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  1. It would be no good wearing a body cam at my local, the conversation would just be full of 'beeps'
  2. Either that or he is trying to take the p..s, I suspect the latter.
  3. That is definitely true, I was able to get one after a few months here with some difficulty as I did not have ACR card. Got a local of many years (westerner) to support me and also had a long term lease which was the clincher. It seemed to me to be their main concern, long term residency. Go for the bigger banks IMO.
  4. At least we got 30 seconds of free entertainment.
  5. Thanks Steve for your kind words. They have had her in the morgue for the past 9 years now I think, but she is like Berger paints 'she just keeps keeping on'. Amazing woman in many respects, but a very sad scenario, zero cognisense or awareness of today. 60 years ago no problem. But I also have a very dear friend back in Oz and like to get back and see him from time to time, so therein lies the problem. Your information on the SRRV was very helpful and I may go that road in a few months, no hurry have bb for a year, might as well take advantage of that. Pre coming with me next trip anyway. This topic was a classic example of why this forum is very helpful to members, the information has been great.
  6. Always someone trying to steal your fun Jake!!!! No woman has tried to steal me yet, but I may be available if she is a multi and a glamour, with 12 months to live.
  7. Hi Geoff, Another fellow Aussie and I survive here on Pension/Superannuation combination, latter only relatively small. I have it in an industry fund, low fees, great returns, average in excess over the past 9 years. I only withdraw the minimum 5% or a little more each year trying to get it to last and maintain my meagre balance. I survive quite ok here, but would hate to try it back in Oz. The introduction of the superannuation scheme (rather late into my working life unfortunately) was one of the few pluses ever to come out of a Labor Government in Australia. However, they made the fatal mistake of putting it in the hands of the hands of the greedy private sector. Industry funds virtually always outperform these private companies and charge low fess. In my case less than $100 a year. I have a friend who is with a private fund and is charged several thousand and he has a similar balance to mine - its a no brainer, but still he would not move his super and now he has retired with a much smaller balance than mine? I recall when this idea was floated by Keating how he suggested that he had searched the world's super fund systems and this one was the best Well that was bollocks as he only had to go Singapore to find what is really the best system in the world, run by the Government and built their infrastructure which is regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world today. However, may have digressed a little but I think this is a great discussion point and very valid. I hope I have fallen off the perch before the pension runs out!!!.
  8. 1. What she wants (within reason) rather buy her a gift she will use, even if it is not a surprise. 2, Nil. 3. Don't have any thankfully.
  9. Similar to the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence!
  10. Huh, of what you wrote as a definition Jack???
  11. Jack I know exactly what you mean, having just completed several weeks of renos on the townhouse - drove me to distraction. Another trick, Sir we need blah blah blah for this job. I asked, is there anything else you need whilst I am there - answer, No. Get back with blah blah blah. Sir we need XYZ also???? Coun to 10 and get XYZ. Very frustrating Jack, but doubt it will change.
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