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  1. My main issue with the Philippine public education system is their teaching method which is "knowledge" based. Students memorize information, then answer test questions. The USA and other Western countries are switching to "inquiry" also known as the "discovery" method. Students learn how to solve problems.
  2. Have you checked how much public school teachers get paid? After paying for 4 years college education, the graduates are required to work one year as an assistant without pay. The reason given is they need experience before taking charge of a classroom. Next. Count the number of students in each classroom. In the United States, the union representative will scream at the school administrator if the total is more than 25.
  3. JJReyes

    Filipino RV

    The air conditioner is an absolute necessity. If you had windows and a cool breeze blowing, there will be curious people peeking inside.
  4. JJReyes

    Filipino RV

    The US military will ship your RV as part of a deployment. Possibly they were sold in the Philippines before the departure of the owners. Several times we rented the classic VW camper in Amsterdam for our European travels. As our children grew older, we switched to Mercedes Benz camper rental in Frankfurt. Made by Westfalia, the same company building the VW campers, the construction was solid.
  5. We need to wait for the release of an autopsy to learn the cause of death. If it is an overdose, the two would have been better off reporting it rather than trying to dump the body. Now they face all kinds of charges that will keep them in jail for many years.
  6. JJReyes

    No vegetables?

    Never tried cooked lettuce. Nobody in my house has gotten sick from eating it fresh either. It's okay to eat fresh vegetables so long as you know the source. Supermarket purchases are probably okay because they contract with large growers. It's the same with restaurant chains. What about a nearby open market where local farmers sell their produce? I would be cautious. The bacteria laden fresh vegetables actually hits more affluent communities. The women would eat fresh green salads as part of a weight control program. One contaminated source and it's off to the hospital followed by high dosages of expensive medication.
  7. JJReyes

    Filipino RV

    The preferred vehicle for conversion is a van. You can start with an empty shell or gut out the interior of an existing one. The jeepney is designed to be open and airy. You may end up spending more to create an enclosure. Besides, the exterior will no longer look like a jeepney.
  8. JJReyes

    Filipino RV

    Similar to what I currently have except the interior was done by a different manufacturer. I have 4 RV batteries instead of the standard 2 to allow a longer period for dry camping. My vehicle is showing wear & tear after 126,000 miles of driving -- crisscrossing the United States and parts of Canada.
  9. JJReyes

    Filipino RV

    A bit too small for me. I did meet someone during my visit whose family business is van conversion. A friend who lives in Alabang and has his office in Mandaluyong had his new van customized. He has a captain's chair and a small table for work. There is a full size bunk bed to sleep while the driver fights the 2 hours traffic to the office. Another nap on the way home or he watches television on a small screen. There are curtains all around so as not to see traffic. I thought about shipping a used RV to the Philippines for extended drives. The problem is there are no dump stations for your black and gray water. In the provinces, everyone will try to get a peak inside.
  10. JJReyes

    No vegetables?

    It is okay to consume vegetables in the Philippines so long as it is not raw or fresh. The reason, unless you personally know the source, is small farmers still use night soil and unprocessed animal waste as fertilizer. The problem is similar to the e-coli found in US Romaine lettuce. The suspicion is wild animals wander into the fields at night and their droppings include the e-coli bacteria. You may have observed that most vegetables consumed in the Philippines is part of a soup dish or stir fried. The heat hopefully destroys any bacteria. The lower middle class and up have moved towards a western diet, but the poor still rely on dried fish and vegetables. Physical size and height probably comes from the consumption of plant and animal protein rather than vegetables. You can see that many young Filipinos and Filipinas are growing taller compared to their parents as their diet mimics the West. Same thing in Japan and now China.
  11. JJReyes

    Have's and Have-not's in Philippines

    You cannot compare current social attitudes in the Philippines with modern day England. Even this is changing as the reliance on a service class to serve the more affluent and the rich slowly disappears. One reason is the increasing cost for labor and the desire by Filipinos to go overseas for greater pay and potentially a better life for their families at home. The comparison for the Philippines today would be during the Victorian period and the exploitation of the British colonies. The attitude then was "Manifest Destiny" which gave the whites god given rights over the less fortunate. Never mind the colonies where the populations were treated like slaves. Back in England the class distinction between those with money and the less fortunate was very wide. The service class were subject to the exploitation by the upper class.
  12. JJReyes

    Pick a Major?

    The three majors provide opportunities for overseas work. Teaching - Potential employers for maids in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. give preference for someone with a teaching degree to help their children with school homework and English. Nursing - Overseas hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and as caregivers both for children and the elderly. Hotel Management - Workers for cruise lines, hotels and resorts.
  13. JJReyes

    Open my gate

    Your a world traveler JJ, how many and what countries have you visited with the same TP dilemma lolol Lack of TP in facilities located at visitor attractions is actually becoming a problem. Tourism growth has been increasing yearly to a point where many countries are now looking for ways to reduce the numbers. Imagine 5 or 6 tour buses arriving at the same time The lines are especially long in the women's section. Granted we are privileged by having a private toilet everywhere we go in the United States (small motorhome with water flushing system like your home, but requires marine toilet paper). Public toilets, including those in federal and state parks, oftentimes have empty dispensers. This includes dispensers with giant rolls meant to last a long time. RV parks like Kampgrounds of America (KOA) still have pretty good maintenance. Nearly all their facilities require a passcode to use. We carry packets of tissue paper in our carry bags when traveling anywhere. It's for emergency use only. Manufactured by companies like Kleenex, these three-ply paper don't really disintegrate well. They are useful for after washing hands. Some facilities don't have hand blowers or their blowers are broken.
  14. JJReyes

    Open my gate

    Going back to the basic premise, is the neighbor even aware that their honking the car horn to get someone to open the gate is irritating to you? Has the issue been discussed in a non-confrontational manner? I would never advocate littering to provide work for street cleaners. That's silly. No toilet paper in public toilets is a problem. The solution is to bring your own. Supermarkets even sell small packets. I have observed in large offices clerical staff with a roll on top of their desk. To me, it's unsightly, but the practice seems to be acceptable. A friend from Bangalore, India told me everyone at their IT office has a vest or bag containing a stapler, paper clips, pencils, memo pads, etcetera because if you leave anything on the desk, it will be gone upon your return. As a foreign executive, he had an assistant whose job included carrying those items for him. I still remember the time when many restaurants in Europe (and Japan) had Turkish toilets. Squatting was the mandatory position. I guess some continue to do that even if it's a Western toilet. Since we are on this subject, have any of you gotten used to a cup of water for washing instead of using toilet paper? At our hotel in Makati, they had a squirt gun for washing.
  15. JJReyes

    Open my gate

    Jobs are scarce especially in the provinces. Hiring someone to open the gate is preferable than purchasing a foreign manufactured remote control gate opener, in my opinion. You can suggest to your neighbor giving the person opening the gate an inexpensive mobile phone. Just text message ahead of time and the gate keeper would be there waiting for their arrival. I notice car owners with drivers use this method when ready to depart a restaurant, shop or hotel.