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  1. Yup. I don't have any reason to doubt the stories about the head of WHO and how he came to be in that position.
  2. Yes, I wasn't paying attention to the photo and actually they look quite funny, like a herd of cattle! Maybe they will get herd immunity! I was only half serious on not rescuing them. However, in many places where people do extreme sports, they get charged for the rescue, and it can be very expensive. However, I don't think there is a charge for ruining everyone's day!
  3. Here in Subic Freeport they opened the One Stop Shop for tourist visa extensions today. It normally only does work visas. BI in Olongapo is also open.
  4. Are you referring to the beach as being a dangerous place for Covid transmission? I agree that if people crowd together it would be, but if they a sufficiently apart, it should be fine and healthy to be in the sun. Regarding the Tombstoners, if people do that of their own choice, they should not send people out to look for them. Sharks should take care of them. When I was young and dumb and usually drunk and stoned, we used to go as high as 60-70 feet, but not dumb enough to do 60 meters!
  5. Sorry, I quoted you, but the last line was not about your or your post. I see how you mis-understood because I quoted you. I was making a joke because my post was off-topic. I added that line to as joke to qualify as on topic. I wasn't talking about anybody in particular. Several people including me are posting about snorkeling masks in a topic "Lockdown End?". I really don't mind going off-topic but sometimes we take some exceptional and bizarre turns!
  6. Have you figured out a way to get a good deal at the hotel? I looked at it before and recall it being very expensive, but that was for my family of 5. Family of 5 always makes booking harder and more expensive!
  7. A bit harsh for a longtime member and good poster, don't you think?
  8. It could be that some are ok, possibly the original branded ones, and there are a lot of unsafe knockoffs. I have never tried one. If an inexperienced swimmer had the problems Snowy described, I could see them panicking and drowning. Experienced swimmers, not likely. When will the lockdown end? I don't know, but I want to stay on topic.
  9. Yes, that is what I said. A few weeks ago, about the time of the article you posted, our chairman posted photos of the lab and it appeared to be ready. You would think DOH would put some priority on opening it. However, another issue may be staffing it. They posted a bunch of job openings for staff.
  10. As a followup to that article, Jack Walker of RAO Subic posted this warning about the mailing of the debit cards: Coronavirus stimulus prepaid cards mailed in plain envelopes are not junk mail, IRS cautions 'Please do not throw it away,' government pleads The IRS is in the process of sending out about 4 million economic impact payments loaded onto prepaid debit cards – but Americans may not recognize the stimulus cash when they see it. The cards will arrive in a “plain envelope” from "Money Network Cardholder Services," the IRS said. Unsuspecting individuals could mistake the envelope for junk mail or even a credit card promotion, especially since many people are likely not aware their payment will be arriving on a prepaid card instead of in the form of a check. People cannot choose to have their payments sent this way. These 4 million individuals, who did not have direct deposit information on file with the tax agency, were selected by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. CORONAVIRUS IRS STIMULUS PAYMENTS ON PREPAID DEBIT CARDS ARRIVING: WHAT TO KNOW The Visa name appears on the front of the card, and MetaBank – the Treasury Department’s financial agent – appears on the bank. That may further confuse individuals who do not hold an account with Visa and who are unfamiliar with MetaBank. An information sheet included with the card will explain what it is. One sign you may have missed your card in the mail is if you receive a letter from the IRS, signed by President President, which details how much money you should have received. These letters were expected to be sent two weeks after the economic impact payments. So what should you do if you think you may have mistaken your prepaid card for junk mail? One way you might want to address the issue is by calling the number at the bottom of the IRS letter, 800- 919-9835. The agency has recalled some staff who will be available to take phone calls. Further, if you believe you threw the card away or misplaced it, you can also follow directions specifically for the prepaid cards, which will allow you to block unauthorized transactions as well. The government provides information for people whose card is lost or stolen, which directs them to log in at EIPCard.com to block unauthorized transactions and call 1-800-240-8100 to report it. A spokesperson for the IRS directed FOX Business to the aforementioned web page for the cards, adding that the agency had nothing further to add at this time regarding what taxpayers should do if they think they may have accidentally trashed their payment.
  11. For most Filipinos, especially poor Filipinos, I doubt that testing will be very deep. Here in Subic they went all out to put up a testing facility and lab, in partnership with the Red Cross. That was at least a month ago and I don't think it has been used yet. Last I heard was that it was waiting for DOH approval.
  12. I still have a theory that many Filipinos, and possibly many of the lower class, have already had the virus. I don't know if we will ever know.
  13. Here in Subic there was no enforcement of the 60 rule for the first few months and then there was an incident where an older guy was denied entry to Royal Duty Free. This was publicized on social media and then it seems that more stores and the newly opened mall started checking age at the door.
  14. Our relatives there are reporting close to normal. Practicing social distancing, I think they said masks are optional.
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