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  1. Actually that is true but mainly if you keep your fat wallet in your back pocket. I moved it to the front pocket years ago since I have ongoing back problems since the age of 26.
  2. Are you getting them here in PH? I think I saw them at S&R but I'm not sure. There is a kiosk at Ayala here that has most stuff, but their prices are outrageous.
  3. My wife was asking about this and got me wondering too. Before hip replacement was available, what happened to everyone? It just deteriorates until walking becomes too much and a wheelchair is needed?
  4. Has anybody tried "glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate" supplements? Years ago I tried them for knee pain but not very religiously and I didn't notice a difference. Ended up getting arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus back then, around '95. I think I will make a small investment in them and see if I feel any difference. Worth a shot. "Perhaps the most important aspect of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplements is that they are thought to help slow or prevent the degeneration of joint cartilage, the underlying cause of osteoarthritis pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate dietary supplements may also help alleviate existing joint pain."
  5. My friend suggested to take the x-ray to the chiro, so I think I will do that. Can't hurt.
  6. That is along the lines of what I was thinking. Someone is the previous administration is involved in this. In civilized countries (I'll assume Canada is one, despite Hounddriver's rep) you can't just export something like this without an export permit and an import permit from the destination country. Was it all just an issue because the public found out and started protesting?
  7. OnMyWay


    No, I think it was more sophisticated. 3D. 3 guys with binoculars. Actually I think what I read was that the only control tower problem was a broken pane of glass so they may already have it fixed.
  8. OnMyWay


    No runway damage. Control tower was damaged but they have a temporary solution.
  9. Root canal on a baby tooth that will fall out in a few years? Doesn't make sense. If it is causing pain, you would pull it and wait for the adult tooth to come in.
  10. Yes, I meant to mention about alternatives. I'm thinking about seeing an American choirpractor who practices in Angeles.
  11. I went to a doc at Medical City Clark today because my hip has been hurting for quite a while. After an X-ray, his opinion is that I will be needing a hip replacement in the future. I have 3 friends who have had it in the last 2-3 year, all very successful. Two were in California and one here in Baguio. I researched the doc I saw today and he has a good rep. His main hospital is Medical City in Pasig an he comes to Clark two days a week. I definitely will get other opinions before going for it. A family friend in Baguio, a Swiss guy in his late 70's, had both hips done in Baguio a few year ago, and is happy with it. The same doc subsequently operated on my BIL when broke his leg badly and needed a lot of pins. Both recommend him. He is based at Notre Dame there. Any experiences to share? How about Thailand? I French guy I know who lives here was saying he would go to Thailand for anything big.
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    I drove from Subic to Angeles today on SCTEX and SCTEX has several places coned off where the asphalt has buckled or cracked. Especially near Poroc, where that supermarket collapsed. I was at Medical City Clark, a new building, and it had some cracked / broken plaster inside.
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    Earthquakes this strong will usually have some injuries. A grandma and grandchild in Lubao were killed when a wall toppled on them. They were friends with my friend's parents, who own the farm in Lubao. There was substantial damage to the Clark Airport terminals. If there were people there, it seems like there were injuries. I think this is the departure counter area an it appears that the ceiling caved in. The airport is closed.
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    Anyone up for a swim after work? https://www.facebook.com/james.deakin/videos/2130064077106479/
  15. OnMyWay


    It was strong here in Subic and it was the first time I was genuinely scared of one since I was a kid growing up in Southern California. Center and intensity are jumping around in the news, but U.S.G.S. is reporting it centered near Floridablanca at 6.3. I have not heard of injuries yet. SM Olongapo has some big cracks in the side. Praying that injuries are little or none. Our kids watch a cartoon series called Babybus which is based in Japan and has some disaster preparedness segments. They remembered some of the tips and Katy did not want to take this pillow off of her head for over a hour. The first picture is right when we had the first aftershock.
  16. I have experience with "losing" papers that are then found in the printer/scanner! I'm absent minded, as I have mentioned before. They say many geniuses are absent minded. Jack, I think my most recent "lost an found" story has yours beat! I'll try to make it brief. Tues, withdrew p10k from ATM and put in wallet. Wednesday noon went to pay for something and wallet was empty! Looked for money (10k + small bills maybe 1k) all over cars and house. We/I ended up with a few theories: 1. I had only taken the wallet out once during that time, at a 7-11 we don't usually go to. There were a lot of local factory workers having lunch. My wife was convinced that one of them had snatched my cash while I was paying. It didn't really add up in my mind. 2. I had done something really stupid and left the cash somewhere or dropped it. Absent minded me was thinking I did something stupid. 3. Kids. I asked the kids, almost 3, and 5, if they played with the money. Both said no. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, I looked around some more, but no cash. My wife had me 80% convinced about 7-11. She was also pissed off that I lost 10K+ plus, as was I. Friday rolls around and my wife excitedly calls me into the guest room / play room. My 5 year old had found the money in their playhouse! Strange thing was, I had looked in there twice, I think, and there was a lot of play money on the floor. I think I looked close enough to see only play money. So perhaps it was neatly buried underneath the play money, or moved there at some point. The almost 3 year old was the culprit and readily said she played with my wallet. She didn't really understand when we first asked. My bad for leaving my wallet where she could get it. I keep on a high shelf now. The guilty party!
  17. My niece (who is my age, 62) and her husband had one when we visited 2 years ago. It was similar to the one pictured and had 2 sections that pulled out, and the thing was huge. All the nice stuff. So, after we left, they traded it in for a nicer one which I have never seen. I think the got a deal because they had some issues with the first one. I think it takes some planning when you take long trips because many cities / areas will not let you park them anywhere. The RV parks can be very expensive in popular areas. I'm sure JJR can speak about specifics. Strange thing is, my niece and her husband are now going through an amicable separation. They are still living together but planning to sell their current house and buy their own places. They are not planning on divorce because she said it would kill them financially.
  18. That is generally my take on it as well. I think they should get the CRBA's in the Philippines. Once the kids are citizens, the rest should be easier. The date problem might not even come up.
  19. I don't know anything about taxis, especially with the new airport, but there are quite a few car hire companies to be found on Facebook. You can negotiate a price with them.
  20. I wish I could help more but I think you should consult a U.S. Immigration Attorney. I don't recall anyone discussing your scenario before and it is very unique. Forgive me for the blunt question, but are you 150% sure that they are your blood offspring? That is the first thing you are going to have to prove to immigration. Do they look like you? You are at a disadvantage now as you and/or your wife should have pursued U.S. citizenship for the kids 12 years ago when they were born, by obtaining a U.S. Certificate of Birth Abroad (CRBA) and passport. Is there a reason you did not? The marriage license discrepancy might not be a big deal in obtaining the CRBA and passports. Only one way to find out. Apply. If the kids get their citizenship, then bringing the kids and wife over should go much smoother. FYI, my first daughter was born before we were married and it never came up that she could not have my surname. I'm not sure where you guys got that from.
  21. Yes, and I would never participate in any illegal animal purchases of any type. That Davao Croc Farm is a zoo type place so they may have special permission to breed them. Or not.
  22. Yes, now I remember, they were called Lory. I wonder if they are available to buy, legally? They were very tame and wanted to play.
  23. You mean like a robot? They sure fooled me!
  24. You are currently permanently residing in the U.S. and the wife and kids are living in the Philippines? If so, how long did you live with the wife and kids in the Philippines? That will be a factor with immigration.
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