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  1. bows00

    Miss Universe

    What?? I don't believe the response or the intentions of this thread. She is a Filipina and a beaut… period. The Philippines has developed a trend to win beauty contests -- and for reason. Filipina's are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. I only hope this doesn't entice more eligible foreigners to come here... it's no longer a secret.
  2. bows00

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I wonder if there are circumstances where an employee can get fired for keeping under the table tips.
  3. I've never had a problem with metered cabs just outside of the Terminal 2 arrival area. I always plan it so that I arrive on a Sunday to avoid the dreaded Manila traffic.
  4. Why wouldn't you expect to pay higher prices for US products there?
  5. bows00

    Dogs Have Adapted Well

    I don't know what "pulutan" is but it sounds masarap.
  6. bows00

    Dogs Have Adapted Well

    I mentioned this previously on another thread, but it was interesting to see dogs walking along the side of a busy street and timing their way threw cars to cross the road. With all those stray dogs, I have rarely seen a dead dog on the side of the road.
  7. It could have been clearer if written "... a minor twelve (12) years or under, or a minor who is ten (10) years or more his junior, in any public or private place...
  8. Did I read this correctly? You cannot hangout with anyone ten (10) years of more your junior? If so, then conservatively speaking, I could guess that over half the expats are guilty.
  9. If you listen to the pod cast, I think you would have a different opinion.
  10. I just sat through a 1 hour pod cast with Paula Pant interviewing Suze Orman on the F.I.R.E movement. According to Orman, 2 million dollars is not enough to retire. I can't believe the arrogance of this lady.
  11. bows00

    Ultra Lottery

    It's a no win situation with a Philippines lottery. First off, the odds are better to get hit by lighting twice so it's just a waste of money. And by all odds if you win, your life will permanently be in danger.
  12. If you seek beautiful beaches, you will have to spend time away from the city. And since this is your first time, you may consider taking some baby steps and start off in the tourist areas, like Boracay, Palawan... But a bit of warning, you will encounter many foreigners in these areas and you may not get the full blown cultural experience. Personally, I have been exploring the country for quite some time now (approximately 4 months this year) and 29 days would not be enough time to establish a solid relationship. At best, it would only get your foot in the door for your next trip. And the best advice I got was NOT to make any big decisions (e.g., marriage, business, real estate purchase, etc.) until I spend at least a year and experienced how life works there.
  13. It's a good plan to start. I always stay at the Hyatt City of Dreams for a couple of days to recoup and to avoid the traffic (unless I fly in on a Sunday, with no traffic). The City of Dreams is located only 8 minutes from the airport - just make sure you have an extra 35 peso on you to take the Sky Way to avoid the traffic. You will have to provide this to the taxi driver to get through the toll.
  14. bows00

    Foreigner living on the streets

    This can be a reminder to other "expat wanna be's" out there that the Philippines can be a very miserable place with no income.