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  1. This is a big one. It might impact a large area. Get ready. https://typhoon2000.info/rolly20_04/
  2. I think you are right. I was speculating because I really did not think mine have the lifetime warranty, but I guess they do. I think I paid about $240 (on sale) for a large set including big case. Metric and SAE. Here is what their website has: https://www.craftsman.com/support/warranty According to Google, the brand is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker, and currently made in China. However..... Will Craftsman tools be made in USA again? New Factory Means More Craftsman Hand Tools will be Made in the USA. Stanley Black & Decker has issued an investor p
  3. Snip, snip, cut, cut. Spay and neuter! Sorry, I just realized I forgot to past the text of the story. I will edit.
  4. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they have two tiers of Craftsman tools, and you can get the expensive ones with lifetime warranty. When I bought a set in 2012, it was only $200 and not warrantied for life.
  5. Yes, as Dave posted, I don't think they follow the 1 year outside the country rule.
  6. Their intent is good! I was just shocked a bit at the mass methods! That white dog in the first pic will die of shame when he wakes up. Can you imagine? You wake up, your balls are gone, and your nose is in the butt of a cat! 87 dogs and 192 cats neutered in Day 1 Olongapo Spay/Neuter Campaign with The Homeless Dog Shelter. The program is in coordination with the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation Inc., Olongapo City LGU, Sangguniang Kabataan, and the Olongapo City Police Office.
  7. Yes, technically correct, but I have never heard of them caring about the one year. Most of the time the expats are just taking a vacation and coming back with the wife to get the Balikbayan. One day out might raise so eyebrows, so I probably would not try it.
  8. When you are Balikbayan, every time you leave you need to restart the clock again by arriving with your wife. You can leave for just one day as long as you return with her. If you are here 364 days, you need to scram or you get go to BI and get a tourist visa for X days until you are ready to take a trip. Then when you come back with your wife you can start another year of Balikbayan.
  9. You are not Filipino. Filipinos leave any sort of protective plastic on forever. Even on a stove!
  10. We visited my friend's resort a few weeks ago. They are doing a lot of painting and fixup. At the end of the day, he pointed at 2 guys painting a wall. Maybe 9 X 15, and there were adjacent walls to be painted too. He said they had been painting that one wall all day. At one point, he asked them why they were sitting down, and they said they were waiting for the paint to dry.
  11. BI in Olongapo is very easy to deal with. No need for an agent and no crowds. I extended there many times. That extension with ACR should cost around p7300 for 60 days.
  12. That is suspended for now. It allows a foreigner to enter with his spouse and stay for one year.
  13. I never saw that story but I would not doubt it. When I took the pictures in 2016, the gym still had a foot or two of mud in it. I think they have cleaned it out some and they have plans to fully renovate it later.
  14. There is no evidence of a baseball field over there, but they cleared the entire area with plans for some kind of fields.
  15. @jake Another update on George Dewey High School, now Manila Times College. I now have two daughters enrolled there as of today, but it is online. However, they have continued to fix up the campus. I stopped by today to pay some tuition, and took some pictures. It was a dreary day and they were cleaning up the mess from the early rain and wind (Quinta), but you can see the huge change from the pictures I posted in 2016. My oldest daughter started 11th grade online, back in late August. We did not think we could cope up with our 6 year old attending first grade online, so we did
  16. You can speak for your self, not others. Again, I think you have to keep legal and illegal immigration separate, and refugees separate, for rationial discussion. Most of my best friends in the U.S. are first or second generation immigrants from several countries. India, China, Mexico, etc. Implying that I have an inherent dislike for immigration is wrong. I have an inherent dislike for illegal immigration.
  17. Many in the world have a mistaken perception that many Americans are against immigration. For the most part, that is not true. Pragmatic realists know that controlled immigration is good for the country. What they are against is illegal immigration, no border control, or open borders. Most of the press portray conservative Americans who oppose illegal immigration and open borders as "racists". Typical tactics of the left is to try and trigger emotional reactions from their supporters. 95% of the BS they put out to the world is BS. Sad to say, but many citizens of the world have thei
  18. As Scott mentioned, the original intent may have been to let U.S. military retire here and stay in civilian jobs. Dick Gordon was probably involved in that back then.
  19. I just quickly caught up on this topic and was surprised that more of you had not heard about this. It is the cause of the SRRV suspension. Dick Gordon is from Olongapo so he is followed closely here. Call me Xenophobic but it is a concern. Residents here have had concerns about the Chinese Pogo workers for a long time. We would see quite a few exercising who did not look like office workers. Very fit military age men with military style haircuts. So when you see a surge of Chinese "retirees", who are young, it make wonder. As someone mentioned, the surge could be a result of t
  20. After stormy weather for 10+ days, as predicted, it will be gone soon. Mother Nature will give it another shot on Monday, with 40+ kph winds.
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