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  1. Dynasties, IMHO the curse of the Philippines. Did you see that the new presidents son was elected to congress? I swear he looks so young he would be asked for ID in any bar in the world Take my city.....Patriarch was once mayor and now is Barangay captain has Alzheimer's and has not been seen in public in 4 years. Oldest son was termed out as mayor and was elected to congress (replaced second son). 2nd son termed out in congress replaced older brother as mayor. Eldest daughter termed out as Barangay counselor elected as city counselor, eldest grandson also elected to the city counsel. There are a couple of cousins and in laws running around in the bushes too, but I get confused
  2. Welcome Mike. My wife has similar problems with trikes, on the rare occasion we use them she sits "side saddle" behind the driver and I crawl into the sidecar,,,what fun lol
  3. Nuvali is an up and coming area for sure, they have an SnR, Wilcon, All Home and a mid size Robinsons mall and some decent restaurants. My only problem with Nuvali is that in order to get to Slex you have to drive through Santa Rosa or take a long detour through Greenfields, that and being the main route to Tagayatay the traffic on weekends is MURDER.
  4. They are pretty endemic through out society. If you watch closely at most mall parking lots you will notice a guard jotting down your license plate number not to mention having purses checked and getting wanded entering malls. The list goes on
  5. If you ever get to Alabang I will point you towards a great steak place. Its is a Texas steak house theme run by a Japanese chef.....I might have lived here to long, but is is as good as Ruth chris back in the states at a fraction of price,,,,and that the waitresses look cute in cowboy boots and hats is a bonus
  6. Ok, with the above being said, I guess it is time for me to stick my oar in. Kawit, Imus and Bacoor are basically Metro Manila,. They are right on the border and frankly when you drive between between the two in that area you can not tell where one starts and the other ends. You might want to think about expanding your area of interest to Las Pinas, Paranaque and Alabang. I live in western Paranaque next to Manila Bay, and for example I have walked to Kawit in about an hour (in my younger days ). My question is do you have any contacts, friends, acquaintance, girl friend, fiancé, in the area at all?
  7. You can also try to google "appartlette" some are good, some are bad. Sort of a cross between a road side motel, a hostel and an apartment house. Some rent by the hour, week or month....just an idea
  8. Have to push back just a little bit Mike...just a little,,,as the OP only wanted reasons not to move to D'marinas... I think flooding is a problem everywhere in the PI,,,,during the storms there is just to much water in to short a period of time for any drainage system to control it.....Flooding in the metro area is no worse than other areas, it just depends on where you are in the area. We have lived here for 10 years now and have only had one direct hit in 2013. Area was flooded but only for a few hours and the power out for 4 days,,,,since then water usually drains away in about an hour. The think is the Metro area has the infrastructure to recover a lot faster than provincial area.....just my experience....
  9. Perhaps just an language interpretation issue, perhaps it is just a sworn statement or notarization requirement? Seem to remember something like that when I got my 13A visa the first time.
  10. Or perhaps he has senioristist....his term is almost done lol yanks remember the song
  11. I have been wondering about this.. I understand the different qualities of crude. But what is keeping it that way? Lets use the USA as an example. If they produce 50% of the crude that they need, and it only costs $50 a barrel to pump, refine and distribute, why pay the international price of $100? Sell the type that you dont use and use that money to buy the type you need....
  12. same here,,in '77, the pilots were all vietnam vets....thought we were gonna die several times,,,,,there were tree branches on the skids when we landed.... Seat belts?
  13. Every so often I will see an old favorite program....Very few would be aired in todays politically correct environment
  14. I believe so, not a month goes by with out an article in the business section of the paper where the international chamber of congress or a foreign ambassador does not call for such a change....
  15. There are stupid people in every country in the world
  16. When we moved here 10 years ago, my wife had our marriage registered. It was so easy I did not even know she did it. (probably had a friend or family member take the documents to city hall or where ever and had them do it) As for getting married here, I am assuming you mean a church wedding for the family to enjoy...... I dont see why not but I live near our local cathedral and I can ask for the requirements for you next time I walk by.
  17. We had a 4x10 work week in the 90s during the California energy shortage...We liked it,,,a 3 day weekend every week. But it was only the Government offices that mandated it. But dont most Filipinos work for daily wage? I can see some room for abuse if enacted here
  18. Not familiar with that resort foto....But just so you know, we are planning on going to our favorite resort in Batangas, one of the restrictions (theoretically) is that there are no side trips allowed. Once you check in, you are not allowed to leave due to covid,,,,, Having said that, the gov is talking about going level 1 nation wide, and maybe to level 0 soon, so things might change before your trip,,,,,,,,,,,hopefully
  19. One of my young soldiers (who is now a Senior soldier) who is now in Poland on the border of Ukraine, posted this on his face book......Soldiers have a warped sense of humor
  20. supply and demand, the number of folks here that have relatives in the US is huge. Every time we drive by the embassy the number of people lined up is in the 100s
  21. When asked by locals why Russia is doing this, I give this example. Imagine that during the Peoples Revolution of 1986 (like Soviet Union break up), Mindanao took the opportunity to break away from Manila after 500 years (Parts of Ukraine was part of Russia/Soviet since the 1700s) 40 years later Manila says, "ok boys, break time is over, time to return the the family! Historically you belong to us"
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