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  1. What surprised me yesterday was a comment made by my wife. She is a child of Martial law and lived in the states for over 20 years. She is absolutely NON political. Out of the blue yesterday she says "I wonder where Duterte is keeping all the money the Chinese are giving him and his family?" My point is that the average Filipino just take corruption as a matter of course, like eating rice with every meal
  2. Yes. But to gain their dual Filipino citizenship is relatively painless. My wife got hers no problem. The ease will depend on how far you live from the Philippine consulate. But in the past they were like the American consulate here and had a scheduled roving workshops to outlying areas
  3. FFS Steve, your retired!!!!!!!!! Start acting like it!!!!!!! Go out in the street, wave two 50 peso bills and get a couple of guys to do it!!! Your giving the rest of us a bad name !!!
  4. I am with Tim on this one. Give me konvinense over quite. We have live in Metro Manila for 7 years. Very, very few brown outs, reliable and fast internet (usually ) no water interruption. Malls and stores with variety of imported items. Large choice of very good restaurants. All joking aside, Barangay life was probably the most important factor in us retiring in the Philippines. I can safely say that with in 200 meters of my house we have 3 bakeries, 2 butcher stalls, my barber, wifes beauty parlor, water station, newsstand, a pelenki for fish and veggies, money changers, our credit union, internet cafe for scanning. In short I don't have to drive, take a jeepney or trike to take care of any daily needs. If I need peace and quite, I retreat into my man cave, turn on the aircon and Netflix Truer words were never spoken
  5. Those four words pretty much end all argument and need for advise from ANYONE Welcome to the world of being hitched to a Filipina
  6. 60 p for a haircut and 60 p for a straight razor shave. My place is expensive because it has aircon lolol
  7. As goes Manila, the rest of the country follows. 20% down the rest is financed. Remember the strong sense of family here. Whole extended families will contribute to a down payment
  8. This is very true. Here in Metro Manila that is about right. The most numerous are 1 bedroom units that run about 4 million. Be advised there are a lot of hidden costs though. Home owner fees and you have to buy a parking spot if you want one and they run about 1 million.
  9. Wilcon.....bought all our locks there. Have not been broken into in seven years.
  10. No seeming about it,,,,,,,,,if a person has a rat phobia this is not the place for them
  11. Not at all, just the normal culture shock. That, and over night you went from being King of your own castle to being a serf working the land .
  12. I was told only laborers and low klass folks don't wear shirts outside.....another cultural difference lol
  13. That is why it is said if a person last 5 years here, they can last forever. At first everything is a novelty, lax rules and regulations, different cultural norms etc etc etc At one year it becomes …..WTF! Why don't they do.....???? that's when true acclimatization begins. Only 4 years 10 months to go Steve
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