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  1. I think J&J should be a top choice in the Philippines because of one jab and no need to cold storage. I hope my wife can get that one.
  2. Wow! That was through the LGU? I didn't know J&J was out there yet, but the logistics for it must be much easier.
  3. Got a good shake here in Subic. Woke everyone up and sent our teenager running into our bedroom. Our 7 year old said "Earthquake", rolled over and went back to sleep! The initial shaking lasted quite long, maybe 20 seconds?
  4. If you are going to fake it and lie about it, use Photoshop. Much cheaper!
  5. What Shady and Scott said, with emphasis on.... -- This was a total vanity project for a few politicians, and a complete failure due to the location. Almost anywhere in Manila Bay would be a failure. -- Manila Bay is basically a toilet bowl for 14 million+ people. During monsoon, like now, all rivers filled with trash flush into the bay. This year, we are having a bad monsoon. -- I'm all for cleaning up the bay and rivers, but that is a long term commitment that takes years of planning and execution before you attempt a stunt like the Manila Beach. Even when the beach is c
  6. The new Clark terminal is supposed to open any day now. It was planned to add a lot of Intl flights but I'm not sure how that will work with Covid going on. Subic Int'l just got 3 Int'l PAL flights be from ME. Repatriation flights. 3 more planned. PAL needed them because the PAX per day limit at NAIA is maxed.
  7. Not sure what your sources are but according to this they are classified as International. https://www.bfar.da.gov.ph/files/img/photos/classifiedairports.pdf
  8. No, I don't think that is correct. The public school year was extended and just ended a week or two ago. So they now have a bit over 2 months off. Private schools do their own thing. We just enquired at a few here. Our current school starts August 16 and lets out early June. Similar to the U.S. schedule. Our last school (where we might send our youngest to Kinder) starts August 2 and ends April 30th. Another school we considered used to be on a U.S. schedule but now they decided to drag the school year out longer and have less hours per day. No go for us. I think they can hire le
  9. The problem with the traps is, what do you do with the trapped rat? What ever method you use, after you get rid of them, you need to make sure the roof cavity and the house is tightly sealed, or they will be back. If you have those louvered vents, they need to have wire mesh in them. We had a cat and he caught a few ground mice. Not sure how he would have helped with the big rats that get in the attic.
  10. I'll bet the study was sponsered by the coffee growers association! https://www.healthshots.com/health-news/a-study-reveals-that-drinking-coffee-may-prevent-covid-19/ Eureka! A study reveals that drinking coffee may prevent Covid-19 Updated on:12 July 2021, 11:19am IST A shot of coffee is enough to keep you up and running. In fact, if a new study is to be believed, coffee might also prevent covid-19. Nikita Bhardwaj 106 Likes Coffee for the kill! Image courtesy: Shutterstock Listen to this article Coffee lovers and haters, this news is
  11. There are two couples who live here full time and are popular on You Tube. Millions of views. They have done some videos together. I wonder what their visa is? There is another young guy who seems to be very rich and a lot of his videos are about giving money and gifts to Filipinos. If they are making the videos in the Philippines, that seems like work to me, so even if the money goes into a foreign bank account, would they own PH taxes? Another thing they do is get free hotel rooms at resorts and free meals at restos, in exchange for promoting them. In the U.S., I think that wo
  12. You may recall a story I told about a Filipino couple we met in New Zealand at my wife's nephew's wedding, during our trip at Xmas 2019. They live in Australia and a few months after we met them, they were involved in a terrible accident where an out of control truck plowed into them while they were parked at a rest stop. The daughter of their friends was killed and they were both hurt badly. physically and mentally. It is great to know that they have good news now. Hannah Arnold is like a daughter to them and she calls them her second parents. Apparently they have known the family fo
  13. Very cool accomplishment by this young Filipino achiever! I wish I would have had advance notice and been able to see it live. His car...
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