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  1. Just wanted to give the heads up to everyone that if the expiry date of your visa just happens to fall on the weekend, you must renew prior to the date otherwise you will get hit with 1000 piso extra on top of all the standard cost. I've been busy of late and my visa ran out on a Sunday. I went in the following Monday to renew and was fined 500 piso plus had an assessment for a visa renewal of 500 piso. Oh well, may this not happen to you
  2. With a hot summer due to the El Nino, the fridges will be working harder so that might explain the higher power usage some are experiencing.
  3. I had my visa extension done by an agent. As I was in Argao and couldn't supply a picture, they scanned the one in my passport and that sufficed for this time. Where there is a will there is a way hehe
  4. I'm in Perth now and I'll be marching with my local volunteer fire brigade to the heart of Kwinana. Couldn't let the side down
  5. IMO, the touch screen on a laptop is just to give Windows 8 a reason to be. My screen gets grubby as it is without any constant finger pressing and to tell you the truth, I don't think I would use that function anyway. Touch screens are for tablets and smart phones where the technology makes sense
  6. I bought a Dell inspiron many years ago with a 1600 x 1200 10 inch screen and the icons were really tiny indeed. I'm require to wear glasses now my eyes aren't good so tiny icons are a no no. I don't really understand the necessity for such a high screen pixel count on small screens and neither did dell. They put 3200x1800 on a 15.6 inch laptop display which is far more useful IMO Link to DELL XPS 15 Review
  7. Will those little ants get into it and fry it? I have heard of that happening and they already destroyed my first electric kettle. I worry about my laptop everyday and when it goes I probably will go with cheap rather than pricey.
  8. CEBU CITY -- An American was found dead inside a hotel room in Cebu City Wednesday. The victim, Patrick Garrit Motley, was found hanging inside his room in the tenth floor of Richmond Plaza Hotel. Probers said he used a shoe string to hang himself. Based on initial investigation, Motley, who was from New York, started staying in the hotel last August. He was supposed to pay P13,000 today before checking out of the hotel. LINK
  9. Much better deal to have them live in and pay monthly. That's why I have a small room in my house already built heheh. Not ready for a maid / yaya yet but when baby is born towards the end of this year, she will be a necessity
  10. MANILA, Philippines - Gokongwei-led Cebu Pacific may soon mount flights to Europe. This as the European Union is set to announce the lifting the ban on Cebu Pacific on Thursday afternoon. Thursday's press conference will be attended by EU Chargè d’ Affaires Dr. Julian Vassallo, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) director general Lt. Gen. William Hotchkiss III, CAAP deputy director general Capt. John Andrews and Cebu Pacific president Lance Gokongwei. In January, Cebu Pacific informed the EU's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport in Brussels that it has already complied with the outstanding aviation safety concerns. The European Commission in March 2010 had imposed a ban on Philippine carriers from entering the European airspace, as the CAAP failed to reform the Philippines' civil aviation system as mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Last year, Cebu Pacific was excluded when the EU cleared the Philippines after a three-year ban. This was right after a Cebu Pacific plane skidded off the Davao runway, shutting the airport for three days. That gave Philippine Airlines a head start, as PAL started flights to London in November. PAL is planning to mount flights to Paris and Rome as early as this year. Both airlines are waiting for the Philippines to be cleared by the US, which barred new flights from the Philippines in 2008. US clearance would allow PAL to add to its flights and Cebu Pacific can start flights. - With ANC LINK
  11. I have some rain heading your way if you would like to buy some. Should arrive towards the end of next week. I will only bill for what you use :lol:
  12. Just a digress but I wanted to put a case to this point. My partner's sister has a house and is a good christian with a kind heart. She let a work colleague of her cousin who is staying at her house to sleep over as it was convenient for both of them to go to the work. This girl that was kindly taken in and fed as well stole 4000p from the sister. She managed to recover most of the money so proof of theft is there so even with all this kindness bestowed on this lady, she stole money none the less. I doubt that paying a maid / yaya more to keep them honest will solve anything. Better to pay the basic and then once their loyalty and trust is proven, help the maid where you can with life's situations where necessary so she has some sort of security for herself and her family if life defecates on the fan.
  13. Just got a heads up that Cebu Pacific is running a 1 piso promo for international one way tickets. Perfect for those exit tickets. Damn I bought mine too soon :1 (103): PROMO HERE
  14. Hi Mike, I used two ATM machines on that day. The DBP across from the University first but it was out of cash and then the Metro bank ATM outside of Prince. I used the DBP ATM before with no problems on occasions that I needed emergency cash and the Metro Bank one only once. Yes the fraud squad are investigating and I won't be liable for the money. I have a note on my card saying I'm in the Philippines to protect my self from this sort of crime but it appears they are very casual in South African Banks. This problem is not only associated with the 3rd World. It is a big problem in Australia too where people use CC more often than debit cards or cash to pay for everyday items.
  15. Just beware, my CC was skimmed at a guard protected ATM in Argao and hit to the tune of 30,000 Rand in South Africa. I will only use my CC inside a bank from now on
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