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  1. I went to Angeles last year and hung out at the VFW almost every night, I stayed next door. You can meet some nice guys there. They have a really good food there and was actually taping an episode for the Philippines Food network while I was there. You don't have to be a member to eat there or have a beer in the lounge.
  2. How come? --- I don't know about USA, but for Sweden it's possible to do tax papers through Internet too. Yep, US tax filing can be done online as well. I've been using tax slayer for several years now.
  3. I think you are suggesting that the real crime here is that an ex husband should be forced to pay that much child support. But then, he was living in the Philippines so he must be a rich foreigner. I'd bet you are correct Dave. In most states child support is set on a percentage of your income. For instance in Tennessee it is 21% of your income, which is what I paid after my divorce. So if that's the fact in this case he would have to be decently wealthy or at least had a well paying job at the time his child support was set.
  4. volstateguy


    Congratulations Brock!
  5. Congrats Mike, looks like you found a great place to call home. Hope you have a safe drive back to Cebu.
  6. Add that to a cup of hot water and a shot of whiskey and it'll work great. Drank just before bed will ensure a great nights sleep and you will wake up feeling much better.
  7. Congrats Scott! I know you have been looking forward to this day for a long time. Nothing but good days ahead of you now.
  8. Thanks brock & Thomas for the info... a few things that I have not run across in my reading.... Like the discoloration... and yes, I will get checked myself. :541: About the observation: US government requirement. The treatment is already paid for I believe as part of the physical to enter USA and via Philippine health programs. Philippines wants people cured when they find them. The USA won't let you in unless you have DOT - Directly Observed Treatment, then test negative. After entry to the USA she will have to be RE-CHECKED to ensure clear. Geeeeeessss! All good though. I wan
  9. Congratulations Dave!! It's great to hear the birth went well!
  10. Thanks for the update. El Nido is definitely on my must see list.
  11. There is a cemetery on the Clark Special Economic Zone...Old Clark AB. Its the Clark Veterans Cemetery. Vets can be buried there provided they meet the qualifications. http://www.vfwpost2485.com/Clark_Burial_Services.htm
  12. When I stayed at Rajah Park hotel a few years ago they had a different band playing in the lobby every night. I was there during sinulog so I don't know if that was just part of the celebration or not, but you could give them a call and ask.
  13. If her water breaks put on a catchers mitt and tell her to push :)
  14. If this goes as smoothly as advertised it may get easier for retired US military to use Tricare in the Philippines. Enrolled providers will file the claim for you, so you will only be responsible for the co-pay up front, thus reducing your out of pocket expense. Problem is it will only be in select cities once it starts 1 Jan 2013. Http://WWW.tricare.mil/mybenefit/home/overview/SpecialPrograms/TRICAREPhilippineDemonstration
  15. I was exposed to TB during my last assignment to Korea and tested positive for inactive TB after arriving to my assignment in Germany. The treatment was 9 months of antibiotics and B6 vitamins....the B6 was to help with kidney function. I couldn't have beer while on the meds do to the strain the meds put on my kidneys....sucks...I'm in Germany and can't drink German beer for 9 months. After the meds I was never retested. I was told that I would always test positive for the skin test after being exposed. Hopefully the antibiotics killed the TB and it doesn't become active later in life. O
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