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  1. Same here, 2 weeks ago and no photo requirement. Same old same same. See what happens when I have to renew again. Will it be a requirement to carry photos to extend on arrival at the airport?
  2. I have to fly to Australia in April and I need a cheap throw away ticket for when I return. I've been looking around but only found a promo through Cebu Pacific from Manila to Guangzhou but I'm worried by China's visa restrictions which may cause me a headache down the track. anyone found any recent deals worth me following up? Cheers, Fred
  3. Just tried http://ph.yahoo.com/?p=us using my Tattoo stick in Liloan. Worked fine
  4. On my first trip to Cebu, I warned a passenger on the plane we we in about taxis in Phils telling him how I'd found them ready to rip you off at first notice as a foreigner. My experiences had been when I was in Manila. I was surprised to find the taxis in Cebu to work by the meter by default rather than discussing a fixed over inflated price when a foreigner entered. Pleasantly surprised and a good selling point for choosing Cebu as a new home
  5. I just wanted to give the heads up that there are kids pickpocketing / thieving around the Elizabeth mall and the South Bus Station. My partner and I were carrying a heavy box between us on the way to the bus station and my TAO decided to walk behind me instead of in front of me. Only moments after we changed position, some kids snuck up on her and tried to pick her hand bag. Luckily she felt it and shooed them off but they hung around in plain sight waiting for another victim. Where were the police when yo want them? Never seen them near the bus station where foreigners often go. Oh well...It's More Fun in the Philippines
  6. Not sure why but cows died and crops failed around my area south of Cebu City. There was a constant strong wind caused by the LPA so perhaps the wind chill was what took it's toll in the end?
  7. The cold windy weather has taken it's toll on the tomato crops in my area. All the plants I've seen have died. I saw on the news this morning that farms out of Dalaguete were hit with frost so I suspect the price of vegetables around there and here in Argao will increase. I'll be happy when this LPA leaves so I have an the mud can dry and I'll have some light to see my house building work. It's a nuisance!
  8. After this still relatively recent bus episode in the Philippines tourist disaster stories with no guarantees that they can prevent another plus all the kidnappings and fighting in Mindanao, the general but well informed tourist would be frightened to come here. The slogan says it's fun in the Philippines, as a whole not just parts of it so it could be easy to believe that it's unsafe everywhere in RP. I saw a family of 4 in Manila on my first trip in RP at the same place I had my fine gold chain snatched off my neck and they looked so vulnerable to me. Perhaps the key to a great holiday in RP for the average tourist is ignorance mixed with lots of luck.
  9. Potatoes were recently 120p a kg in Lilioan. I would think that sweet potato (comote) and taro (gabi) would be the preferred to Filipinos which are much more reasonably priced. Living in Dalaguete, you are blessed with very cheap vegetable prices compared to Liloan and even Argao to a lesser degree. You are still lucky even at 100p a kilo
  10. Yes and luckily due to it having been low tide at the time it struck, Bantayan Island was spared a similar fate to Tacloban. May all those that perished RIP
  11. By the way change of rulings are brought about in the RP BI, what is safe today will be a curse tomorrow. Hopefully common sense will prevail in the end
  12. Yes I'm sure that it is around and probably more places too. It's just a pity that the raw sewerage was very noticeable when Mimi and I had a bit of a photo shot along the boulevard in Dumaguete. Spoiled what was otherwise a lovely place. Oh well, you get that
  13. Well does frost count hehe? They had a bout of frost there yesterday on all the vegetables so it might feel like yo brought the cold with you if you settle in Baguio :lol:
  14. If the girls are on one of your friends friend list, they can friend you just because you are a foreigner. Just a simple search in the names field in FB comes up with people I've never heard of. Some could be scammers, others just taking a chance to get a step closer to a foreigner. Take a look at the amount of foreigners compared to Filipinas in RP ....its pretty low so its not easy to find one and a good one, kind, financially secure and generous...needle in a haystack
  15. I visited there once and found it to be a nice place on first take. My only concern was the raw sewerage being pumped into the ocean along the ocean walk in the town centre. I haven't seen that in Cebu...yet
  16. The simplest solutions are always the best and this one the cheapest too. Many thanks
  17. Thanks guys for your help. I remember now seeing a wifi dongle being attached to the inside of a wire Chinese utensil used for deep frying items in a wok.It resembles a miniature satellite dish. A cheap and inexpensive way of amplifying the signal. My mind is working on a solution now hmmmm
  18. I need to hire a multicab and driver preferable this month of January for a round trip Argao - Lilioan via our farm house in the mountains. I think that the multicab and driver must be based in Argao or close by at least to limit unnecessary travel. Mimi and I are moving out of the family house plus we have 5 balikbuyan boxes with stuff destined for our new house. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Cheers
  19. I used special card recovery software to get to the photos of a friend. Something had corrupted the card but the photos were still there. Just ran the software and recovered all his photos. The PC locking up would have been caused by your computer trying to auto open the card with software that choked on the corrupted card. I don't let windows auto open anything...to much of a virus risk
  20. Has anyone had any experience with a product from Globe that was previously available an internet booster, a WIFI device that accesses the internet via a Tattoo 3g stick. I have no internet in the mountains outside of Argao though I have line of sight to the tower. The cell reception can be spotty but on a good day with full bars, there is only cell service, no internet. An expat I know has a booster for sale and I'm not sure if it will be enough to give me a connection. He said it worked well in Danbatayan before Yolanda removed the roof from the dwelling where he lived. I saw in a previous post about Globe in the Forum that mentioned no internet connection above the 5th floor where he lived. As I'm a much higher altitude than that, maybe nothing I do will give me an internet connection Hope I can glean some info here. Thanks in advance
  21. yet another reason to ban Filipinas from all beauty contests :lol:
  22. The police can't even clean up the illegal fireworks that are available each year for sale. The deterrents in place for violators must be pretty pathetic if so many flaunt the law. NEWS ARTICLE ON ILLEGAL FIREWORKS
  23. I joked to my partner that when her sister returned from 5 years straight in Japan as an OFW, she would have trouble re-adjusting to the Philippine way of life, I was amazed when she just slipped back in as if she had never left. Don't hold your breath...
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