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  1. This is the Philippines....aren't you supposed to treat us for your birthday?Absolutely! That's the custom. I learned the hard way..groan.Pete of New Hampshire
  2. On-in-2

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    plywood windshields
  3. Perhaps you misunderstand me. For me, its not the 'heinous' music that's the root of the problem, but the PC imperative to tolerance, nay, acceptance, or even glorification of the criminal aspect, the destruction of the language, etc.It's just ugly, in my opinion. Personally, I'm all for change. I love change. Change is growth, and progress, and innovation. Change is where our future lives.But, not all change is good. That's why we have brains. To correct and steer away from the bad changes.Pete
  4. I don't think the comparison of rap and rock is valid. The ties to serious crime, gangsta' attire, misogyny, and the destruction of the language just weren't there in the birth and growth of rock.Yeah, there was some protest, and disparaging of authority, but kids have always rebelled like that against their parents.The rap thing is a new development, that I believe cheapens life and love.Hahaha...I don't know about you, but I'm haven't turned into anything like my parents. As far as 'grumpy old man'...I'm still working on it.Yes, the days of free love were _very_ good days for me. If I weren't so lucky to have my sweet Jocelyn in my life, I'd really be looking to try to recapture that spirit in the only place I know where its possible: CebuWhere, I agree, it would sure be nice to see a little less unfairness in the queuing arena!Best regards to both you and the lovely Jeunerocka.Pete of New Hampshire
  5. In my opinion, free love is more good than bad, drug binges are mostly self-regulating, but rap music is a bane on humanity, correctly spelled with a leading C(rap).In my opinion, it's not music. It is hate speech with a back beat, mostly. There are some good performers in the venue, but in my opinion, its definitely a case where the bath water and the baby are equally odious.Pete of New Hampshire
  6. Yup, we were there with you! The squid was really fresh and cooked to perfection. For BBQ, I thought the pork was much better than chicken. And the prices - almost a joke! 1300 peso for 6 persons including 8 beers, some ice tea, water and food for everyone. The beer is cheaper than buying them at Rustan's and drinking on a bench.Gotta be the best value for money at a location like that.That sounds great. I can almost taste it from here.It'll be more than a month before I can get back there, so I hope they don't ruin a good thing between now and then!Pete of New Hampshire
  7. I didn't know there was any evidence to suppose that marijuana is even the least bit addictive. Do you know of any such evidence?Pete of New Hampshire
  8. It's also a great scene from the movie "Full Metal Jacket"
  9. You are right, John. Non-scientists tend to 'believe' or should I say 'swallow' unquestioned the hypotheses they prefer. Notably those proposals that reinforce their existing worldview and somehow fit their picture of the timeline of the earths history.Most scientists, however, are more intellectually honest about such things and derive their views from the reading of data and the perusing of actual information collected in the real world.That's why the only controversy with regard to things like this 'global warming' subject is predominantly among non-scientists, or at least science workers in the employ of corporattions and government institutions with interest in preserving the status quo of fossil fuel burning.But, you're right...the subject should be banned, because the only possible result is conflict between the credulous and the rational.Always the same thing, especially with regards to religion. Politics, however is banned because all politicians are crooks. Simple, isn't it?hahahahaPete
  10. Wow!! that's great...I'm in the same position. I need an apartment or house or condo rental for two months...from middle of March to the end of April. two bedrooms is a requirement. and aircon, of course. :)Cebu, Talisay, Minglanilla, Lapu Lapu, anywhere is fine, really. Also, its got to have appliances and kitchen stuff. Ref, stove, pots, pans, etc....like that.Thanks in advance if anyone knows of anything!
  11. I always enjoy reading your posts, Daisy.Happy Belated Birthday!I hope this year brings you even more kindness, caring and patience than you spread to those around you.
  12. That would give a chance to collar 3 weasels with just one net! Pete C
  13. Wasn't bad for me...I'm in the southern part of the state. Got only about 6 inches. But then it turned to freezing rain and now its such a solid mass...I think it'll be here nearly til April.If I was smart, I'd be in Cebu right now. I'll trade cold and dark for warm and sunny every time!Pete CGlad to see your Steelers did ok this weekend.
  14. Hey!! that happened to me too! I think you're right about the anti-foreigner environment.amm...I -may- have had a drink or two preceding that knee-skinning.Pete C
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