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  1. bows00

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Achieving financial independence opens doors for many options in life. It gave me the option to leave the comforts of Hawaii and move to the Philippines for a year to find my true purpose in life. I needed time away from the island rock and I'm really enjoying it here so far.
  2. bows00

    So She Said Yes!!

    So when is your bachelor party?? Can I come?
  3. Here in Davao, I extended for one month past the 59 days and was not required to pay for an ACR as long as I showed proof of a return ticket.
  4. bows00

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    This was my first experience with pocket WiFi. The AirBnB owner stated in the description of the apartment but I overlooked it. Live and learn. But like I stated earlier, there is always a silver lining to everything. I am getting out of the house more often and have found several cool coffee shops to hang out of and have met some cool people (including two Filipna's).
  5. bows00

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    Good question. On a positive note, I find myself going out way more often for the WiFi hot spots. And yes, I find it therapeutic as it forces me to cut back on my porno. But on the negative side, I find myself overly malibog throughout the day (ha!).
  6. bows00

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I am currently in Davao using an AirBnB condo that doesn't have WiFi, but the owner provided me with Globe's Mobile WiFi unit where you are required to buy data by the MB and man is it expensive! I just spent 1000 pesos ($20 US) for 8 GB. The data consumption will depend on what you are doing of course and watching any type of video (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) will consume about 1 GB per hour. So if you do the math, a typical Netflix movie will cost you around $5 US. What they didn't tell me was that the unit has to be turned off when not in use or data can be leaked even if your device (computer/phone) is off. So poof! I just lost $20 over night. In addition, I have to take this device back to the mall to load more data. I'm currently so disgusted and pissed, I'm contemplating forgoing internet in my condo for the rest of my stay here. It's going to a very long 19 days. The things we take for granted back home... How can anyone in the Philippines afford this? I'm surprised there is even a market for this here.
  7. bows00

    Cash withdrawal fees.

    I don't know if it is available in the EU, but in the US, I use the Charles Schwab debit card that allows unlimited withdrawals and redeems all transaction fees at the end of the month. At 10,000 peso a crack, it works for me.
  8. bows00


    Davao has a long way to go before it looks anything like Bonifacio Global City, but it is definitely going in the right direction as you see signs throughout the city trying to enforce the "no spitting/ no littering" law. Even I have to catch myself from spitting at times...
  9. bows00


    Traffic is everywhere in the Philippines. Especially in major cities. I am currently in Davao and it gets really bad here around 3 pm through 7 pm throughout the weekdays - almost as bad as Manila. Along with the traffic comes the dreaded air pollution where it is common to see locals covering their nose and mouth with masks, hands and napkins. This is definitely my number one grip of the Philippines - coming in at a close 2nd is the garbage and litter throughout.
  10. bows00

    What's it Like in Your Neck of the Woods?

    Hey Queenie, this is a great idea for I'm all ears. Recently retired in 2018, I'm searching for a location in the Philippines I can eventually call my home. I am taking my time, giving myself a month each city - so far, I've experienced life in Bonifacio Global City, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran, Angeles City and Subic. Next month it will be Davao. It's really interesting to hear another members take on the area's I have already visited - for example, just living 20 minutes outside of the main city can make a big difference.
  11. bows00

    Got burgled last night

    All it takes is a big piece of chicken to make them your friends.
  12. Now with the ACR, will that allow me to open up a bank account here?
  13. I will be in Davao (for my first time) when I will need my 3rd extension. And the ACR criteria is not as clear as you say it is.
  14. I just got my tourist visa extended from 30 days to 59 days (for 2930 Peso). My next destination will be in Davao, where I will need another extension when the 59 days expires. Will there be any additional costs to extend beyond the 59 days? Is there anything I will have to purchase in addition to the visa extension?
  15. That, in my opinion, is a major plus. I'm assuming the family won't be asking you for handouts?