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  1. Great topic, I have been thinking the same thing myself lately. We can often look at things like how Filipinos act strange like on Facebook twisting their fingers in really weird poses but maybe they think the same when they see foreigners walking along the street dressed like goofy with a big money bag on their stomach, their baggy cargo shorts, big tennis shoes and sweating like a pig lol.
  2. Does anyone else notice that most wealthier Filipinos (at least ones that look that way), mainly the woman are very over weight? I would say this is mainly because they are eating out a lot at these fast food outlets and getting overdoses of white sugar, salt and fat. I said to my girlfriend that you are much better off to be poor here as you will live much longer and will probably be happier anyway as your diet will not make you feel miserable. Yes diet can make you feel good or bad so it's not just about living longer as I know that when I eat out a lot like I have been lately while travelling that I feel tired and not as good as I would normally. that is mainly as I'm not eating the fresh veggies, meat and chemical free diet I eat when I make my own food.
  3. I have always known most of the food here is full of white sugar but I have really started to see it becoming an epidemic now. For example today I went to one of those stalls you see at the malls where you can buy a freshly made fruit shake or juice. These are good value and healthy drinks as long as you ask for no sugar. I watched as locals ordered what they probably thought was a healthy drink and I was shocked to see how much white sugar the girl was putting in each customers drink. I'm sure she was putting in at least half a cup of white sugar in each. At least they do have an option now to use brown sugar instead if you notice the small sign but no one I seen was asking for it and I was the only one out of 10 to ask for no sugar. I really can't understand why anyone would even need 1 teaspoon of sugar in these fruit drinks anyway let alone half a cup as they are naturally sweetened by the fruit sugars. I had a native fruit shake which is only offered in season with some melon. I also ask for "LESS ice" as they understand that better than asking for "little ice" otherwise you get a freeken frozen iceberg that will freeze up your whole intensities and stomach in seconds as I realized when I forgot in Manila the other day when I got off the plane. This evening I went to Pizza hut ( I should have known from previous experiences) ... I ordered a beef type of pasta dish that had the word "savory" in the description. Guess what? yes it was more like a desert as it was also loaded wit white sugar but I was so hungry I ate in anyway and told the waiter to tell the chef it was loaded with sugar and not a pasta savory dish.... ah well, welcome to the Philippines and I had to smile and not get annoyed... :) looking forward to moving to my condo in a few days so I can eat some proper healthy food we can cook at home.....
  4. remind me not to buy my mangos from there :)
  5. Also one thing I noticed if you are in a car, taxi, bus or whatever people on the street or sidewalk gaze into the windows of nearly every vehicle, I have never witnessed this in my home country. Next time you go for a drive check it out!
  6. I think Filipinos are much more interested in "people" than anything else or at least the way people look, their face, their partner and their general look. I really noticed this on my return back this last week. When I'm in Australia you get a few glances and as long as you remain positive people will smile and be friendly but they don't really care so much for other people in the street they don't know. Although maybe teenagers will be more fascinated with other teens etc and the opposite sex. Now you come to the Philippines and I really notice how nearly ALL people look at you. Walking through a mall people will gaze with curiosity and interest. I even mentioned it to my girlfriend the other day saying how I noticed that Filipinos are very inquisitive people. it's not just because I'm a foreigner although that probably means I get a lot of extra looks but they look at each other with interest too.
  7. Paul, a CNI is a document one must get if they plan to marry in the Philippines. "CERTIFICATE OF NO IMPEDIMENT (CNI) also known as Certificate of Legal Capacity" more details here: http://www.australia.com.ph/mnla/marriage.html I think it's basically a document to declare that either party is not currently married.
  8. yeah I was surprised as my past experiences in Manila were not as easy. I actually found the people in Manila very cheerful that day. thanks mate :) Yeah Bob, my business is portable, it can be run on my laptop like a lot of travelers do these days. That was why I preferred to work on my online business instead of looking for a 9-5 job back in Aussie when I went back last December as once I would finish the 9-5 job I might have more savings but I would have no income once I traveled again. So it was a choice I had to make and I'm glad It worked out as it was risky to put it all on the line as I was getting close to maxing out my credit card. Now I have the freedom to travel here and be with my fiancée while I can still work. but it doesn't stop here, in this business one must find opportunities and make a number of income streams as often one will stop without notice due to number of factors including Google changing things, your advertiser or merchant stops or changes or competitors take you out..... If you have any questions or would like some help then I would be happy to offer any advice if it is something I know about. Just post here if you do.....
  9. Update: yesterday I got on the net and went to all the classified websites and made a list of some condos that looked OK. I sent a text to them all but only got one reply (although I got plenty of replies later that day). I seen an ad for a condo to rent at Ramos Towers in Cebu and the photos looked good, new, and comfortable looking plus close to my girlfriend's work. So I decided to get a ride there and see if I could talk to the security guards etc and see if they know of any condos in the building for rent. A guy took me around to the main entrance as I had missed that and went the back way. It was good to see a very professional hotel like layout and a front admin desk, not like when I stayed at Winland towers which was a bit of a dump when you walked in at least although the condos are spacious there. So I was taken to an agent who had an office nearby and I told her I was looking to rent a condo if there was any available. She took me up the superfast lift and was going to show me two of them and the first one we looked at the owners were still living in it and apparently had told her only hours before that they wanted to rent it out as they would go back and live on the other island. So they seemed fine and we had a chat and the place looked great although maybe a little smaller than I wanted (27sm) but not too bad. It is furnished but I told them we would rather they take their TV & fridge as we had our own anyway but they will leave the doable bed for us so we don't have to buy one. It had a little deck outside with tables and chairs with good views of the city, the waterfront toward Bohol I think and of the mountains behind Cebu. it is about halfway up so it's got pretty good views and fairly clean air. We will pay 18,500 per month starting from next week on a 6 month lease but if we wanted to move out after 4 months they will return the 1 month bond as long as we give them two weeks notice. The apartment is quite new and stylish, comfortable etc so we are happy to find it and it was only the 2nd place I looked at and I was not looking forward to spending days running around Cebu looking for places so it was good to get it over and done with quickly. So sometimes the best way is to just find a couple of condo buildings on the web that interest you and go there in person. ;)
  10. hi mate, can you pm me the details If it is in 1 jeep ride to E-Mall so my fiancée can get to her job or maybe 2 rides. I should also say that we might be able to pay up to 25,000 per month now as we want to find something comfortable. We don't want any long term contracts though but may sign up to 3 months. We had a look at one today that was close to her work. it was only 8,000 but it was 12 months and too small although new. They then showed us other ones upstairs for 15,000 on month to month. We were nearly going to take it then but we decided not too as they kept changing the costs. She told us I only have to pay 15,000 to move in and the electricity and water is included. Then after she spoke on the phone it changed to 1 month plus 1 month bond 30,000 (which is fair enough but they should have told us first) but the deal breaker was that we would have to pay all water and power plus now pay 20,000 per month as they will provide air-con even though we didn't want air-con... lol... it was not worth 20k per month as it was too small for a start.
  11. hey there, I wanted to post up how my trip here has gone while everything is still fresh in my mind. I do plan to contribute to others threads as well soon but just been a little rushed lately. Anyway, so as some of you might recall I had to go back to Australia at the end of last year as my income had dropped off and my savings had gone so I needed to sort things out. I had the option of finding a normal job back in OZ or to try to pick up the scraps of my online business and make it work. As I'm not a 50 year old although a very young 50 year old lol and I had not had a normal job since 2005 when I worked as a webdesigner in Sydney I was really not looking forward to job hunting. Since 2005 I have made all my income online and supported my self digitally. I have had ups and downs, in 2008-2010 I was making over 100k profit then the next few years until late last year it went down to just a dribble and not enough to live on. The problem now is that I have a fiancée and plans for marriage so it's not just about me anymore either although my fiancée is independent now and is happily working at her job here in Cebu. So anyway to cut a long story short I decided to carry on with my online business and find new ways to bring in income. I also rented out a cheap and not very nice place to stay while I saved. So after spending many late nights and long days researching, testing and developing I found some methods to bring in some regular income online. I had a large cc debt and other bills which are all now cleared. But the best thing is I have a steady income again and it's growing each day with many opportunities to get even better. I still have to watch my pennies though until I can get a sold savings in my bank but I'm pleased that I managed to turn around a dying business to now be doing quite well and with lots of potential for growth,,,,. It was all done living in a hole with cockroaches and not the nicest living conditions but sometimes when you are in the worst conditions it's when you can be highly motivated and can get the best results. Mission completed! So anyway if you might remember I wanted to get CNI as there was some conflicting info about how one should go about it. I was not comfortable with sending it in the mail along with a check and waiting the 3 weeks or so. So I planned to stop in Manila first and go to the Embassy and get it in person. So I planned my trip to get there early in Manila so I had plenty of time and fly out to Cebu later that day. I arrived just after 5am on my $250 jetstar flight from Sydney via Darwin. Now here is some info that some might find helpful too... I decided to ask the immigration officer when I went though customs if I could extend my visa there and she said sure and told me to go to the room on the side and ask the woman there. So I did and she told me it would cost 2600 pesos. I told her I had to go to ATM machine so I did that just out though the main area, Anyway it was only a 15 minute wait and I had my 59 day visa, Much easier than going to Mandaue., After that and since it was still early I decided to get the 20 peso shuttle to Terminal 3 and hang out there for awhile. I got on the bus which was all pimped out 70's style and with the SOUNDZ and great Filipino music, nice trip to the other terminal and a good way to be welcomed back into the Philippines. I also had to leave from T3 when I would fly out to Cebu around 2pm. So I get to the terminal 3 and find a baggage storage area that was only 150 pesos for 3 hours. So I left my main bag there even though it was all carry on luggage and locked it up. I took my laptop bag with me. I had breakfast upstairs at the food court and was back in familiar territory of eating the not so healthy Filipino mall food which is all loaded with sugar etc. The yogurt Strawberry smoothie sounded great at Rodgers but I was soon disappointed when I got a just a large cup of ice and sugar, "Welcome to the Philippines" I chuckled to myself. :) This is the attitude one must have here otherwise you can get annoyed easy especially someone who is fussy with food. Anyway it was also nice to have younger females flirt and laugh again each time I went to a info desk etc and ask for directions. It certainly does your confidence good but all that was on my mind was getting to Cebu and to be with my beautiful fiancée. So after 8.30am I decided to go to the Yellow taxis this time as I had read on forums that you are better off to pay a little extra for them in Manila. I went out to the waiting area for the yellow cabs and was shocked to see hundreds of people in huge lines waiting there. There was no way I was going to wait in that queue so I immediately went upstairs to the white taxis and it was unbelievable as there was like 2 people waiting lol and about 5 taxis. I jumped in the newest looking taxi and asked him if he knew where the Embassy in Ayala Drive is in Makati and he said sure and we drove off, 10 seconds later he said "so where in Makati did I want to go?" hehe,,, Anyway, he was OK once I showed him the address on my cell phone and it was only 150 pesos or so along the Skyline to get there and even less when I came back. I got the Embassy and asked the guy at the counter on the ground floor about the CNI. I told him I want my CNI and I showed him the forms I had already filled out and had an Aussie JP sign (thanks to Jolly here in the forum for that idea)., Unfortunately he told me that you must book and make an appointment. I said "Oh, I never realized I needed to make an appointment" and told him that I had a flight out to Cebu later that day. He told me that he would see what he could do and hope to get someone to see me. After a few minutes he gave me the thumbs up to my relief and told me I could go up and see someone and he gave me a pass. I offered him 100 pesos discreetly as a tip for helping me but he declined as I expected and said it's OK sir and smiled. The woman at the counter was also very helpful and she took my form and a signed JP copy of my Birth Cert. I paid about 3760 pesos which was less than the actual exchange rate for the 90 AU that day which was interesting and I was not going to argue with that. It was all done in less than 15 minutes. She gave me 3 copies and I walked out a happy man. I got the taxi back to T3 and spent most of the time catching up on some sleep while I waited for my flight. My fiancée finished work in the evening and came back to my hotel to be back with me. It was so nice to see her and I realized how lucky I was and how beautiful she is, I can't believe I nearly forget how gorgeous she is but more importantly she is just a sweet and lovely person. Anyway, I'm going looking at apartments over the next few days and just looking forward to spending time with my girl and planning our future. Thanks to the forum members who gave me advice and info on getting my CNI and all other things I had enquired about over the last 6 months....
  12. Pretty shocking alright, I think I will avoid asking dept store security for directions in the future... Interesting facts there...that son earning 400k a month seems pretty small for that sort of job compared to say in Australia where they might make that per day or week Plus if they are that rich 13 billion, I think they would be in top of the list of the wealthiest people in the world ? yeah it's crazy how they can put people on 5 months contract so the worker has to go through and spend all their savings (if they have any left) for the last job on applying for a new job, just a dumb and very stupid system, makes no sense at all!
  13. OK that sounds good, will ask him to take me through skyway. I get there early just after 5am and leave in early afternoon, don't have the exact times with me now but I think I should have enough time?
  14. hi, im leaving with Cebu pacific which I think is from T3? My plan is to get a taxi to embassy with my luggage and then when finished get taxi back to T3. I will only have carry on luggage, one small backpack and laptop bag. I might also bring my 3/4 size acoustic guitar on the flight in soft bag (not in luggage). I think it will be easy enough to take it all in the taxi but yeah putting it in storage might be better!
  15. buying a car in the Philippines would be more about research, checking up, legal issues, owner documents, registration. fees, licenses etc etc and then if you can handle all that you can then have fun dealing with the free for all no rules driving, many traffic jams and all that nice pollution and black smoke in your face... :) better to get a bike or taxis/jeeps etc...
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