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  1. Thanks all. We were only going to stay for a month or so at first. Going to keep our home here in Texas. We were wondering about the balikbayan time limits. Haven't found much on how long to stay away. We are also looking into a place in guam and maybe going back and forth from there to Philippines. Still not sure just exactly what we are going to do yet. Thanks for all the information.
  2. We were thinking about sometime next year possibly around June or July. We figure that the pandemic thing should be over with by then. I just couldn't remember how long we would have to leave the philippines after we had stayed there for 1 year on the Balikbayan stamp. If I remember correctly 7 or 8 years ago ya had the choice of requesting an extention or leaving for a few days, with your wife, then you could come back together and get the stamp again. But it was a long time ago. Thanks
  3. How long does one have to stay out of the philippines after the one year expiration of the Balikbayan? Thanks. We left the philippines in 2013 and 2014. Me first and she followed with a fiancee visa. We are now married and she is a USA citizen. Thinking of moving back.
  4. All Items sold. Thanks to all who helped us.
  5. In the last 2 1/2 years it has been my experience that getting or even having internet service can be difficult. Perhaps the word difficult is not the correct word, but its close enough. I am not complaining, I am actually very happy. Happy that they have or even know about the internet. For me finding internet service providers in the larger cities such as Davao, Cebu City, Tacloban, Manila, was very easy. Getting the service hooked up, well thats another story all together. Out in the more rural areas it can be much more difficult to locate an ISP. In Davao I had PLDT at my place t
  6. At our new Condo Unit they have Cablelink and Pldt available. I had PLDT when we lived in Davao. It was pretty good. That is unless it was raining in Manila. Then we had no internet. Ha Ha. At least that is what the people at PLDT told us was the reason the internet would go out on occasion. The bad part about PLDT is that it takes a very very long time to get it hooked up. I am thinking about trying Cablelink. I have no information about them. I was wondering if anyone here had Cablelink or knew of anyone who has this service. Thanks
  7. That is very true. I think it also depends on who you talk to at the bank. We have gone to the same bank here in Cebu 4 times and talked to 4 different people and gotten 4 different answers. What I have decided to do for now is to NOT open a pesos checking account. Instead I am opening a USD account and will deposit checks into it from my US bank account. I am going to also open a pesos savings account with ATM and online access with BPI and just do the online transfer thing.
  8. During our recent trip to Manila we stopped at a BPI bank to find out about opening a checking account. What I asked them was. 1. Can I as an American open a pesos Checking account? 2. What are the requirements? 3. What documents are required to do so? This was the reply. 1. Yes. 2. Copy of Passport. Copy of ACR-I Card Original Authentic Certified Letter from Bank in America where I have a checking account showing I am in good standings with their bank. NO COPIES. NO EMAILED COPIES. MUST BE ORIGINAL. That is with a US Government check deposited via direct
  9. Cypress Towers was too busy for us. Too many people coming and going all the time. Living in a high rise is not my idea of a good time. There are many there who obviously do like it. The Pool was very small. We did not get a chance to see the gym. The so called bar did not exist. Good thing in my opinion. They did have an excellent sky lounge restaurant tho. Cost for food was very reasonable. I will post the pictures today or tomorrow that we took while up there. The unit we rented was fully furnished. The balcony door didn't lock which was a bit of a concern for me, since we were only on
  10. On the LTO website I found where I could text and find out about our registration. It was not too hard so even I could do it. Instructions were pretty simple. LTO VEHICLE ( PLATE NUMBER ) Text to 2600 Received a text message a few minutes later saying, ( PLATE NUMBER ) Make Suzuki Model - Year 2002 / Color Blue / Registered Last 5/15/3013 / No LTO Apprehensions / has no LTO alarms. So I guess that means it has been registered. The only problem is the copy of the O.R. is still crap and no Stickers. We have the old O.R. and C.R. with the current stickers that are still go
  11. Ok. Recieved O.R. back from Rusco this afternoon. Not just 1 copy. 4 copies of the O.R. all on 1 piece of paper. 2 on one side that are readable with the NO STICKERS stamp. 2 on other side that are basically blank. None of them have a signature by the cashier or anyone else. Is this legal? What the heck do we do now? Anyone work at the LTO office? HELP!!!! We are going to call the Distirct office here in Cebu again and find out if this is legal. Maybe even go to their office and show them the O.R. Only 13 days left till the boat sails to manila.
  12. Our O.R. is completely unreadable. The printer must have been nearly out of ink. Rusco re copied the O.R. for us from the original and is trying to get the Lapu Lapu LTO to stamp that one. We should know about that in a few days. We called the LTO main office in Quezon City. They said they would send the stickers down to the LTO office in Lapu Lapu for us. We have to go there every morning for the next 2 weeks to see if they have arrived. Looks like Rusco gets to earn that extra bit they charged us for the renewal. 2 weeks to go until we ship the So Sucky Mono Cab to Manila. 2Go
  13. Have for sale Gas Stove Top with Tank 800.00 Lawn Mower Reel Type 2000.00 The Rest has sold.
  14. I have had problems connecting to my hotmail account in the past as well. It would take several tries to get it to load. I read recently that hotmail is no more. It has been taken over by Outlook express now. I think with the takeover plus all the changes to the looks it was most likely the problem for me.
  15. On the 15th of May we had the registration on our car renewed. At least we thought we were going to do that. After filling out the forms and then paying the cashier and getting the O.R. ( Official Receipt ) then waiting for the name to be called they took the O.R. and gave back a copy saying they are out of Stickers. The stickers that go on the license plates and the window. The clerk at the LTO office in Lapu Lapu said they would keep the original until the stickers arrive. We were to keep the certified copy with the car. When I first heard about this I thought we were being scammed
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