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  1. Jon pretty much nailed it . A sense of adventure and a Mr Bean sense of humor make the days a lot more fun.
  2. I use WU all the time always been great vranch right by my house and everywhere in the Phils . I send myself money all the time because its still cheaper than the bank eg: 200 +pesos from the bank in the Phils 5 dollars from my bank and a crappy exchange rate at the atm so it cost around 25 dollars to pull 10000 pesos out And western union sets the rate at sending so I send on good days sometimes I have 6 month old transactions .
  3. Anyone else tried Burrito babes ? We went there for lunch and got bombed so i think the food was really good but the free tequila took over somewhere between appetizers and desert . Nice place huge portions and party party is the name of the resto
  4. IE: go kill some criminals vigilantly justice is the only real justice in the Phils . One of the reasons Davao is so safe the criminal know there will be no long drawn out court case. Go kill 5 or 6 bad guys and many more will move on for fear of there lifes Ice pick is a very common weapon here as well as a bolo nobody would blink at someone carrying either
  5. Ok went through the thread again to see what we can not find Gyro on Mango square a great place for gyros milk S&r , Cebu dairies, barili milk station Bread Gardina is at most grocery stores now its a western style non sweet white bread as well as many small bakeries around doing excellent bread in many styles. Mexican food is getting very popular , Burrito babes , Moon , Maya , along with many others in the city Cheese is getting better as well with most big places carrying more all the time . When I moved to Carcar you could only get quick melt now you can get
  6. I think what they are saying is no double dead horse . Double dead is a term used here to reference a animal that just died from unknown causes and then slaughtered . Most times double dead is half price because the slaughter house will not process a dead animal so its done on the farm and sold to the neighbors for cheap even though it could be bad in some cases .
  7. Yep Mike If I was you I would keep all this Im loaded talk close to your chest because you are just making yourself a target . Not only from the locals but from other expats bragging about your savings and income will come back and bite you in the ass big time . In fact i would start a new account here before you land . I hope you dont do this with her whole family . I truly believe being rich in the Phils puts your safety at risk .. Yes I know they think we are all rich but even poor people can see the extremely rich vs just western rich .
  8. To early to predict, anything right now is a guess . Do a little research you will see a different prediction from just about everyone . 24 hours from now will be a different story at that point they will have it narrowed down considerably to a few hundred miles . As for the strength once again its a guess the latest is its a cat 4 right now and considered a super typhoon by one set of rules but it seems everyone has their own scale to measure intensity. http://www.typhoon2000.ph/activetrack.gif http://icons.wunderground.com/data/images/wp201422_5day.gif http://www.usno.navy.
  9. I could have a reasonable standard of living just about anywhere in the world for 5k a month In Cebu It would be living very large
  10. The new one on the way will be called hagupit and has the possibility of becoming a super typhoon http://www.westernpacificweather.com/2014/12/01/tropical-storm-hagupit-intensifies-yap-and-palau-prepare/ I hope it changes direction I will be coming right around land fall http://i1.wp.com/www.typhoon2000.ph/multi/data/HAGUPIT.PNG?resize=541%2C319
  11. Anybody been there ? Wheres the good place to stay ? Thank you
  12. Ok Robert I will talk to him this week anything toyota is a good bet because the parts are all available and cheap . I will Pm his number when I get it from my phone
  13. Hey Robert what are you looking for ? My mechanic has lots of contacts and wont sell junk .
  14. Its the wifes car so I hope its the local cost lol
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