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  1. This is one of the "bus" stops I mentioned, in the center. I don't know how they will be accessed.
  2. Killing time in Clark before 11 am appt. I love this parade grounds area! It's huge! The walking path around it must be at least a mile. Several expats out walking.
  3. I have not really been following that closely either but I would disagree on the crazy part. Search "False Flag" and there are some good articles on why many different parties would want or not want these types of attacks in the strait. Lots of theories.
  4. Yes, I noticed that point as well. I am really surprised more information has not been released.
  5. OK, you got me, I'll bite! What is a 4M? Goooogle dunt no!
  6. For another day, but I will clean all the rat hair, etc., out the electrical closet with my wet/dry vac, then try to seal it all up. In fact, I will put an extra bag of some sort over the vacuum exhaust to keep any dust from blowing around. Then I will toss the inner bag. I have a HEPA vacuum for indoors but I won't use if for something like this. That rat dust is probably nasty stuff. I would not want to blow all that dust around with canned air.
  7. The rat I got rid of today was at least as big as this one. The "canine" teeth were around an inch long!
  8. That is what we did with the one hole a few years ago. Heavy metal screen nailed to the wood.
  9. Removing the rat was easier than I thought it would be. He was very cooperative. He was basically skin and bone, and I was able to pick him up in one piece. Big rat with long teeth!
  10. Good idea. I have a tube of that. I will take a look. That would work good in this closet as the access is not good, but I think I could reach it with the tube. We had our pest control guy look around a long time ago, and he pointed out one main place they could get into the kitchen. We fixed that and never had one enter the living area for the past few years, until now, into that elect closet. I think the outside entry is a bigger problem. There are a couple of places I think they could get in. And currently, I have two ceiling panels on the lanai removed. The problem started before then. I hung some signs around the opening, so that should help.
  11. I think most of the wiring is in conduit but I'm not 100% sure. The holes where the conduit go into this closet is where the rats got in there. There is barely any room but I guess they can really squeeze! Outside access for the rats, that Dave mentioned, is a problem. I probably need to take some temporary measures in that area, until we can rebuild properly.
  12. Oh crap, I found a rat! We have an electrical closet in our kitchen area and recently, before the Bohol trip, I had discovered that the rats had figured out a way to squeeze down into it from the attic. In fact, this is where I had kept some rat poison in the boxes and Terro ant poison. The rat(s) had chewed on the Terro and the rat poison. So before the Bohol trip, this was one place where I laid some more rat poison. When we returned, I checked there and the poison had all been eaten. I didn't see any rats. My wife has a keen nose and tracked the smell to that electrical closet, and with a flashlight, she saw a dead rat hanging on the highest part of the electrical box stuff. This one must be a recent death as it is not fully decomposed. The flies must be coming from it! So my after lunch job is now to try and get this out without losing my lunch!
  13. I thought about spraying but there is a constant flow of the new flies. Anyway....... (next post)
  14. When we left for Bohol for 9 days, I left rat poison in a few places. It did the job and I'm sure at least 2 rats were killed. One of them in my store room was already80% decomposed. The other(s) are probably in the attic and I could smell one in the back of the house. We returned on June 5th and yesterday, the 15th, all of a sudden we have lots of flies in the house. I don't know where they are getting into the house from but I assume they are from the dead rats in the attic. We have been swatting them like crazy. I also just set up a mosquito zapper and that might get a few small ones. Any other ideas on how to quickly get rid of the flies?
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