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  1. When I bought the black vette in California and drove it back to Kentucky, I ran into a classic car tour called the Copperstate 1000. This group gets together every year and drives a 1000 mile route around Arizona. Many, many beautiful cars! https://photos.app.goo.gl/7jhVjUgix6BNY3fb7
  2. (I probably posted some of this years ago here on the forum, so forgive me if some old timers have seen it before) So I sold my 07 Velocity Yellow Corvette in Germany and when I got back to the U.S. in late 2010, I started shopping around for another used Corvette. I was living in Kentucky. My preferred color for 2008-2009 model year would have been Atomic Orange, a beautiful orange metallic, but I couldn't find one with everything I liked. I ended up finding the almost perfect car, but in California! 2008 Black Z51 with 2 tone leather seats. Road trip! I bought it sight unseen but the owner lived about 5 miles from my sis and BIL, so BIL inspected it to make sure it was as promised. I sent the money to sis, and the guy delivered it to their driveway. It had a cover so it sat there covered for about a month until I was able to fly out for a week of vacation. I took about 4-5 days to drive back to Kentucky, and took route 66 for quite a ways. I planned to take a bit longer, but after about 3 days I was getting bored and tired, so I made a beeline for home! Here are some pictures I took before I sold it in May 2012, just before moving here. I babied this one and you could eat off of the engine. I was able to sell it for slightly more than I paid for it.
  3. There is a guy here in Subic / Olongapo who does restorations of mostly VWs, and he must be doing quite well. About 6 months ago he bought (leased) one of the residential properties here and in addition to gutting the 2 unit building, he built a really long retaining wall against the hill and is putting in a bunch of carports for his cars. I'm not sure how many, but more than 10, I think.
  4. Offshoot from the Corvette topic in Clean Jokes! Wow! You were about as close as you could get. Here are pics of my 07 Auto Coupe. I didn't really want an Auto but when I was looking in Germany this one came up as a good deal so I went for it. These are the pics I took for my "For Sale" ad in Germany, and I literally sold it the day before I flew out of Germany for good. https://goo.gl/photos/qYZ4rXmz9WHVHwQR6
  5. Here in Subic Freeport, PLDT is partnered with Subictel, and they told me that they guarantee 60% of the purchased speed. In my case, I pay for 50 mbps and they would guarantee 30. I haven't had to worry about that lately. Always over 100! This is Quezon City and Dallas, TX, servers.
  6. I also had a Klipsch 2.1 set just like that. I think I bought it at Best By in the U.S. I think something was wearing out on it and I gave it away before I moved here. I would definitely buy it again! Edit: I have many years of financial records in MS Money. I bought the Klipsch speakers at Best Buy in 2004 for $158.99, and I probably gave them away in 2012.
  7. My wife has Creative Labs for her computer and I think they are 6+ years old now, and still work fine. Sub-woofer + 2 small speakers.
  8. For your computer, the brands like Logitech others all sound fairly good these days. Small sub-woofer with two speakers is good enough. Mine have always lasted 5+ years. Available at many places. I bought my large Yamaha speakers (and Yamaha Home Theater) at SM Appliance Pampanga. Not the best Yamaha line but they have been fine. I use a cheap sub-woofer with it and those are fine. Old55 is our resident hifi expert! He might know of some shops in Manila. I know he knows a high end shop in Cebu.
  9. Describe your AVR for us. Where is it placed?
  10. 300! They can probably see your house from space!
  11. Our digital meters here in Subic Bay Freeport have a digital voltmeter built in. The digital readout switches between volts and kwh every few seconds.
  12. Due to the American influence for many years, many Filipinos speak proper American English. You might need lessons. Here in Subic Bay Freeport and Olongapo, formerly U.S. held, English is no problemo. It is rare to encounter non-English speakers. I had a plumber in last week and he was the first I had encountered in a long time where I had to rely completely on my wife. Retail stores, etc., no problem. Tourist areas are usually speaking English. In Manila, I have only been to tourist areas and usually no problem. I can't really speak for other cities except maybe Baguio, where English is used a lot.
  13. An ongoing issue for us. What is your voltage? Ours is high at 237-241 and I think that has something to do with burning bulbs out quicker. Most bulbs are rated to 240. I found EuroLux LED at Handyman, rated 180-265. I had the first burnout recently and I think it lasted just over a year. On the box, they say 18 years at 4.5 hours per day!
  14. I don't watch many TV shows. Usually I'm a channel surfer and if I happen across something that catches my attention, I might watch for a while. Just recently I watched a bit of "container wars". An offshoot of "storage wars", I believe. The contents of abandoned ocean shipping containers are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The bidders are all flamboyant personalities. There are often conflicts between the bidders. The biggest give away that it is staged is that they cut the lock, open the doors, and low and behold, the contents are draped with perfectly clean huge cloth tarps, and the items are often not secured for shipping. A huge crock of sh*t, but I still watch for a while! That other one, storage wars, got caught planting valuable items in the storage units to make it more exciting.
  15. No, BPI here. Wire transfer from Chase to BPI. They limit it to $25,000 last time I did it for buying my house here. And the cost was $40.00 from Chase and then BPI charges $6.00 for incoming wire.
  16. What type of doctor did you see for this type of diagnosis? I said earlier that my hip pain had gotten better with supplements. Then tonight I am having extreme leg pain in my left leg. Some hip pain but the most pain is in the left side of the knee and then a bit in the foot. Last weekend when I was hospitalized my left foot was bothering me. All of this is starting to seem nerve related.
  17. No, you are right, and there is still a lot of organized crime in LV.
  18. One of my neighbors, a retired police officer from the U.S., said the whole thing stinks of organized crime. I would have to agree.
  19. Great articles for some perspective! I'm going to share with my neighborhood group.
  20. Seems like a ripe opportunity for huge corruption! Read the articles Dave linked. Very interesting!
  21. I guess, as long as you don't have a dorm house next door with 30 workers crammed into it. Actually, I think the whole thing will collapse. Gambling is against the law in China. They are tolerating this online gambling now, but could shut it down in a day if they wanted to.
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