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  1. It's just a proposal. Maybe the bill won't pass into law. Legislators have more important matters to worry about.
  2. This will work if the SIM card is traceable to a specific person. The registration and tracking will be very expensive. Scammers will find a way around it.
  3. The Fed raised the interest rate. The peso should go down unless the Bangko Sentral likewise raises interest rates, which is highly unlikely.
  4. Sometimes the number of transactions within a 24-hour period are limited as a security precaution. Your visit to the bank may have counted as one.
  5. Normally, the US dollar appreciates as global financial markets avail to the higher interest rates. Earlier projections were a 60 to 1 exchange because of excessive Philippine borrowing. The Philippine currency could improve temporarily as Christmas approaches due to money influx from overseas workers and expenditures by Filipinos visiting home during the holidays.
  6. Another option that does not consume as much electricity are dehumidifiers. We had several in our Philippine home to protect electronic and camera equipment. But the lower humidity made the room pleasant. The air conditioners were for the bedrooms.
  7. The hidden purpose behind the senior discount card is to track the revenues of restaurants and the result in increased collection of taxes. Many Filipinos pay in cash, foreigners are more likely to use credit cards. Therefore, there is no need to give foreigners a discount.
  8. Dolomite Beach, which is supposedly similar to Miami Beach (both artificially created) is in the wrong location. Manila Bay is heavily polluted which means the trash and waste will wash up on shore.
  9. Since the purpose of your visit is to research, my suggestion is to have a month's budget based on your estimated available retirement income plus reserves. Try a lifestyle based on the budget. If staying longer, try spending another month on one month's estimated retirement income. Don't stay at a nice hotel and dine on fancy food. Note that cost of living varies based on location. If your budget is large, try Metro Manila and Metro Cebu where the malls will remind you of home. A more modest budget means a more provincial lifestyle.
  10. Grizzly bear. At least her cubs are cuddly.
  11. I read that in the United States the gyms try to sign you up for a one-year membership. The reason is most new members give up after a few weeks. They don't cancel thinking they will return to the gym after a brief break. If everyone came regularly, they would not have enough equipment. In a similar manner, airline flights are overbooked because not everyone will show up or arrive on time. The additional revenue from 10-20 customer no-shows is huge. It is sufficient to pay compensation if they have more passengers than capacity.
  12. I don't know if this is still a common practice, but car owners would have their driver circle around while attending a business meeting or shopping. The circling would contribute to increased traffic yet there was no choice because available parking is very limited and expensive. Having a driver reduced scratches on the vehicle and carjacking. When ready, the driver will bring the car to the entrance within a few minutes after the phone call.
  13. The senior discount was a brilliant way to get restaurants to report business income. To get the rebate, you had to submit the necessary forms. Statistically, the government would know if you were underreporting other meals for lower age groups. The problem was an eventual ruling that the rebate could not be 100%. I don't remember the details, but the amount is less than 100%.
  14. Does the increase in Social Security really reflect the increase of prices due to inflation? The Consumer Price Index by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has undergone numerous revisions. Even the methodology changed from a Cost of Goods Index to a Cost of Living Index. At one time, the price of a new television was included just as the cost of manufacturing was going down when the technology changed from cathode tube to flat screen. Besides, how often do you replace the television? Another problem with CPI is their substitution bias when new items are added or changed to the basket of goods. There is also the issue of quality. We buy pump liquid soap. The thickness recently changed because the manufacturers is adding more water to the formula. Still, I am grateful for the increase because Social Security represents a portion of our retirement income.
  15. The Filipinas are thin when compared to women of a similar age in the United States. My theory is exercise. I shake my head watching drivers circling a parking lot to find a vacant space as close to the entrance as possible. Consumer preference is to use the drive through for fast food. Curbside pickup has become very popular. You call in the order or use an app on the phone. A supermarket employee loads the purchases in your trunk. They don't get off the vehicle because the driver is busy eating snacks.
  16. Filipinos eat 5 meals a day. Have you seen the size of those mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks? For office and business workers, add all the cupcakes when someone is celebrating a birthday. There is always someone celebrating. Then her friends and fellow workers try to make extra money by selling food as a side hustle. With Christmas fast approaching, you have all those parties whose main objective is to eat while the host admonished the guests, "You are too thin. Eat!"
  17. Thanks. I will give it a try. Just finished paying the IRS a small fine for being late in filing a form. Took two hours to get through their identity and security procedures. I understand the need if I was taking money from their account. But I was trying to give them money (permission to withdraw the amount from our checking account.)
  18. My worst nightmare. Bureaucrats with law degrees. Can't make sense of the requirements. I will check again when the departure date is closer.
  19. I was told the Philippine government is requiring incoming passengers to submit an online customs & currency declaration. It is still on a trial basis so only passengers arriving at NAIA Terminal 1 are affected. Anyone with additional information?
  20. Just to clarify. Outdoor masking is no longer a requirement throughout the Philippines. Are local government units permitted to impose outdoor masking? Are there any stipulations regarding the type or quality of the masks? The synthetic fiber used by Chinese manufacturers for me causes rashes. I buy and use cotton masks made in Japan that is triple layer.
  21. Do money changers offer a comparable rate or is it better to go to a bank? While we do have debit cards and our bank does not charge a fee (they also reimburse any fee charged by the foreign bank), my Philippine experience is the exchange is better with currency.
  22. This is the reason mice are smarter than we are and most likely to survive, along with cockroaches, in an apocalypse.
  23. I forgot to add. Outdoor masking was lifted by the CDC in the United States. Shortly after Cebu followed, then the national government. US rules are varied. My wife had cataract surgery. I was not allowed to enter the building because of their Covid 19 restrictions. The staff telephoned when she was ready for pick-up. An attendant and my wife met me at the entrance. Most indoor places recommend masking, but few follow the recommendation.
  24. Yes. I had read earlier that Cebu province and Cebu city rules were different. My understanding is their political clout is strong, and sufficient to defy the national government. A bet made with a cousin is the masking requirements for indoor shopping malls will be lifted on or before the 15th of December. My reasoning is outdoor shopping areas like Divisoria will be wall to wall people for Christmas. Same with the malls. What then is the purpose for requiring a mask at malls? The bet is a Spanish paella dinner.
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