 a.m. It will be resuming its SIBULAN-LILOAN, SANTANDER TRIPS and VICE VERSA, the shipping company announced tonight. Reminders from Maayo Shipping: "For CEBU island bound RO-RO cargoes/passengers, there will be no documents needed before boarding. However, for NEGROS island bound RO-RO cargoes/passengers, before travelling, kindly coordinate with your respective LGUs for the necessary documents to be presented to the Coast Guard Officers in the Lilo-an port before boarding." The company also reminded passengers to continue practicing health standards, such as wearing of face masks and face shields, and observing social distancing. #NewsBite | via Raffy Cabristante, 106.3 Yes The Best News Director
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