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  1. The evil witch outlawed trick-or-treat this year, in SBFZ. That did not stop my wife and daughters, who spent the day doing this yesterday! We found a Korean resto in Angles that will have something for the kids next weekend. We are going there today to investigate.
  2. She seems to be a semi-pro working mainly at home or in her own small studio. You have to have a perfect, flawless environment to film a product endorsement advertisement, and it has to be open so you can get the shots you want. She did it at home but most pros would do it in a big studio where set builders whip something together very quickly. In either case, somebody in authority has to make the decision if it will be cost effective and achieved the desired goal. So an advertising agency put together options for Emirates and they decide. For her, she is the final authority and if her customer doesn't like her work, she doesn't get paid, I assume. And perhaps her bathroom looks like this:
  3. After looking at some pictures on Google maps, I would say you are exactly right. And guess what? The DummyLite beach had it's grand reopening today! Soft opening, whatever that is for a beach. Will they every give up? I read a while back that they were bringing in new sand.
  4. Or would it? We would all be talking about how fake it was! Actually, now I see this. You go up on the inside. Any photographer can go! @stevewool you better start working out! Too late for me!
  5. Not so sure about special effects being cheaper. Seems like they would still need a drone shot of the tower and then put her up there. I have read a few articles that say it is legit and same for this video. The lady is a professional skydiver so she probably had a chute on during the climbs up and down.
  6. I'm not following. That is quite expensive. What do you gain from it? You do plan to have a local Philippines phone, right? Using my Philippines Android phone, I use SMART pre-paid. Haven't added load to it in months because I rarely need to make a real phone call. Local calls I can make for free on my landline. SMART has a fantastic cheap data plan. p399 for 24GB, never expires. I started mine on April 1 and I still have 9.65 BG left. For friends and family in the U.S., I used Facebook Messenger from my phone or laptop. Same for Philippines. Quality of voice and video calls is very good. For calling U.S. businesses and friends in the U.S. who don't use FB, I use Google voice from my phone or laptop. I have my Google Voice number listed with all of my U.S. banking, Social Security, realtors, etc. If they call me on U.S. time during the middle of the night, it goes to voicemail and I can return the call in the morning. As mentioned, the Voice number is used for 2FA too.
  7. I tried to keep a cheap phone active in the U.S. for a while when I first started worrying about 2FA. Left the phone at my sister's house with call forwarding to my Google Voice. Never used it once for 2FA and the phone number expired from not being used. What works for me is Google Voice. I have had the number for a long time. I know that some have said Google Voice gets detected as virtual and can't be used for 2FA, but I have not experienced that yet. You will need to use VPN before logging in to brokerage accounts and some banks. The accounts that Google voice works with for me are: Capital One Credit Card Chase Bank Fidelity Investments Although Fidelity has never used 2FA for me yet, I think they do for for certain things. For all of those, I use Express VPN before logging in to Online services. CapOne and Chase would probably not require it, but Fidelity and other brokerages will give you a big hassle if you try to sign in while out of the country.
  8. Yes, keeping the 13A after we actually leave is no issue or not an issue. Here is the timing issue in more detail. Current plan is to exit the Philippines in June 2022 ACR card expires in April 2023 Considering changing our plans to leave in June 2023 So my ACR card will be expired from April to June 2023. Do I need to renew it? As somebody mentioned, ACR is not actually the 13a visa, so it is a bit confusing. I know people have waited for months or years to get their ACR cards. If I don't have an unexpired one when I leave, is that a problem? Maybe I will ask BI on Facebook.
  9. Her scarf is blowing quite a bit.
  10. Invite him in for a beer! This monkey wears slippers and animal rights activists are outraged that a human would shave him! Seems to enjoy it and maybe he is going to join the new U.S. Marines mini-unit! Ooh Rah!
  11. That is fine normally and is what I do, but if you do real exercise like walking, running, etc., wait at least 30 minutes with the last 5 resting.
  12. Same for both my jabs. My BP is normally controlled but for both jabs I had to sit around and wait for my BP to go down after the musical chairs and first test. I even complained to SBMA management that this was a really stupid way to make seniors wait right before a BP test and it was slowing the whole process. Have you ever heard of numbers, I asked? Some were much worse off health-wise than me and I could tell that the musical chairs up and down was very hard on them. Got a response about following the IATF rules or something like that. Takeaway: bring your wheelchair. Only way around it. This cardiologist says home readings are the most important! I don't think you need to bring the machine unless you really think it has an issue. The wrong size cuff can contribute to incorrect readings. I need the XL cuff. I was taking Losartan for a few years, prescribed by my local GP. When I had to have a cardiologist clear me before shoulder surgery in 2019, he recommended switching to Micardis Plus (Telmisartan + Hydrochlorothiszide). It is available in the U.S., Philippines and maybe even backwards countries like Canada. I know several people who use it.
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