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  1. Did I read this correctly? So Legally, I am not allowed to bring any Filipina 10 years younger than me back to my hotel? If so, man... I am guilty - 10 times over.
  2. That is obvious. My dilemma is once the priest says you are now ONE... After marriage, how do you approach this? I do have a girl in mind. But I'm not sure she could handle my financial situation if I disclosed it honestly. And I know it has to be eventually discussed. There are always problems associated with money, even in abundance. Maybe this forum is not the best source of solutions...
  3. I'm not that stupid. I'm back home in Hawaii now.
  4. Totally disagree. Especially in marriage. Open, honest communication is the crust of trust. If you can't do that, you got the wrong partner.
  5. yeah, I was drunk when I posted that... maybe a mistake.
  6. Sorry if I came across that way, but it is a problem I have been contemplating non the less. I guess this forum was the wrong place to seek such an answer. Funny how we don't like discussing money problems, especially when in abundance. Something even families have a hard time discussing around the dinner table. But it is a legitimate question. How do you go about discussing it with your significant other? You do realize that money is still the number one cause of divorce in the US right?
  7. Hell man, just had a great night out tonight. I'm going to disclose a little more. Not to brag, but only for your honest opinion and feedback. I have net worth of $2.6 million. Which includes a penthouse condo in Hawaii, overlooking a golf course, just 5 minutes away from the airport. I have no debt... everything is paid for ... and I have a government pension and investments that gives me $7K per month. How do I discuss the topic of money with a young potential Filipina? Who barely understands how to open a savings account in a bank. As fun as it is, it can be frustrating.
  8. Same here. But now, it's mostly to play pool with the bar girls. That never gets old to me. Still fun.
  9. I can understand if this was in the province of Samal, Leyte... but this condition is within an established Angeles City Condo. The majority of travelers don't bother with turning on the TV. It's YouTube, and internet on their laptops. Common man...
  10. Totally agree. Bar fining the bar girls are for the newbies. You eventually learn there are a lot of quality girls outside of the bars. Bar girls are like cattle... the better they look, the more they screw... I quit playing that game a long time ago.
  11. You rent an awesome condo on AirBnb. It even has a separate bedroom. But the internet sucks. There is no WiFi signal that extends to your bedroom. The only spot that can catch a signal Is in the corner of your living room, so you set up a table to set up your laptop there. Does this piss you off?? Common man, how many of us can live without a good WiFi signal that extends throughout our rented place? Especially to the bedroom? To me, this is unacceptable. Common Philippines...
  12. I just watched parts of it. Hooo. Dudely Moore is one lucky guy in that scene. Raquel is the bomb.
  13. Definitely gonna check this out. Makes me molibog just thinking about it.
  14. Man oh man! I know my age is showing now, but I can't shake it. Now who on this forum also thinks Raquel Welch is the all time sex symbol? I re-watched 1 Million BC again and she is just stunning. I guess I will never be able to outgrow the impression she left as a child - my first Hollywood crush. Don't you think there are some Filipina's with similar facial features?
  15. No need to be a sex tourist in the Philippines, there are many great women outside of the bars.
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