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  1. Did I lie about Medical insurance Jake ? Do I? When someone say "Seems to be a bit expensive" when facts is that medical can cost 5 times more than I used in my situation, am I wrong? Am I wrong? I am friendly, but lately I seen a negative trend on the forum, and I hate people who questioning my integrity or honesty or facts. I reply with proven facts, not "Seems to be a bit expensive", when the contrary is the facts about medical insurance. I present FACTS and I proove it with my link. I rest my case.
  2. And I know a few who live on $ 3500 or more a month, and some who hardly spend $500 while begging in the malls here. What one man consider 'pretty well', other might consider below survival mode. I would love to live on $ 1200 a month here in Cebu if I could, but I can't. And I'm looking for cheap but good apartment weekly. People will never agree on living costs - government - religion - best food - best car etc, so it's useless to disagree. I'm counting 14 years living full time in South East Asia, and I never lived below $ 2.000 month - that's just a fact.
  3. I presents facts, rather than fiction. Medical insurance here in Philippines can cost up to $ 4.780 or Php 200.000 year. My example is far from the most expensive. http://www.bluecross.com.ph/index.php?id=medical Choose a medical plan - click on PREMIUMS
  4. You don't READ what I write. Visa Extensions aprox Php 40.000 year : 12 months = 3.333 month average. <<< Medical Insurance aprox Php 35.000 year : 12 months = 2.916 month average. <<< Well I included ; As always we have those who manage or 800 $ a month - Respect to them - I wouldn't be here if I had 800$ or 1200$ budget. Find me a new modern fully furnished place for Php15.000 a month - without 2-3 months deposit or any advanced, other than the rent for 1st month - and I buy you a dinner at TGI Friday's!
  5. $ 1.262 a month - Php 53.000 month. My present rent Php 32.000 month in Cebu city. Previous cheapest rent here in Cebu was Php 16.000 +electricity in Cebu suburbs. Visa Extensions aprox Php 40.000 year : 12 months = 3.333 month average. Medical Insurance aprox Php 35.000 year : 12 months = 2.916 month average. This alone Php 38.249 That leaves Php 14.751 left for all other expences, or Php 491 per day! Add food - transportation - sigarettes - load cell phone - clothes - shoes - dating - a LIFE. Not for Php 491 per day As a single man eating out in Malls 2 times a day, a few beers no
  6. Ayala Mall Cebu city August 2013 updates. Top floor food court is closed more or less, under renovation. McDonalds is under renovation - reopening medio August. Pizza Hut is under renovation - reopening unknown. BPI opened a new Branch on 2 level near Exit to PVU central aka Jeepney central. PVU aka Jeepney central exit / entrance is closed due to major renovation all back side of Ayala. New exit / entrance to PUV Jeepney central is now located in Activity Sone. Ayala mall today 3-5 pm was very quiet, hardly any people. Most expats and tourist meet up
  7. Old55: like what ? Maybe most here are in a relationship, and haven't used internet dating for a while. Things are changing, Gentlemen. I pasted the replies, which is typical of what I receive these days - so what more is it to the story? I change my profile text weekly, and a friend comes with ideas. Still, what I pasted before, is what I get in my mailbox. I'm eagerly waiting to know, what's more to the story? Many of you have long time gf and wifes - Filipina - so you should know - what's the secret about their mind, and what do they really want from Internet dating? Just boredom, a
  8. robert k: in the start I got messages saying we foreigners only want fun with the girl - that's why I later added that I don't look for sex. That's why I still think it's a good idea to be honest about this. I don't expect fun on the first date, I want the lady to be sure about this. Seems that you're judging me. No, I am not interested in 'throwing me at any lady who give me the eye'. Heavens know we get plenty of eyes and smiles when out around. I think a decent serious lady don't smile / stare at foreigners, so I rather avoid those who do. How well do I know them? Sent messages for 2 months
  9. Last months I used Internet dating and made many contacts. When I arrived here last weekend, I had 200+ phone numbers. Monday I started texting them, and suggested a date in a mall daytime. 6 days later, and none of my contacts from internet dating have meet me. None. Zero. So I took a critical look at my profile on a internet dating site. It says I'm looking for a serious longtime relationship, that my location is Cebu and I plan to stay here forever. Is that the problem maybe? I also say that I do not expect sex on a first date, so no need to worry. This should make them feel comfort
  10. If you have a Smartphone = go to Google play store + search for SMS call blocker. I use Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite = Free app. I copy and paste the phone number that irritate me - click call & SMS Filter - Black list - Add - then copy paste the number. Done in 5 seconds.
  11. This made me laugh. I use some similar questions on my internet dating profile. The response from Filipinas has not been to positive. - Is this a application form? :bash: - I guess you want my BIO data. :cheersty: - I'm not applying Sir. :boohoo: - You look for a employee? :1 (72): From the negative comments I received, I guess know that the Filipinas are simple minded, and don't like to 'complicated' questions. So I removed my few questions, and these days I only ask for their C.P number. Got to love the cute simple Filipinas.
  12. Here's a list of places for long stay in Cebu City 2013. I will update when I visit more. Santinos Place. Most beautiful place I've seen so far in Cebu. New modern fully furnished with kitchen, stove, serviced apartment - in walking distance to Ayala 15-20 minute. Have 1-2-3 bedroom apartments. However there's a catch - Pre Payment. For 1 month stay they ask 1 month + 1 month. 1 BR for 1 month stay Php30.800 w/shower - or 33.000 w/bathtub. 1 BR for 3 months or longer - hold on - copy from email received: If you lease for three months, this would be the required payment prior to move-
  13. Thanks MikeB and JGF. 1 AM last night it took 40 minute to clear Immigration - even all their booths was manned with 2 officer each, must have been 30 officers on duty. Big Yellow sign on each booth - "Outbound ticket must be shown". Then - all passengers had their luggage thoroughly inspected :unsure: ... I said a few prayers :whistling: ..... that damned multivitamin lol There are power in Prayers. :rolleyes:
  14. 30 days on arrival ???? Landed after midnight today - got 21 days. All new arrivals had to show outbound ticket, my outbound was for 25 August according to the new '30 days on arrival' visa. No comment or questions from the BI officer, but the stamp speaks for itself. Was dead tired so I didn't check my stamp before this afternoon ..... :1 (103): Edit: i see post above that they will start August 01, but I thought since OP, that it was from July 1. sh&amp;t happens...
  15. Curley and earthdome: I added 1 extra 0 by mistake ! MRI scan cost 9500 THB or 310 USD, add some costs and the bill was 11746 THB or 379 USD. OK In comparison, I got a email from Cebu Doctors' University Hospital: Our CT-Scan of the neck cost P10,200 for cash payment
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