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  1. I hate to say it but this is a policy that could lead to a visit by a tandem motorbike barely a day goes buy with out a story appearing in the paper about a local exec getting rubbed out
  2. Youse Guys remember the days when forms came out with the "do not fold, spindle, staple or mutilate"? I am sure this will be followed the same way
  3. Well Jolly, its like this, the guy at the post office had me by what us Yanks call between a rock and a hard place, aka by the short and curlies.. I had ordered my stuff, I had paid for my stuff, I had waited for my stuff and HE HAD MY STUFF! So I had to make the decision if I wanted my stuff. (another time after I ordered something I found it locally and when it finally came in, I told them they could keep it lol) Now having said all that. Since I am a semi intelligent person who did not fall off the turnip truck on the way to the big city and having dealt with government double speak for over 30 years I originally thought I smelt a rat and asked to see the regulation that said I had to pay VAT on an order from Amazon. The head man at the post office was very polite and friendly and said he could use a memory refresher also. So he invited me back to his office where he dug out the relevant regulation. No matter how hard we tried to find a loop hole (he was actually on my side) we could not find one and the bottom line was............I wanted my stuff!
  4. Good news, bad news, good news and bad again. I looked it up on amazon, you can still get the book. cost about 40 usd...20 for the book, 20 for shipping....In the past I have bought via Amazon, they are usually shipped via post and I have had to pick it up at the post office. 50% of the time I then have to pay VAT another 12 % or so... Like you, I always read "real" books but was finally forced to use kindle....with the help of others on the forum. Even being one of the original Luddite's, I actually found it quite easy...and am glad I did,,,have been able to read books I have been waiting 10 years to read...I use my cell phone,,,,,,trust me its easy. Bad news is that this title is not available on kindle If you need more info let me know
  5. This is the method I hit on when beggars come up, I stick my hand in my Pocket and pull out (below). They get the message and Filipinos who are watching laugh there butts off
  6. I think there are as many methods as there are expats to get their money into the Phil. For us, my wife and my pension is deposited into our USA checking account, we go to our local bank, deposit $ into our US $ account here using paper checks. Withdraw $ as needed and exchange them at our local pawn shop/exchange place. Yes we have to pay a service charge per check and we have to wait for the checks to clear. But it is relatively stress free and works for us.....
  7. They have been sticking it to vets for awhile now. When I signed on the dotted line in '78 we were guaranteed lifetime health care. No to avail our Tricare health plan we must enroll in medicare part A and B to remain qualified. Part A is free, Part B costs a pretty healthy sum right out of our SS payment. Its still a good plan,,,but IMHO they are welching on the deal they made.
  8. I just saw an interview with the Cebu governor on the news....she basically thumbed her nose at the IATF
  9. cebu city does seem to be a trend setter when it comes to common sense politics,,,,wish others would start getting the idea
  10. I dont know what this says about me...........but.........My first thought is that now the BI can now charge an Interpol record check "fee" when we renew our acr cards or visa renewals
  11. He said he was married to a Japanese woman,,,perhaps she saw the thread
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