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  1. If you're in the Philippines, just request that they send it to you with LBC. I wouldn't trust the local postal system there mate. They'll probably do that anyway.thanks again,about trusting post service,would u say it better to get the paperwork sent to oz and go from there or do in p'pines?
  2. Thanks for that. so if in P'pines I can get it by post from the embassy there and delivered to my address there. Being in Cebu ok to do that? dont fancy trip to hellhole manila
  3. Why is it other asians like vietnamese and thais can get a working visa for australia but filipinos can't unless a spouse?Seems discriminatory to me....whats the reason?
  4. If getting married in P'pines, where do you obtain this? Heard that if issued in by Australian embassy in Australia it may not be acceptable and have to get it from oz embassy in Manila.If this is so, what is required to get one in Manila?
  5. I only have a hand full of real friends and I guess the rest are just acquaintances who I thought were friends but have shown their true colors over time.very true and maybe some people would consider yourself being in thr true colours category...nobody's perfect to everyone.
  6. thanks,thats my worry as well...if doctors are good.I emailed chong hua hospital a few days ago about if they did the surgery and cost.No reply....ah well maybe get one in July....haha
  7. Am considering eye surgery. Been told can't have lasik surgery as eyes too far gone but another procedure is Lensoctomy.Anyone know much about costs of this in philippines
  8. Cebu is a filthy place, thats for sure. Not bad as Manila
  9. any members lived or retired here full time or just occassional visitors?
  10. am back for visit to cebu after 6 years. can't believe how dirty it has become in that time...what happened?anyone with recommendations of cities that are cleaner or are they all dirty now?
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