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  1. Jon pretty much nailed it . A sense of adventure and a Mr Bean sense of humor make the days a lot more fun.
  2. I use WU all the time always been great vranch right by my house and everywhere in the Phils . I send myself money all the time because its still cheaper than the bank eg: 200 +pesos from the bank in the Phils 5 dollars from my bank and a crappy exchange rate at the atm so it cost around 25 dollars to pull 10000 pesos out And western union sets the rate at sending so I send on good days sometimes I have 6 month old transactions .
  3. Anyone else tried Burrito babes ? We went there for lunch and got bombed so i think the food was really good but the free tequila took over somewhere between appetizers and desert . Nice place huge portions and party party is the name of the resto
  4. IE: go kill some criminals vigilantly justice is the only real justice in the Phils . One of the reasons Davao is so safe the criminal know there will be no long drawn out court case. Go kill 5 or 6 bad guys and many more will move on for fear of there lifes Ice pick is a very common weapon here as well as a bolo nobody would blink at someone carrying either
  5. Ok went through the thread again to see what we can not find Gyro on Mango square a great place for gyros milk S&r , Cebu dairies, barili milk station Bread Gardina is at most grocery stores now its a western style non sweet white bread as well as many small bakeries around doing excellent bread in many styles. Mexican food is getting very popular , Burrito babes , Moon , Maya , along with many others in the city Cheese is getting better as well with most big places carrying more all the time . When I moved to Carcar you could only get quick melt now you can get cheddar ,cream ,motza ,as well as others on a unexpected treat. Topless beach yeah its a way to go until thats going to happen maybe boracay lol Deli meat A guy just opened in Cebu with a huge selection of deli meats and is trying to franchise it 1 opened in Carcar it was great sold out 1st day and went out of business (in carcar) Will try to remember the name. Also tinder box has deli meat Real Chocolate Not going to happen real chocolate melts at 28 degrees so all the stuff sold here is like wax melts at 40+ and is very grainy Good Beef there is some stuff from down under but its at best low grade for a guy raised on grain feed beef. Texas BBQ I suggest Tex rex great BBQ Customer service Its coming in very small does these days lol Mac and cheese , stove top stuffing.Canned anything You really need to learn to cook or go to youtube for some ideas Grits ? every market anywhere Pickles once in a while in the market but so easy to make Peace and quiet Never Fishing You can fish all kinds of places its just not a sport here its a living lots of tilapia farms let you fish as well as there are lakes around some have snake head hire a local guy to guide you for the day Streaming video I have never had a problem watching youtube etc internet is getting better but still far behind Tomatoes yeah only roma grow well in the heat and the bugs love every other kind so they are spoiled long before they grow I did not comment on english food or canned chili because it would be like going to France and missing Philippino food :) Over all in the last couple years a lot of comfort foods have been getting popular and widely available its not only expats eating this stuff except marmite
  6. I think what they are saying is no double dead horse . Double dead is a term used here to reference a animal that just died from unknown causes and then slaughtered . Most times double dead is half price because the slaughter house will not process a dead animal so its done on the farm and sold to the neighbors for cheap even though it could be bad in some cases .
  7. Yep Mike If I was you I would keep all this Im loaded talk close to your chest because you are just making yourself a target . Not only from the locals but from other expats bragging about your savings and income will come back and bite you in the ass big time . In fact i would start a new account here before you land . I hope you dont do this with her whole family . I truly believe being rich in the Phils puts your safety at risk .. Yes I know they think we are all rich but even poor people can see the extremely rich vs just western rich .
  8. To early to predict, anything right now is a guess . Do a little research you will see a different prediction from just about everyone . 24 hours from now will be a different story at that point they will have it narrowed down considerably to a few hundred miles . As for the strength once again its a guess the latest is its a cat 4 right now and considered a super typhoon by one set of rules but it seems everyone has their own scale to measure intensity. http://www.typhoon2000.ph/activetrack.gif http://icons.wunderground.com/data/images/wp201422_5day.gif http://www.usno.navy.mil/NOOC/nmfc-ph/RSS/jtwc/warnings/wp2214.gif http://www.jma.go.jp/en/typh/images/zooml/1422-00.png
  9. I could have a reasonable standard of living just about anywhere in the world for 5k a month In Cebu It would be living very large
  10. The new one on the way will be called hagupit and has the possibility of becoming a super typhoon http://www.westernpacificweather.com/2014/12/01/tropical-storm-hagupit-intensifies-yap-and-palau-prepare/ I hope it changes direction I will be coming right around land fall http://i1.wp.com/www.typhoon2000.ph/multi/data/HAGUPIT.PNG?resize=541%2C319
  11. Anybody been there ? Wheres the good place to stay ? Thank you
  12. Ok Robert I will talk to him this week anything toyota is a good bet because the parts are all available and cheap . I will Pm his number when I get it from my phone
  13. Hey Robert what are you looking for ? My mechanic has lots of contacts and wont sell junk .
  14. Its the wifes car so I hope its the local cost lol
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