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  1. Holidays....Bah humbug. Pain in the butt when you need to get something done. That's the opinion of one that was previously self employed
  2. Appliances!!! I'm still waiting to connect our farmhouse to electricity. The only appliance we have right now is two logs and a bowl used for home milling small quantities of rice. I revisit this topic another time lol
  3. Unfortunately it becomes the foreigner's problem if the said person is in a family he is a new member of. I got stroppy the other week with my partner's brother because he thought he was clever by opening a bottle cap with his teeth. I told him that I was the one that would end up copping his dental bill if he broke a tooth so I told him never to do that again.
  4. Sounds like you want to go out like a lechon baboy lyno 47 :cheersty:
  5. Pick Up Soccer. Is that where you play soccer and then pick up the girls that come to watch ? :lol:
  6. It was inevitable that it would happen with abundant fireworks and only limited intelligence in many cases. More than 160 people have been injured by fireworks in the Philippines as they prepared to welcome the New Year, the government said Saturday. READ HERE
  7. Temperature wise Cebu in general though hot and humid is still better than many other places I've visited. In Phils,Manila was worse with it's 34C or more. I went travelling to Thailand and Singapore through the hot season and my partner who is a native cebuana complained of the heat. Surely when we returned to Cebu there was a cool breeze that wasn't present in the other places, even in Phuket. Perhaps it's because it's a long thin island so everything is not too far from the ocean.
  8. I've used them for travel outside the RP. The only issue that I've had is that if you get the agency to book your ticket through the low cost airlines...your troubles begin big time when you want to upgrade your baggage allowance for instance. The agency keeps the code necessary to access the booking and try get them to return your emails. That was with Golden JC in Ayala
  9. It is the same in Santa Fe Bantayan Islands or it was as Yolanda may have silenced the horrible electronic chimes of the bell.
  10. They said on the TV GMANews that there will be a freeze on any electric price hikes for 60 days. Merry Xmas everyone :71120:
  11. I'll see if I can keep track of it. Unfortunately the fellow that wanted to pawn the land nearby to the said bio gas site didn't front with any ownership papers so we didn't end up going through with it. Now I don't have reason to go by that way anymore
  12. I've noticed some foreigners enjoy to spend every day at a particular coffee shop drinking beer and looking at the traffic pass by where I live. Not my preferred option. I'm sure a farm life will keep me occupied.
  13. Or shorten it abruptly with a well placed bullet
  14. There was an article on the GMANews that they want to fit the buses with GPS units to control the speeding problem. Too bad it took so many passenger deaths before they decided to do it
  15. They did add a nice mix to the native filipina blood line. My partner has spanish blood
  16. Whats the cost addition for the road procession? At least you can have your moment of blocking traffic on Sundays :lol:
  17. Just mention to the chap as you get your passport checked and stamped that you would like a visa extension. You do need enough local peso to pay for it, around 3000 peso I think. If they can do it they will otherwise...
  18. I wonder if it went woof when the fur caught fire :lol:
  19. Just go to the Tech Section of any SM Mall and look at what they have. Reputable brands like Cherry Mobile and Starmobile have good smart phones in the above price bracket with many bells and whistles. Just choose one of the larger screen models for fat fiddly fingers.
  20. My partner and I are building a house on land in the mountains outside of Argao so some things may be comparable with Samar. I've found that building materials are overall cheaper here than in Cebu city but apart from that, the main saving is labour costs. We are in an area where there are plenty of relatives with a mix of carpentry / mason skills and they are building our house at what would probably be half the rate you would pay someone in the city. We feed them too so they are happy and we let them work at their pace so no rushed work. So far I have no complaints. You're labour costs in Samar would probably be cheaper than here in Cebu island but be sure you can trust whom you employ. Family that try to rip you off is a problem with further implications down the line. Perhaps building materials might be at a premium in Samar now since Yolanda I don't know. There isn't any shortage of any building materials here in Argao, just sachet coffee hehe. Hope all goes well with your house
  21. Is there any info on how many were robbed? As we all know "It's more fun in the Philippines"
  22. This is my 2nd Xmas I will be with my partner. Did have to go back to Australia to sort out my affairs but I wold have preferred to have not gone really. I discovered how much crap Australians eat and also the huge portion sizes. Obesity is surely the developed worlds worst problem
  23. I reckon anything in the price range from Cherry or Starmobile will suit your needs. Just check out the SM malls in the tech sections
  24. I think that is the case too. The meter reading is taken from the street. Perhaps if you are in good standing with the resort owner you could get a private meter from his house to yours and just pay him what you use?
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