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  1. All in including cleaning and service charge, I think it averages about 3700 a night.
  2. We are in Cebu City now. My wife's cousin and hubby have been very generous, taking us out last night and we are going to tour some of the mentioned sights today, so we don't need a car and driver yet. Flight from Clark to Cebu on Air Asia was fine. Legroom was the smallest I have ever had, but flight was quick. Left early and arrived even earlier! The new Mactan airport is nice and we easily got a white taxi. First night in the city we stayed at a cheap Air Bnb. You get what you pay for! Now we are in a really nice 2 br Air bnb in Crown Regency residential tower 3. Owned by an American and his wife, it is perfect for us. Two br and one cr upstairs, nice kitchen, sala and cr downstairs. Has a washer too.
  3. I'm still trying to figure out what "visa conversion" on the paper means???? What visa is readily available to replace it? 13A and SRRV is all I can think of and those are not readily available.
  4. Still working good today and still shows the LTE, so perhaps it was the SMART LTE that was the problem.
  5. I seemed to have chanced upon a solution or maybe SMART fixed the issue. I have a Samsung S7. Earlier, when I went into Connections / Mobile Networks / Network Mode, it only had a drop down selection of 3G/2G (auto connect), 3G only and 2G only. I'm not sure if it was before or after I rebooted, but after you posted the above, I was messing around in there again, and LTE/3G/2G (auto select) was a choice. After selecting it, the internet seems to be working as expected. (LTE Only is not an option). Maybe it is possible that SMART LTE was out in the area until today?
  6. Facebook works fine both at home and out with the phone on SMART. It was other websites that would not come up. Strange, but I think the source problem is fixed. Details in another thread.
  7. To be clear, I only use the SMART data when I am away from home. I have great internet at home.
  8. I'm fairly certain I rebooted the phone a few times in the last few week. It got to "no batt" a few times too. I rebooted and it still has issues. Like right now, Facebook will come up on the phone, but when I click an external link in FB, it takes forever or times out. Same links work fine on my laptop with home internet. Also, the slowness did seem to coincide with the monsoon rains. They are gone this week and it is still slow. Going to Cebu tomorrow and I'm hoping it works well there.
  9. Has anyone else experienced recent problems with SMART data / internet service on their phones? I have been buying their cheap data plans, like ALLOUT30, for several years now, and it always worked fine. In the past few weeks, it got slower and now it seems to barely work. Anybody else?
  10. Here is an awesome '67 Corvette! It would be fun to see it go up against a new C8!
  11. That sucks. Is there any new information on the BI web or FB pages? I wonder if this because of the current push on the Chinese issues? I would send a message on the BI FB page as they usually have good answers.
  12. Yes, I managed a database application built for us by a third party when I was in Germany. They were a relatively small German company and in my company, we talked many times about going with a more mainstream, popular DB product, but the budget to switch would never get approved.
  13. Yes, when I worked for a big corp and heard the prices they were paying for enterprise software, my jaw would drop!
  14. Thanks Mike! The free version will get me by for what I need to do now, which is fill in Social Security "proof of life" forms for my 2 daughters and print them. If I save them, it adds "DEMO" across the page. All of these "free" software do stuff like that. They say the free version will have 80% functionality of the paid version, but the missing 20% are critical things like saving and printing. I shouldn't be whining and I don't mind paying for good software, but it seems like prices have gone up a lot since I used to buy boxed software in a store. And the requirement for subscriptions and automatic billing is a deal breaker for me in most cases. In the old days, if I remember correctly, a lot of boxed software could be had for $30-50???? Now it is downloaded, no box, and the prices are much higher. However, in that respect, PDF-XChange Editor might be a winner. It is $43.50 with updates for a year. I might consider it. It operates from your computer, not online like SMALLPDF.com.
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