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  1. The branch or the splinter or that branch, and to be honest in todays climate I believe it will only be done from within
  2. It seems to be getting mentioned as a lead on most major networks now. This happened in our part of the world and the west was still asleep, channel news asia out of Singapore reported it almost immediately. This might be why it was not addressed quickly This will continue to happen, IMHO, until the politically correct segments of the worlds major powers come to realize that there is segment of one of the major religions that considers a human bomb as a religious experience and that the only way to stop it is to annihilate it root and branch like was done with histories other murderous ideologies.
  3. Scot's would be a lot cooler it they spelled their name right
  4. Bringing pets here is relativity easy as long as you have all the paperwork done correctly. in 2012 we moved here with our kat and with all the needed paper we only had one short stop at the airport animal inspection office. I suggest you look at the Philippine embassy web site for details and assistance. In short this is the process as close at I can remember. We downloaded all the needed forms, took them and the kat to OUR vet. Had OUR vet fill them out. Then took the kat and the paperwork to an embassy approved vet for a quick look. Then took all that paperwork to the embassy (in Los Angeles) and got one of those red tape official form there. We flew on Korean airline which allows kats in the cabin. As I said onse at the Manila airport we went straight to the quarantine office, got the formed stamped and off we went. Now this was in 2012 so things might be different, but I would wager not by much. Lots of paperwork and leg work but it can be done. Good luck
  5. Not familiar with that acronym but here is our story. In 2012 we retired and moved here. Wife is also a dual citizen. We did not buy, but built a new house, so a significant amount of money was transferred. We did, over a 6 month period electronically transfer dollars to the Philippines. Never ran into any problems or questions about the amounts. I do know that when we filed our federal income tax we had to declare ALL Philippine bank accounts and the highest balance of those accounts during the calendar year. We still have to declare that information each year. Don't know if this is what your are asking about
  6. Jungle telegraph...………..Brother if they get really pissed off at you, they will find you if you live anywhere near the contested area, and most likely you sort of stand out lololol. It could be years later. I hate to say this but unless you really need the income, this really could turn into a matter of life and death. About the only thing in this country that is worth more than money is pride.
  7. Jak my friend, it is not you nor your attempt to raise a proper young woman, it is just that your example is being overwhelmed by the local culture. I remember 20 years ago one of my nieces was sitting not 10 feet away from the water cooler, yet she contemptibly ordered the maid to bring her a glass of water. I somewhat angerly asked if her legs were broken and told her to get her own dang water. She looked at me like I had a third eye. Personally, I call this syndrome the "egomaniac with an inferiority komplex" and in my observation it is pervasive in the culture here. When in a department store I always return the sales persons greeting while everyone else (including my wife, who lived in the states for 20 years) just passes them as if they were a piece of furniture. How many times have you held a door open of a lady, or for anyone else for that matter with out any reaction. Do you normally return a shopping kart to the designated area or just leave it next to your car in an empty parking slot lolol. I could go on and on with examples about driving habits, but the favorite is counterflowing lol, instead of waiting in line for the next green light, many Filipinos will put their personal interests above the safety or feelings of their fellow drivers. So it is not that you are raising the young lady wrong, it is only that your solid middle class upbringing which was reinforced by a long military career is just being overwhelmed by the examples that she sees everyday and everywhere. The hypocritical thing on my part is, is that i walk around feeling morally superior bekause i do return greetings and i do open doors and I do return shopping karts and don't counter flow IMHO it is just a case of "when in Rome......................" Me personally I will just continue to be one of the barbarians at the gates of the city .
  8. Here is another thought to throw into the mix. I did a google search and there are a lot of archery ranges (indoor mostly). But one thing to consider, depending on where you plan on settling down, is there one near you to make it worthwhile? I know I love to sail, live less than 10k from the Manila Yacht club, but traffic just makes it to big a hassle to sail much. Just a thought.
  9. We flew Phil Airlines premium Economy to Australia. As said above, move leg room, seats seemed wider, stew service was more individualized...……..but the food still sux lolololol. Oh and prioritized boarding. I am hooked on PE and will fly that way when ever possible
  10. Let me put it this way, if you arrive at the Airport with a buddy, and are met by a 19 year old girl, go strait to a hotel and the three of you do the dirty. If she reports it later for any reason, you most likely will get nailed for trafficking. If you hang out with the girl, treat her right, meet her parents and don't treat her like a slut. (just like in the states) I doubt seriously you will have a problem. It is, for most. But when guys show up and act like its the wild, wild west and thinks their poop don't stink, it can turn into hell on earth very quickly. My suggestion is don't take sensational headlines as the norm, again just like in the States.
  11. because of the shut down maybe?
  12. I don't, but I googles Philippine skeet shooting and a couple of places showed up
  13. Tell your wife what to say and just let her do the talking,,,,,lolol
  14. Here is a question for you guys. My Brother in Law is stationed overseas for another 5 years. His house is next door to ours. Its nothing special, just a typical Filipino house, two bed rooms, 1 tiny bathroom, kitchen, dirty kitchen, in a suburb of Metro Manila (not a subdivision). Not really near any resorts or beaches. Its only advantage is I suppose it is near NAIA and the casinos lolol. Would something like this interest travelers you think? Or are folks mainly interested in resort and vacation areas? This is just a thought, when he returns from Jordan he will retire from the DFA and I suppose any extra in the bank might be of use to him.
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