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  1. can never understand how someone with his past history was allowed to build a house over looking a school.too many people on his payroll if you ask me.
  2. guns and alcohol do not mix very well in the philippines as we all know.
  3. which is another reason I never donate to the big charities their salaries are obscene in my opinion
  4. ok update landed in cebu from bacolod went straight to J.MALL from airport to immigration and got the ECC in exactly one hour painless.no dress code either so if you want to go in shorts and flip flops dig out lol.They did,nt even ask for alien registration number or acr card like I was tod by bacolod immigration .so all set to leave on thursday on schedule via singapore .only downside is that gives the misus 2 whole days to shop depleting my bank account ,there is always a price to pay lol
  5. how does it go for the aid money one dollar for you ( the poor ) 9 dollars for me ( the politician )
  6. I was glad I read that somewhere else before I went. I brought some wet wipes with me. And you know most of the civilized world uses electronic fingerprinting... for at least 10 years ha ha :tiphat: they are starting to use electric ones as I got mine done here in bacolod last week for this new alien registration scheme you cannot get your ECC now without filling this other form in even if your leaving the country and not coming back ,just more paperwork for them to play with .They never think about the amount of trees they got to chopped down to produce this extra paperwork.
  7. Yes you can, as I said I went in July this year, took 45 minutes and that was only coz some clown decided to have a cig and coffee when they were doing the batch of ECC that they had, without him 30 mins tops ok thanks that takes a weight off my mind.don,t need any delays to miss my flight
  8. mine took 18 months yes 18 months I got the registration papers on the day I paid the last installment of the bike .no matter how much you complain here it means nothing to them its the philippine way of doing things .
  9. actually thinking about it i,m flying to cebu from bacolod so maybe be able to get exit visa at the airport.
  10. Are you a little bit upset? My way of thinking is all the requirements for a foreigner living in the Philippines are available for anyone to see therefore its up to all aliens to keep up with the procedures, changes of law etc. Theses days the BI website is frequently updated, they have a Facebook page that they will reply to questions quickly and publish information in newspapers. From what I am reading in your post and what you admit is really lack of planning on your part has cost you time and money but whose fault is that? It would not matter what country anyone lives in other than their birth place will have visa fees and when a visa expires one must pay so no need to get upset about that in my opinion. No country will say, oh its just a couple of days we will forget it. My guess the reason for an exit clearance is a because of the amount of illegal foreigners residing in the country who never paid their fees. I think you will find i,m not the only one that complains about the way things are done here.
  11. been here 4 years and going back to u.k next week ,I went to immigration office in bacolod city they don,t do exit visas but as my current tourist visa expires on the 23rd and i,m flying 27th (bad planning ) I had to get a further 1 month extension 2340 pesos well pissed off and now you have to fill in an alien immigration form which is almost identical to the extension form and supply 2 2x2 passport photos you also get your finger prints done electroniclly too on top of getting them done for your exit visa which I will get done at mandaue cebu on tuesday never had to go through so much bullsh&t in my life .I wish they done this to philippinos coming to and leaving the U.K so they know what it feels like .exit clearence visa requirements are 5 x 2x2 passport photos copy of plane ticket copy of alien registration form receipt of your last visa extension ah and you must present yourself .they seem to change the rules when they get bored sitting in their offices in manila.
  12. you are right on all accounts Brian, but as you say each to there own, myself and Emma did talk long and hard about having children, she new i was not keen, but i said lets wait and see, now she is here and is working in a good job making lots of money, money that she has never ever had in all her life, she can save, help pay the bills and send money back home to help her dad, lots of gifts for the neices and nephews too, this has took her mind of having kids, the last trip back to the phils she did explain to her sister and father that we shall not be having kids and i think they understood, but it was our choice, hopefully one day in the future she shall be the good aunt who can help the next generations that come along in her family, one last thing to add, i married emma to be with her all my life a child would not make me love her anymore then i can, some people think they have to have a child to make there married stronger , no you dont your right but if a child does come along it just adds that extra bond between ya but if ya have a strong marriage then thats good enough .
  13. personally I think any person that has grown up kids and then goes and have another one is plain nuts lol after 3 grown up kids i don,t think I could cope going through all that again .you need to have lots of energy and pateince if you ask me and as we get older both starts to wane but who am i to judge .If its your first time at fatherhood then good luck to ya ,Thats the problem with marrying a philippina them and lots of kids go hand in hand lol try telling a young philippina you don,t want anymore kids it would go down like a lead balloon .my g,f has turned 40 and she has 2 grown up kids already but has indicated that she would love another baby gulp I hope that she goes off the idea lol But one thing that gets me going more than anything else is old guys who come here gets a philippina a couple of kids and drinks themselves to death in the bars and dying like a lot of ex pats do here .As for the financial aspect of things the kids would rather have the love of both parents than being brought up without a father who has left a bit of money behind..
  14. this is another good point, do we rent where i would like to be and also my wife but buy a small house like Brian has said near her family so if anything does happen to me she has her own little house near to where she would like to be, i am not looking at a investment but security for my wife in her later years my place only cost 700,000 i,ll put up pictures soon ok its just a small 2 bed semi detatched bungalow brand new .which would be a good idea for you steve so em has something if anything happens to you .so that leaves you to rent a place near pangalo until you find your ideal lot
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