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  1. Ok, since we are taking about me, something you should know... I always intend to stay at 30 years old or above... Yet every single woman I've dated that fits that simple requirement..? They say I make them feel old... Not because of my age but because I'm more active than they are, or they think they look old compared to me... The closest i came was one who was 30 but was married to another foreigner who had deserted her almost 5 years before... Unfortunately being very Catholic, well... Her guilt ended that one... Heck, even my friends when they try to set me up? They've given up on the older ladies after they say I'm too young for them..!!!
  2. 3 parts to this... First, the bike needs a plate... The correct plate that was issued to that bike... Second, the owner is pre-cleared via police checks, etc... And gets his license annotated to show that he had passed... Third is the sticker on the bike which shows the check point team that the driver of the bike MIGHT be a good guy... They will need to check that all 3 are there and, if they are - and everything seems legit, the biker gets through the check point faster than those who don't have it...
  3. i am bob


    I'm not sure if I've had it or not... I do remember on several occasions where my friends brought out the bottle and told me to be careful as it was extremely strong stuff... My friends had 1 finger with ice - and were passing out after 4 shots... I killed most of the bottle and then walked to McDonald's which is about a kilometer away... On some days I can drink all day and night and the alcohol doesn't affect me... Other days, if I sniff the bottle cap..? Lol..!!!
  4. Hehe! You guys make me laugh! The idea behind this is to just make it easier to identify the bike and owner when they are out riding and get stopped at a check point... Bike has a sticker? Yup! Owner is driving and has the sticker ID on his license..? Yup! He's been precleared... Let him pass... That's all it is...
  5. i am bob

    How to drive a Filipina crazy

    It must depend on where the sender lives... I've seen them with and without for Palawan... 😉😂
  6. I might agree with you after my last gf... Even her parents apologized to me for how she treated me over the last few months... But with Jasmen..? She's a very mature 20 due to the fact she has a 3 year old daughter (the father has long disappeared into the deeper South to avoid warrants), Mom left (10?) years ago, Dad works long hours driving tricycle, and she is the one who looks after the family. The family is not rich obviously, but they are more than happy with what they have... Actually, I have to be careful I don't spoil her because I don't want her attitude to change...
  7. That's right, Dave... You're forgetting... The guy was living with a 17 year old... I said 18 and above... Little difference in age but a big difference in the law...
  8. Ok, it's been 10 years... Why not get the pardon and have it wiped off your record? Or, easier, go to your local police and have a check done. If I remember correctly, it's the same one as for employment. (I did mine with the Niagara Regional Police). It shouldn't show anything. Bring that for your use here in the Philippines. And, yes, that's what I brought.
  9. Working for your company outside the Philippines is fine... You can rent office space to use as long as it's for your own use BUT it can only be a temporary office space and not a full term leased office... And no company employees... As an author living with really sad internet, I sometimes needed better facilities... So a temporary office space was needed... I did get some looks at BI when I asked about producing an occasional show or 2 for a Canadian radio station while using computer for a remote set-up here in the Philippines... But it was ok as long as it's just me working out of another country...
  10. i am bob

    Second visit

    You will enjoy Davao... It's not a touristy city but there's enough all around it that you'll enjoy it! You have already discovered Samal... When you went to Eden? You turned off the highway in Toril... I live near that first bridge you crossed and love it here... I won't bore you with the list of things to do... Just know it's a long long one..!!!
  11. Someone mentioned the Davao to Singapore flight was direct... Mine was... Unfortunately, i found my return flight changed aircraft in Manila for the return flight... Best look for a different airline on the return portion if you use Cebu Pacific for the first leg...
  12. i am bob

    Met a phillipino in england

    I've found myself the sweetest, most loving barangay girl here in Toril... Mentally, she's a little older than me... Physically, she's 40 years younger... Her dad drives tricycle to put food on the table and is the sole support for his 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters... Oops! Only 2 daughters and one granddaughter now as one is moving back north to try again with her husband... Their house? It's a portion of a larger house split between several other relatives... A wet first floor with it's own flow (water spring) and then upstairs is a rough floor, 2 bedrooms made from pre-used wood, one wooden bench to sit on and a large kitchen area... Why so large? The smoke from the open wood fire gets a little thick sometimes... There is electricity but other than a couple lights, a TV (with antenna) and high power stereo... Oops! Forgot charging phone's used on a pocket wifi... I guess you could say they aren't rich... And this girl expects nothing from me..!!! Her birthday was a couple weeks ago... I paid admission for everyone at one of the pools and for a "cottage"... A couple hundred pesos... You would have thought I had taken her to Paris..!!! Her phone was a beat up 3G that was so old, I expected to see the Android logo in black-and-white... So I gave her a fairly decent budget phone for her birthday... I think she stopped crying a week later... It's going to be interesting for us... She speaks only a little English but is learning... And I'm finally getting my act into gear and working on my Filipino... If this is our only issue? Thank you, Google Translate..!!! So, my recommendations to all the single guys..? Forget age... Forget family income levels... Heck, forget just about everything..!!! Just keep looking and you will find a woman who is so much more than you ever thought could exist..!!!
  13. The laws here are pressed in with the basics, it seems... After that, case law is deemed the authority... What happens when people go to trial... I came across that info while researching foreign divorces for a friend about a year ago..
  14. Following my most recent adventure a couple months ago (hit and run, ligaments in my knee torn to sheds, bed rest for 2 plus months, etc), my fiance and I called it quits... When we figured my income for the next few months were going for surgical bills, she was more than happy to say goodbye... But then I met someone who is everything (and I do mean everything!) that I've ever wanted in my life... Now I'm a young 29 (60!)... I said 29 (60!)... And I thought she was the same age as my ex... Then I found out she was 21... Her Facebook had 1997 as her Year of Birth... Ok, I can live with that... The day before her birthday, we were talking and she said she would be so happy to finally be 20... Um, yeah, so today you are still 19..? Ah, heck... So people will call me a dirty old man... But she's worth it..! The point is - so many of the girls now look several years older than they truly are... Now I can understand someone getting into trouble when other people don't present truthful information... As for a girl over 18? The only ones who can make a complaint are the girl, or her parents if the girl is physically unable to. That is the law... Freddie's case was a political mess...
  15. i am bob

    Boracay closure

    It's interesting to get our information via the various news media available here. It's already been shown that several media groups are posting or making suggestions in their posts erroneous information. Particularly about the President. For example; many believe President Duterte approved the casino bid due to the reporting that was presented by these media. He did not. The approval came from a much lower level and he was pissed off about it. Some blame the President about having to close the place down. The people who were representing the government were being told to F.O. when they appeared at the larger establishments. I wish I had the Facebook video of the resort manager sending his dogs after the government group. These government groups were the ones tasked by the President to get things fixed. So... If they weren't going to listen and do what was required? Hmm... There are lots more things that require fixing there. If I was the guy in charge? I'd have done the same thing. Shut it down, get the work done and reopen as soon as possible. And, most importantly? Make sure nobody tried to skirt around the proper channels again. As for the media? I don't bother listening to most of them anymore.