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  1. Didnt England try this at one time Pateros to place yellow ribbons on houses with COVID-19 cases Pateros to place yellow ribbons on houses with COVID-19 cases | Philstar.com MANILA, Philippines — Yellow ribbons will be used to tag households in Pateros confirmed to have COVID-19 patients and placed under localized lockdown, the town’s mayor said. The yellow ribbon will be tied or placed by officials of the barangay where a house under granular lockdown is located, according to Pateros Mayor Miguel Ponce III. “It’s the barangay captain who will tie the yellow ribbon for easy identification,” he said. Under the household tagging mechanism, the confirmed COVID-19 patient from the household will have to be isolated and family members prohibited from leaving their house. Such a system is necessary, he said in his video message last Wednesday, as contracting COVID-19 should no longer be a stigma. “To ensure that we can watch over and identify which houses will be locked down, we will use tagging. This is no longer to be ashamed of… finding out a neighbor is positive because this is now commonplace,” he said in Filipino. Meanwhile, the local government will seal off a street or alley or eskinita where a cluster of households has residents who tested positive for COVID-19, Ponce added. He clarified in this case, residents in other houses in the lockdown area that do not have any COVID-19 patient would be allowed to leave. “On a street where, say, six houses are on lockdown due to infected residents, we will block off the entire alley to make it a restricted area, but the alley itself will not be locked down,” he said. Ponce warned residents to avoid their neighbors who defy health and safety protocols and might later test positive for COVID-19 so they would not be declared a close contact and subjected to household lockdown. He said the municipal government came up with this approach, which he described as “accurate,” in enforcing granular lockdown “so both our constituents and the government will not have a hard time.” Ponce’s previous executive order mandated that due to COVID-19’s more infectious Delta variant, confirmed patients must be isolated in government-assigned quarantine facilities. Home quarantine would be allowed in certain instances, he noted. Close contacts must also be tested five days after recording of a confirmed case, and finish a 14-day quarantine at government centers regardless of the result of their RT-PCR test. ‘Alert level system untimely’ A group of doctors and other healthcare providers has expressed concern over the shift to the new alert level system which they said is tantamount to easing of restriction when there is a surge of COVID cases. The Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 (HPAAC) said the under the new system, National Capital Region (NCR) was placed under Alert Level 4, which entails lighter quarantine restrictions than modified enhanced community quarantine or MECQ. “This comes at a time when we face the worst surge of COVID- 19 cases in the Philippines. We now register more cases than at any other time since the pandemic started,” HPACC noted. “Based on this premise, we are inclined to believe that the proposed scheme, which claims to use pandemic severity and healthcare utilization data in deciding the alert level, does not reflect the true situation on the ground,” HPAAC added. HPACC urged the government to acknowledge and address the inadequacies of data reporting system that forms the basis for the alert levels. It also called on the government to refocus on what can prevent future surges and achieve longer relief from the pandemic. With the latest easing of restrictions, HPAAC also asked the public to help healthcare workers by limiting mobility and tightening protective measures. Yesterday, the Department of Health (DOH) reported additional 21,261 cases, bringing to 2,304,192 the total number of confirmed COVID cases nationwide. Of the number, 2,090,228 have recuperated, including 13,644 newly reported recoveries while 177,946 are active cases. COVID-related fatalities rose to 36,018 with the inclusion of 277 additional deaths.
  2. Until the vehicle or driver is involved in such a serious issue that the infraction can not be fixed by greasing a palm. Here is my example. My Brother in Law, while stationed in Guam with the DFA, bought and imported a US made Ford sedan when his tour was over. When he was set to be deployed again and tried to sell it, the car was subject to VAT import tax upon resale, which made it prohibitively expensive. HIS SOLUTION? Sold it to a relative, and gave the new owner the ole "copy of ID and a letter or authorization" so the new owner can pay the insurance and registration. So it is anticipated it will remain in his name until doomsday. I asked him, what if your cousin doesn't register it etc. and it is involved in an accident....reply "I will just say it was stolen or used with out my permission" Also in 9 years I have been pulled over 3 times and was never asked for the registration anyway.
  3. About 3 years ago, when they opened up a new expressway, saw a speed gun and a motorcycle cop twice in 2 months,,,,never seen another since
  4. I for one an curious about how many will have heard of this last minute change
  5. Fake news. Have left the country multiple times and my wife has never been questioned. Perhaps because we are the same age, or perhaps because we have always either traveled to the States, Australia or some other destination where the Human Traffic problem is not a factor or maybe my wife does not fit the profile of a human traffic victim
  6. Thats one of the primary reasons the BPO's moved from India to the Philippines years ago,,,the Yankees couldnt understand people from India speaking with a accent from their mother country....
  7. My hat is off to our cousins down under. 2 huge differences though. 1) For the most part the citizens follow lockdown regulations and respect authority. 2) The Authorities actually enforce those regulations.
  8. Granular lockdown system starts September 8 MANILA, Philippines — The government’s pandemic task force has approved the implementation of a granular lockdown system starting Sept. 8 with the National Capital Region (NCR) as pilot area, a Cabinet official said yesterday. In a Viber message to reporters, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) has approved the implementation of the granular lockdown system. The NCR is under modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) until Sept 7. In an interview with dzBB, Lopez said the Department of Trade and Industry supports the scheme. Earlier, Department of the Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Jonathan Malaya said there was a consensus among government agencies to impose granular lockdowns instead of province-wide or city-wide quarantine restrictions. Lopez said guidelines for the granular lockdown system are being finalized and would be released before Sept. 7. Under the setup, only small pockets or areas with transmission would be placed under a hard lockdown and at different levels – from one to four, with four being the most stringent. He said food would be provided to those in areas under hard lockdown. He also said more businesses would be allowed to open and operate at different capacities depending on the level imposed, and that health protocols like wearing face masks, face shields, distancing and ventilation would still have to be observed. “There will be flexibility for LGU (local government unit) chief executives,” Lopez said. For authorized persons outside of residence in areas under hard lockdown, he said it is suggested they not be allowed to go in and out, and employers should provide temporary housing or lodging. If temporary housing cannot be provided, he said they would have to work from home. The trade chief said the adoption of a granular lockdown system was in response to President Duterte’s wish for a more precise and responsive system. “We have been implementing granular lockdown, but we fine tuned it, made it more specific so that hopefully, it will be more effective,” he said. As Metro Manila and the rest of the country await another quarantine classification, the Department of Health (DOH) yesterday reported more than 20,000 new COVID cases, the second highest single-day tally logged in the country. Based on the DOH’s case bulletin, 20,741 new COVID-19 cases were reported yesterday. Last Friday, the DOH documented 20,310 cases. “All labs were operational on Sept. 2 while five laboratories were not able to submit their data to the COVID-19 Document Repository System (CDRS),” the DOH said. Currently, there are 2,061,084 COVID-19 cases reported nationwide. The DOH also reported 189 new deaths, bringing the number of fatalities to 34,062 cases. On the other hand, 21,962 COVID-19 patients recovered, raising the number of survivors to 1,869,376. The DOH added there were 157,646 active cases, representing 7.6 percent of the overall tally. – Sheila Crisostomo https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2021/09/05/2124975/granular-lockdown-system-starts-september-8
  9. Airline of last resort,,,,,,,even before covid.......worst food in the world
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