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  1. LOL, not asking to be convinced, just asking you to share your information with the Forum as to the benefits of acquiring citizenship as opposed to the possible consequences. That's what we do here, share information with each other and help each other out. Now, if a person is a young man, and plans to immigrate, raise a family and totally integrate themselves into the country and its future, by all means acquiring citizenship is the way to go and I applaud the action and say "Good on you!".
  2. I am curious as what you see as an upside? Like I said except for qualifying for a senior discount I don't see one, but I am open minded and willing to listen
  3. YOU can work here,,,,,,,,,,,,(notice I said YOU, I have no intention to work) lololol Believe it or not the requirements are even stricter than in the States. Last time I checked it was 10 year residency and demonstrate fluency in Tagolog or one of the recognizable dialects. Besides, IMHO there are few benefits...……….I could own land (that's what I have a wife for lol) I could vote (snicker), I wouldn't need an exit clearance when traveling. About the only tangible benefit I can see would being able to qualify for a Senior citizen discount card.
  4. Until they give out more info, if ever everything is speculation I probably watch to many crime shows on TV but this is what I noticed. As far as I have seen they have not released the age of the wife..and there was no mention of children..strange? Younger wife?. The kidnappers escaped in two boats, not typical. If what i read is right the man is a dual citizen but has only lived here for 7 years, it takes 10 years residence to apply for citizenship. So is he Filipino or British born? Did I read that the wife has been released?....if so...……...IMHO if the property is in the wife's name and is younger with no kids...………………………………………….
  5. A few years ago I bought 1/8 ounce of gold from our local jeweler. Don't remember the price. I just know that they buy old jewelry, melt it down and make new stuff...……..
  6. Not to worry, dumb management will continue to forge ahead Just this last Saturday I parked at a new parking structure near Mall of Asia. They had the modern system of grab your ticket, shop, pay for your parking at the kiosk, insert your ticket at the gate and the barrier lifts and your on the way. That does away with one cashiers job Except IN THE PHILIPPINES! Now they have just put a young lady next to the kiosk to show the paying customer which slot to insert their parking ticket and which slot to put in your money
  7. Pretty much the same here...……...Most locals that I meet freely usually complain that the biggest problem here is that Filipinos have no discipline. I tell them……. They have discipline, they just have no SELF discipline
  8. The office, though we might have a residence building near us. We have a 7 story apartment building going up. Not a good area for condos so smart money is a Pogo residence. Woke up thinking, wow, history repeats its self . A bunch of young men, far from home, money in their pockets, living together in crowded conditions with not a lot to do in their spare time. Subic should be used to it, they just had a 30 year break
  9. Granted OMW, and I really am not trying to be argumentative here just giving my observations. I walked by a POGO last Tuesday in one of our poorer Baragays, Santo Nino, I saw two Fil security guards at the gate, 5 brand new Hilux vans with Fil drivers parked there, a Fil carrying trash from the building to the dumpster. Across the street were two restaurants obviously aimed towards the Chinese workers with some Fil staff (that I saw) and a young Chinese man buying 1 stick cigarette from a sari sari store. Granted that the majority of the employees are Chinese, but there is a trickle down effect here. IMO some jobs for locals are better than none. The government is just pissed because (mostly due to their own negligence or corruption) of the tax revenue they are loosing out on.
  10. IMHO if I was in charge, if I was looking for foreign investment, I would much prefer a POGO than let a foreign company come in and strip mine the back country. Moving away from POGOs to the foreign financed casinos here in Manila. We went to Okada's (huge Japanese owned resort) for a couple of hours yesterday. These were my personal contacts with Filipinos working there. I dropped my wife off at the main entrance, (comfort room emergency lol) Main gait met by 2 security guards and 1 dog handler, at the main door her door was opened by 1 valet. Drove to another entrance, 2 guards and a different dog handler. Directed to the parking area by no less than 3 security guards. Parked and entered the casinos entrance 4 security guards and 1 exray machine operator. Went looking for the wife and nodded to 2 security guards at the divide between the mall and the casino. Met the wife and went to the customer service kiosk where 1 young lady helped my wife redeem her points. Went to the rest room and bumped into 1 janitor. Escorted the wife to her slot machine and asked 1 waitress for a coffee. Asked 1 slot machine attendant about a promotion they had going on. Onse the wife was absorbed lol, made my way to my personal vise the kraps table. Greeted by 4 English fluent dealers. I was there for shift change and 4 new English fluent dealers. After an hour went to the cashiers cage to change my chips to paper money and dealt with 1 cashier. Found the wife left the casino where the door was opened by 1 security guard. Drove out of the parking lot past 2 other security guards. In a 90 minute visit at a conservative estimate I personally made contact with 31 Filipino citizens who have jobs due to a foreign owned casino. As a young man I had problem with alcohol and haven't drank in over 25 years. But even though I no longer drink booze I still see how many folks do and how many jobs are created and maintained for every bottle of Red Horse bought at the local Sari-Sari store
  11. guess I am still pure Kano
  12. NONE HERE THAT WILL ADMIT IT!!!!! Sorry that straight line was just tooooooooooo good to pass up
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