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  1. I was in both places ( Negros & Bantayan ) last year its OK but beaches are black & look dirty + cities are overcrowded, polluted etc. Bantayan beaches are beautiful yellow/white sand + Santa Fe has charming small expat community mostly Scandinavians. Few quite good places to eat run by Europeans like "Blue ice restaurant " in Santa Fe. I would recommended inexpensive nice small, clean hotel directly on the beach " Tristan's resort " with free WIFI, deck with bar ( best home made pizza ) walking distance to " downtown" for about $ 20/N with A/C. You can make reservation by phone : 63-919-537-1536. Best prices to rent a scooter were at "Daddy Doks " bar owner on Main street. About 120 php / 24 hrs . This place was open 24/7. Fish market open every morning in Santa Fe & Bantayan or can buy fish directly from fishermans around 7-8 am every morning for half of the market price in tiny village ( Ocoy ) on NE side of the island.
  2. Try Bantayan Island : http://wowbantayan.com/wowhome/
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