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  1. I went to pure gold and walter mart yesterday. Not only did they not check ages they have senior citizen priority lines in my area
  2. After two weeks of quarantine our street finally got our "assistance pack". One small frozen chicken (which we gave to our neighbor who has a large family) Over the last two weeks the mayors FB has been having live watch parties showing the give always. It is understandable, our neighborhood is a stronghold of the opposition to the Mayors political party.
  3. The major reason that it wont happen is that old retired folks have nothing else to do but VOTE. Touching SS is a sure way to get voted out of office lolol
  4. Uncontrollable IMHO. Scenario. Big wig from Manila goes to each city with a boat load of cash. He must have a "trusted" assistant to monitor each barangay in each. Hands over the cash. Mayor hands it to the Barangay captain. Captain along with Manila and city monitor go to Barangay. Then what? Set up tables and hand out cash to head of family? Whos to say who is a resident and who is not. How many families live in each house. How many per family? Oh and wiki says there are over 42,000 barangays in the country Just now on the news they said 5k to 8k pesos will be given to each family upon "verification" of head of the family. But they did not say how verification would be done. This is gonna be a mess
  5. there in lies the rub. LGU's want the money. Central Government does not trust the LGU's with a large amount of cash. (a cabinet member said so in so many words on cnn Philippines this morning) Unlike the states the poor are not set up on direct deposit with the BIR so direct deposit is out. With so many informal settlers who are either not registered or under counted they don't know how to keep folks from going to LGU to LGU and double dipping. If they just buy 200 billion worth of food, how does it get distributed with out huge crowds or food riots. But the bottom line is they are afraid of the LGU's pocketing the money
  6. Philippines,,,,,,,,,,"where common sense is an uncommon virtue!"
  7. Interesting article in the business section. Who to sacrifice for the economy. You need to read deep into the article to see it. Long story short. Open up the economy. Old and sick folks stay home and take maximum precautions and hope for the best. https://www.philstar.com/business/2020/03/30/2004192/our-covid-19-economy Let us face the reality of our situation: the pace and quality of our lives now and in the foreseeable future will be dictated by the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. The virus respects no human title. The Crown Prince of England is infected and the British Prime Minister as well. Senators and Congressmen here and in the US are infected. A World War is raging and we can only see the enemy in a laboratory test. President President wants to declare America reopened for business by Easter. He wants people to pack their Churches in celebration of Easter, the most important holiday in Christianity. He wants businesses to start churning the economy again. But it is not his call. The virus will make that call. We can only react to the challenge the virus in hurling at us each day. The quality of our response will dictate how soon we can get back to normal. Are we actively testing and isolating more cases? Are we getting more ventilators and building more overflow patient facilities? When can we expect a cure and a vaccine? This is why it is important we have leaders we can trust and have confidence in their ability to make the right decisions. I am not sure Health Secretary Duque still deserves our trust. Duque played politics with China and then the VIP tests. We had just three cases between Jan. 30 and March 4. Then the numbers increased. He wasted 35 days by not preparing more test and other facilities for the upsurge. It isn’t as if changing him is like changing horses in the middle of a war. The graphs show the war has barely started for us and we must flatten it. It isn’t as if we are lacking in leadership talent. There is former health secretary Manuel Dayrit who has experience managing our SARS response and also has WHO work exposure. There is Dr Gap Legaspi of UP-PGH, who keeps on impressing us with his ability to get things done despite lack of resources. This is still primarily a health and not a military crisis. We need a credible medical professional in top level decision making. That’s not Duque. As we approach a month of total isolation for many countries, the question is often asked: Will our economies survive the virus? Will people revolt over the draconian measures before the virus kills them? It is bad for poor countries like ours. We have so many people living in extreme poverty even in the best of times. Now we must add those living hand-to-mouth who lost their daily wages. It is easy to demand that government provide our poor with enough money to cover basic needs for as long as the medical emergency exists. Our national treasury can probably afford such subsidy for a month or two. But what happens if the virus lingers for a year or more? The emergency power law recently passed by Congress provides for an emergency subsidy of P5,000 to P8,000 to 18 million low income households all over the country. The President has the power to realign whatever money there is in all government agencies, including GOCCs. But the big question is, how will the poor get hold of those funds? We don’t have a system to flow the money down without a large part of it being lost in the hands of corrupt officials. Things will get worse before it gets better. According to NEDA, without mitigating measures, they see a reduction in our real GDP growth to -0.6 to 4.3 percent this year. NEDA also warns that “if the ECQ is extended beyond one month, or if the spread of COVID-19 is unabated even after the ECQ, then even the low-end of the estimate is still too high.” That’s why some economists, like Toti Chikiamco, are saying a prolonged lockdown will cause not only an economic crisis, but also a social crisis, with food riots and other socially disruptive events. Because the Philippines has a young population with a median age of 23 versus Italy with a median age of 46, Toti thinks it should be possible to risk easing the lockdown by April 14. By easing, that means allowing mass transport to operate and businesses to reopen, provided, regular disinfection is mandated for all mass transport, and social distancing where possible. Toti wants to adopt a risk-based approach to confront the epidemic – omnipresent temperature checking before entering workplaces, mandate wearing of masks for everybody, continuous public education on hand washing, social distancing; “Continue the bans on mass gatherings of more than five people; continue the quarantine of seniors who are the most vulnerable to the virus; build surge capacity of temporary hospitals and quarantine hotels for PUIs or Persons Under Investigation. It’s important for suspect cases to be removed from their families as they can spread the infection to their families as what happened in Wuhan; “Continue the ban on foreign visitors, or put all visitors under a 14-day quarantine. Let herd immunity build among our young population. Eventually, too, we have to do mass testing. Therefore, we have to reserve resources to buy cheap testing kits that are presently being developed by biotech companies. “In other words, the Philippines can’t afford the 60, 90 or-120-day lockdowns being contemplated in the West. The cure may be worse than the disease… “Flattening the curve is really about matching our health capacity to the exponential increase in cases, and therefore, hopefully, more people will be saved. How many lives will be saved, versus how many lives also lost due to hunger and unemployment?” There is also a proposal to devalue the peso to P55 to $1 as an economic relief and stimulus package: it will put money in the pockets of OFWs, boost exports and BPOs, and protect import-substituting local industries. China is reported to have quietly done that for the yuan. “With oil prices at historic lows and demand down, the inflationary aspect is muted.” So many things to do. So little time. Not enough data to act upon. And we have to fight this virus intelligently. Mistakes are too costly in terms of negative impact on lives as well as on the economy.
  8. I will be perfectly blunt and extremely politically incorrect. The same as if a person has a heart attack or stroke and is either taken to a hospital without the proper equipment or gets stuck in traffic on the way to the emergency room. It is one of the calculation we make when we move to a 3rd (or 4th) world country. that doesn't have 911 (or 000 in OZ and 119 in Korea and 999 in Britain) We either have to accept it or leave
  9. Someone died in the squatter area where our maid lives. No autopsy nor coved test done. So the caused of death could be anything. Action taken? Entire street 100% lock down. No-one leaves the house, food and water delivered and left at the door.
  10. And ill bet you 5 pesos the Barangay (if you even get to see the captain) will tell you to talk to the mayor. When I asked a barangay official why the trikes and pedikabs were still operating I was told it was PNP's job.....funny since the PNP follows the Mayors guidance
  11. Perhaps we can put this in the disadvantage of living in the province topic when this is all over
  12. Same here,,,,,,,,,i got real Lucky on my choice of father and grandfather. So far at 62 I still have all my hair with out any grey (unless I grow my beard ) I have only been asked to show my pass when entering the wet market, they did not look at the age. Yesterday I went to our near puregold, was not asked to show pass or ID at all. I still take my daily afternoon walk and have not be stopped once. Just show me Lucky
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