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  1. You might have recognized it, but obviously they didn't. They have your money and the power..........I strongly suggest you kall them my friend.
  2. As silly as having a married couple sit 1 meter apart while dining at a restaurant. (might be a good idea if you have been married a long long time ) We went to our favorite Japanese restaurant yesterday. Temp check, wash hands, fill out a form, sit at a table made for 4, sitting opposite and kitty corner from each other. On the up side, lots of room for the different dishes when they all arrive at once
  3. Not to mention the infamous"underground"economy,
  4. I will take that bet Joey, there have been articles already about them cancelling their leases on office space. here is one i found after a quirk search https://philnews.ph/2020/06/30/pogos-leaving-philippines-without-paying-taxes-shouldnt-be-allowed/ and another https://mb.com.ph/2020/07/01/palace-pogos-leaving-for-cambodia-amid-order-to-settle-taxes/
  5. I understand the sentiment, but you live in Subic. Its been what over 30 years since they closed the bases. How many locals really regret that decision now?
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/national/two-pogos-file-for-cancelation-of-licenses-13-others-close-down/ar-BB16ox5V?ocid=msedgntp The government is getting greedy for tax revenue, and are ending up chasing not only a souse of tax revenue away but jobs for Filipinos also. two Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs), including the Macau-based junket operator Suncity Group, have filed for a cancellation of their offshore gaming licenses in the Philippines. According to Izzy Lee’s Monday report on “Stand For Truth,” the Suncity Group will transfer its POGOs to a different country. Thirteen other POGO service providers have so far shut down. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) said out of the 60 licensed POGOs, only 13 have secured clearance from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and were given authorization to resume operations. PAGCOR expects only 40 POGOs would remain in the country before the year ended. In order to obtain tax clearance, POGOs are required to pay a 5-percent franchise tax aside from other fees. Citing a 2018 legal opinion by the Office of the Solicitor General, POGOs insisted that they did not have to pay the franchise tax since they were not based in the Philippines. “If we are to be very very technical about this, POGOs should be subject to payment of 5 percent franchise tax precisely because they operate here through PAGCOR,” legal expert Edward Chico said. Meanwhile, PAGCOR was worried about the job losses that would affect more than 1,000 Filipino POGO employees. “I-ensure lang natin dito na ‘yung manggagawa dito, ‘pag nagsara ‘yung POGO establishments ay maibigay po yung karampatang separation pay,” Labor Assistant Secretary Dominique Tutay said. “Kung may hindi po nasunod sa mga patakaran ng paggawa, maaari namang mag-file ng complaint ang ating mga workers,
  7. If you look at the US Embassy web page you will be able to apply for and get a Travel pass that will allow you to move from your home to your local airport. I have received emails from the embassy about them and a relative of ours received oneto move from their home in the province to Manila. This is a diplomatic pass approved between governments and will allow you to move under ecq
  8. I think your on to something. Europe and North America for the most part have health care systems that can handle outbreaks to a certain extent. Using the Phil for example, if you got a bunch of 1st world tourists here and they got the virus, there is no way that they could reserve medical care that they are used to.
  9. 11 first world countries? Mexico is as bad or worse than here, as is Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Panama.
  10. Sounds to me if your short of needed Meds, you need to get ahold of the embassy ASAP/////////do you need the number?
  11. Just for giggles is isn't all bad, my brother in law who works for the Phil foreign service and is stationed in Jordan, was visiting his daughter in Australia for his grand daughters first b day. Whelp, he is still there in OZ and getting paid........... lucky sod
  12. The way i read the article is even though the flights resume, only returning Filipinos and their spouses, and OFW's are allowed in.
  13. on that budget you will need to keep your eyes open as you drive, sometimes you will drive by appartlettes that rent "short time" rooms for 4-6 hours at that price
  14. Back packing was big pre covid. There are hostels and B@B's scattered all over the place that cater to them. We have one near our house, basically a room with bunk beds in it. If i remember right about 10 USD a night. I was told that the back packers have their own face book group and that's how they keep each other informed about where these places are world wide. More research for you to do
  15. Ill take your word for it. not worth the effort to look it up That and laws are selectively enforced here. If some one owns property along the coast and they decide to Block access to it. Unless someone very, very important got pissed off, little if anything would be done. I do know one thing, if your riding your bike along a dirt road and you see a trail leading to the beach, but it has a gate on it.............you would be very, very stupid to just open the gate and use the trail.
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