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  1. scott h

    Foreigner living on the streets

    let us know what happens
  2. scott h

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Call me a heartless bugger, but me personally I don't see a difference. A guy sleeping on a bench to me is homeless, by choice or by circumstance. Three possible outcomes here. 1 he is down on his luck and I am going to hear a sob story and be asked to help one way or another. 2 he is drunk, stoned or crazy and heavens knows what his reaction might be, or 3 he is living like this by choice and there is a good chance he will take offense because he will think I am judging him. I didn't interact with homeless or down on their luck types in the states and I don't here either. But that's just me
  3. scott h

    Foreigner living on the streets

    Answer with a question. Would any of us approach a homeless couple back in our home country?
  4. scott h

    Pampanga as the next best thing to Manila?

    In the long run it really doesn't matter what we think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the question should be "what does your Asawa think about Pampanga .
  5. scott h

    Property lawyer

    I think means its gonna kost you an arm and a leg to hire a lawyer Another colonist saying lol
  6. scott h

    New Member

    welcome Greg. Like you I am military (army) retired and long married to a Filipina, we retired to her home town south of metro Manila. My first thought is your motivation to retire here. We, only having the one pension, moved here so we could live in a lower cost environment with out affecting our standard of living and to be closer to her family and friends after 20 years in the states. For the most part it worked lol. Having two pensions your income is likely to be a bit higher. As to medical, we use Tri care and are very happy with it. I would suggest that you look at their web page and see if there are any approved providers in the areas you are thinking of moving to. There have been a lot of changes sinse 2008, heck, there have been a lot of changes sinse 2012 when we retired here, mostly for the better. So I would also recommend asking some specific questions that concern you (each with its own topic header) pick a couple of areas you are interested in and take an extended vacation and check those areas out. Again, welcome to the forum
  7. NO I don't know what part of Arizona your from Jim, but I am sure that there are certain areas of your home town that you will not frequent for safety reasons. The same rules that apply in your life in the states apply here. Don't go to shady places, don't mix with shady people and keep your nose clean and the majority of us have no problems. Do they still have pan handlers outside of almost every 7-11? Beggars on most freeway onramps? Folks pushing shopping karts talking to themselves in the states? Do you or your neighbors have a home alarm and a deadbolt on your door with 911 on your speed dial? I have lived here for almost 6 years, I do not live in a gated community, I live in the Metro Manila area and the worst thing that has happened is that some kids tagged my front gate, one time. My fence in San Diego was tagged on a monthly basis lololol . I doubt we will ever find out what happened to the guy in the story, follow up stories are not the medias strong suit here, but my money is on that the guy who got shot handled the situation badly, that can happen in almost every bar anywhere in the world.
  8. We live just south of the airport. If we wanted to go to Alabang or use the SLEX to go to Laguna we would have to take surface streets to get there and it would take an hour...or more. Now we hope on the skyway and are there in twenty minutes. Sometimes if we go to MOA we jump on it, go to terminal 2, do a U turn get back on going the other way and it drops you right onto Mapapagal. About 70 peso but well worth it not dodging Jeeps, motorcycles and pedestrians j walking lolol If ya got it,,,,,,,,,flaunt it!!!
  9. The law might be a bit outdated Dave, but consider that 90% of the bar girls surrounding the military bases in Korea and Japan were Filipina. Human trafficking has been around for a long long time
  10. Who cares about cheese,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,who is the genius that started putting cucumbers on hamburgers?????????
  11. Something to consider, and I will try real hard to stay non-political, but keep in mind that the NY Times is a left leaning newspaper, whose editorial board does not like D30. Notice the story morphed into the shirtless law and the war on drugs. They are a big supporter of the UN and the counsel on human rights.
  12. It will depend on the immigration official you meet. Over the years we got 4 BB visas. We always had our passports, marriage license and return ticket. If memory serves we were only asked for any paper work one time. The other times the officer just looked bored and stamped our passports. Then again, I just stood there like a lump of coal while they babbled in Tagalog.
  13. You hit the nail on the head here Ryan. No one really knows for sure. Here is my personal experience with BI in Manila. Procedure went smoothly. Was told to keep an eye on the BI web page for when my card was ready for pick up. Whelp the Web page only seemed to be updated about every 3 weeks. When I got my Probationary card, I waited until my name showed up and went to pick up the card, no problem. Turned out the card was ready for 3 weeks prior. When I went to get my permanent card, did some calculations in my head, gave it enough time, and went to pick it up. I got lucky it was ready. My name appeared on the list 2 weeks after I picked it up. As with almost everything else here,,,,,,,,,,,,, YMMV
  14. Your best bet is to start your marriage they way the rest of your life will be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LET HER Decide