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  1. scott h

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    When asked by a stranger "where are you going?" you don't scream "NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUISNESS" Watch an entire telesyrie and not tell you wife the plot
  2. If the gent was koming to VISIT his family, I would say that the wife tipped off the authorities so she could keep getting support and living with her BF. But that is not how the OP described the situation
  3. In todays Tribune there was an article about how Filipinos are getting mad at rich Chinese tourist. Seems the tourists line cut at tourist destinations and in the malls. Pot and the Kettle?
  4. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    One brother lives in the Stats with his two daughters (nurses) the other is charge affairs at the Philippine embassy in Jordan, his two daughters live in Australia, her family is doing fine That's ME!!!!!!
  5. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    old yankee saying "tough noogies" Nope, to each his own, most of us are here to enjoy our golden years. Another old yankee saying "if it feels good? do it"
  6. We all know Pres D's view on casinos, and we know that gambling can be a problem for some folks, (just like alcohol, drugs, smoking and any other addictive behavior that costs money and could ruin lives) but in the long haul are these huge casinos a good thing for the Philippines. In todays paper is an article where the minimum wage is being raised by 20 pesos to 537 pesos per day. Yesterday we went to the new Okada casino complex here in Manila. (we go there every few weeks) and got to talking to one of the craps dealer. Nice young man, very fluent, most likely college grad. I asked him how much he made. He told me his salary is 850 pesos per day. At a craps table there are 3 dealers and a table boss (she probably makes a bit more). The casino has 4 crap which operated at night. That's 16 jobs of educated Filipinos hold instead of looking overseas. As I looked around I saw countless card tables each manned by a young person. Then the slot supervisors, drink servers and maintenance and security staff (I am sure they earn less). Another example is just parking there, they usually have between 5 and 15 security guards just directing cars as they meander through the parking structure. There are 2 security guards and a dog handler at each of the two vehicle entrances (don't know how much the dog makes). Each main entrance has an x-ray machine and 3-4 security people. Lets not count the 6 restaurants and 5 food court stalls. I can see the casino from my house and watched it being built, couldn't guess how many construction jobs that supplied. We know that the main object of these casinos is the big Chinese gamblers coming in (and boy there are a lot of them) So the question is given all the known hazards of casinos, are they good for the Philippines?
  7. scott h

    New Foreign Ownership Law!!!

    I have been watching this with interest in the news. The way I read the new law it opens up a few high tek industries, but is mainly focused on foreigners ability to set up a small business (veterinary, health care, things like that) or even work in these fields. Putting on my skeptical hat, sectors where well educated Filipinos become OFWs instead of staying in country. So instead of encouraging large amounts of foreign investment, we might see an Indian or Chinese Vet set up business here. IMHO what they really need (and several OP EDs agree with me) is two things. A better infrastructure so manufacturers can get their goods to shipping and get rid of the 40/60 rule. Otherwise you will not see large manufacturing companies move in. It seems so common sense to me, would we rather have the income tax revenue from thousands of new workers, or the VAT tax revenue from thousands of OFWs As the old saying goes "pride goeth before the fall" or something like that
  8. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Why not? Being long married to a Filipina who lived in the states for a long time and has lots of relatives there. I can not count the number of times we went to a funeral home and sat for hours eating food and chatting about everything but the dead. Or went to a kids birthday party and, yep you guessed it, there it was, a videoke machine with the volume way to high. I could go on and on . No worries, if you ever have to come to Manila for some reason, send me a PM. I will give you a list of restaurants we go to so you wont be expected to tip like I do Well, I don't have to get out of the car and the air con, I always give the guy 20 pesos, worth it to me. (I sweat a lot) One thing we might agree on Dave, are those guys that tap on your rear fender as you back out of a parking spot. I absolutely refuse to give them a centavo, I have be parking kars for nearly 50 years now. If I need some help, time to sell the car
  9. scott h

    Suburb of China

    that might put an end to the counter flow problem
  10. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    most likely, because we probably would only go out to restaurants 50% as much.
  11. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I was going to stay out of this latest round of the tipping controversy . Suffice it to say I don't think you commonwealth guys will ever understand how deeply ingrained tipping is to us Yanks. Its just the way we are made. We saw our fathers do it and our grandfathers do it. We have all been to a group meal and as folks are getting up everyone throws money in the middle of the table. On the other had we also use tipping to show dissatisfaction, like leaving the tip in the water glass, or leaving an absurdly low tip. Now how do "I" translate my tipping to the Philippines. As someone noted above, we tend to go to the same restaurants all the time (the wife is not the adventurous type lol) and when we enter the joint smiles are abundant, service is great, and they know what we like and how we like to be treated. So I like to look at it as an investment. As to the amount nowadays? Since my wife got her senior discount card, we usually just leave that amount (save me from doing higher math ) so it really costs me nothing But the real bottom line here is, leaving a large tip make ME feel good and makes ME feel happy.
  12. Just what are you looking for? For example you are not that far from the casinos which have live bands and stuff. Lots of coffee houses around that have a guitar player sometimes. Your just a tad broad to help a lot
  13. Was that just for you? my wife travels on her Filipino pass port to avoid most of the fees. I suppose it would depend on how often you travel which would be less expensive, renewing tourist visa or paying the fees. One thing for sure is, they are gonna get you either way lolol
  14. scott h

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    Great, things finally settle down and you open this ole chestnut again!!!! Just teasing