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  1. I suspect that has already happened behind the scenes. In public, "they" have to careful about alienating the masses. Although, honestly, at my level of knowledge, the lower class masses don't really seem to give a damn.
  2. There are some here in Subic Bay Freeport who press the limits on our FB neighborhood groups. One guy in particular, I know he has been warned, at a personal and general (to the group) level. I think he has lightened up a bit and his wording is more careful now. We have members of government in the groups, and the chairwoman is in one group. She is thick skinned but if you flagrantly continue to violate a rule or law, I would not be surprised at all to see her put the hammer down.
  3. In another thread I posted about some plans in Subic for foreigners, through the Red Cross. That was with Covovax. Now this. This will be the third registration for me. Might be May to Dec they say. I'm losing confidence. PUBLIC ADVISORY❗️❗️❗️ The Philippine Red Cross has confirmed that they have COVID vaccines by MODERNA arriving anytime between May to December 2021. They will host a webinar on Friday, April 16, 2021 at 2PM to 3:30PM to answer questions and provide details. See details below 👇👇👇 Topic: Philippine Red Cross Vaccination Program with SBMA Time: Apr 16, 202
  4. Yup. I also think it is absurd petty nonsense to ban kids under 3 from beaches and water parks, but after one year plus of lockdowns, someone decided that was a good idea to start last month.
  5. Personally, I would not want to test that. We have always talked about "laying low" as foreigners in the Philippines. Since Covid, I believe that more now more than ever before.
  6. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. I would advise to tread lightly. I have seen foreigners threatened with deportation locally for speaking against stupid Covid rules. Politicians don't care what your visa status is.
  7. Disagree. This is one example. https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1075212 Stay away from rallies, BI reminds foreigners By Ferdinand Patinio July 17, 2019, 3:54 pmShare MANILA – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Wednesday reminded foreigners that they are not allowed to engage in any political activity in the country. BI Commissioner Jaime Morente issued the reminder in connection with previous incidents of deportation and exclusion of foreign nationals who took part in protests and mass actions. “We are sending this warning to avoid a repeat of the cases wherei
  8. Let us know what they say. I'm guessing that one is more expensive, and might require a doctor or medical staff?
  9. It figures that the current administration would be more interested in the vast oil and gas reserves there, rather than in the U.S.
  10. If anyone is interested, there is a home Covid Antigen test available to order for only p777, maybe plus shipping, not sure. A vlog my wife kinda likes took the test and showed how it is done. I researched a bit, and I think this is legit, but do your due diligence. Here is some info about the company and obtaining it. https://labx.asia/our-products/ It is the Aria test on their website. If you want to order a test kit, send an SMS to +639989997392 with the text #testnow to get details about the testing kit. I texted them and the texted back the price and how
  11. That is good news! Mine was supposed to be mailed on the 6th, so after it takes a few more rounds of Manila, it should arrive here in the next month! If you already did your 2020 taxes and took the credit for it, you will need to pay it back next year, I believe.
  12. I got my first bill, and as expected, it is not what I expected. The guy kept telling my 2099 for 100 mbps, and I triple checked with him. Maybe he is dyslexic. My plan is the 2999 100 mbps plan. However, and I didn't realize this before, we don't get charged VAT in the freeport, so my actual monthly charge is 2677.68 + 230 for the Cignal box rental = 2907.68. My bill was lowered by about 800. They did charge me the onetime 500 "downgrade" fee but without VAT it is only 446. I'm getting 150+ mbps, so I will just go with this. The plan 2999 does include 2 mesh routers, but
  13. It would be very rare to have diplomatic materials sent by a hand carry courier. Those would have to be especially sensitive. The vast majority of U.S. diplomatic mail sent back and forth between the the U.S. and foreign embassies is sent in giant secure bags with the express carriers. Prior to 1980s, those were sent by US mail connecting to foreign mail systems. These bags contain all kinds of embassy work, like passports, visa paperwork, blank forms, anything the embassy needs. Even Christmas presents! They are not subject to custom inspections, duties and taxes. Currently, RAO Su
  14. In normal times, that is probably true for the U.S. too. The stimulus checks were unique and there is always a big push to get them in peoples hands immediately. What is unique about Scott's check is that it was mailed from the Manila Embassy. That means the IRS put it in diplomatic mail to the embassy Normally, diplomatic mail pouches are sent by express carriers like DHL. However, if they have a big batch of mail that they deem non-urgent (like checks to those unimportant expats in the Philippines!) they could send it slow-boat for a big shipping discount. I'm curious for sever
  15. Can you check? That would be good info for me. Thanks!
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