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  1. US laws requires funeral parlors, morgues, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. to report the Social Security number of deceased persons. This cancels social security benefits immediately except for a one time $1,000 payment meant to help cover funeral expenses. Deaths overseas are not immediately reported. Family members continue to receive benefits. This is one reason why there is an annual check if you have either an overseas address or have your benefits deposited in a bank account outside the United States.
  2. Governments worry that not enough residents are willing to be vaccinated when there isn't enough vaccines available for those who want them. A "Vaccination Passport" is proposed and an uproar can be heard that this is discrimination because we will have two classes of citizens. Herd immunity can be achieved if at least 70% in your neighborhood, village, town, city, metropolitan area, country, etc. are vaccinated. No. This is not good enough for some. You need at least 70% of the world vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Don't forget there are predictions that a bigger, deadlier pandemic
  3. Similar incidents in the United States. A couple arrived in Honolulu and they were told to driver straight to the hotel for quarantine. Instead, they went to a beach to spend a few hours. The police were waiting for them at reception to take them to the airport for a flight home. Two middle age ladies were caught dressing like grandmothers to get vaccines reserved for seniors. Medical staff got suspicious and called for the police. It was actually for their 2nd shot, so they got away the first time.
  4. So the lower bottom line is.......nothing has change.
  5. I am curious to know when the Philippines forum members start receiving their jabs and if or how much they have to pay.
  6. Scott, thank you for your concern. Ecuador purchased 2 million Covid-19 Sinovac vaccines with the first one million arriving in March. The second one million is expected in April. A little scandal after an earlier shipment of Pfizer vaccine went to several wealthy and connected individuals. Ecuador's Health Minister was forced to resign. Other vaccines are on order. The population is about 18 million so distribution is less problematic than the Philippines with 100 million. My wife and I will get our second Pfizer jab this Sunday giving us greater protection. Ecuador's health system
  7. Plans for travel to the Philippines have been set aside. My wife and I have agreed on Ecuador for April, May and June. The only government requirement is a negative Covid-19 test within 10 days of arrival. 4-Star and 5-Star hotels are reasonably priced at less than $100 including breakfast. Currency is easy since it is in United States dollars. There are 28 other countries listed by CNN Travel that already welcome American visitors. Entry requirements range from none; to a negative Covid-19 test prior to arrival; to proof of vaccination. Other countries may reopen as their residents
  8. The following notice is posted on the Philippine Airlines website. I don't know if this is true, merely non-updated information or limited to Philippine Airlines partner hotels. But it's a definite deal breaker. My wife and I would need to pay for two rooms during the quarantine period. In compliance with Philippine regulations, only one person is allowed per room, except for the following: Families with minor children below 18 years old (if the traveling family has two or more adult members, only one adult can stay with the minor children) A Person With Disability (PWD)
  9. Hi Scott, I believe the recommended easing is for Philippines in-country residents. So you can travel to a visitor destination like Boracay. Restriction on international arrivals remain the same at this time. Health authorities and pandemic researchers do not know if someone vaccinated can be a coronavirus carrier. As a precaution, the recommendation in the United States is continued use of masks, social distancing, hand washing, etc. Once verifiable data is available, the situation may change.
  10. The estimate for the Philippines is more than 5 million visitor industry jobs disappeared due to the pandemic. This does not include OFWs who worked in cruise ships and global resorts. Most recent government pronouncements indicate some easing to revive local travel. One proposal, starting in a few days, is for provinces to eliminate quarantine and testing requirements. The question is, "What about inbound international travelers?" Few would agree to a 7 to 21 days quarantine period when they have only a two weeks vacation. In my opinion, one solution is to permit those who have already
  11. Israel was included in this topic because they are ahead of everyone in vaccinating citizens and the government is eager to reopen their country to visitors, assuming said visitor has received full vaccination (2 jabs and 2 weeks). The start date could be as early as this July. Israel and Greece already have a digital vaccination passport. Others, including private industry, are developing similar paper or digital platforms. Whoever gets their program widely accepted makes a lot of money. In lieu of quarantine, I was hoping the Philippines would consider proof of full vaccination as a
  12. I won't argue. The bottom line is my wife and I will be fully vaccinated (2 jabs plus 2 weeks) by March. This will permit us to return to full time traveling since, according to the Israeli data on the Pfizer vaccine, the possibility of serious illness and death from Covid 19 is reduced by 98.9%. Philippines was my initial choice as a travel destination, but the entry rules remain complicate. Maybe sometime during the second half of 2021. In the meantime, my focus has shifted to finding another country.
  13. The feared new wave of infection is within the Palestinian population who so far have not received vaccinations except for limited donations. If you read between the lines, Israel wants COVAC or some other international foundation to pay for it. One of the Middle East oil countries, for example, is paying for everyone's vaccination in The Seychelles. Speculative. Two jabs work. Maybe three jabs are better. Maybe. Speculative. Everyone including so-called experts want to be in the news. The important thing is to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible. We can
  14. Thank you for the detailed information on the arrival requirements. It confirms my worse fears that the entry requirements for the Philippines remain too complicated at this time. Rather than returning in April, perhaps June might be a better month for us.
  15. One possibility is the 600,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine donated by China will available free of charge for medical personnel, military, government employees, and the general public based on age. The initial shipment of 100,000 doses from Pfizer could be fee-based through private clinics and hospitals. Future shipments of vaccines more likely will be sourced through COVAC which operates something like a crowd funding agency. Wealthy nations contribute money or commit vaccine supplies. (Gates Foundations gave a substantial amount.) COVAC then charges countries based on their ability to purc
  16. Philippine government is borrowing heavily to prop up an economy that has been devastated by the pandemic. This is one factor contributing to a lower value for the Philippine peso. Another is the decrease in exports and OFW remittances. For several months there appeared to be an inflow of foreign currency. I suspect this came from wealthier Filipinos converting their dollar savings to local currency.
  17. Got it. This will be similar to the Israel-Greece agreement allowing residents from both countries to vacation provided they have been vaccinated plus two weeks.
  18. The airlines may argue UK tourism has to be outbound and inbound. It makes no sense flying aircrafts empty one way. I remember buying $99 round trip tickets from Honolulu to Vancouver before Christmas because the Canadians were going the opposite direction. For Honolulu residents, it was cheaper to fly to British Columbia than an outer island. The appointment for our 2nd vaccine shot is March 7th. My wife and I are looking forward to restart our travels by early April. So far, announcements from various countries have been confusing and contradictory as to when they plan to reopen fo
  19. Terry, thanks for the information. I didn't think the UK would open to tourism so soon, although it makes sense being in the top five countries vaccinating their residents. Yesterday, by coincidence, British Airways sent me a digital voucher for $1,557 for a cancelled flight last year due to the pandemic. They were steadfast in refusing a cash refund. Rather than continuing the fight, I accepted the voucher as settlement.
  20. Israel's Ministry of Health released post immunization data after studying 1.7 million citizens who had received both shots of Pfizer's vaccine. Two weeks after receiving both doses, vaccinated Israelis were 95.8% less like to fall ill from Covid-19 and 98.9% less likely to face hospitalization or death. 100,000 doses of Pfizer BioNTech vaccines will be shipped to the Philippines after the company receives an indemnification agreement. Total order is 900,000 doses. The original shipment date was February 12 if the indemnity had been provided earlier. Vaccines manufactured by other c
  21. The idea behind a vaccine or health passport is to provide information about your medical status. In exchange, you are given permission to once again visit shopping malls; enjoy entertainment venues; attend sports events; and travel abroad. Israel will use their "green" passport program to add pressure on citizens who refuse to be vaccinated. Their draconian measure may include denial of some government services such as non-renewal of driver's license. This might not be possible in the United States and Great Britain. The more liberal members of their societies will have a huge outcry fol
  22. Another Vaccination Passport Update Israel and Cyprus announced a new tourism agreement. Starting April 1, citizens who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus will be allowed to travel between countries without the need for PCR tests and quarantine. Israel and Greece signed a similar agreement last week. The significance for the Philippines is having an existing program to use as an example to copy. Allowing vaccinated international visitors entry is one way to revive tourism. While my wife and I can already enter under the Balikbayan program, we want to avoid the hassle of
  23. Update on the topic Vaccination Passport The International Air Transport Association will begin testing next month a mobile app called Travel Pass. Likely first users include Middle East airlines Etihad Airways and Emirates. Both air carriers claim their crews have been vaccinated and plan to require the same for their passengers. Qantas maybe next to join. CommonPass is already in trial use by United and Cathay Pacific for flights between New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. The program operates through Apple. For Android phones, it is called CommonHealth. The app funct
  24. Sorry. My reference was to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) policy. For example, when we returned from Greece in April 2020, we were asked to quarantine for 14 days. If we are to travel overseas in 2021 and return, the new guideline means we won't have to quarantine after effective vaccinations. At the present time, quarantine is a requirement for US arrivals. Nationals of certain countries are banned from even entering. But government policies continually change. Being born in Manila and a former Philippine passport holder, I can claim Balikbayan status. The priv
  25. Got it! My wife and I received our first vaccination for Covid-19 this morning. It started with an online health questionnaire and a request as to what time is convenient for us. The whole process took 22 minutes from arrival at the hospital, including 15 minutes wait at a monitored seating room to make sure no adverse reaction, to exit. The experience is similar to getting a flu shot. No paperwork because of the online questionnaire. We had to show our government identity cards as proof of eligibility (65 years+ in California). The vaccine is free and the federal government wil
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