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  1. Thanks, Steve. I will re-start a search at Cebu Doc or Chong Hua. Take care Bruce
  2. I live in Cebu and wonder if there is there such a thing as a General Practitioner doctor or Family Doctor? I am looking to have a regular 'primary' doctor for my annual physical and any referrals to specialists. Have not been able to figure this out - as I go through medical offices/clinics and all I seem to see are specialists. Confused! Thanks Bruce
  3. Hi All I will be returning the US as my job will be ending very soon. Obviously, this means that a lucky few will get some bargains- hahaha. The items I am selling are about 18 months old so not excessively used- in excellent condition. I am selling at about 20% of their original cost. I am in Cebu City - specifically Lahug. If interested send me a PM and I can give you my number and we can make arrangements. Thnx. Bruce Here are the items: Moulinex Coffeemaker - 200p Moulinex Blender – 200p Moulinex Iron - 100p Ironing Board- 50p Very Nice 2 drawer wood ni
  4. Hi All The TV has been sold but I am selling the items listed below. Anyone interested please PM me for details. I am in Lahug, Cebu City. All of these items were purchased in July of 2012 so they are not old and in very good working order. Moulinex Blender - 300p Moulinex Iron - 200p Ironing Board - 50p Very Nice 2 drawer wood night stand (I paid 4500p) - 2500p 5 drawer plastic cabinet - 500p 3 drawer plastic cabinet - 150p 2 drawer plastic cabinet - 100p Hot/cold Water Dispenser - 800p Thanks Bruce Johnston
  5. Hi All, My job is ending here and will be returning to the US in a few months so I am beginning to sell my things. Right now I am selling a 32in LG flatscreen TV - model 32LK430. It is only 19 months old. Purchased for about 15500 pesos at S & R. I am selling for 4500 pesos- a GREAT deal. ALSO SELLING: Blender (rarely used)- it is a Moulinex model LM3001. asking 1500p (I believe I paid 3500 as it is one of their top models) In case anyone is interested, I will also soon be selling: 1996 Kia Optima (will sell VERY cheap) Iron Kitchenware toaster microwave HP
  6. Hi Lyno. Where did you have the dental work done as I just broke a tooth and need a crown. Thanks Sto
  7. Thanks for the info, Geoff. I really appreciate it as I guess finding a quality mechanic here is not easy. Bruce
  8. Thanks Steve and Myrlita. I will give it a try. I appreciate it!! Bruce
  9. Hi I have been totally dissatisfied with the auto mechanics I have used at Kia Motors. My car actually runs WORSE after they have serviced it and basic tuneup and oil changes with them take 3 or 4 days. I am desperate. I need to find a qualified and reliable auto mechanic in Cebu City. I live in the Lahug area so the nearer to there the better. Thanks Bruce
  10. Jeiselyn now has a website to support her independent business. I suggest anyone looking to buy or rent should contact her as she is trustworthy to a fault and works very hard for her clients. Completely honest. She will listen to what you want and not try to steer you to other directions, unlike so many other real estate agencies in Cebu. Good luck. Bruce here is her website: ............................................................................................................................. Note from the boss This is the second time I have removed link or post. Other agents
  11. I am looking for a cheap, reliable car/small SUV to buy here in Cebu City-around year 2000 or so. Anyone know of a reliable seller I would greatly appreciate the assistance in my search. Thanks Bruce
  12. Hi All, I wanted to followup regarding the Property Manager I used - Jeiselyn Morales. She found me exactly what I wanted while I was there. I then had to return to the US to finish up some business there before returning permanently. While I was gone Jeiselyn supervised the minor repairs the owner agreed to, she had internet and cable installed and even paid for the small water bill knowing I would reimburse her. I had left some things at the condo so I would not have bring them back to Cebu with me a second time and she has checked my place a couple of times to ensure that everything
  13. Hi All, I wanted to share with everyone my experience with a very professional and helpful Property Manager/agent in Cebu. I was there last month with the intention of finding a place to live as I will be moving there in late June. Jeiselyn Morales was recommended to me by someone so I contacted her prior arriving providing her with what I wanted. She contacted me soon after and provided her contact information and asked a couple of questions to get additional information. I contacted her immediately upon arriving. She told me that she had already found a number of places that fit my nee
  14. Hi Tuka Ram,Thanks for that info. I am hoping you are correct and the prices I am seeing on the internet are higher than they would be once I 'hit the ground'. It would always be great to save a little extra.Appreciate itBruce
  15. Hi Dean,Appreciate the advice. That is exactly what I will be doing starting in April. Staying a month to find a place. Thanks,Bruce
  16. Jake and Volstateguy thanks for providing assistance. It is much appreciated.Thanks again,Bruce
  17. Hi All,Anyone else have an referrals of agents in Cebu that can help me find an apartment/condo to rent long-term?ThanksBruce
  18. Hi Jollygoodfellow,Thanks for the information-really appreciate it!!! You are right, I forgot to notate that initially I want to rent for a year, then probably buy later.Thanks again,Bruce
  19. Hi All,I will be moving to Cebu in June or July and would like to know if anyone can recommend a Real Estate Agent to help me find a place. Preferably, looking for a nice condo.ThanksBruce
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