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  1. My money is on overall nutrition. On my first training visit to South Korea in 1982, when SK was still recovering from the war, the SK soldiers who were born in the late 50's were all about 5 foot 5 and really skinny. My next training exercise was in 2001 these SK's were all born in the 80's and most were pushing 6 foot.
  2. Not knowing what you want the beaches for, but google Nasugbu in Batangas, south of Manila. What caught my eye in your post is the motorcycle rides. This is a rugged coastal area with secluded cove type beaches. but lots of curvy, hilly roads to ride on. 2 hours south of Manila, 1 hour from Tagayatay (another nice motor bike area) and near a major ferry port. It is one of our favorite getaway destinations.
  3. Hear, Hear! I have reached the point that I dont give a good holy G Damn if it came from a lab in china, the man in the moon or out of my Aunt Tilly's bum. Everyone GET THE DAMN SHOT! I dont want to spend the last 10-15 years of my life locked down or having to get a swab up my shnooze just to go to a resort in the province next door.
  4. If it wasn't so bleeding hot an expensive i would move to Singapore. They just past a law that fines those who do not police up their own trays.... Dont visit Corregidor when there is a land breeze. Took some relatives there on a day the wind was blowing out to sea. The landing cove faces Manila. The edges of the cove was lined by probably 15 feet of bottles and stuff, all blown there from Manila, which is over 40 kilometers away
  5. There has to be more to the story, there just has to be. If he was here for 25 years, we must assume he is married to a Pinay and the restaurant is under her name. If it is not then he should be deported for being stupid . There is a Canadian here that "runs" a chain of Italian restaurants, high scale, hi visibility. Named after his late wife. I have to assume they are now registered in his children's names. Talk to him all the time he has never mentioned that he had any problems like this
  6. To true Mike, combine that with that some people are just plain bone ignorant. They would rather watch reruns of the Cardesians rather than the news. Back in the day, while based at camp pendelton on the california coast, we took our recruits for a march down the beach. Had one young man look at me and ask..."is that the gulf of mexico?"
  7. Jack, do you really think (in our case) the American public will have the resolve to pay double for their Air Jordans at Walmart or their favorite football stars jersey at the stadium gift shop? Me thinks not
  8. OK, back to the topic. If proven that the virus was released due to criminal negligence or the disregarding of international safety norms. Then china SHOULD pay. Having said that, being one of the veto powers in the UN there will be no UN sanctions. If they are found responsible by the Haig or any other international court they will just ignore it (ie the WPS sea ruling) I guess thats the end of this topic
  9. President slapped tariffs on a large amount of Chinese products (Biden so far has not lifted them) with little effect. A total embargo is a bad idea in my view. One of the driving factors for Japans attack on Pearl harbor was FDRs steel and oil embargo on Japan in 1941.
  10. They have not realized it for the last 2500 years. If we really look deeply at the structure of Chinese society nothing has changed since the time of the emperors. Very small ruling clique at the top and a mass of peasants below them, with a huge army to enforce the Son of Heavens wishes lol.
  11. It is a sad fact that some people are just not as healthy as others. Be it hereditary or due to poor diet and lack of an active life style. IMHO our society as a whole has just become so risk adverse and embedded with a sense of equality and social justice that it is difficult to see the reality that not everyone can live to be 100.
  12. Wont make the least bit of difference. Any action by an "international" body will just be ignored by china. Just like the maritime ruling in the South china Sea. The ccp hold the "economic" whip hand and they know it. Apply economic sanctions? The ccp will just tell the masses to tighten their belts,,,or go to a reeducation camp. There are certain advantages to a system of institutional dictatorship
  13. You would think Mike. But frankly I am not so sure. One of the main problems with Democracies is the election cycle. Once the current crisis has past, instead of funding and maintaining, lets say a pandemic response center, to get votes they will fund a bridge to nowhere or a refuge for snow owls in Hawaii
  14. There goes the thought of jetting to the states get Jabbed and jet back..... OK< OK> OK lets be positive here at least its progress,,,maybe by 2023 they will get it together See I am trying real hard to look at the bright side,,,but my flashlight ran out of batteries
  15. OMW, check me on this but para B,2 seems to say that this is only applicable to those Jabbed in the Philippines.....hope I am reading this wrong
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