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  1. OnMyWay

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    When I was shopping for Air Bnb condos near MOA (SEA residences and SHELL residences), almost all included free wired internet and most said it was "fast", sometimes even saying which company it was from and the speed. A few had pocket wifi and even had a picture of the unit. I automatically passed on those because the pocket wifi indicated to me that the landlord was a cheapskate and most likely they would skimp on other things in the condo too.
  2. OnMyWay

    Second visit

    Careful with those small streams! They can get really big! New Jersey two days ago:
  3. So that was the 10th, your exact date of expiration? Just in the nick of time! Hope the rest is good! Habagat is making us miserable here in Subic!
  4. Yes, people who outwardly act "shocked and appalled" is quite different than how most people would express it, like "quiet and polite disapproval".
  5. OnMyWay

    Multiple shooting in Canada

    U.S. MSM doesn't cover Chicago gun deaths much. Doesn't fit their agenda.
  6. OnMyWay


    Anybody tried this out yet? I'm not much of a drinker lately but they might have some interesting stuff! https://boozy.ph/
  7. Some people don't care what others think about anything and live their lives unencumbered by social acceptance. However, I suspect that is a minority, especially in the U.S. I think what the previous poster was referring to was acceptance by friends and family. Also, some will not care what strangers think but many do. I don't know about other countries, but in the U.S., if a 60 yo man is in a relationship with a 20 yo girl, it will certainly raise some eyebrows.
  8. OnMyWay


    I did an experiment with Amazon Global Expedited Shipping (slowest) using a shirt brand I like. (I ordered 5 of these and they are on the way on Shipping Cart. For anyone that likes Hawaiian / Aloha shirts, try the Johari West brand. Excellent quality and they fit super muscular guys like myself very well.) I wanted to test the shipping costs and value limit. Look at the shipping as I add shirts to the order. After the first shirt, shipping is dirt cheap. Average shipping for 5 shirts is $4.77 each but the incremental shipping cost for shirts 2-5 is dirt cheap! 1 shirt 2 shirts 3 shirts 4 shirts 5 shirts 6 shirts 5 shirts squeezes in just below the PH deminimus limit of p10,000, which would be $188.60 at current rates. Boom! Add the 6th shirt and you blow through the limit! Import Fees Deposit $115.62!
  9. I would suggest that your best bet for success would be to get a job in the U.S. with a multi-national corp. that has a strong presence in the Philippines, with known positions filled by expats. Then you can lobby your way into an overseas assignment. Yes, it will take some time, but I don't think getting a job directly here is highly likely at a good salary. I bought a car from a young Brit who lived in Manila and worked for Linde AG.
  10. I was looking at a You Tube video, Olongapo Now and Then, and a suggested video popped up for a Aussie vlogger who lives here in Subic not far from me. I don't know him but I have been in the house he is living in, when it was for sale a few years back. He has a lot of videos about housing in the area but I don't think he has lived here that long, and he has this Property Club you tube channel. In the comments of one of the videos, he mentioned that he works at a call center. Most of his info about housing seems fairly accurate but he may omit a few things.
  11. OnMyWay


    Here is a link to the Philippines "De Minimus" customs rules and they coincide with what Jessdaddy has said. https://customs.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/CAO-2-2016-ONAR-DE-MINIMIS.pdf Currently p10,000 is about USD 188. These rules may be new as of 2016???? If they are followed, and Amazon is offering nice shipping rates, I will definitely be trying it. There are many things I have bought here for a very high price that I could have got on Amazon for half of that. You need to be mindful of the exceptions but I think Amazon will not allow most of them. I tried to put in Folgers coffee and they would not send it.
  12. OnMyWay


    Where did you find the info on total value less than $200 and the other info on duties and taxes? On Amazon? I put my PH address into Amazon and experimented with a WD 500 gb SSD. $88.99 + $14.45 shipping = $103.44. On Lazada the same drive is p7699, about $145. Keep us posted! If your transaction goes smoothly I will definitely try it with products that are hard to find and/or much more expensive here, like the SSD.
  13. OnMyWay


    It does sound like a great deal if duties are included. I never tried the Amazon Global Shipping because I thought it was too expensive. So no VAT will be due??