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  1. For those of us who use tricare. I just received a letter (post marked august ) that there is a change in the tricare. We now have to pay a monthly premium. Only 25 dollars a month. The thing is open enrollment ends mid December and if we do not respond we will be disenrolled. I took care of our plan and was relatively painless. There are several different payment options, I choose to take an allotment off of my pension. I needed to pay for Januarys payment with a credit card due to mistiming of allotment starting. If you did not get the letter let me know and I will send you the tri
  2. Door to door caroling has just been banned here in the Metro! That alone is worth the hassle of wearing a mask
  3. I believe what Old is saying is that an airline can refuse to let a non-vaccinated person board an aircraft.
  4. I have been married to a Pinay long enough to understand the mentality that if its free it has to be good. But for the life of me I dont know why the Phil army is all excited over a 3rd generation, wire guided TOW anti-tank missle? What the heck do they need them for? The NPA or communists have some old tanks rolling around I have not heard of? What is even worst these thing will just bounce off chinese tanks The good news is that they can take out the M60A3 tanks that Taiwan has Sometimes, I just dont know President's promise: US turns over weapons to Philippines | P
  5. As things progress, I am leaning more towards just staying here and waiting it out. To be honest, the way things stand now our lives are the same as they were before this mess started. We can now visit all the stores, restaurants and activities that we used to. The hassle of wearing a mask and shield are now just as common place as getting patted down by a security guard or checking your bags at the counter before entering. The one caveat is visiting resorts. They are open but require a swab test (some same day, some with in 24 hours) before check in. But even this is improving. Ther
  6. Just getting the vaccine in quantity is only part of the challenge. Let me put on my logistic hat. 110 million people. (give or take) 220 million syringes if two shots needed. If needles are reused, how many portable sterilization machines will be needed? How many refrigeration vehicles to go to remote areas. Transportation, housing, feeding and payroll for vaccination teams. Development, issuing, tracking and certifying vaccination records. crowd management and control at vaccination sites. PNP or army present? This is going to be a logistica
  7. Not I. This is only my 2nd year to get SS. Is this a yearly requirement or just sporadic?
  8. As others have said, be very careful buying a used car. My Filipino brothers in law both said they would never buy a used car unless it was from a close friend or relative. That is completely opposite from the states and maybe even GB, but there are no lemon laws here and it is very easy to get cheated. welcome to the forum
  9. For the sake of discussion, I am a 13a holder. Under current policy we are aloud into the country
  10. here is another question. If, let us say I go to Guam. Get a shot,,,hand around for two weeks for the booster (I hear it is a two shot vaccine) Would I (any of us) still have to be tested at NAIA, pay for the test, pay for the hotel waiting for the test, and then still do the 14 day self quarantine? Or will immigration accept foreign paperwork? I realize we are putting the cart before the horse,,,but it is fun to speculate lolol
  11. Since I dont do the shopping, just open the wallet, I dont know about inflation, but their seems to be a vegetable shortage. She sent the maid to buy Tinola, and the shop gave only chicken, she said there were no veggies due to the market being out.
  12. Look at the bright side Jake. While your being isolated you get to control the TV remote get better soon
  13. But I doubt that the Government has a program that reimburses the property owner when a tenant with a 110 pound pit bull skips out on the deposit and leave 10k worth of damage.............Not blaming Canada,,,,all governments are leaning in this namby pamby, everyone should get a piece of candy, take care of the small guy but screw the guy who worked had all his life for what he has, mind set. There are times when I am grateful that I am a lot closer to the grave than to the cradle
  14. agreed,,,,we fight way to many OTHER nations wars
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