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  1. France has one of the higher divorce rates in the world, 55% Why worry about something that has not happened yet? If you want to marry her then pop the question, if she says yes then concentrate on having a good life with her.
  2. Curley


    Hmmm, I guess we-re all old farts who have a dislike of karaoke. No suggestions or answers to my question. :unsure:
  3. I assume that is a question. I think that it would be a struggle in the Phils as well as in the UK. Add in the fact that your pension would be frozen, no annual increases, if you lived in the Phils will make it even worse in the future. Here in Colombia, I could comfortably live on just my UK old age pension. The Uk has an agreement with the Phills in that you do get the increases over here how long that will last is anybodies guess :bash: Oooops, I didn-t know that.
  4. I assume that is a question. I think that it would be a struggle in the Phils as well as in the UK. Add in the fact that your pension would be frozen, no annual increases, if you lived in the Phils will make it even worse in the future. Here in Colombia, I could comfortably live on just my UK old age pension.
  5. Curley


    I am certainly not a fan either but I am trying not to be Ebeneezer Scrooge this year as I now have a family, I can assure you that although it has an output of 1200 watts it will be played at a lkevel that MY poor old ears can tolerate comfortably.
  6. Curley


    That's the system Jake. Nope, I don't want to use my existing music, I want pop songs etc without the lyrics but with a subtitled video so that the "singer" can read and sing the words to the backing music. I can go online and hook up to millions of tracks on youtube karaoke channel but due to the spotty net connection (just like the Phils) it may prove to be a nuisance. I was hoping to use a hard drive to feed the hard disk in my new equipment.
  7. What better place to ask about karaoke/videoke than a Phils forum? I have just bought a new home cinema/surround sound system (LG LH725) and one of the addidtional features is the ability to use it for karaoke. The system is "smart" but our internet connection here is a bit dodgy at times so I want to be able to put something onto a hard drive and use that rather than rely on an internet connection that can freeze or drop out at busy times. Having something sent by post/mail is not an option so a download that is not too heavy seems like the way to go. Any suggestions for this complete karaoke newby would be appreciated, thanks.
  8. The countryside here would be a dream for you. Very cheap cost of living too.
  9. I'm with you every inch of the way Jack. This is the view from every room in the (L shaped) house apart from the lounge which we only use at night. .
  10. Ten years ago it was over 100 to the pound http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=GBP&to=PHP&view=10Y
  11. Jack, I have the same thing here. New lady has a good well paid job for the local energy co, recent stats show that she serves almost double the number of clients as the next busiest person in the company. Her hours are 7.30 to 5.30 five days a week but she usually gets to the office around 6 .45 and sometimes doesn't leave till 8 or 9 at night. Add to that the frequent Saturday work and it's all too much. About 10 weeks ago I suggested that she review her pension age, amount etc as she was adamant that she would retire at 56 with full salary for the rest of her life. Best thing I could have done, it turns out that she would now retire at 58 and that it would be nothing like a full salary pension, if she wanted a full salary pension she would have to work till she was 70 ..... unless they changed the rules again! I am seriously looking at setting up a new business, an idea I've had in my head for years, it would mean being able to work for 3 days (4 days some weeks) a week and have the rest of the time to ourselves. She has recently applied for a 3 month unpaid sabbatical so that we can explore my ideas further.
  12. As many of the board members are of the more "life experienced" type I thought this might be of use. About 5 years ago I went on a 5 day fast to try to clean up my body a little, it involved a week of raw food and then 5 days of herbs, Bentonite clay and organic apple juice plus LOTS of water. On the fourth day I heard a “plop” as I peed but paid no real attention, later that day I heard more “plops” and there on the side of the toilet bowl was a lentil sized/coloured stone, I collected a dozen of these over the next day or so. I thought they were kidney stones but on checking up info on the net it seemed unlikely. As I was due to leave for Thailand I decided to wait till I was there and then go to the Pattaya International hospital to have it checked out. I had also been having blood in my pee after exercise (round of golf for example). Had a scan and the specialist informed me that they were bladder stones and that I had “too many to count” still in my bladder and that was what was causing my bleeding, the stones were chafing on the inner walls of my bladder and causing it to bleed. He also said that my prostate was a bit oversized and proposed that he would put a drill up my tonker, cut away some of the inner part of my prostate and therefore make more space for the stones to escape! It turned out that the “drill” was in fact a laser but scary as hell anyway. They quoted me about $16,500 for the complete treatment including hospitalisation, medication etc. Like most men I decided to “sleep on it” and left Thailand without having it done. Back in Tenerife I was nagged by my secretary into going to my own doctor to get a second opinion, his verdict was that my prostate was normal and I should go for a scan to see the state of the stones. As usual I had a lot of work stacked up after my holiday and I was happy that my prostate was normal so didn’t bother going for another scan. There was also the nagging thought that maybe the Thai specialist just wanted to earn some good money from the foreigner. When I think back on things, I really was stupid to keep putting it off, I had most of the symptoms of an oversized prostate, frequent urination, urgency to urinate, incomplete bladder emptying, getting up during the night to pee etc. Some days it was worse than others so it was easy to believe that maybe it would heal itself. After a harrowing two years of getting ripped off by my business partner, losing heaps of money, selling my house at a knock down price etc I ended up retired in Colombia. Last year I decided that it really was time to man up and sort out my problems. Went to see a specialist at the best clinic in Medellin, his report …….. my prostate was fine and that he would like me to have a full lower body ultrasound scan to decide what to do about the possible bladder stones. Cost of the scan plus other blood/heart/lungs/urine tests? Some $1,000 or so! What did I do? Like most men I put it to the back of my mind haha. Alas, what I did not allow for was the gentle but firm insistence of Francisca that my health was important to her so I went to a different clinic to have a scan and tests (cost about $100) A lovely lady doctor did the scan and informed me that I had two very large bladder stones and a very much enlarged prostate. Included in the cost was a detailed report plus scan images etc. After that I had no choice but to make an appointment at the same clinic with a specialist. His recommendation was to have surgery as soon as he could fit me in, he would do the two operations, remove the bladder stones and remove the inner part of my prostate at the same time. Braced myself for the cost ……. All in $2,000 YES that included his fee (cash only), the anaesthetist, operating theatre, two nights hospitalisation, drugs etc. OK even I could see the sense in going for it and getting it done. Francisca had insisted that she would spend the whole time in the clinic with me and would not listen to me pooh poohing the idea. Of course she was right, the private room included a sofa bed for guests but no facility to order food but as there were several restaurants and cafes very nearby it was no problem. Her help and attention during those two days was invaluable. The operation was on the Saturday afternoon, booked into our room and paid in advance (no risk of non-payment if they made a cock up). The very young nurse made a hash of inserting a drip/drugs “receiver” into my arm and had to call for help as the vein she punctured started to leak under my skin. Down to the operating room and time to sign a form stating that I understood there were risks that it could go wrong, some drug into my “receiver” and then a cold gel on my back and a spinal injection ……. Didn’t work enough so a second injection was given, by then I’d had more pricks than a naughty girl on a busy day. I was awake during the whole procedure but with a screen across my chest so that I couldn’t see what they were doing. They stuck a camera up my tonker and pronounced that indeed my prostate was very large and that they would have to operate as expected. The anaesthetist sat at my side till they had taken out the stones and cut away the excess from my prostate, he then took a photo of the offending items on his phone and showed it to me, was the phone sterilised? Four bladder stones and a chunk of red "meat". A prostate shoild be about the size of a walnut, they cut away 4 or 5 walnuts from mine! After 90 mins in the theatre it was off to the recovery room, my legs were as light as feathers when one of the nurses asked me to lift them, incredible feeling. Thirty minutes later I was wheeled back to our room and reunion with Francisca. On the Sunday after the operation I had blood and urine leaking out of my tonker instead of going down the catheter as most of it was, it stung and was painful so Francisca called the nurse and the nurse called her boss so I had two lovely young ladies handling my tonker and balls with Francisca looking on, this went on for some time with stops to call the doctor for advice, she insists that I was getting a hard on at one point! It was lovely lying there bollock naked with three lovely girls gently touching, lifting and surveying my equipment. Back home and my “doctor” looked after me splendidly, changing the dressings, showering me and ensuring that I lifted nothing or did anything that involved something that she could do. Wednesday night and I woke up with a stonking hard on (whoopee I hadn’t joined the 10% who have problems after a prostate op) On the Thursday I sneaked out and cleaned the pool while she was showering and making up etc as we were expecting visitors. BIG trouble for me! Had a short drive in the car for the first time, no problems so decided I would drive us to the clinic to have the catheter removed. Friday morning arrived and just before we were heading out I had a call from a neighbour, he had come off his motorbike and broken his foot so we went and picked him up and took him to the clinic with us. As soon as we got into the specialist’s office Francisca opened her mouth and told the doctor about my pool cleaning antics …… talk about telling tales! Following a lecture from BOTH of them I agreed that a month of convalescence was a good idea. Time for the catheter removal …… I was not looking forward to this …… I’ve no idea what he did but after a few minutes of fiddling around down below he said brace yourself and out it came with very little pain apart from the final moment of removal but that was only a momentary pain. We went for breakfast at a lovely vegetarian restaurant and then did some shopping for the Lake house. Bought Francisca a lovely long jumper for cool evenings which she can just decently wear as a mini dress. About 10.30 when we left the clinic, got home at 2.30 and had NO NEED TO PEE. Four hours without a pee for me? Unheard of! I was a bit wary of the pain for my first pee but it was only a little discomfort. My next pee was 6 ½ hours later! For any of you debating whether or not to get your prostate done I can only say that I feel such an idiot for putting up with the inconvenience for all these years. Feeling absolutely great and peeing like a horse! :thumbsup:
  13. Yeah, stuff your body with chemicals so that you can carry on abusing it. Seriously, a change in your eating and drinking habits is called for, no alcohol on an empty stomach is a vital rule to follow if you suffer from gastric problems, don't go to bed on a full stomach either. A nice stroll after a meal is an excellent aid to digestion. Those little blue pills will also give gastric problems.
  14. I have a new desktop with windows 8.1 and didn't like it so I installed (free) Classic shell which improves it a LOT. When I built the desktop I installed an SSD to hold the operating system ....... worth every penny of the $84 I spent. It boots to full desktop in less than 30 seconds. I'll wait a while before trying 10, my laptop runs on 7 which to my mind is the best windows OS for a long time.
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