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  1. international12

    Furnished House 3 Month Rental Negotiable Above 15K/month

    Yes sorry, had to dump the house and move to a smaller one. Good luck
  2. international12

    Furnished House 3 Month Rental Negotiable Above 15K/month

    Yes, Sorry Cebu City, 10 mins from ayala, close to IT park.
  3. Hello, Im heading back to Australia for 3 months, Oct 11 to Jan11. I have a 3 bedroom house that is very large, 5mbs internet furnished, with exercise equipment, close to monte bello hotel Apas. The place comes with a part time live in maid who can shop, cook and clean (and organise your laundry) I also have a staff member that works in the office on a computer during the day and wont disturb you. Its 2 story place, the available bedroom is massive with ensuite, its twice the size of a normal hotel room. There is also another room that you can use for your guests. The price is very cheap because I need to use the place as an office for 1 staff member while im away. Offers of above 15k only, 3 months payment up front and ID required. Electricity not included. Leave me your email address when contacting me VIA PM.
  4. Hi, Im here on an extended visa 59 days, some guy at the pub told I could extend the visa again without leaving the county. Is this true? Im guessing its not, if so can someone recommend a place to extend visas in cebu. Im in Apas. Cheers
  5. international12

    Fast Wifi Internet?

    thanks for the advice, ive just got myself a house somewhere so ill be getting a proper connection soon.Will steer away from smart, cheers
  6. international12

    Fast Wifi Internet?

    I can handle skype on my smart bro but in the evenings i sometimes cant even get on the internet.i get similar experience all over cebu city with cafes, hotels etc - 7pm onwards it dies.
  7. international12

    Fast Wifi Internet?

    Anywhere like cafe or restaurant that can handle skype phone calls in the evening?I need to make some phone calls, is an internet cafe what i need, suggestions much appreciated.
  8. international12

    A Handspear

    cheers guys, will take all that into account.
  9. international12

    A Handspear

    yeah i live here but just arrived recenlty.Im heading to bocas grande and want to spear some fish when i get there.
  10. international12

    A Handspear

    I have seen the previous post about snorkel and fins..Im in cebu city, heading to surigao city soon.