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  1. There is still a good possibility that the Philippines may still suffer a hostile takeover by China.
  2. Here in Bacolod, it is required. As for age, I was 49, Myrlita was 53 back in 2007. When we got there, the instructor took our paperwork and just signed off on them saying you both obviously don't need my instruction. She invited us both to speak and offer advice to the other young couples. We were honored.
  3. This place has it's ups and downs but all in all, I will die here. Sept will be 9 years here.
  4. My understanding is the gases are slightly different. One is more Propane and the other is more Butane. I forgot which is which.
  5. The way I see it is why risk losing my SSDI? If I were to jump through the almost impossible hoops to be a PH Citizen, what's to stop the US Govt from saying since you are now a PH Citizen, we no longer have an obligation to support you any longer. Have your new country support you now. Also the very few benefits outweigh the losses. Even if you become a PI Citizen, the locals will still always see you as a foreigner and an outsider.
  6. I also experience it here with Ilonggo. I asked Myrlita and a mutual friend why do they do that when they can speak good English and then translate to me? I was told it is a rule of their culture that Filipinos of the same prov must communicate in their mother tongues. I took it as Filipino pride. Do I like it? No. But, it's their country.
  7. I'm surprised no one beat the sh*t out of him.
  8. Glad you're ok Ron. Remember, you can't fix stupid.
  9. The girls that even bother to talk to me tell me that I'm a sweet old man and remind them of their dads.
  10. Been clean and sober for 34.5 years now. Myrlita doesn't drink either. Works for us.
  11. A re-entry permit is similar to the US advanced parole. It is assumed that if you as a valid 13A holder leave the PI, you are assumed to give up your perm status here unless you get the re-entry permit. You get it at the same time as the ECC at the airport. Using NAIA Terminal 1 for my example, just before you get to the immigration counters, turn right and you will see 2 windows. Go there, present your passport, ACR-I card and approx P2820. This gives you your ECC & Re Entry Permit. They are coded to your ACR-I card. Then you can bypass the immigration counter and go directly to the departure area. Upon return, the immigration officer at the counter will scan your ACR-I card to verify the above. All set. Go to customs then Welcome Home. Easy enough?
  12. Essentially, they do want any importing here. This is an extremely nationalistic country.
  13. The OP question is do you need an onward ticket with a 13A visa? The answer is definitely no. As long as you have your passport showing your 13A perm stamp and current 13A ACR-I card, you're good to go. I know because I've used it twice in 2010 & 2011. Just make sure you got your ECC & Re-entry permit credited to your card at the 13A window before you leave the PI.
  14. It's not what you know but who you are, who you know and how many Pesos.
  15. If it's the one I'm thinking about then I already have it downloaded on my HD. Excellent movie.
  16. Wow that is a scary thought. Is this US or PH?
  17. Last Friday at SM Bacolod, Myrlita & I and grandson went to eat. Low and behold, no more Extra Long Chicken Sandwich. They even removed the sign from the billboard. I asked what happened to them? They said "No more stock Sir". My question now is this temporary or is it permanent? This is the only sandwich I eat there. If perm, I no longer have a reason to go there. In fact, that day, Myrlita ordered hers and I went down the hallway and brought back McDos takeout. Believe it or not, no one cared.
  18. My understanding is that because dried fish is so repulsive smelling that airlines will not allow them on any of their aircraft.
  19. Here is the letter I used when I got my 13A back in 2008. Your & her name, Your address, *, *, *, Zip code. To whom it may concern, I request that my husband, YOUR NAME, status be changed from ‘Temporary Visitor’ to ‘Non Quota Immigrant’ due to our legal marriage. We were married in TOWN at the Roman Catholic Church in my home town of TOWN on DATE & YEAR. We have resided at the above address, which is fully paid for (OR RENTED), since Date & YEAR. Having obtained and provided the required documentation and affidavits, I request that the application be processed. ----------------------------------------- TYPE WIFES NAME HERE & SIGN ABOVE
  20. When I was in school, Social Studies only mentioned Magellan as the 1st person to circumnavigate the globe. Nothing else unrelated to that was mentioned at least as this old brain can recall.
  21. If I order a sandwich from any of the fast food places, I always want it plain and 8 out of 10 they give it not plain. It took awhile but I finally figured out why and made a change and now it's 2 out of 10. What was it you ask? It's "Plain". The locals don't know what that word means or at least the majority don't. What you have to do is know everything extra they put on it and expressly tell them no mayo, no lettuce, no tomatoes etc. I discovered this when I broke it down to kinder level and then they announced in the mic each item to omit. But.......It's more pun in Da Pilippines!
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