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  1. Just wanted to give the heads up to everyone that if the expiry date of your visa just happens to fall on the weekend, you must renew prior to the date otherwise you will get hit with 1000 piso extra on top of all the standard cost.


    I've been busy of late and my visa ran out on a Sunday. I went in the following Monday to renew and was fined 500 piso plus had an assessment for a visa renewal of 500 piso.


    Oh well, may this not happen to you

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  2. IMO, the touch screen on a laptop is just to give Windows 8 a reason to be. My screen gets grubby as it is without any constant finger pressing and to tell you the truth, I don't think I would use that function anyway. Touch screens are for tablets and smart phones where the technology makes sense

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  3. Putting the 3200x1800 res on a 13 in display makes the icons, text, etc very small


    I bought a Dell inspiron many years ago with a 1600 x 1200 10 inch screen and the icons were really tiny indeed. I'm require to wear glasses now my eyes aren't good so tiny icons are a no no. I don't really understand the necessity for such a high screen pixel count on small screens and neither did dell. They put 3200x1800 on a 15.6 inch laptop display which is far more useful IMO


    Link to DELL XPS 15 Review

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  4. CEBU CITY -- An American was found dead inside a hotel room in Cebu City Wednesday.


    The victim, Patrick Garrit Motley, was found hanging inside his room in the tenth floor of Richmond Plaza Hotel.


    Probers said he used a shoe string to hang himself.


    Based on initial investigation, Motley, who was from New York, started staying in the hotel last August.


    He was supposed to pay P13,000 today before checking out of the hotel.


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  5. MANILA, Philippines - Gokongwei-led Cebu Pacific may soon mount flights to Europe.


    This as the European Union is set to announce the lifting the ban on Cebu Pacific on Thursday afternoon.


    Thursday's press conference will be attended by EU Chargè d’ Affaires Dr. Julian Vassallo, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) director general Lt. Gen. William Hotchkiss III, CAAP deputy director general Capt. John Andrews and Cebu Pacific president Lance Gokongwei.


    In January, Cebu Pacific informed the EU's Directorate General for Mobility and Transport in Brussels that it has already complied with the outstanding aviation safety concerns.


    The European Commission in March 2010 had imposed a ban on Philippine carriers from entering the European airspace, as the CAAP failed to reform the Philippines' civil aviation system as mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


    Last year, Cebu Pacific was excluded when the EU cleared the Philippines after a three-year ban. This was right after a Cebu Pacific plane skidded off the Davao runway, shutting the airport for three days.


    That gave Philippine Airlines a head start, as PAL started flights to London in November. PAL is planning to mount flights to Paris and Rome as early as this year.



    Both airlines are waiting for the Philippines to be cleared by the US, which barred new flights from the Philippines in 2008. US clearance would allow PAL to add to its flights and Cebu Pacific can start flights. - With ANC


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  6. Why isn't the outside labour paid from the "THEM" side, when they are the "work part"??


    In a business, will you get paid for the hours you stand behind your counter waiting to sell stuff? They get paid from the results of their labour period. Being able to even get a job is already a bonus for them. Its the way of the country.


    Another example of country mindset. I can pawn land off someone for an agreed term and sum of money. Once pawned, I have full and exclusive use of the land to grow crops but not to lumber the coconut trees etc. At the end of the term, they will repay the full amount and if not extend the pawn for the same period of time. I get land for free basically...call it a whopping interest. The money is never lost and the land can go on being with me for years if never repaid. I could also do a deal with the owners that they work the land as usual but I receive 25% of each crop they plant. That way they still get to get some of the crop but less than they would normally.


    Don't try to think foreigner...think local and go with the flow

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  7. The trees that do not get the individual attention are usually seen to be barren year round


    Potassium Nitrate can be sprayed onto the foliage of mature mango trees to induce flowering and get at least one crop every year instead of biannual as they will do if not sprayed. It was discovered in the Philippines and you can purchase the product quite readily.


    Potassium nitrate is the generic name of chemical flower inducer in mango. The chemical symbol of this compound is KNO3. This contains 13% nitrogen and 46% potash, thus, 13-0-46. When sprayed, it supplies the potassium deficiency of the tree and in the process, induces flowering.

    When spraying potassium nitrate, follow this simple steps:

    1. Prepare a 1-3% solution depending on the condition of the tree.
    2. Spray the leaves and branches totally wetting but not dripping.
    3. Spray early in the morning (from sunrise to 9:00 am) or late in the afternoon (from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm). This prevents leaf burning due to sunlight.

    Taken from HERE

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  8. On our farm in Argao, the split comes from the net not the gross. After all the costs get repaid (no salary) that we (Mimi and I) pay as no one has any money, what's remaining is split. We don't do mangoes as I made a loss from our first effort due to pests that attacked regardless of the amount of pesticide applied.


    These are our options;


    Option 1

    Where we only supply the land and nothing more;

    US -      25%

    THEM - 75%


    Option 2

    Where we also supply fertiliser and chemicals,

    After cost of outlay of above is repaid in full,

    US -      30%

    THEM - 70%


    The extra 5% we take is for the extra risk if the crop fails and we lose our fertiliser and chemicals outlay.


    Option 3

    Where we supply fertiliser and chemicals and also outside labour at day rates,

    After cost of outlay of above is repaid in full,

    US -      50%

    THEM - 50%


    Our much higher take is to discourage the use of labour to lazy farmers or those that think they can work elsewhere and also use our land at the same time figuring they don't have to outlay the wages cost. This only will happen once as we can do the same thing and take 100% of the crop. Only accepted with family members but once.


    We usually go option 2 as we are sure to get a good crop and a better return if fertilisers and insecticides are used.


    That's another take on farm splits.

  9. Sorry to hear, that's almost $2800 USD. Can you share which ATM? Did your bank cover the loss since it's fraud? US banks generally limit your liability at $500 for debit card fraud. Although this happens all over the world this is one reason western banks don't want their customers living permanently in 3rd world countries.


    Hi Mike, I used two ATM machines on that day. The DBP across from the University first but it was out of cash and then the Metro bank ATM outside of Prince. I used the DBP ATM before with no problems on occasions that I needed emergency cash and the Metro Bank one only once.


    Yes the fraud squad are investigating and I won't be liable for the money. I have a note on my card saying I'm in the Philippines to protect my self from this sort of crime but it appears they are very casual in South African Banks. This problem is not only associated with the 3rd World. It is a big problem in Australia too where people use CC more often than debit cards or cash to pay for everyday items.

  10. I just discovered that RP airlines are included in the EU Banned Airlines list


    List Here


    On a positive note, a press release stated;


    It's good to feel reassured...I hope


    On the positive side, I am happy to note further safety progress, particularly in the Philippines, Sudan and Zambia. These countries, as well as a number of other countries where safety is gradually improving, remain for the moment on the list, but I am confident that positive decisions are in the pipeline if things keep moving in the right direction.
  11. Got to ask Anyone else have access or use of the stick?  Have you unplugged it?  Maybe try removing the sim card? 


    Nope, just me and I make sure that I close the connection before the supersurf deadline. I check to see what my load count is when I log off and then check it later. It always seems to go down recently. I will just deal with the problem by not loading up my card more than I need. It will be interesting to see now that I have fresh load apart from the 2p whether it still happens

  12. I use a Globe Tattoo Stick as my only means if connecting to the internet. I noticed that my load slowly gets eaten away though I don't use the stick. I used to get load over what I needed but now I will only load when I need and keep the stick at near zero as Globe gremlins will bring it down to zero in no time.


    Example 19-04-2014 load was 9.50p valid to 15-05-2014

                   21-04-2014 load was 2.00p valid to 15-05-2014


    Blatant ripoff if you ask me! Anyone else suffer from this problem?

  13. I just got a ticket Cebu Air "Cebu to Hongkong" leaving 23rd October 2014. Once I managed (and it ain't easy) to deselect all the preselected options, I ended up with a ticket for 1611P. I'm sure I could do better but it'll do for now. Tiger Air had a better deal for "Clark - Hongkong"  at first glance but killed it with a 250P booking fee.

    I was quite lucky with my first exit ticket with Air Asia to HK valid for 10 months as they cancelled the flight and refunded my money :cheersty:. What are the chances of that happening again  :dreams:

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