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  1. JJReyes

    Why Dumaguete?

    The preparations include getting all the paperwork completed by lawyers. No federal and state inheritance taxes to pay. All remaining assets transfer to our two sons within 72 hours after presentation of death certificates. Even the banks and financial institutions have letters on file regarding this matter. Our funds are sufficient for caregiver services provided it is outside the United States. Did you know you could purchase eight seats on Philippine Airlines? They will place a bed/pallet on top and curtain off the seats for a comatose passenger. You need an extra seat for an attending nurse and for family members.
  2. JJReyes

    Why Dumaguete?

    Sorry. Please note that my data on Philippine prices for custodial care (homecare) is five years old. At the time of my original research (we were thinking about starting a business) the cost for in-home service was P1,000 per nurse for a 12 hours shift or approximately P60,000 per month. The labor pool would be the 90,000 annual graduates from nursing schools who are required to spend one year working in a hospital or medical clinic to gain practical skills. The partnership included medical doctors in the Philippines who owned hospitals and clinics and Fil-Am doctors in the United States who could supply the clients/patients. More specifically, our target were persons with Alzheimer's to be housed in a facility outside of metro areas. The price range would have been $2,500 to $3,500 per person. I decided not to pursue it after my wife convinced me that we had enough assets for retirement. Why spend another 10 years building a new business from scratch. The extra money would be nice, but is it worth another 10 years of work? Current strategy is to enjoy life as independent seniors and move to the Philippines for assisted living or nursing care when needed.
  3. JJReyes

    Why Dumaguete?

    As mentioned in a much earlier post, there are three stages in retirement, namely: "Go-Go," "Slow-Go," and "No-Go". While medical care for most seniors is covered by Medicare, they will not pay for custodial care. If you need assisted care such as having someone to clean the house, cook, run errands, etc., that comes out of your pocket. Cost is several thousand a month for someone who is trained as a caregiver. If you need 24/7 nursing care at a facility, that also comes out of your pocket. Only the medical part is paid by Medicare. Most of the service is considered custodial care. It could easily cost you $7,500 to $15,000 a month in California. You can hire nurses in the Philippine to provide 24 hours in-home care for much less. Medicare will pay for hospice care. What this means is the doctors believe you will be dead within 90 days. Sometimes the doctors are mistaken. Medicare may agree to add an extra 90 days. The idea is to make you comfortable and drugged up while waiting for the end of life.
  4. JJReyes

    Why Dumaguete?

    We are still enjoying a wanderlust lifestyle, but if either my wife or I should need caregiver services, Dumaguete would be our destination. The reason is Silliman University produces excellent medical graduates and has an excellent hospital. The area has more charm and is less chaotic than Metro Manila. Having a supportive expat community is another plus.
  5. If your passport indicates multiple entries during the year as a tourist, it is a cause for suspicion. The immigration officer is right in questioning whether or not your friend is a resident of the Philippines. The suggestion is correct that your friend should obtain another type of visa -- for example, a retirement visa.
  6. JJReyes

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    In the United States, the minimum tip expectation is 15% with 20% becoming standard in many places. In the Philippines, the amount is still 10% if you are a foreigner. However, many Filipinos don't bother to tip. Top hotel restaurants in Asia sometimes automatically add a 15% service charge. Don't tip. Sometimes the waiter brings back your change in large coins, expecting you will leave it behind. I don't.
  7. JJReyes

    fork and spoon

    Yes. I agree. You should be competent in using all types of utensils including wooden, plastic and metal chopsticks. I haven't done "kamayan" or eating with your fingers in a long time. As a child, I would get admonished for getting rice on the palm which is a "No. No." The etiquette is for the palm to remain clean. Let the fingers do the work including scooping. My parents tried to teach us the British method of using the back of a fork to bring food to your mouth. Never worked for me. I am glad it is diminishing in popularity.
  8. Be more positive! You don't live in Venezuela where the inflation rate is over 1,000,000%. You withdraw a suitcase full of cash from the bank to buy a loaf of bread. By the time you get to the bakery, the price has already increased.
  9. JJReyes

    fork and spoon

    Spoon is the only utensil needed in Philippine cuisine. Cooking follow the Chinese tradition that everything is cut to bite size or a size you can lift with chopsticks. Since there were no chopsticks in the Philippines, everyone used their right hand only, following the Islamic tradition that you don't use the left since it is used in personal hygiene. Spoon or something shaped like a spoon like a coconut shell is needed for the broth or soup. P.S. - Please wash your hands before and after all meals or Filipinos will think you are barbarians.
  10. JJReyes

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    Yes you can (at least in the UK) unauthorised work is not chargeable. The dealer makes you sign a standard form that you will pay for all services required to maintain the warranty. I did write the manufacturer's US corporation complaining the large price difference for identical services by two different dealer. The response was dealers can charge whatever they want. On my 2nd complaint, I was charged nearly $100 for a service that was never performed. They sent a refund check. You can complain and fight, but is it worth the effort? For peace of mind, I prefer to move forward and fight other battles.
  11. JJReyes

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    It is the same in the United States. The dealers of a famous German brand rip you off. One dealer charged $105 for an oil change. For the next one, identical service, it was $285. Another, during routine maintenance, changed the fan belt claiming it was showing wear & tear. That was $350. You can't dispute it because the service was already performed. The manufacturer's warranty requires that all services be performed by an authorized dealer. As soon as the warranty period was over, we found a shop owned by a Latvian family whose expertise is European vehicles. The charges are reasonable in comparison. Most important is the trust they establish with their customers. I once drove 800 miles so they could look for a small oil leak. It turned out the oil filter wasn't sufficiently tight. The service was performed free of charge. Someone else might claim they would have to take apart the engine.
  12. JJReyes

    This is one for the Scottish on here.

    Similar thing in Wales. Some will speak to you in Welsh only thinking you are from England. (I was only asking for directions.) Once they are informed that you are American, the situation changes. Nicest, most friendly people provided you are not English.
  13. Does the announcement apply only to tickets purchased in the Philippines?
  14. JJReyes

    No water again !

    Is that a US gallon because that is smaller than a UK gallon. United States gallon. Imperial liquid gallon is equal to 1.2 US liquid gallon.
  15. JJReyes

    No water again !

    My wife and I are very careful about our water consumption. Our motorhome has a 100 liters capacity (Canadian built so it's metric) water tank for toilet, dish washing, etc. The tank last four days. We use one gallon drinking water per day for cooking, brushing teeth and coffee. The RV parks have showers and laundry machines. In the Philippines, I monitored our water consumption. The average was less than 25 gallons per person per day.