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  1. I was thinking about % but it os mute as covid is not over yet.
  2. Snowy your friend seems hell bent on self destruction. How many chances is he going to take?
  3. It`s a shame they don`t enforce a few more rules with such vigor driving etc.
  4. There are places for that price but I don`t think it will have aircon and probably not in the most desirable area. She should try get get a flat share with maybe 2 other girls and share the cost.
  5. He has overstayed under a year it should be ok. My friend did overstay nearly 2 years he just had to pay a fine no blacklisting. But times might have changed.
  6. Mate put up how much she has to spend then people will know what to keep an eye out for.
  7. I used to use a trike quite often and that driver had a Yamaha 175. As other people have stated 125 is too small.
  8. I just looked and it shows 65.74 good news for some of us.
  9. I want to stream some channels from the internet. Can you give me recommends for a decent one which does not cost the earth, many thanks.
  10. I just did a speedtest I am getting 8 ping 33.59 download and upload is 32.91. That is the best I have had in the phills even when I lived in Cebu city is was not that fast. I will not hold my breath.
  11. I have found that when it buffers If I shut down the PC then restart it usually sorts it out. I am PLDT same as you mate
  12. No but he will lose out in the long run. I suppose I could do nothing. Builders ( term used lightly) here usually get treated better by expats than other locals so his loss. He did a job for an expat after mine and got 30% more than a local would have paid him. He now does not get so much especially if they ask me about him.
  13. I kept 100k back until all was finished. The best he can do is put it down to experience unfortunately. Stage payments is the way to go.
  14. I feel sorry for you mate but in reality there is not a lot you can do. If you file a case they will just say I have no money. I kept money back when I had building work done and that came out ok. I did get ripped off when I had a bamboo hut built but he will never get work from me and my friends again.
  15. And I think you will find a few more places like that Gibraltar I believe is one maybe Malta as well.
  16. I get the same with netflix sometimes so I would say it is an internet problem rather than a firestick problem.
  17. Well it has started, fake tests. 6 Boracay tourists held for fake swab test result facebook sharing buttonmessenger sharing buttontwitter sharing button Jennifer Rendon (The Philippine Star ) - December 9, 2020 - 12:00am ILOILO CITY, Philippines — For allegedly presenting fake swab test results for coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19, six tourists ended up in a quarantine facility in Boracay. Lt. Col. Jonathan Pablito, Malay police chief, withheld the identities of the tourists from Metro Manila. The tourists – four females and two males – who are residents of Quezon, Parañaque and Makati, arrived in Boracay over the weekend. Pablito said authorities noted a discrepancy in the serial number when they checked the real time-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test results presented by the six. He said he coordinated with the police in Mandaluyong City to check with Safeguard DNA Diagnostic Center, with address in the city and where the six supposedly underwent swab testing. Pablito said they received a certification from the diagnostic center on Monday attesting that only one of the RT-PCR test results was authentic. The other test results were photocopies and altered. The Malay police arrested the tourists for falsification of documents and violation of Republic Act 11332 or the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act and RA 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act. The six were brought to the Aklan Training Center, the province’s COVID-19 facility in Barangay Old Buswang in Kalibo, Aklan. They will undergo swab testing and will be quarantined for 14 days. Col. Esmeraldo Osia Jr., Aklan police chief, gave assurance that the local police and the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases would ensure that minimum health protocols would be implemented for the safety of tourists and residents. Data from the Malay municipal tourism office shows that 4,154 tourists visited Boracay as of last month. A majority of the visitors are from Metro Manila. Boracay reopened to local tourists on Oct. 1. The Department of Tourism said it would partly subsidize the RT-PCR test of non-Aklan residents in a bid to encourage local tourism. Link; https://www.philstar.com/nation/2020/12/09/2062444/6-boracay-tourists-held-fake-swab-test-result
  18. I made cheese on toast and this cheese melted fine. Yours must have been older I guess.
  19. I have just tasted this cheese without anything with it. When it was sent it was mature cheddar I would now put it at a medium and it is a bit crumbly. I have some more coming at the end of this year so I will put that (unopened) in the ref for a month ,maybe, to see if it will regain the softness and mature taste. If it does not then no big loss. The boxes we have sent are a success, wesave money and get things we cannot easily get here.
  20. Some of the cheese which was made near where I used to live would be so strong as to bring tears to your eyes. Cheddar is beddar.
  21. It comes vacuum packed so no air can get in plus cheese is very salty so no bacteria affects it. As for keeping it in the fridge if mine goes mouldy a scrape off the mold. Maybe you could put cling film on to stop it drying out in the fridge.
  22. Ah but I like strong cheese as I come from near Cheddar in the UK, we used to buy cheese from the farmers.
  23. The shipments are monitored and insured so safe, this is the 3rd shipment and very minor problems with 3 items broken. Some of the things I buy (what I used to like) I wonder how I ever ate them. As for the cheese it is Mature cheddar so by the time it gets here it`s almost antique. I x750 g block will last me 4-6 months. As for cold cuts belcris here is getting a few more in stock now and there is a Russian guy who makes some and they are good.
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