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  1. I would be smiling too for a Kano wallet who might get me out of this jail? :)
  2. I went to a Citi Bank here in Cebu next to Ayala to investigate what banking choices i have if and when? They said, and I could be wrong, there would be no fees charged at any ATM in the RP and the only requirement to open an account is to have a valid residency. it could be an ACR card, as you can see circled in the regulations image I have attached. I asked for the beef :) It don't matter if one has a Citibank account (gold or not) any where else, by the way. Also, they said (?), wire transfers would be free if you transfer from your USD (for example) account in another country to the RP USD account. I was planning on having a USD and a Peso accounts here with my USD Citibank account in the US. In whatever you do, test first! My personal advice is not to put too much in the RP account. Just couple of months expenses worth.
  3. You said, "It is no ones business" and "Cos I am Happy" and ".Answer = Meeeeeeeeeee, And I love it"! Enough said!
  4. Casa Verde wise, I did go there again today and I ordered the Monte Cristo club sandwich plus the St. Miguel beer. The waiter said, "Shared or not?" I said, "Do you see anybody next to me? not shared of course". He said, "Not shared is only two pieces and shared is 4 pieces'. I said, "OK ... then make it shared" :) He scared me! In the menu it said, this club is PACKED with ham, turkey and cheese! When it came though, you could barely see that? The bread was a very fluffy toast to make it look bigger. At the end, I left two pieces and paid my bill :) Before I left, another waitress brought me a plastic bag with something in it. I said, "What is this?" She said, "It's the two pieces you left"! ... Ahhhhhh :)
  5. I was at the Marco Polo Plaza hotel this Monday. At the pool bar, the foreigner right next to me said he was fleeing east of Cebu island until this storm passes by. Yesterday, Tuesday, all Cebu city had was clouds, rains and wind. But then, that's what I experienced. I even went to lunch to eat but it was a short distance.No power outage or anything? If it was bad, it must have hit the east islands coz they are wide open. Cebu itself seems to be protected by other islands.
  6. I see it more like, "treat EVERYBODY with respect ALL the time"... Filipinos or not, it really makes no difference? Do you think you'd get away with it if you insult a Greek for example? Or an Italian? They are 'Kanos' aren't they? Safety wise, if anybody looks for bad things ANYWHERE, he/she will find it! I am in Cebu now. I made a mistake in my laundry list to my disadvantage and the hotel lady corrected and lowered it on her own! I went with a real-estate agent and she, on her own, decided to show me the city afterwards while paying for parking, etc. !? I texted her to rent a driver and she gave me a contact who called me right away... All one has to do is go to the Ayala terrace and he/she will see many 'kanos' in their 70s dragging an 18 year old Filipina behind them! Are you going to tell me it's not going to make any Filipino angry? It does to me and it is very disgusting. I am sorry. Don't say, but she's OK with it! Simply coz, YOU should know better Mr. Kano! Who's giving who a bad reputation? The poor who have every valid reasons or the rich, or those who consider themselves rich?
  7. I lived in Michigan for a good while. It surprised me to know that the temps outside were even colder than my fridge's! ... and Canada, where Bob lives, is even north of Michigan :) As for Cebu's women, my God. It's like swimming in an ocean! They make it so hard to pick one!? So Bob, you won't have a chance with Curley, here :)
  8. Just a quick note... Usually, it's better to exchange money before arriving to country but things might have changed or the Philippines is different!? I asked at Los Angeles airport and they said it's 36 Pesos for one USD! I didn't do it. I asked at Hong Kong airport and they said it's 34 Pesos for one USD. I didn't do it either. At Cebu international airport there were few exchange booths with one lady screaming at passengers. I said, how many Pesos for one USD? She said, 40 Pesos. I did some to get by. At Ayala mall, they have it at 40.60 P if you give them $100 dollar bills. For $20 dollar bills, it would be 40.10 Pesos. This is as per post date. Best way is to charge it on a non-foreign transaction fee credit card which I have. It's 40.39 Pesos.
  9. My take on Casa Verde... I went there this afternoon wearing green to blend in :) I sat inside far left by the mall to where a waiter led me. Their menu wasn't that extensive indicating their limitations. Which was fine. The setup was like a grill bar (TGIF style). I ordered the good old St. Miguel, cheese sticks for appetizer and chicken (Don't forget i am one) mushroom fajitas. The sticks came first. I said, where is the beer? It should have come first since it needs no cooking but hey. So, the waiter scrambled and brought me one with a beer glass full of ice!? It was a first! So, I dumped the ice cubes in the cheese tray and started drinking it. There were only 3 sticks on top of lettuce so, there was room for it. Being thirsty and a fast drinker, I finished it and kept waiting on the fajitas. Seeing that nobody has bothered, I signaled one of the waiters to bring me another and she did. Minutes later, my fajitas showed up with ton of melted cheese on it. The bill was 458 Pesos. Not bad if you ask me. The food was done clumsily but luckily, they couldn't mess up the beer :) Not that I am a drinker or would know the difference! Too many waiters but service wasn't good. You don't get served by one so you get a disconnect. In short ... I'm still looking for my restaurant. Might try Gerry's grill next door, next time!
  10. Casa Verde is next! I am still resorting to Micky Dee ... and chicken it is since I am one too :) Not that I mind eating anything but when on travel, one should take it safe!
  11. Mike B, St. Miguel is next :) I do Coronas when I am in doubt besides, they the only ones that don't give me a headache. Mind you, I am not a drinker at all. 2 beers is my limit. Bob, That's something I believe in too. I have to try it no matter. Different folks, different strokes :) Tiger, Casa Verde is next! Hey, I am still a tourist after all?
  12. OK folks.. so I did go to the Canvas and tried it. First impression, the lights were off, the seating was not indicative of an upscale place but then, who cares? The food was the main thing. I ordered the two Corona beers, green salad, a tenderloin Australian beef and finished it off with an american coffee and a chocolate cake. The salad was soggy ... The Corona, well, he couldn't change that? :dance: The beef was of a small size but tender.. Eh...OK... The Cake was a small triangular piece sitting in a whole plate alone wondering, where is the chocolate syrup? The bill was 1,610 Pesos excluding the tip.. Was it worth it? Nope! My last try? Yup! Mind you, TGIF was 1,400 P, with two Coronas, combo fajetas and a mud pie (which was really muddy!). Neither was worth it. The only winner was the Corona :dance:
  13. Curley, Since I am in Cebu already and exploring still, I decided to walk to this hotel/circle and use it as an execuse to see the city. After enduring the sewage, the pollution, noisy transportation (anything that moves), the broken walkways, the beggars etc. I managed to reach this hotel! :bash: It's 1,250 P a night, basic, cable Internet, laundry service and is 6 floors. It's clean and the price includes breakfast too. There is a shower with the usual electric heater too. I did take pictures of a sample room claiming they are for a friend :mocking: The last one though is for when you want to take a nap :hystery: :hystery: All in all, it's clean and not facing the street which means it's less noisy! However, as I always do, I would bring ear plugs and an eye cap with me. These two items can make most sleeps tolerable, incase. Survival wise, there is McDonald's and Jolliebee close by incase :dance: Here are the room pics. Now you can't say the hotel staff can do a better job than me? :thumbsup: Sitting at Bo's coffee shop at Ayala terrace sipping my coffee ..
  14. ... and what kind of ppl did the US diplomat expect expect to encounter at 4:20 am!? Not just in Makati but any where in the world he happened to be!?
  15. Thailen19, How about if we look at things as she's trying to get 5k from you? Since she's in the RP already, can't see why she can't just dump them? PS: I read and reply over this tiny iPhone thing so, the chance of me misunderstanding is big.
  16. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! You loved her for how she is and not for how she might be? Besides, I don't think a human doctor can do a better job than nature? He/she will most likely mess it up! This industry is not about her or you. It's about fooling you both into putting more money in their pockets. So, go ahead. Make their day :)
  17. May want to check with: Not at this address / He might be able to give some advice since he does it? Yes, if I was in Cebu I would certainly consider their services. What I meant was, it would not hurt contacting the guy and see what he would say? It's his line of work and he would surely know others or give a better advice than us?
  18. Got to laugh, my post was meant to be a bit of tongue in cheek but certainly do appreciate you subscription payment and I agree the team and members are a huge asset and even if I was not the owner of this forum I am sure that I would still believe it is the best well run forum regarding the Philippines. :) Certainly is but with anything free someone is paying for it. Thank you too for your subscription, much appreciated. :thumbsup: Anyway I thank everyone over the past 4 or so years for their help in keeping this forum growing. There are many things that cost to bring this to you and right at this moment there are 4 new features being worked on behind the scenes and 3 of them cost us to bring to you but will be free to use and available to all thanks to the kind subscriptions and donations given by the community members. Hopefully I wont be banned for hijacking this thread. :) :999: In 1994, I had a website that I created, administered, wrote it and did everything on it. At one time, it had 160,000 hits in one day! I had a lot of people offering me their 'help'. But I kept refusing coz I could not guarantee non bias on a very controversial site! I couldn't afford any mistakes. So, I think I have a good idea of what JGF goes through! Hence my subscription. Beside, I benefited from the info, even financially, and the members are great. Except for some gas coming from you know who? :hystery:
  19. JGF is right! Nothing stays the same ever. Otherwise, we wouldn't be asking for 'inflation' increase here? Actually, you wouldn't want it to be either! Hey, Change is inevitable except from ... a vending machine? :hystery:
  20. With all due respect I think you are missing the point. Your wife and her family are from a completely different culture and no matter hard you try you cannot change that. Filipinos are very family oriented and you become part of that family once you choose a Filipina as your partner. Believe me as know from many years of experience that your Filipino family in most cases will be of great help to you in whatever way they can and this help can be invaluable. In order to maintain a good relationship with your family it is imperative that you be not only straight forward, but also diplomatic. If your wife has to choose between you and her family, she will be forever unhappy about the choice no matter which way she decides. I think in this instance you would be better served to put your wifes family relationship above your own sentiments and come up with a way to both limit your exposure to constant request for assistance and yet maintain a strong family. Leadership often requires submission to obtain your ultimate goal. Good luck to you and yours and thanks for sharing this most personal part of your life. If you were talking about immediate family, like father/mother, then I would consider them as part of the wife and there should be no problems helping as needed. Besides, when you married, I presume that was part of the package? But if you are talking about the extended family, which can be huge in the Philis, then I would say OK but only if you agreed on what you were marrying! I have no problems with people jumping off the cliff or doing things differently. People are free and I would even protect their freedom. However, never complain if so coz that was the contract to begin with!
  21. May want to check with: Not at this address / He might be able to give some advice since he does it?
  22. HSBC, CITI, and a few of the other high dollar ego accounts allow you to use a number of methods to meet the minimum amount requirement. For example... you can have a home mortgage with them for more than the minimum amount... or business acount with an average collected balance in excess of the minimum amount... or an escrow or trust account (often not even your money) held in their institution... or an investment account at their institution... etc. So, if you need the services connected to these high dollar minimum accounts... there is often a way to open one other than having a few million dollars in lose cash laying around. Very right Tom! Personally, I tend to shy away from anything labeled as 'debt'. Mortgages, loans, etc. Banks just love to have you fall into one of these. Similar to credit cards. Also, one of the features of HSBC that I have discovered and just used is, you can open an account in the country you'd be visiting before going to it. I just tried it with Cebu HSBC and they are going to prepare the docs for it when I go. CitiBank wise, it looks iffy but I want to try them and see. If it doesn't work, I'd just close them.
  23. Mike S, Actually, I would say it's our money but the last word is mine :mocking:
  24. Ashanti, Its okey to be blunt if theres no one you care gets hurt and left vulnerable as direct results of your action. Especially if youre not around to shield her with their malicious darts!!! The way I look at it is, It's a never ending process and there has to be a stop to it! You said, "Especially if youre not around to shield her with their malicious darts!!!"? That's exactly what I mean. If some one has no problem throwing "malicious darts" at us, it's obvious that they don't care about us or otherwise there would be no such darts? Let's say, you did do your shielding once, do you really think that these darts are going to stop? Or get bigger? Where is it going to end? Is it going to end? PS: Notice that You/Her mean one person to me since it's a agreed union of two.
  25. Actually, I never thought there was a subscription? It's a free country isn't it? :nudie: But then, I admit. I need to be slapped to notice. I only see what I want to see. Too much of a tunnel vision person! However, I know now how certain people get these lovely medals on the left panel! I always wondered how!? Don't bash me if you see one next under my name :bash:
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