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  1. Recruitment agency contracts. Their task is to process employment applications, select the best applicants and provide all kinds of assistance until departure. If the agency is in Pakistan, you will get Pakistani workers. Same thing happens in the cruise industry. All the cabin attendants might be from the Philippines. But that has changed recently. Management prefers greater diversity.
  2. Euthanasia is another option for dogs who are stray. Eating garbage increases the likelihood of spreading disease. However, most dogs you encounter on the streets are not real stray. They have homes to return at night and are fed leftovers. You don't often see locals walking dogs on a lease. They just open the gate for daily exercise, returning at night or in the afternoon to be fed. Their main purpose is to warn the household about intruders. The concept of having a dog for petting and cuddling is Western.
  3. A popular nickname for resident foreigners, among Filipinos speaking in Tagalog, is ATM. The belief is those with the most have an obligation to share their wealth with those who have less. As a giver, you need to define the parameters. For example, any money donated is for education only such as paying tuitions or supplemental expenses. You might also prefer to be known as a Scrooge and not give anything.
  4. Another possibility is some families don't mind the large number of children. This is a throwback to an agriculture era when help was need for planting and harvesting. Without a strong social security or financial safety network, parents have the mistaken belief that one or more of their children will take care of them in their old age.
  5. The Catholic Church official recommendation for the unmarried is the practice of sex abstinence without explanation and details. The church is likewise against sex education, which is nearly universal in the West. If you simply distribute condoms, teenagers and the newly married may simply blow them up as balloons.
  6. We use a mail forwarding service located near Rapid City, South Dakota. They forward accumulated mail in your box once a month to whatever address you designate. A premium service allows the service to open and trash junk mail, scan personal or official notification to be immediately sent as a PDF file to your email address.
  7. Believe or not, television watching actually works to reduce pregnancies.
  8. Bats maybe? Millions take off at dusk to feast on insects.
  9. My wife and I have been married 50 years and we are considering moving to the Philippines after the independent living retirement stage. Our background includes 30+ years on Oahu as transplants with our younger son still there as a teacher at Nanakuli High School. The Philippine location should be close to a major hospital for medical services. Another is nearby restaurants offering international cuisine, a Western style supermarket, and a wet market. We may need 24 hours in-resident caregiver services which is inexpensive compared to Hawaii. At the time of my research, cost for caregivers on Oahu was between $60,000 to $150,000 a year. Our budget for the Philippines for live-in is less than $20,000 a year. Social networking requires just a little effort. Join a church group, hobby group or look for an expat community that meets on a regular basis. If either one of us are still independent, the plan is to volunteer. Perhaps offering conversational English practice for high school and college students. Volunteerism will also result in social networking as you get to meet parents, school administrators, etc.
  10. You would need to ask around your local area if there is such a group. Just mention your interest in the hobby/sport of racing pigeons without saying you already have a few birds. The reason for a group's low profile is so as not to attract the attention of potential robbers. My father raised pigeons at the farm to sell squabs to Chinese restaurants. While it was a commercial venture, I recall meeting pigeon fanciers including some who had racing birds and the more exotic birds like fantail pigeons. There was also a pen at the farm with bleeding heart pigeons from Palawan, loved by visitors after being told the red feathers developed when a pigeon witnessed the death of Jesus Christ. Last I heard the bleeding heart in the Philippines is nearly extinct. Anyway, I am sure there are groups. The problem is locating them.
  11. Changing currency design too often is not a good idea. Some immediately think that the older designs have been or will be demonetized. They try to get rid of them. Others believe the new design is being introduced to "flush out" hidden currency stored "under the mattress" so to speak. Personally, I like the idea of featuring native birds and animals rather than past politicians.
  12. Unless you are a hermit living in a remote location, it is highly unlikely you can achieve a satisfactory level of personal security. What is desirable is to lower your profile so as to avoid attracting attention. There will always be thieves and robbers. But they are mostly predators looking for easy prey. I remember a couple of female college students in Honolulu living by themselves in a small house. They had a couple of used size 16 slippers by the door. You would think there are a couple of huge guys inside. Did it work? Hard to tell. But as a potential robber, I might not take the risk, preferring to move on to an easier target.
  13. Are you referring to Philippines or the US? Both. Safety in numbers.
  14. Increased safety can be achieved by lowering your profile. The purpose of gated communities is to make thieves look elsewhere rather than face the possibility of confronting security guards armed with shotguns. Same with high walls topped with barbed wire or broken glass. Thieves are likely to move on to an easier target. On a personal basis, dress casually and no expensive looking watches and jewelry. If shopping, place the expected amount to be spent in one pocket and hide the rest. There is nothing like a large wad of money to attract attention. When I carry folded currency, the smallest denominations are outside and largest hidden inside. We never purchase the latest and most expensive cellular phones or wear designer clothes. That's like placing a bullseye target front & back. We no longer go out after dark. If you do, go as a group.
  15. There are no permanent alliances, only permanent interest. The Philippines recently learned the game. They were ignored by the Americans until it looked like the Philippines would side with China. Then the goodies started flowing from the United States and other Western allies.
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