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  1. I wouldn't give 150 pesos for "infant" formula. My preference is to buy the formula and hand it over. Kuya Lee is correct. Give a beggar some food instead of cash.
  2. Japan's debt is even larger than the United States as a percentage of GDP. No one really cares because most of their debt is borrowed from Japanese citizens and corporations.
  3. There are two educational theories used by Philippines schools. KNOWLEDGE - The general student population is fed information that is considered useful. If you observe children memorizing their lessons, this is a good indication the school is using the knowledge method. The results are students who are doers rather than thinkers. This is the system employed in Philippine public education, which is from the turn-of-the-century education model in America. Students learn reading, writing & arithmetic. As employees, there are very good at following instructions and very easy to train. As
  4. With 40,000 balikbayan boxes arriving every year, it would be difficult to hand inspect and x-ray all of them. The press announcement is merely "feel good" public relations after authorities discovered firearms. It sounds like Philippine customs received a tip about the shipment. The end result is an increase in the negotiated gratuity per containerload. Expect shipping charges to increase $5 or $10 per box before Chrismas.
  5. The answer is simple. Inside the mosquito net. String them next to each other and the nettings become opaque. Even if a child is awakened by the noise, they don't really know what is going on. Filipinos are reluctant to talk about their sexual activity with foreigners, but they must be enjoying themselves. Just count the number of children.The bigger problem regarding privacy is for young lovers. Even the wealthier ones live in inter-generational homes or have domestic helpers. This is the reason for all those motels charging customers an hourly rate. In Japan, they have "Love" motels
  6. Update on Medicare.Medical City started with a small office in Agana, Guam. Purpose was to provide information and assistance to residents seeking advanced medical treatment not available in Guam. Manila was approved as an alternative location because it is closer than Honolulu. The news is they have started the construction of a Medical City hospital in Guam, which is estimated to cost nearly $200 million. They raised the first $75 million from investors in the Philippines. The balance will probably come from Guam, USA and/or international financing sources. Once completed, this will
  7. I am new to this forum and, after a long absence from the Philippines, in need for updated information. The following subject has been repeatedly discussed with my wife and friends who are facing the same predicament. Go-Go -- Our present location is Honolulu, Hawaii. We have sufficient financial resources for independent living. By being careful, there should be enough money for a modest apartment and recreational activities, including once or twice a year off-island travel. We plan to assist others through volunteer work during our golden years.Slow-Go -- Hopefully it will never happen,
  8. I am currently a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii with the intent of relocating to the Philippines if there is ever a need for assisted living or a nursing home. Visitors to our island comment on the beauty of our city, but they can't immediately figure out why. It's simple. No billboards. More than a hundred years ago, there were gigantic billboards plastered on the side of Diamond Head, a famous landmark. A group of women started the Outdoor Circle club to lobby against billboards and other outdoor signs. The end results are very restrictive laws. The Outdoor Circle ladies will even measu
  9. For developing countries, the recommendation is 2% to 4% of your investment portfolio should be in precious metals as a hedge against political unrest and inflation. In the United States, gold holdings through depository certificates or bullion (coins) traditionally is only around 1%. With the declining value of the US dollar, there is renewed interest in buying gold. The problem is we don't know if the spectacular price increases during the past few year is value or speculation. Look what happened to silver when it was above $50 an ounce just a few months ago. A rules change required buy
  10. Honolulu serves as the medical center for the remaining Pacific territories including Guam, Saipan and American Samoa. The government of Guam requested and received permission from the federal government to use accedited hospitals in Manila as an option. Manila is closer and cheaper. The hot topics for the 2012 presidential election include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Under consideration is the possibility that Medicare will be portable similar to the Japanese healthcare system. The American Medical Association and hospitals are going to fight, claiming potential fraud in rei
  11. We are still located in the United States (Honolulu, Hawaii). My wife and I support several non-government organizations (NGO's) in the Philippines by sending, from time to time, Balikbayan boxes. The shipping costs for "door-to-door" service is $50 plus $5 for the container. The shipper even takes a picture of the box and recipient as proof that it was delivered. One of the most popular items are back issues of National Geographic magazine, which we obtain from the exchange desks of public libraries. Another are old toys donated by our neighbors. Old towels, clothing, shoes, etc. are du
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