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  1. Now that was funny Snowy,,,but I thing we both know where we are going
  2. Your right Tom . We have two maids and it was insensitive of me to leave her out. She is also a real winner,,,,She is so ugly she has to sneak up on a glass of water to get a drink
  3. Just visit my house then,,,,I wont worry about you overstaying your welcome Our maid is so ugly I need to tie a bone around her neck so the dog will play with her.
  4. For me it is not so much the tropics, it is retirement coffee in the morning, eat Lunch at noon, Dinner 8ish
  5. Good Point! When the renewals are reinstituted and a guy is either on a BB or at the end of his tourist visa. Hopefully the 2 week quarantine at an approved hotel will no longer be in effect. Your right, it would get expensive.
  6. Ran across this and it might be something for those who need to do a visa run might like to know about. I can foresee certain possible cancellation problems, but some info is better than none https://www.msn.com/en-ph/money/economy/pal-launches-p688-promo-fares/ar-BB190EUw?ocid=msedgntp In an advisory, the flag carrier said promotion includes $99 for round trip international tickets for travel from November 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021.
  7. IKR? The powers that be keep pratting on about getting the tourism sector running, but they keep those of us with money from spending it
  8. My wife would tell you to take some Virgin coconut oil daily. It is supposed to protect us against memory lose. But then in the last 8 years I have heard that vco cures everything from covid 19 to hangnails and the clap
  9. Now here is something that has been nagging at me. Pres D has basically said that he will take what ever is available to open the country. Sounds a lot like "Damn the Torpedo's!" Attitude, but like you I wont take it. So, I wonder if they will keep us locked down until we prove we have had a shot, or will it be "OK! The new normal is here! Your on your own!"
  10. Personally I am torn. Both of you have realistic points. I Just did a quick search and IAW the stats I found https://www.bing.com/search?q=covid+statistics+philippines&qs=AS&pq=covid+statistics+ph&sk=AS1&sc=8-19&cvid=87662D04F8CD4DD0B4A6AE5429F96A49&FORM=QBRE&sp=2 There are 242,000 cases reported with 3900 deaths if I did it right that is a .016% death rate. Out of a total population of 110 million. Now knowing Filipinos as I do, If they give the vaccinations for free most will take it. If they have to pay for it they will pass. Or the government should use a little phycology on the nations....announce it as BUY ONE, TAKE ONE. They will line up around the block
  11. Here is a twist, according to a Philstar article (I read the hard copy so no link sorry) Talks with American firm Pfizer fell through yesterday due to a Phil law that says it can not sign a contract unless the item to be bought is actually developed and finished. I am sure that this is an anti-corruption measure. So basically the government needs to place and pay for the vaccine up front or wait until it is finished and get into the back of the line. So now they are looking for loans or governments who will "work" with them. But will it be the same quality? That's the question. My wife and I have talked about this. Our insurance is at Asian Hospital, which is a one of the better places. If (when its available) they don't have one of the front line vaccines available, we will wait until travel restrictions ease and go to Guam, the US or maybe Australia to get it
  12. Yes there are, but most of them are far gone from what is considered civilization. El Centro comes to mind. I was stationed there for 5 years. Navy Base so pretty good size Filipino population and food at the commissary. Housing is low, education so so. But you have to put up with 115 degree and 90% humidity summers, but the winters are beautiful lol. Barstow is affordable, 30 miles from FT Irwin so Filipino food at the commissary but hot in the summer 100 miles from Vegas, and 100 miles to Los Angeles. Here is a general rule of thumb about California. If you want to be close to civilization, have good weather, good schools, be near Filipino communities, you will either have to pay BIG, BIG bucks or own some of those automatic weapons from the other thread Or you could live in Temecula near Jake.....But being born and raised in Escondido we never did consider them to be civilized, they are thought to be the West Virginia hillbillys of California
  13. I am sure that just like almost every bus and jeep accident, the drivers will both say their brakes malfunctioned
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