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  1. Anyone else's wife give them 100 pesos and told to go out for breakfast because the whole household is to busy watching the Miss U on TV?
  2. If your wife is a Philippine citizen, my response is to keep it simple, just put it in her name.
  3. Steve, I learned long ago that when we have stuff done, such as painting, it is worth it in the long run to buy the proper equipment and just keep it for future use. When we had our house painted we invested in a compressor. The job went much faster and the results a lot better.
  4. She told me the majority of Chinese and Koreans prefer to rent and pay high prices. That reduces the number of houses available and that jacks up the prise
  5. Here in Manila the high end casinos are packed with Chinese tourists. My wife still has connections with her department of tourism batchmates who say that large number of Chinese tourist go direct from the airport to high end resorts so us mediocre types might not see them. I do know I met an American (married to a Filipina) who was looking to buy a house in an upscale subdivision who told me the prices are high right now due to Chinese flooding the housing market.
  6. Anything for an advantage,,,or perceived advantage. Before going on patrol in Iraq, we would line up and gulp down 3 or 4 red bulls (which were given out free). Just made me jittery and had to pee a lot
  7. IMHO dental should be the least of your worries. An example an extraction is 400 pesos (8 dollars) and full dentures, upper and lower was 10k pesos......about 500 dollars.
  8. scott h


    I would if I lived in khina………...but I live in the Philippines and line cutters really piss me off here
  9. Here is a suggestion, but might not be feasible in your case. Background:::: During my daily walks I have stopped by three local hospitals, 2 private and 1 public. None of them accept my health plan (Tri care). For normal health needs we need to travel about 30-45 minutes to a hospital that does. Suggestion:::If you know the area where you are relocating you should be able to use google maps and google info to find local hospitals and ask them which health care plans they accept and make your decision on that info. We have accepted that in case of emergency we either die on the way to our hospital or just pay cash at the local ER and fight with the insurance company later
  10. OBSERVATION:::::::::::::::::::Most of us came here for peace and quite. Recommendation::::::::Have you wife sign over all rights to the property, sit back, open a beer and watch the show with a smile on your face and enjoy the peace and quite of retired life...….you deserve it
  11. S@R has them. Sorry don't remember the prise though
  12. Make sure there is a hotel nearby in case of brown outs
  13. a lot to what you say,,,,,there is even a clause in inheritance laws governing illegitimate kids
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