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  1. scott h

    All you can eat buffet.

    Give the buffet at Okada a try,,,,,,mas sarap
  2. scott h

    Help me with Netflix ?

    Don't know if your serious or not. So if you know this already. sorry for insulting. Smart TV will receive internet from your wireless router. I could surf the net on my tv if I wanted to. I bought a couple of them from SM appliananse store. Not that expensive really.
  3. scott h

    Help me with Netflix ?

    I watch all my documentary's on utube. I stream most of my movies and tv shows nowadays on my smart TV from a site called putlocker/ It is all streaming video
  4. scott h

    Help me with Netflix ?

    Give your internet/phone provider a call. I had Netflix bundled with my service and it was included in my monthly bill
  5. scott h

    Newbie question

    But how did you do on the back 9
  6. scott h

    Newbie question

    Well first off all, Golf here is pretty expensive (comparatively), if you stand the heat and humidity. I did a quick google, green fees range from 50 usd to 100 usd but they include caddies lololol.
  7. scott h

    Newbie question

    Welcome Hawg. There are many, many, many topics addressing your question on the forum. Opinions pro and con on just about every location here in the Philippines. But if you want our members to chime in with useful information you will need to fill in a few blanks for us. 1. Interests,,,,,,,,,,what do you plan to do in retirement 2. Health needs,,,,,,,,,,do you have health insurance that will work here. Will you need to be near a good hospital 3. Stable income,,,,,,,,,is your 1800 guaranteed, will you have an emergency nest egg. as much info as you can provide will increase the quality of the answers you get. We are really not nosey But here is one thing you must consider, as a single man, you will most likely be on a tourist visa, which will have to be renewed periodically. That will be an automatic, continual reduction of your 1800 budget. Again, welcome to the forum
  8. scott h

    The affluence of Manila

    I hear what your saying Old. But like New York, the affluent don't live in areas like that. They live in swanky subdivisions where the riff raff are kept out. My example would be BF homes near my house. Almost 800 hectares of housing with restricted access. It has its own shops, stores and mini malls. And if those that live there want to go out the traffic doesn't worry them. They have big vans with drivers and care givers for the kids, they just sit in the back and surf the web or watch movies on their DVD player.
  9. 1. Fear of Flying 2. Medically challenged to travel 3. Just Bone Ass Lazy 4. DOESNT belong to the Philippine Expat Forum to learn about other types of visas
  10. They outfit that built my house carries them. He is a medium size building supply business. I will go out on a limb here and say that if he karries them probably almost everyone does. Look at the Wilcon website for starts. If my guy has them I bet they are readily available
  11. That's really quite common, (or at least it was) my Dad was a Vice Principal then Principal of a High school. I remember him sweating bullets scheduling the recent graduates who had to spend a term in the class room with an accredited teacher. The length of time, the name of the program might differ but the result is the same. Work for experience with no pay.
  12. I will just throw this in. I have three nieces who are Philippine trained nurses. 2 went to the states, both needed extra courses to get nursing jobs in California. 1 got a job in Arizona working at a retirement home as some sort of nursing assistant (not an actual nurse) while she finished her requirements to get a job in California. One moved to Australia where she worked in Chinese restaurant while she completed government required courses to get a job as a nurse there. (now she is an operating theatre nurse) When my wife moved to the states in 94 we got her university transcripts accredited. She was given credit for graduating with an AA degree not a BA. Conclusion? Well 4 out of 4 tells me that Philippine higher education is not on par with the States and Oz.
  13. 2x4x12 are 480 pesos ea 2x6x12 are 720 peso ea
  14. My wife and I talked about this type of thing just the other day. Education in the states might be better, and I am sure it is. But going to Ateneo is like going to Harvard or Yale. Its not so much the education you get, its the life long connections you make. If a young man gets an engineering degree in the states for example, he MIGHT be seen as an upstart Kano (if he chooses to live here that is), but if he attends a local school he could be a bad engineer but still have connections for the rest of his life. If we look at the Presidents cabinet look how many were either his class mates or classmates of each other. Just a thought to throw into the mix