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  1. Oh I missunderstood. I thought it was at Bohol.If you get it titled, then I believe 10 000 USD (40p/m2) is cheap (if it isn't far from public road) because the cheapest titled I have seen at Cebu island is 70p/m2 (40 at Bohol). the main road runs by it however location is everything & unlike in Cebu island cell phone service is hit or miss (2g) cable tv not going to happen in my life time internet , you might get between 28k & 128k at times other times you will go without internet for days the power is NOT on durring day time hours :( so because services are few & f
  2. Where? Steep or slooping? With title or not? If without title and not in Tabilaran or Panglao, then I agree with you (=20p/m2) but otherwice such land cost more normaly of what I have seen. it's in Romblon province which is about 1/2 way between Cebu & Manila the cost of living there is very little but jobs that pay are in short supply too a 4 wheel drive vehicle could drive straight up the hill if some sort of a driveway was put in i think a front wheel drive car could make it 1 hector includes both the front & back sides of the hill which i like, no one could bu
  3. In Tagbilaran/Panglao? Or in resident developed area? Or why expensive?? I have seen many ads with CHEAP land at Bohol, some can of course have titling problems, but e g in Ubay province the government have sold DEVELOPED farmland for 40p/m2 to Filipins, and some of them are selling for similar price. I don't remember what's the cheapest TITLED land I have seen at Bohol, but at Cebu island it's 70p/m2, and from some other in Visayas and north Mindanao some asked price for titled have been as low as 30-40p/m2. (But I haven't checked if the titling documents are real :) UNTITLED there ar
  4. How about combine the roof water heater and aquaponic system? :) i think the aquaponics uses the same water over & over the fish poop in it then it goes to the plants which act as a filter. collecting it from the roof for use in the garden is a great idea though
  5. great link!!!!!! we have about 100 baby chicks in the woodshed rite now next year i want to build a small greenhouse so i can start my plants early
  6. Porous concrete can be problematic. Formosan termites are able to bore tunnels through it to get to the wood sections of your home. Most of the heat is from the roofing. If you can afford it, use tiles. A friend who inherited a family home with corrugated metal sheet roofing had a simple, creative solution. He had something like a long water hose following the ridges of the corrugated roof, which he filled with cold water in the morning. By evening, he had enough hot water for a bath or shower. Solar energy. Helped keep the home cool. i like the solar hot water idea!!! the only wood on t
  7. You could probably substitute rice hulls for foam. Rice Hulls, a by-product of the rice milling industry, has a very high R factor and is used as household insulation; it is also very cheap and plentiful. that might be a good way to save some cash & still get the job done. not sure how thick the walls /roof need to be with rice hulls mixed into the concrete. i'm guessing 18" would get er done :cheersty:
  8. Research studies show that what causes the most damage from hurricanes and typhoons is when the roof blows off. Sometimes the entire roof is lift by the wind. In the Philippines, those corrugated metal sheets act like giant razor blades. They can cut a person in half. The solution is to use hurricanes clips. It's a clamping system integrating the roof through the posts all the way to the ground. All new construction in Hawaii and Florida requires the mandatory use of these clips. The use of crushed rocks as a base and pouring a slab of concrete on top is similar to a famous design called
  9. There is a group planning to manufacture bamboo bungalows in a factory and ship the parts in a container. With prior ground preparation, the bungalows are assembled on location within 3 to 5 days by a trained crew. The estimate is $10,000 to $20,000 for a two bedroom unit. This are not your typical "bahay kubo" where the termites move in before the owners. The poles are treated with an environmentally friendly process using boron salts. The process removes the starch, which is what termites and wood boring insects eat. The remaining salts makes the bamboo more durable and fire resistant. A joi
  10. Have a lawyer document your role in purchasing the one hectare property as in, "Who paid for it?" This gives you rights under Philippine law. If your wife passes away first, the law provides a reasonable amount of time for you to sell. If you build a house, you may want to continue living there. A relative cannot claim the land and get you evicted. Technically the house is yours even if you don't own the land. This has to be documented by a lawyer. Unless they are dwarf coconut trees, the coconuts planted on the property are a safety hazard. The nuts can fall and kill you. No money in mang
  11. been lots going on here in the states over the past year wife arriving, getting her settled & all that kind of deal my wife & i are looking next year to buy about 1 hector in the province where she is from (Romblon) it would be her land because i can't own any there, which is fine with me. what we have an eye on (next to her parents place) already has a few coconut trees (about 15) we would add mango,papya,bananna ect so the "farm" would bring in a little money i know the money is in rubber trees if we can find where the market is for that product. my farther inlaw would b
  12. like i said send the kids off to manila or cebu to learn business many pinoys only have a 6th grade education which doesn't help
  13. Yes. In USA damages payments often are much to high, while in Phili and Sweden they are so low mostly so it's lucky if it cover the extra costs :th_unfair: But even more crazy is American courts forcing obviously innocent long time prisoned to say "I did the murder, but I'm innocent" to be let out of prison, so they can't sue the USA government for compensation!!! :bash: (As e g the 3 in the famous case, which I don't remember the name of now. They were innocent prisoned 18 years with a death penalty, but managed to delay it...) The Philippine airlines aren't even allowed to fly
  14. Food safety, as in visiting the producers who are growing the food you will eat, is also top of my list for the Philippines. The relationship benefits both. Farmers in the Philippines receive less than 12% of the retail price for their produce, according to studies by SEARCA (South East Asia Research Center for Agriculture) located at UP College of Agriculture in Los Banos. The other 88% goes to a complex supply chain. that is something that really burns my @ss the farmer does all the hard work & get 12% if the store makes 30% so should the farmer the rest can go to transport t
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