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  1. Welcome to the forum as you can see lots of folks here to answer questions, don't hesitated to seek clarification. Speaking of clarification. Coming from Thailand, which has a bit of a reputation, like the Philippines use to. If you want to meet ladies, there is no shortage here, but as was mentioned above, most will be looking for a long term relationship. If your looking for the bar scene like Thailand or Saigon are known for, there are still a few areas like that but I would stay out of the provinces and smaller towns, might lead to misunderstandings and trouble.
  2. Yeah, you might have misunderstood me a little bit. If you are in the states, you are a "dollar earner" also. So when the "poor relations" from the Phil. visit, not only will you be expected to treat but most likely let them stay at your house, unless you want to rent them a hotel room. Sounds weird doesn't it? But yet you have several guys who have been living here, or have been closely involved with Filipino culture for a long time (for me I married into it 25 years ago)(and I still get surprised at times ) so you can pretty much take it to the bank. You mentioned Thailand, I have not been there, but to Japan and Korea where if you are a guest you can leave your wallet at home so I know what you mean. It might help not to think of it as an Asian culture per se. It is a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese with some of the old tribal customs mixed in. Usually in our view they took all the bad parts from each and left the rest Bottom line: IT IS WHAT IT IS.
  3. Not just foreigners Gaga, anyone who is a "dollar" earner. OFW's who return home are usually expected not only to bring lots and lots of gifts but also pretty much foot the bill for the expenses during their visit home. I had to fight My nieces who are nurses overseas for the bill when they visit, even though it is family known that we make more then they do. Their fathers just sit back and watch and never lift a finger to get the check from their daughters. Its a cultural thing. FOLKS this is a generalization,,,,,i know it doesn't happen all the time in all families,,,,
  4. he is making a joke about the seeming inability of Filipino drivers to use turn indicators. (except for emergency flashers when double parking). My joke would be a fast way to go broke here is to open a turn indicator repair shop...……..you would go broke because then never wear out
  5. Plastic ones Sorry couldn't resist. The only card I have seen signs of not being accepted is American express. Just make sure you have your passport or other ID with you
  6. That's it,,,,,,,,,,in the Molito Plaza. If you don't let them put the house steak sauce on it, its as good as back home. Like you said a lot of the add on's are for the Japanese taste.
  7. There is a great Texas style steak house in Alabang as well as a Tony Romas. There is also an honest to god 1st class Ruth Kris type and quality steak house at the city of dreams casino (but bring your platinum credit card )
  8. I am guessing they would have never occupied those islands in the first place
  9. Spot on Dave, they have taken a page out of Teddy Roosevelts book. "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
  10. Mark, I can not remember the name or the price of parking, but it is cheaper than using airport parking. As you exit off the 405 going towards the airport on the right hand side there is a private parking lot for long term parking. As secure as you kan expect anywhere in the states lol. I want to say its about 10 maybe 14 dollars a day. When we used to visit we parked there. I would drop the wife off at the terminal, go park the car then take one of their shuttles to the terminal. Used it maybe 5 times and never had a problem. I suppose the kost has gone up but I am sure you can google them. Hope this helps a bit.
  11. things were simpler during the cold war, Jake will remember these days.
  12. Welcome to the forum Ryan, my wife mentioned this to me the other day. I have not seen anything official but I am sure that a lot of us will be looking into this. Stand by for some answers
  13. Anything is possible I suppose, if you are willing to go through the hassle and possible costs. I recently saw a utube where some New Zealander's rode their motorcycles through North Korea. You just know that there was paper work and costs in that. (side note it was an interesting vid. showed some parts of NK that are usually not seen) It all depends on the number of hoops a person is willing to jump through
  14. there are more places to change money here than there are 7-11s there in the states, hmmm wait a minute, there are more 7-11s here than in the states . To be serious though there are exchange booth all over the airport if your worried about it. But trust me on this one, the Philippines is a lot like Panama, the Peso might be the official currency but dollars are gladly accepted. Don't sweat the small stuff buddy. While there are many complexities about living here day to day life is not all that much different (service wise). I don't know what part of the states your from or where your final destination is but traveling in and around Manila is a lot live going to an immigrant neighborhood is say San Diego, or Los Angeles. You are surrounded by folks speaking foreign but all the signs are in English and most if not all the people you are likely to come into contact with speak English. Where will you be going and for how long is your visit. Perhaps we can put your mind at rest a bit.
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