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  1. If you've downloaded version 1 of AutoIPA previously, then you should download this updated version (v2.5); the version you have isn't quite as robust as it should be. I've incorporated the following changes: When the program starts, it checks to see if your DNS settings have been configured correctly. Version 1 used just one website to tell it your PC's external IP Address; this was not the best idea. Now the program randomly selects a website from a list of 15 each time it needs to execute the query. The "About" screen now gives full details of the DNS Servers and identifies your Internet Service Provider and provides geolocation information. There are now around 50 display "skins" to choose from. Added new checking intervals of 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. There are buttons on the Caption Bar: the left hand one opens the main menu whilst the right hand one pauses (or un-pauses) the program's operation. If you click the mouse on the message line ("Re-check in ..."), the program immediately checks the IP Address, it does not wait until the countdown reaches 0. Simply download AutoIPA.zip, unzip and run!
  2. Setting-up a VPN is very simple and full instructions are provided - click on "VPN" on your account page.
  3. For me the only hiccup occurred a couple of weeks ago when the BBC began to enforce its user accounts system and you now need to login in order to use iPlayer. However I am aware that the BBC will soon be requiring its online viewers to prove they are license holders by proving name and address details they can check; they received approval for this with their renewed charter. Smart DNS has several VPN servers in the UK, the one I use is in Hull (I think!), which you can try if its standard proxy service fails
  4. So far that restriction doesn't affect me as none of the geo-restricted sites I access use https. If this changes, I'll use one of Smart DNS' L2TP VPN servers. I've already got one configured - just in case! - and its SpeedTest performance was almost as good as a normal (non-VPN) connection,
  5. This was certainly true until around 7 or 8 years ago. The "Pill" is very available and some versions of it are very cheap indeed and the slightly better-off Filipina can get a Dipo jab from her Ob/Gynae which normally lasts three months. There're also various implants available lasting up to three years at a greater cost. I said Dipo "normally lasts three months" as my younger son was conceived three weeks before my wife needed the next instalment!
  6. It is exactly that, as well as being a very fast DNS provider. Before I found this service, I used a VPN to give me a virtual point of presence in the UK so that I could watch the BBC but that was a bit fraught by the almost constant buffering. My viewing became far more pleasurable once I tried the new DNS service as there was much less buffering - and usually none late in the evening.
  7. Certainly . The Zip file is attached. Simply unzip - I suggest to the root of your (first) hard drive and then, using Explorer, click on the AutoIPA.exe file to invoke it. Right-click on its Taskbar button and select "Pin to Taskbar" - that will enable you to start it more easily in future. You need to be logged-in to Smart DNS and select "Smart DNS Proxy API" from the Options menu. You will see something similar to: where the red lines obscure my 15 character key. Now simply select one of the two web addresses including everything to the right of "update/" and past it into the space provided on AutoIPA's window; you will only need to do this once. When you click on OK, the program will simply appear at the bottom right corner of your display. Right-click on the display line to activate its context menu. Enjoy! AutoIPA.zip
  8. As I discovered about a year ago, there is no need to use a dedicated VPN, I simply changed my DNS to this provider. It does offer VPN if you really want it but I've found that to be unnecessary and I'm able to watch BBC, ITV and Channel Four TV (which are all geo-restricted). Part of its modus operandi is that it checks that your current external IP Address is known to it as your "live" IP Address whenever it intercepts a page request for a geo-restricted web site. If its own records show your IP Address is different, you will be redirected to its web site and ask to click on a link to update your external IP Address. As external IP Addresses are apt to change, sometimes quite frequently, it can be a bit boring to keep clicking that damn update link; so I wrote a small (Windows) desktop app that monitors my IP and updates as necessary. I am happy to make that small app freely available to anyone who wants a copy.
  9. Flight Network appears to employ a rather dubious business technique known as "bait and switch". I've tried to book a flight from Davao to Malta and Flight Network gives me a price of £863 (round trip) flying DVO -> SIN (Silk Air) thence SIN -> ZUR -> MLA with SwissAir. However regardless of which dates I choose, that flight is always fully-booked. The next cheapest is £1046 and is with Turkish Airlines out of Manila (PAL DVO -> MNL). That same Turkish Airlines flight happens to be the cheapest shown by eBookers (a site I have used many times and do trust) but is only £916.
  10. Not forgetting the fact that a major seismic fault line runs through NCR ...
  11. That is my understanding and, indeed, the lane I was ushered through the last time I arrived at NAIA.
  12. From what I read in the UK press, those two images could become relics of the past if the unreconstructed Trotskyite Corbyn somehow con(vince)s the voters to elect him as Prime Minister in May 2020. He, I read, doesn't see the point in Britain having armed forces as he fails to forsee any possibility he'd have to deploy them. Even if Argentina re-invades the Falklands. Or Spain overruns Gibraltar.
  13. Do you work for - or receive a stipend from - Microsoft? You really do sound like an evangelist for the company with your promoting of this operating system and your downplaying of its negative aspects. All you have achieved in my case is to deter me from ever updating my PC.
  14. Windows 10 insists on sending data to Microsoft even if told it must not. Some of the information includes telemetry information including machine IDs. Windows 10 is "Software As A Service" and whilst initially free, Microsoft will make more money out of you than you would otherwise have paid for a licence.
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