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  1. Jack, you don't count very well... Lol! There's the one I came here for, the one who was more into herself and forgot about me, and my Asawa... Almost Asawa.. we've been together for over 1 1/2 years... As for getting the marriage license? Severe food poisoning (no more JM Shawarma for me) and a few other things slowed us down... Finally got the application for the license in last Thursday and we pick up the final copy on the 6th... The day after we had set for the wedding... Hehe! Once we pick up the license, it's off to book a judge... Lol! Including the trip to the embassy, I figure I'm in for well over p15,000 so far... Thank gawd we are having a civil wedding... Lol! Reception is at a pool (we are reserving the back pool) and will be another p8000, plus food including Lechon Baboy (another p7000)... Drinks? Soft drinks only... Hard stuff? I have a family to support now... Even I will have to buy my own... But I'm sticking to just 1 liter of Red Horse...
  2. Older man and... Ouch! I just turned 29... I mean 29... I mean 29/62 the other day... My Asawa is a very mature almost 22... Her mom left when she was a young teen and, even though she's the middle sister, she was the one to look after everybody... A single mom at 16 and she had to grow up quickly... Both sides of her family say that we were made for each other... Especially when the boys have the Tanduay or Red Horse flowing... Hehe..! I was worried when we started to get close - what would her parents say...? Hmm... According to her birth certificate, dad is over 20 years older than mom... 😊
  3. From my friend, the retired PNP senior member, there is no crime unless the parents complain - or you go to the bigger cities where DCWD is bored and doesn't like foreigners... His example? I could hire a katabung under 18 with the parents' permission... No charges... But if we go travelling and DCWD thinks there might be more to it (even a thought), yes, that can bring charges. I asked about my Asawa's daughter and nephew (his mom's an OFW) and he said No Problem - but get a Power of Attorney stipulating that mom's related and out of country. Will this pass? He did say that if anyone have us a problem, call him... He still is quite connected and powerful...
  4. I like Toril (a small town that is part of Davao City) for the transportation set up... People who own a vehicle only use them on the highway to go to Davao or for groceries... Jeepneys go from Toril to Davao only - none rotating though the streets here... That is tricycle country..!!! I've often mused about taking a photo of our main downtown street... 50 tricycles followed by a jeepney heading from the terminal to the highway, 100 trikes, maybe a taxi or a private vehicle, 100 trikes... As for how they drive? I'm surprised by the number of people here who don't realize there are different rules for driving... Vehicle on the right had priority except at intersections when certain conditions apply, etc... Yeah, check at LTO and you'll see what I mean...
  5. My MIL and SIL have both borrowed money and not paid it back... My Asawa said never again for those two... My FIL has borrowed small amounts several times (her parents are separated) and has always paid back when he said he would... He's the only one in the family now we will lend to... 😊
  6. I'll have to let you know if it's easier to Davao or not... Tomorrow we go for the marriage license... 🥺
  7. I've been to Costa Rica but it was a long time ago... Friends that moved there 20 years ago say it's not there same anymore... I'm presently in Davao... We rarely see the storms others do... But, yes, we've had a few earthquakes lately... Still, major damage from these had been light until the big one hit late last year... But even then, damage was still much lower than the areas that experience the typhoons... As to crime..? Very very low here... Honestly? I find the Davao area my preference for anywhere in the world I've been... At last count? That's 134 countries... Yeah, retired Air Force... 😂
  8. RIP Neil... Neal Peart was a local for me... Hagarsville, Ontario, Canada.. And I had met the original members when John Rutsey was the drummer before Neil actually joined Rush... So now both drummers for Rush have passed away...
  9. I was surprised..! I googled cheap flights from Philippines and found my best source was to scroll down the page until I found the Google listing... Input dates, etc, and I got the best prices out of any of the sites...
  10. I learned quite a bit about doctors here... Most GPs in a rural setting have the training of a good nurse back in Canada... Not that I wouldn't listen to the doc, our nurses are just that good... If you have one of these for your doctor? Find one who is willing to admit when it's beyond his ability and is willing to refer you to a specialist... Another thing I learned.. cuts, open sores, etc? If you don't have a good topical ointment, you can always use water with a light touch of bleach... Or, interestingly enough, a water-reduced wash with an organic apple cider vinegar, such as Bragg's... With the sores on my chest, abdomen and sides from the MRSA, the doc laughed about trying to use the cream... I would need 5 tubes each time and apply it 3x a day... She told me about the bleach and ACV wash instead... I was lazy and just poured ACV straight on and rubbed it around... Worked great.!
  11. 5 years plus here minus an overnight at the airport in Singapore... I don't say I want to live here... I do say I love it here... It's so beautiful and the people are so friendly... The only thing I've been asked after that was if I had a girlfriend... I admitted I did and got her phone number just in case it didn't last... That was a couple years ago...
  12. Y plates are usually region vii - Central Visaya...
  13. On a Mac? The best one is the one included in the OS... On Windows..? One of the Dragon products... Both are very good for a non-accented North American voice... Like a gameshow host or newscaster... (The best are always Canadian... Hehe..!). Any other inflection in your voice and it's hit and miss if it will work properly for you... The Man version can handle these better than the Dragon products but it's still... Yup..!
  14. Ever heard of MRSA..? An infection that none of the 'cillan group of antibiotics will touch..? Almost killed me a few months ago... It, and a few other antibiotic resistant infections are becoming more common... Why..? Overtreatment and eventual resistance is developed by common infections... And the SuperBugs prevail...
  15. The first quake this weekend was 6.9 and then revised to 6.8... the second was 5.something... 5.9..? I forget now... All of the quakes over the last few months have been shallow and inland... Just 2 plates mildly bumping against each other, thus no need to worry about tsunamis... Which is good as my fiancee lives beside the big plywood factory in Toril... Right by the water..! (I'm just over a mile from her and inland... Just across the MacArthur Hwy...). It's been interesting but not all that bad... Aftershocks are continuous and probably will be for a few days...
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