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  1. Circa 1900 in Cebu Abaca in Mactan Both great venues with great food
  2. Hi all. We are using E-Core Blocks are made of Concrete and Fired Clay Aggregate “FCA”. Due to its pore structure the FCA is highly thermal insulating (heat from outside) and at the same time coolness (cooler inside temperatures) accumulating. Furthermore, the sphere 's interior with very fine pores absorbs the sound. Its ability to take in water vapour and to emit it again regulates the atmospheric humidity and thus additionally provides a pleasant indoor climate. Being a non-combustible building product. FCA belongs to the highest grading classification A1 (F180) and features a temper
  3. Welcome! Glad we could be of service and find you a suitable place.
  4. As there are no planed gatherings we might suggest where to go to meet other expats. Emerald Isle Irish Bar and Restaurant I believe have bowling in the car park on Sundays,all expats. Best to confirm this is still happening but l know it was a few weeks or so ago. Piazza Elysia, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Talamban, Cebu City 032 421-3255 Or The Joker's Arms A S Fortuna Street Bakilid Mandaue +63 917808894 http://www.jokersarms.com Bowling still on Sundays and getting bigger and better turnouts each week
  5. Probably better to remortgage your house in Canada, take out some cash and rent it out to pay the mortgage, then have some cheap cash available for here. Just a thought, depending on your situation
  6. This was a great place to stay http://www.palawandg.clara.net/El-Nido.html
  7. Update for you all. We have rented both units out for 25,000 per month but both were converted to 1 bed units as that was the more popular layout.
  8. Some great dive sites and people with dive shops all over, a few of my friends have been here for 20 years plus and rave as I do about many of the sites here. As you've mentioned mactan and maybe you are coming back this way to experience more, give me a shout closer to your next arrival to Cebu and I will gladly point you in the right direction, in the mean time get on line, it's full of interesting places all over.
  9. Submariners do it deeper for longer. Actually! Lol
  10. Give us a shout, let me know what constitutes a decent bar and for sure I can advise accordingly. Not always available as work dictates time, however not usually an issue
  11. Great place, great people, great friends, some of the best diving in the world, fantastic scenic mountain roads to ride around with friends, 99% of the things I had in UK I can get here! have set up 5 business's here all of which are still working, great restaurants with cuisines from all around the world Yep! I can't stand the place LOL! I guess positive things come to positive people Of course it's not easy it needs a little perseverance it's taken me 9 years. Happy? Absolutely. Good luck to all in your quest to live and settle in the Philippines
  12. My Choices ABACA The award-winning Abacá Restaurant provides a full service California-Mediterranean inspired restaurant and bar with a menu developed by our executive chefs and featuring the cuisine of Australian Chef, Wade Watson. Using the finest local and imported ingredients, Abacá’s menu includes wood fired oven roasted meats and seafood, homemade pizzas and pastas, freshly baked breads, tapas and a wide array of salads and appetizers. The Abacá bar features a carefully selected list of both old and new world wines cellared in their climate controlled wine room. A complete
  13. What price range are you looking at, we have plenty come on our books every month but, we deal in the mid to high price range level units, depending on your requirements we may be able to help. One other thing are you looking long term or short term lease, most of our properties are one year lease
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