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  1. clear as mud if you ask me Mike. Sounds like business as usual. This might play well for local consumption but the statement has less teeth than I do....
  2. Pre covid I would have had a few names for you, we had several mom and pop travel agencies just in our neighborhood, alas they all shut down and have turned into sari-sari stores and such. On my daily walks I have not seen a single one. A thought though. Go to facebook messenger, find Okada resort page (5 star resort casino here) ask for their affiliated travel agency contact info so you can arrange a trip there. They are pretty good at responding to FB. It might be a long shot but it only costs you some time typing
  3. I have said this before in other streams. The poor rarely benefit from the senior discount. Try using it in the pelenki or wet market, never happens. Nor in any other mom and pop, sari-sari or other places the majority of Filipinos shop. Granted it does work at drug stores and that is a big help. But in my view it is a scam for the rich. It is hilarious to watch my wife and her batch mates at a get together. All are university grads, all retired with pensions (or just wealthy) most get to the restaurant in SUVs with a hired driver. When the bill comes the poor wait person gets slapped with 15 senior citizenship cards. So just by my observation the folks who need the discount the least take advantage of it most.
  4. JJ,,,,In Makati...........Just bring a dead cat with you to swing, you wont be able to not hit one............I am not kidding (much lol)
  5. Or letting the cold out. If my sainted mother was still alive she would be going hoarse yelling "Shut the door, were you born in a barn!"
  6. I dont know about the rest of you. But I have a bad habit of when I see something thats not right I open my pie hole and say something about it......... My Asawa tends to take constructive comments as a personal affront. So after 4 days of almost continuous rain, and I see her watering the front yard (fully exposed) plants this morning......I wisely kept my trap SHUT.... It still doesnt make sense though
  7. Part of the reluctance is OFW remittance which is usually in USD. With each bump there is a windfall profit for the families at home. With the exception of petroleum products the only ones who really suffer is those wealthy folks who buy imported goods.
  8. For what its worth Steve, we have the normal "tin" roof with and attic and normal insulation and the rain still wakes me up during a downpour. At least you would not have to look outside to see if its raining
  9. I would defiantly get ahold of the barangay or sity hall and find out if this is authorized. Not a week goes buy where there is not a news story about a fake PNP, BI was even a fake supreme court guy trying to skam people.
  10. Then perhaps that person is not really ready to retire
  11. Glad you had a good time............ Short answer..........it is, either through a pension or an income of some sort. After your stay I am sure you realize there is no social safety net here. When you run out of money you also run out of luck and that sweet providence girl, whelp the old saying of "No money, no Honey" pops into mind.
  12. For what it is worth, We have 3 LG smart TVs. First one lasted 8 years before it developed some screen problems. Still watchable but we replaced it. Over all happy with them
  13. Some times our ole Dad's were right when they told us....
  14. What gets me, there is a 50/50 chance of getting it right.........but the wife is usually about 70/30.....wrong
  15. Just a thought,,(and I dont have a dog in this hunt, have a 13A). But if they are starting to crack down, and to avoid a potential problem 3 years from now. How about "loosing" your passport. Get a new one from your embassy. You would be a "first time" visitor.
  16. It really isnt the refiners fault that their profits are up. As the article says......... If sales (demand) is up, so will profits improve, unless a private business is expected to operate at a loss that is
  17. I am calling BS on this one chief. No way they would let a swab jocky into a high class place like that,,,,,after all I couldnt get in
  18. Our neighboring Barangay has posted signs and started wheel locking.........granted it is only on the street where the Barangay captain lives,,but hey, its a start
  19. Oh how times have changed........ I am just speaking for myself now, and not to your specific situation. I remember 12 years ago during a visit before our retirement and we were deciding whether to retire here or not. After living my life in the USA and being in the military where my life was governed by rules and regulations. I found it refreshing how life here was so "informal" Get caught speeding,,,slip the cop 500 pesos,,,counter flow or double park with out fear. Building inspection? Give the inspector 1k peso and merianda "looks good Sir!" Express lane fee? Its just a slush fund. Etc. etc. etc. Now its just frustrating...........but what can ya do? You can join the Expat forum and vent!!!! Here at least is a sympathetic shoulder
  20. I just took mine to one of those kiosks at our local SM, 5 minutes and done
  21. But make sure you leave a brown paper bag full of dog poo that is on fire,,then run
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