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  1. This version is very dramatic, with music! They did take off over the ocean. I'm not sure I believe those stories from passengers inside the terminal hearing a loud boom. The loud boom many been from something else and a coincidence. This video also says at the beginning that it was probably a compressor failure. It appears that after the fire spurts were gone, they were flying fairly normally. I assume they were on one engine at that point.
  2. Yes, possible, but I could not grasp that passengers inside the terminal heard a loud boom. As I mentioned, the terminals are very sound insulated. Now here is a video from inside the plane. This may not be the initial boom, but these are not loud booms. And the title says "mid-flight", not on the runway. Now I'm not sure if I could stay as calm as those people did!
  3. A lot of people, even inside the terminal, said they heard a loud explosion. Where do you think the aircraft was when that occurred? Still on the runway? At LAX, the aircraft take off over the ocean 99% of the time, and it the aircraft was already over the ocean, I don't see how a loud boom would be heard back inside the terminals. They are fairly soundproof for obvious reasons.
  4. No, it is not "raw", it is pasteurized and homogenized, but about as fresh as you can get! I still chuckle when I see the boxes of ultra-pasteurized milk in the stores labeled "Fresh Milk" and it seems that most Filipinos call that "Fresh Milk".
  5. We got Carrier "Silver" level and I think the "Gold" line has some of those features like the Panasonic top of the line. I didn't consider those at the time but if I did it over, I would do more research on those extras before dismissing them and the higher cost. Why? My kids have asthma and if I thought there was a chance of preventing asthma attacks, I would ante up. Actually my 5 year old seems to have outgrown the asthma and the 3 year old seems to be getting over it too. We bought an air purifier that has some of the same systems built into those high end air con.
  6. I think I posted about this several years ago but I will repost again. On our trip to Baguio last weekend, on the way out, we visited the Baguio Dairy Farm for some fresh milk products. When we arrived 1 pm, they were out of fresh milk already and had only liquid yogurt. However, when were leaving, a worker came out and said they found 2 quarts and 2 pints we could have. We saw that they were bagging up batches of bottles for either pickup or delivery, so they must have had a few extra. My BIL says you need to go early in the morning and they will have the fresh milk available. I love the milk! Fresh and very creamy whole milk. And the yogurt is really good too. Semi-liquid style in many flavors. My favorites are blueberry and mango. We get fresh milk twice a week in Subic from Karlens and it is good, but seems watered down next to this milk. I did a side by side taste test when we got home and there really is a big difference. The kids like the dairy too. You can walk down to the barns and there are always a few cows around and the kids can feed them some grass. Good fun for the kids! So, if you are in Baguio, I recommend picking up some milk at Baguio Dairy. Just off Marcos Hwy on Santo Tomas Rd. Search it on Google maps. Here is a little video. 20191117_120900_Trim.mp4
  7. OK, the logical question is, which one gave you a happy ending?
  8. I think those are usually industrial and for a long span where a guard is present to open them. The wheels on each section allow for a long span, but you need a nice smooth base for them to roll on, and they roll easily. Several industrial buildings I pass by every morning have them at the entrance to their truck bays.
  9. Yes, the advanced software like Photoshop are complicated, and they cost a lot. So far I get by with the simple photo editors but I have been tempted to buy Photoshop. I think that is still considered the state of the art by pros. Coincidence, today I was talking to the guy whose team did our wedding video and photography. His daughter goes to pre-school with my young daugthers. He no longer does actual weddings but has a new business of wedding editing only, and his photographer clients are in the U.S. Basically outsourcing of the editing. They e-mail him the photos and videos, and he does the final packages. He must be doing well because he can afford to send his daughter to our private school.
  10. Thanks for your understanding. Bernie Sanders.
  11. Yes, those are amazing for outdoor landscapes, but sometimes faces don't look natural. I think portrait photography is where film excels.
  12. Those are a dying breed! Now it is:
  13. The way my friend is doing it is to have the film processed and then digitized into jpegs. I don't think he has the processor print them often. So he can post process them after he gets the jpegs. I'm not sure if he did any post processing on the ones I shared.
  14. I agree with everything Steve and Tommy said about digital. It is so convenient and cheap. You can probably get a film look with post processing, but not quite the same. I'm just always amazed by my friends photos of the kids. The film seems to capture the light in a way digital does not. A different look. I doubt that I would invest in a film SLR.
  15. A slider will need to be on a concrete footer for the entire slide area so I don't think jamming due to dirt and rocks will be a huge problem. If is adjacent to dirt or gravel, you probably need to clean and oil it more often. Will you have a concrete driveway?
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