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  1. Circa 1900 in Cebu Abaca in Mactan Both great venues with great food
  2. Hi all. We are using E-Core Blocks are made of Concrete and Fired Clay Aggregate “FCA”. Due to its pore structure the FCA is highly thermal insulating (heat from outside) and at the same time coolness (cooler inside temperatures) accumulating. Furthermore, the sphere 's interior with very fine pores absorbs the sound. Its ability to take in water vapour and to emit it again regulates the atmospheric humidity and thus additionally provides a pleasant indoor climate. Being a non-combustible building product. FCA belongs to the highest grading classification A1 (F180) and features a temperature resistance of more than 1,100 °C. Every FCA sphere is surrounded by a protecting surface of cement clinker, the interior contains self-contained pores. Consequently, humidity cannot be spread over the sphere. FCA is both mechanically resistant and chemically inert. Neither acids nor alkaline solutions attack the expanded clay. FCA is neutral in water, it is odourless and does neither rot nor go mouldy. A further special property: dimensional stability. FCA doesn't jolt subsequently. Consequently, one cubic meter of FCA lastingly fills a cell of exactly one cubic meter. Whilst we are in fact the guinea pigs for these blocks in the Philippines we have just had numerous structural integrity tests taken out on the block and the whole system by the University of San Carlos, Department of Civil Engineering, in the Construction Material Laboratory. All columns and block walls passsed all testing and have been given the green light by the structural engineers. It has been a bit of a headache and has taken some time to achieve slowing down our build progress, but the end results have been worth it and the future of this well known system in other countries should now take off here. Application: Exterior Walls: 180mm, 145mm wall thickness, load bearing Interior Walls : 115mm, 95mm non load bearing Specifications: Blocks are interlocking at the ends and at corners (male, female profile) Blocks are laid up using thin layer mortar with a joint line of 3mm (Tile adhesive). Tile adhesive has a tensile strength of also 2100 psi, once fully cured so blocks and joints have the same strength. U profile Blocks for making beams without form work. (for 180mm and 145mm blocks)  The inner part will be reinforced and poured with appropriate concrete. Reinforcement can penetrate adjacent block. Column Blocks 300mm x 300mm Columns can be built up together with walls without form work. In each corner of the block is a provision for continuous reinforcement bars which can be inserted and filled up with concrete. Interlink profiles to adjacent blocks/walls are possible and can be customized. Columns also can be interlinked to beams. Concept of E core Blocks: The entire masonry work is almost free of water during and after installation of E core blocks, using thin layer mortar (tile adhesive). No dehydration – Curing time, No cracks. The rough surface gives an excellent bonding to plastering which can be done with minimal thickness or skim coats. Since E blocks do not absorb moisture fast, plaster can dry slowly. Result: No cracks Openings in walls as doors and windows are defined by the precise fitting and dimensions of the blocks, no need for plastering. No need for form work of beams or columns. Work can be continuous without waiting times Less Mobilization, no mixing of mortar if using tile adhesive and skim coat. Significantly increased working progress, 30m2 wall/ day for a small skilled grew is possible. For more details or actual pictures of our construction to date please check out our fb pag Or message me fore company/suppliers details
  3. Welcome! Glad we could be of service and find you a suitable place.
  4. As there are no planed gatherings we might suggest where to go to meet other expats. Emerald Isle Irish Bar and Restaurant I believe have bowling in the car park on Sundays,all expats. Best to confirm this is still happening but l know it was a few weeks or so ago. Piazza Elysia, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Talamban, Cebu City 032 421-3255 Or The Joker's Arms A S Fortuna Street Bakilid Mandaue +63 917808894 http://www.jokersarms.com Bowling still on Sundays and getting bigger and better turnouts each week
  5. Probably better to remortgage your house in Canada, take out some cash and rent it out to pay the mortgage, then have some cheap cash available for here. Just a thought, depending on your situation
  6. This was a great place to stay http://www.palawandg.clara.net/El-Nido.html
  7. Update for you all. We have rented both units out for 25,000 per month but both were converted to 1 bed units as that was the more popular layout.
  8. Some great dive sites and people with dive shops all over, a few of my friends have been here for 20 years plus and rave as I do about many of the sites here. As you've mentioned mactan and maybe you are coming back this way to experience more, give me a shout closer to your next arrival to Cebu and I will gladly point you in the right direction, in the mean time get on line, it's full of interesting places all over.
  9. Submariners do it deeper for longer. Actually! Lol
  10. Give us a shout, let me know what constitutes a decent bar and for sure I can advise accordingly. Not always available as work dictates time, however not usually an issue
  11. Great place, great people, great friends, some of the best diving in the world, fantastic scenic mountain roads to ride around with friends, 99% of the things I had in UK I can get here! have set up 5 business's here all of which are still working, great restaurants with cuisines from all around the world Yep! I can't stand the place LOL! I guess positive things come to positive people Of course it's not easy it needs a little perseverance it's taken me 9 years. Happy? Absolutely. Good luck to all in your quest to live and settle in the Philippines
  12. My Choices ABACA The award-winning Abacá Restaurant provides a full service California-Mediterranean inspired restaurant and bar with a menu developed by our executive chefs and featuring the cuisine of Australian Chef, Wade Watson. Using the finest local and imported ingredients, Abacá’s menu includes wood fired oven roasted meats and seafood, homemade pizzas and pastas, freshly baked breads, tapas and a wide array of salads and appetizers. The Abacá bar features a carefully selected list of both old and new world wines cellared in their climate controlled wine room. A complete cocktail menu including a wide range of tequilas and single malts is available as well as many healthy tropical fruit juices. Hours: Daily from 11am to 10pm. (Reservations are highly recommended) Punta Engano Road Lapu-Lapu City 6015, Philippines +63-32-495-3461 [email protected] A CAFÉ Affectionately referred to as Abacá’s little sister, A Café which opened in early 2011, is a relaxed dining space located in the center of metropolitan Cebu City. While A Café shares some similarities with its more well-known big sister, it has a unique identity of its own. It is a more laidback venue, ideal for small business lunches or brunch with friends with a menu that is as no fuss as the space itself. A Café serves breakfast all-day to cater to breakfast lovers who may want some buttermilk pancakes or eggs Benedict for lunch and dinner. There are lighter options such as fresh salads, soups, and sandwiches as well as hearty dishes like A Café’s skillets and Angus Burger. The cafe also features a full range of main courses making it the perfect intimate upscale dining venue in the city. Hours: Daily 7am to 10pm Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City 6000, Philippines +63-32-505-5692 [email protected] http://twitter.com/acafecebu MAYA MEXICAN Maya was created to be a casual restaurant and tequila lounge: laid back and subtle, with efficient service and reasonably priced. The sophisticated yet casual allure of Maya seamlessly blends old world charm with modern elegance. Succulent aromas from the kitchen mix tradition and ingenuity while setting the stage for your dining pleasure. Maya also has the largest selection of 100% pure agave tequilas in the country, which in addition to our premium house pours are sure to charm. Maya is committed to the timeless tradition of Mexican food. By embracing both Mexican tradition and local sensibility, we offer a creatively classic cuisine that unites well-known Mexican street food from the stalls of Mexico City and family dishes from the coast of the Mayan Riviera and the inventiveness of the Hispanic American communities of California and the American Southwest. Hours: Daily 5pm till late Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City 6000, Philippines + [email protected] http://twitter.com/mayacebu TAVOLATA In the vein of a traditional Italian Trattoria – a casual, local gathering place for food, friends and wine – our menu reflects the purity of tradition by relying on the classical & effortless approach. The simple purity of our inspiration comes from the superior ingredients and technique of the Trattoria. Everything on the menu at Tavolata is handcrafted, using only the finest local and imported ingredients. Our pasta is made fresh daily from 100% semolina from Italy using our bronze die extruder. Unlike the store bought pasta most restaurants use, you will find the delightful chewiness of freshly extruded pasta a wonderful experience. From the fermentation of the dough to the homemade toppings, you'll certainly agree that our hand-tossed pizzas are irresistible. The joy of eating, both simply and well, while among good company is the aspiration of Tavolata. It is with this simple thought that we invite you to sit, dine an enjoy life with those you love at our Tavolata! Hours: Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm & Dinner 5pm - 10pm. Dinner Reservations are recommended. Design Center of Cebu | AS Fortuna at P. Remedio St. +63-32-505-6211 [email protected] http://twitter.com/tavolatacebu BEQAA LEBANESE Beqaa is a Lebanese kitchen where contemporary Middle Eastern cooking meets traditional flavors. The menu at Beqaa features a wide array of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian mezze, a full selection of kebabs and main dishes. As you look into the open kitchen you'll see charcoal fired meats and handmade Phoenician breads cooked over a traditional saj. Falling in line with the group's general look, Beqaa features hardwood floors, dim lighting and wrought iron features. Beqaa serves a full beverage menu with many old and new world wines. Beqaa is located at the 2nd floor of the design center cebu just next door to Tavolata. Opening: December 3, 2013 Hours: 5:30PM Onward Design Center of Cebu | AS Fortuna at P. Remedio St. + [email protected] http://twitter.com/beqaacebu Restaurant: OLIO, Crossroads Banilad City: Cebu Country: PHILIPPINES Complete Address: Unit T Crossroad Mall, Banilad, Cebu, Philippines Contact Info: Tel no.:(63-32) 238 2931 Website: http://www.oliocebu.com.ph/ Olio is one of the few restaurants in Cebu that serves delicious, beautifully presented food in a semi Fine dining style. It has a modern intimate feel to it. Late night shows in Cable television nowadays make you crave good beautiful food. Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Iron Chef, Top Chef, Marcel's Quantum Kitchen, DC Cupcakes... the list goes on. So if you happen to be in Cebu and is looking for food that looks, sounds and probably tastes like the ones your favorite Food shows serve, Olio is one of the places in Cebu you can go to. Restaurant: Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Plaza City: Cebu Country: PHILIPPINES Complete Address: Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas. Cebu City Phils. Contact Info: Tel no.:(63-32) 253 1111 Website: http://www.marcopolohotels.com/en/hotels/philippines/cebu/marco_polo_plaza/restaurants_and_bars/cafe_marco.html Marco Polo Plaza Hotel once called Cebu Plaza is a very famous hotel at Cebu. Situated on top of a hill and very visible especially from your plane seat, this hotel has one of the best international buffets in town. They serve it at their very own Cafe Marco. They have a very good station which serves good Dim sum / Wok Food or Chinese Food. At this station you can also find, Peking Ducks or the native Lechon Cebu is made famous for. Another station has breads, a bit of Japanese thus sushi, salamis, cheeses and cold appetizers. A grilling station and Tempura station you can also find at one corner and of course my favorite the Pastry Section which has its famous Crepe Station. Antica Osteria -Wines & Deli shop! Antica Osteria located @ STC Building, #1 Paseo Satrunino, Ma. Luisa Road, Banilad Cebu City has finally opened to cater the retail market, it is the sole distributor of the products imported directly from Italy and France by IL DUCATO TRADING, INC. in Banilad, Mandaue City. It has been my dream to open a shop, where when you get in, you can feel the ambiance like in Italy, but when Il Ducato started to import other products beyond Italian, we have decided to have the theme of the shop, be European, a mix of Italy, France and even a hint of English or British style.... I would have to say that we were never wrong about it, because when people come in, some will say, it seems that they are inside an italian deli shop "trattoria", "osteria" or in a bar...some say, its got a European feel when they get in...so with this mix of hints and style, we can attract people of different descent...and that was satisfying! THE LAST ONE IS MY REGULAR HAUNT, LOVE IT, GREAT FOOD, GREAT PLACE, GREAT PRICE!!! = FANTASTIC IMO!
  13. What price range are you looking at, we have plenty come on our books every month but, we deal in the mid to high price range level units, depending on your requirements we may be able to help. One other thing are you looking long term or short term lease, most of our properties are one year lease
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