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  1. OnMyWay

    Hong Kong Disneyland Trip

    You got me curious and here is one guy's opinion: https://www.disneytouristblog.com/disney-parks-power-rankings-2018/ I didn't know there are two Disney parks in Tokyo now, and they are ranked 1 and 2! Our neighbors are going there at Christmas. You reminded me that I made a huge omission from my trip report! While at HKG Disney, I passed a group that had professional looking photographers / videographers with them, and I made a slight stroller detour so I would not get in the way of their shots. I got a bit ahead of my wife and 14 yo daughter, and stopped to wait. The 14 yo runs up, very excited, and said "Did you see who that was!!". No, I didn't notice. "It was Vice Ganda!!!". That was her highlight of the trip, seeing Vice Ganda! Me, not so thrilled. I don't pay much attention to any celebrities, and certainly not that one. Maybe if it would have been Megan Young giving out free kisses? I would have needed to get permission! Hing Kong Disney was full of Filipinos, and it is a fairly expensive trip, so obviously there are quite a few Filipinos with expendable cash. We know another Filipino couple going at Christmas when it will be even more expensive than now.
  2. That answer is about having a driver's license in more than one state, and I could understand why that would be discouraged as someone could try to dodge paying tickets, vote twice, etc., etc. Having a PH and US license should not be an issue. My U.S. license expired now so I only have PH, but when I lived in Germany, I had both German and California licenses. Regarding rental cars in the U.S., all that I checked last year will accept the PH license and I drove an Avis rental for a month with my PH license. However, you must declare your residence as PH and then your rate will be higher, because you have to pay their liability insurance. I paid about $400 for the liability and then the comprehensive was covered by my credit card. Credit cards don't typically cover liability.
  3. If you had a need to do it, how would you transfer money FROM Philippines into those accounts? Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. OnMyWay

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    I rarely see one of those and it is always from the same old relative of my wife. You must have a large group of Filipino FB friends. I don't accept most friend requests and rarely accept from someone I have never met in person. I don't participate in any of those type of FB ploys, no matter if they are legit or worthy. I made a general rule that I will not comment or repost anything where it asks me or commands me to. Even if it is for causes I believe in. I just don't do it.
  5. I didn't see any premium economy for only a few hundred more. Usually 2-3 times the lowest economy fare.
  6. I tried to do it with the Cathay multi-city and the fare was about 200 a head higher. Yes, I told my wife maybe an agent could do it.
  7. Actually the main reason I was browsing them was because they have the only non-stops to those two locations. I will look again at he connecting flights over Asia now. Actually you might be able to help me with something. We were thinking about Cathay via Hong Kong to LAX. Clark to Hong Kong on Cathay Dragon and Cathay to LAX. One one ticket. Do you know if it is possible to spend a few nights in Hong Kong when travelling like that? I know you can do it in Seoul but I have not seen yet how to book it on Cathay.
  8. Rant! We all know that some of the airlines are crazy with their fees. I don't mind so much if they are up front about it, but I prefer to shop while seeing "all-in" fares. So PAL is having a year end "sale" for flights next year. I browsed for Auckland and Los Angeles, both advertised for "as low as $559" BASE fare. Using May dates, all the lowest RT "all in"fares are ~850 usd and up. You really can't look for the cheapest base fare without choosing all the dates and flights, then looking at the fare breakdown. I really don't have a problem with most of the fees but advertising a 550 base fare is meaningless when the ticket really costs 850. Fuel surcharges are back which is a lot of it. $136 in the case of Los Angeles. However, all that is not what pissed me off. On PAL, every economy aisle seat on the 777 (LAX) and Airbus 300 (AKL) is now a "choice" seat with an extra charge! Every aisle seat! Towards the front of economy, a LAX aisle seat costs $50! Auckland $30. In the section towards the back, aisle seats cost $5 on both flights. This is just so petty! With my family, we would always have to pay for 1 or 2 "choice" seats. What a scam. $5 is no big deal, but once they get their foot in the door, who knows? So long PAL. We will go a different way.
  9. Very interesting! I'm going to look into it. Thanks for sharing!
  10. OnMyWay

    Hong Kong Disneyland Trip

    It depends on the child. Our youngest went to Disney California when she was one, and of course that is too young to enjoy it. Now at almost 2.5, she was knew Mickey Mouse from cartoons and was ready to enjoy, and she did.
  11. Yes, after I posted I did a bit of research and found quite a few people asking similar questions. If you have a green card and are flying in, you need the ETA. If you are driving and have a green card, you don't need it the ETA. However, that doesn't apply to us. The reason I asked was it seemed like in the 80's we drove across in New York and they didn't even check us. Long time ago, far far away!
  12. I thought maybe some of you Canadians could help with this. I'm toying with a family trip to Northwest U.S. and would also like to drive to Vancouver, B.C. Not on the same trip, but we would also like to visit Niagara Falls some day and drive into Canada there. My wife and older daughter are Filipino passport holders and I know if they fly direct into Canada they need to get a Canadian visa in advance. I was wondering if there are any quick visas available to them at the border if we are driving across from the U.S., and they would already have a U.S. visa. ??? Thanks!
  13. OnMyWay

    The Car Service!

    You are throwing away a lot of money if you use costly fully synthetic oil and change it every 5000 km. It should be good for at least 10,000 km.
  14. OnMyWay

    The Car Service!

    Here in PH, yes. In the U.S., no. Miles only. How about in UK?
  15. OnMyWay

    The Car Service!

    I think I have ranted before about this, but dealer services and warranty are a complete money making scam in the Philippines. You already replaced the brake pads at less than 2400 km? Modern cars have indicators when the pads get low and your pedal will start to vibrate. Of course, you don't have to wait that long but depending on how you drive and the pads, you should get at least 20,000 km on them. I still have my original pads (I will change soon) at 62,000 km. The Chevy Colorado is offered in the U.S. with the 2.8 Duramax diesel, built in Thailand, just like my Philippines Trailblazer. Even under severe conditions, timing belt replacement on the U.S. engine is due at 240,000 km. Here in the Philippines, 60,000! Requiring replacement of the timing belt at 60,000 km on a modern vehicle has one goal: making money for the dealers. I doubt that anybody can find a car in a Western country that requires timing belt replacement at 60,000 km. In fact, having a nit wit replace the timing belt at 60 k is probably more risky than not having it replaced. That is why I no longer used the dealer for services and no longer care about the warranty.