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  1. If you listen to the pod cast, I think you would have a different opinion.
  2. I just sat through a 1 hour pod cast with Paula Pant interviewing Suze Orman on the F.I.R.E movement. According to Orman, 2 million dollars is not enough to retire. I can't believe the arrogance of this lady.
  3. bows00

    Ultra Lottery

    It's a no win situation with a Philippines lottery. First off, the odds are better to get hit by lighting twice so it's just a waste of money. And by all odds if you win, your life will permanently be in danger.
  4. If you seek beautiful beaches, you will have to spend time away from the city. And since this is your first time, you may consider taking some baby steps and start off in the tourist areas, like Boracay, Palawan... But a bit of warning, you will encounter many foreigners in these areas and you may not get the full blown cultural experience. Personally, I have been exploring the country for quite some time now (approximately 4 months this year) and 29 days would not be enough time to establish a solid relationship. At best, it would only get your foot in the door for your next trip. And the best advice I got was NOT to make any big decisions (e.g., marriage, business, real estate purchase, etc.) until I spend at least a year and experienced how life works there.
  5. It's a good plan to start. I always stay at the Hyatt City of Dreams for a couple of days to recoup and to avoid the traffic (unless I fly in on a Sunday, with no traffic). The City of Dreams is located only 8 minutes from the airport - just make sure you have an extra 35 peso on you to take the Sky Way to avoid the traffic. You will have to provide this to the taxi driver to get through the toll.
  6. bows00

    Foreigner living on the streets

    This can be a reminder to other "expat wanna be's" out there that the Philippines can be a very miserable place with no income.
  7. bows00

    USS Ronald Reagan

    These aircraft carriers are amazing. I had the privilege of taking a tour on this boat when it was docked in Pearl Harbor. In our dreams, we were hoping to one day service one of these, but our island didn't have the infrastructure to accommodate one these floating cities. It would have had a major impact on our economy if it was parked in our shipyard. It's a floating city.
  8. There are areas in the Philippines that are popular with foreign expats, like Manila, Angeles City, and Dumaguete. So naturally, age gap relationships are common sightings in these places. But as I ventured outside of these areas, to places like Tagbilaran, Tacloban, and Davao, I have discovered that it is also common to find much older Filipino men with younger Filipina's. So it's not just about the white skin and blue eyes...
  9. bows00

    Pampanga as the next best thing to Manila?

    Being a foodie and drinker, I love it in Pampanga. Although it's not as expensive as Manila, i find myself spending more for the extracurricular activities. I find myself always returning on my Philippine trips. But as to the original post, anywhere is better than Manila.
  10. bows00

    When things just don't add up.

    When your checking your bank statement, didn't the purchase show on the itemized list?
  11. bows00

    Elevator Manners

    Well, maybe just a little... Well, maybe just a little..."smirk".
  12. Totally agree. Recommend reading Ric Edelman's book "Truth About Your Future" which provides a realistic view of the future and our economy and how exponential technology is going to be shaping our world (in the near future).
  13. bows00

    Elevator Manners

    My intentions were not to make this into a grip session, I am really enjoying my stay in Davao. But I do believe it is a cultural thing. On opposite end of the spectrum, I have witnesses hundreds of commuters, literally wall to wall people, in Japan's subway stations efficiently and orderly make their way through the station during rush hours.
  14. bows00

    Elevator Manners

    Living here in the Philippines requires a lot of patience and my tolerance has been pretty goods so far. But there are a few things that get on my nerves - like common sense elevator etiquette. Why can't residents understand that when the elevator door opens, you wait and let the people exit first. In eagerness, it is common to see potential cross collisions when the door opens. I find this common with Filipino, Korean and Chinese people here in the Philippines. It is common sense....right? .
  15. Music will always be locked into my memory and associated with past experiences. Whenever I hear a classic tune from the 70's and 80's, it brings me back to fun times with friends and family (and girls too...).