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  1. Nope not yet. The electrician that was going to organise things got annoyed because we didn't meet him at his house and doesn't want to do it now. We now have a municipal engineer on the job so at least the job will be done regardless. We have to get a clearance from the Barangay which is our first job today. I'll keep you posted on costs.
  2. I'm a SOR lad spending my last 12 years roughly in Wandi. The Ex got the main house there so good luck to her. I stay in Wandi with friends when I'm in Perth
  3. We are in the process of connecting our mountain home to the grid and was told that the standard connection maxes out at 150 meters from power pole to home. Luckily we fit into that length. I suppose the wire gauge and cost increases after that.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Frosty, I'm downloading it now to watch tonight. Just out of curiosity, are you a NOR or SOR dweller?
  5. It is the mix of bloods that seems to dictate the level of beauty of Filipinas. Caucasian, Spanish and Chinese blood mixes seem to yield the prettiest girls IMO. The native pure blood girls with curly hair are less attractive unless National Geographic types are your cup of tea :lol:
  6. Could be their strong faith that lets them forgive all forms of bad behaviour. The same faith also permits lets them get off the hook when they have done something bad
  7. Just received this message from an expat that used to live in Daanbantayan before Typhoon Yolanda wrecked the house he was renting " We are getting Panicked Phone Calls from our family and friends in North Cebu area just now. They are saying there are Armed Rebels and Escaped Prisoners from Tacloban, Leyte that have just landed by boat in Uma, Medellin. Apparently there have been some killings, looting and robberies. We can not reach anyone of authority in that area to verify if this is true or not. Communications in that area are still bad. If anyone can contact the Police in Medellin or Daanbantayan please try to verify this information and get back to me ASAP " Don't know if anyone can help but surely this is a warning to exercise extreme caution if heading that way.
  8. I'd would thoroughly agree. Had to get to the Cebu Pacific representative in Bangkok to increase our baggage allowance several months ago. The taxi driver we got could not utter one word of English. Luckily we had the directions written down in Thai but he was still unsure as to where to go which made it difficult with the language barrier against us
  9. I was looking at a possible land for pawn in the Argao mountain area and came across this massive hole being dug next to this piggery. I asked the workers what it was for and they said bio gas. I was impressed to see an alternative use from the smelly by product pigs produce. Any one else heard or seen of similar?
  10. Star City is an Amusement park not far from the Mall of Asia. I had a good time there. You could also go downtown wearing some bling so you can have a good "Robbed in Manila" story to tell all your friends back home
  11. Do we ban wealthy people from malls because the world knows they can buy anything they want?
  12. My Filipina and I plan to save money in the long run by buying land and building a house in a farming area outside of the metro areas which I'm doing now in the mountains 14km outside of Argao Cebu. Land is dirt cheap (50P per sqm) and the wages bill is lower due to the locals not being greedy like their city relatives. It is a vegetable growing area and so purchases of rice and corn rice can be had for much less than in the city eg 27p per kg for white quality corn rice bought direct from the mill. We also intend to plant all our 1.3 hectares with corn in May 2014. We can get pawned land too if we need to expand which is way better than buying or leasing it. We can buy vegies from our neighbours for wholesale price and they sell with pleasure as it saves them a trip into the town market to offload their stuff. We graze goats and intend to build up a herd of them...two became four recently. We bought a cow and intend to breed her too once there is enough grass growing and finally we plan to start a piggery for sale and food. Outside of the animal farming, my partner's brother farms vegetables on the land as he is unemployable in the city. With so much going on there is always a job for someone to do so no one gets a free ride. If anyone tries they are bitched about by the others and if that doesn't help, sent home. It's easy to see who wants to live in the Kano's pocket so we sort out the rice from the chaff. We have a room for her Mum and Dad so they can be looked after without the need of money. And finally living away from the city, there is little time for retail therapy so weekly trips to the parlours and malls don't happen Prevention is better than the cure I always say lol
  13. My Filipina has this idea of dressing me up as Santa Claus and getting me to hand out candies to the kids in both Lilio-an and here in the Argao mountains. Kids don't gossip and always appreciate a sweet. Better that then giving to a bunch of losers
  14. Well I suppose after they drank the bottle of rum, got into fights and are now suffering cuts and bruises, I'd be pretty annoyed at you as well :hystery:
  15. Its amazing how folks in RP do things differently. In our area, guttering is quite normal in house construction. Not sure if we will collect the water or not as we have local spring water supplied by the barangay. Perhaps rainwater collection can be a future project for the animals or if I get fed up with the high mineral content which I'm not used to
  16. I think they believe rainwater becomes dirty with all the pollution even if you are in the country with little traffic. Luckily our local barangay in the Argao mountains has offered us water from a local spring
  17. I travelled recently in a non air-conditioned bus (I won't say cheaper as the price difference is negligible) from Argao to Cebu South Station and the driver was driving quite radically all the way. I noticed he had an effergy of Mary and a cross with what might be rosary beads(not sure as I'm not Catholic) and I had a feeling that perhaps his strong belief in God made him reckless. I reckon that every time he arrived safely he justified his recklessness via his belief. That's what I felt anyway. Best to not worry about these things too much or it will spoil your travel experience. As they say, when your time is up....
  18. I give my partner a budget and let her go wild in the night markets that open up in Colon Street Cebu City just before Xmas, Full of stuff for 50p so lots of gifts to be had especially for the kids that really Xmas is for. The older ones can enjoy a good family meal which I participate financially in and only the older family members that really help us get a gift. They know we are in the process of building a house so the money is tight but then as far as I care, my budget will always be tight unless our farm starts to produce a profit. That's what I will tell them anyhow and it sounds good to me
  19. Gold fish are starting to sound like the preferred pet option in RP if you ask me
  20. Maybe it was the Ayala Mall that was the deciding factor for your SAO :mocking:
  21. Simple answer ''No" Foreigners are disliked by the unsavoury sorts and if it boils down to them or you, guess who get's popped off. Guns are rife in RP and be sure a thief will be a likely candidate to carry one. Its just not worth it. What good is a gut reaction if you get a bullet counter-reaction????
  22. The Philippines are very peculiar when it comes to a marriage consumated in RP. There is no divorce as such, only annulment so any relationship you may have with needs to be handled with tact. I've heard of stories of Foreigners getting sued for adultery even though the husband and wife are no longer in a close relationship. Annulment is expensive and time consuming but love will always find a way. Just wanted to give you the heads up
  23. If this is the case, I would move in with her. That way you just add your $1000 a month into the family kitty lol
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