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  1. sumgai

    Cockroaches Bite

    I've had them jump on me in all sorts of situations, not that I mind as they don't carry diseases dangerous to us (to my knowledge). One time I had one right in front of me climb into my food bowl and spent a good hour eating my leftover sweet and sour sauce. My mind was blown as I didn't know they eat anything but insects.
  2. sumgai

    Cockroaches Bite

    While I love cats, it's a shame they kill all the lizards. Lizards are fantastic and help keep the ant, mosquito and even cockroach population in check. I've seen lizards attack roaches twice their size. Since I have a mosquito problem in the hallway, I'd love for them to drop a bunch of lizards there to take care of it. Instead they go for chemicals, oh well...
  3. Interesting addition to the story: "Dániel Melczer, the Hungarian man who was killed in a neighbor’s dispute over New Year’s Eve firecrackers in the Philippines on Sunday, was one of the most wanted criminals in Hungary, tabloid bors.hu reported." "The 37-year-old Hungarian national worked at a petrol station in Budapest 5 years ago, however, in 2013 he found himself involved in a serious drug-related crime. Hungarian police had been investigating the case and the Prosecutor’s Office raised charges against Melczer. In order to avoid prison, he decided to leave Hungary in September 2013, therefore the Hungarian authorities issued an arrest warrant for him." In any case, I have a short fuse when it comes to noise but new years and some other public holidays are a time when you just have to tolerate it, like it or not.
  4. US taxes based on citizenship so it's a very different case from the rest of the world, majority use territorial or residency based approaches. If PH does implement this rule they're going to lose some people. Plenty of other countries don't tax non-local income for non-citizens. Since the people don't have the same rights as citizens, can't use most of the local perks, it does make sense not to apply taxes. Not to mention that the aliens probably contribute a lot of VAT through consumption, compared to the average person. Visa fees are mostly income as well as the expenses to process a few papers are minimal - out of 10,000 I paid last time for an extension, it probably took 2 computer queries, 5 papers printed and not more than 15 minutes of work time for the employees, couldn't cost more than 1,000-1,500. So the 8,500 was effectively a tax. Let's not forget much of the economy is informal, paying no taxes either and those people do get many of the perks.