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  1. What did they say in the AirBnB listing? Did you read all the comments? If there is bad or no wifi as promised, AirBnB guests will let you know in the comments. I read every single comment before I book.
  2. First I heard 9 dead, then 5 when I posted. Now it seems it was 9 dead. Very sad.
  3. This is looking good! Clark-Doha-Frankfurt on Qatar for 873 adult, 708 for 2 kids, total 4035 RT. I kinda like the times too, depending. On the way, get in at 23:35 and then 8 hour layover. This would be fine if I can get a room for us to crash. I will see if they have a transit hotel. Nice aircraft too. B787-8 and A380-800. On Skyscanner, the cheapest flights come up with A. two airlines, often with very short conx time. Risky. Or B. Transit over China and/or China Eastern Airline. Not really interested in those types.
  4. SQ, Manila to Frankfurt is the first I have found under $1000 per adult. I hope I can find cheaper. SQ is 988 and for the 5 of us, works out to 4540. Fares are sure high.
  5. His mommy was probably on vacation there, as she moved to AU in 1952! Ok, call it a tie! Anyway, Catriona and Megan are two beauty queens that I always thought were really gorgeous! More of a natural look that I like. Most of the time I don't like the beauty queen look. Catriona Megan and sister Lauren
  6. Catriona's daddy is Australian. My wife is a pageant fanatic. I'm required to know these things. And it is the only time I'm allowed to look at a beautiful woman and tell my wife "she is gorgeous" without getting punched!
  7. I've heard KLM was good but never flew them. However, it would appear that they have joined others in nickel and diming everyone. I put in some April dates. Their Light fare includes no check-in bags and is 1187 usd. If you want a 23 kg bag (most others include 30 kg), the fare is 1277. Both of those fares have severe penalties and restrictions.
  8. Thinking about going to Europe in a few months and I know several of you make the trip often. For this trip, probably will not go to UK. Any ideas for good flights? Need to balance cost and flight times for my family of 5. Leaving from Clark would be nice but Manila is OK too. Definitely will be going to Netherlands and Germany. I will rent a car / van so getting between places is not an issue. On the map below, the blue area would probably be the area I would consider for a really nice fare. The red area is the best option. In my final decision, I will also have to factor in the price of a rental car at the destination airport. I suspect they can vary a lot.
  9. No problems for us transiting Inchon to US 3 years ago. Because of a long layover (7 hours?), we booked a room in the transit hotel on the way there. No visa required for my wife and daughter travelling on Filipino passports. The airfare on Asiana was good back then. Last time I looked, it was quite a bit higher. In Korea, if you make arrangements, I think you can even go out of the airport for a city tour. If you have a long layover. The airline can arrange it. I'm thinking about booking a trip to Europe and a bit worried about the Corona virus. Might not be a good time to travel.
  10. If you have time, this is a very heartfelt tribute by Jerry West. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/4421436-jerry-west-on-kobe-bryants-death-this-is-most-horrible-days-of-our-life/
  11. Very sad news. Although he a one big scandal, he stuck it out and I always thought he had a good heart. So sad that his daughter and her teammate were also killed. Only 13 years old. RIP. https://www.latimes.com/sports/liveblog/kobe-bryant-dies-in-helicopter-crash-in-calabasas
  12. You have her mixed up with someone else. Her father is American and she was born in North Carolina. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megan_Young
  13. I'm not sure I understand your question, but she was Miss World 2013, the first Miss World from the Philippines. Now she hosts a TV show, I think.
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