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  1. Turned out I wasn't the father... Another reason I'm gone...
  2. Yup! I broke up a year ago with the one from before as I was becoming the ATM... One month after the breakup, I moved into Davao City proper and found out my street had no drains... The 3rd morning the water was almost 4 feet deep... Two days later I ended up back in Toril... And 2 days later I met Jasmen... The scary part is I can see my ex's place from my fiance's 2nd floor... Thank gawd they don't know each other... Lol!
  3. My grandmother would roll over in her grave! That's a pop-over, not Yorkshire... You have to add drippings from the meat for Yorkshire... And thus doesn't rise as high... It works best if you make it in a cast frying pan rather than the individual servings... Gawd but I miss my roast beast and Yorkie...!
  4. I'm hoping to be married before 6 months and will change to a 13a... It all comes down to expenses for the actual date as we don't want to use our savings... Smart girl!
  5. I'm on page 3 or 4 and I'm not seeing anything new.. just complaints that it's too expensive to be infirm in the Philippines... If you have family here but they aren't able to look after you? Get insurance to cover that now! Geesh! JJ, your wife wants something closer? Consider Canada... Get citizenship, pay your income taxes and, should you need a place to look after you? It's covered by your health insurance (provincially - paid either by your taxes)... Or you can get extra insurance to provide you with a deluxe home... My mother has been in one excellent nursing home for over 10 years now (paralyzed on one side from a stroke) and the caregivers are like family... My dad was there when he broke his hip and had cancer at the same time... They set up his room so we could have an advance birthday party and anniversary party the night before he passed away... And they made sure mom was there with him as much as possible... So, yeah, Canada is good for this sort of thing .. I just won't be going back home if I need care.. my future bride has promised her father (she's a daddy's girl) that she will look after me if I ever can't do it myself... They just haven't figured out yet that I'm immortal... Hehe!
  6. I have to admit... I do that dirty word too... Every second morning I throw on a pair of board shorts, a shirt, and throw a towel and a change of clothes in a bag and then do a 45 minute walk to my fiance's house while the sun is rising... We then walk the 5 minutes to the beach and spend an hour or so in the water doing things I shouldn't repeat here... No, not that... Lol! Swimming and exercising in the water... The Senator Manny training... Lol! A snack and drink after, back to her house to change and laugh as her 3 year old daughter tries to open her sleepy eyes while saying "Day, I lub ooo", laugh again when her sisters stumble out of the bedroom to them shriek as they aren't dressed, and then outside for a 30 minute walk home... Then it's to work for the rest of the day... On the other days I do planks, push-ups, etc, then write until noon when my sweetheart and sweetie come to spend the rest of the day with me... I have trouble sleeping past 5 and often I'm up at 4 so mornings are a great time to get the miles in before it gets too hot... And, between the walking, water and other exercises, I'm in pretty good shape... Ok, besides being told over 20 years ago I needed new knees (still do but it hasn't stopped me) and breaking my back a couple times (once by motorcycle and twice by aircraft that wouldn't stay up), I'm doing ok... It's the thing that got me my pension from the military that keeps me from doing the extreme stuff... No sense of balance... Turn off the lights and, if it's pitch black? I fall down... Hehe! But, hey! If I can do these things and stay in the shape I'm in? At 70? It should be easy! Only 9 more years and I'll let you know how that goes .. hehe!
  7. Yes, Davao is the new most amazing place! Unfortunately, only the downtown core streets (San Pedro area) are while most businesses aren't. Head towards the malls and it's great business wise but many of the sidewalks are blocked by businesses... I am very concerned about this as my daughter in Canada uses a wheelchair and I know she'll have a heck of a time here... I'd follow JGF's post below your original post... Cebu... I spent my first month in the Philippines close to the SM and also IT Park... Much better there!!!
  8. I had it before in Davao but after the work-to-rule started, I was told that it was no longer available.... I tried again after that mess cleared up but got the same answer.. I'll try again on my next visit to see what they say now...
  9. The 6 month tourist extension... Had a 4 initial name but I forget what it was... Anyway, it was dropped when the mess with BI working to rule happened...
  10. You'd be surprised... I'm in a compound off the main road and there's one house between me and the main road... In town! PLDT and Sky won't come on here... And I refuse to deal with Globe after they charged me for 11 months service that they didn't provide and I was on a month--by-month contract as my contact had expired 2 months before the mess began... I had to get the government involved before they realized I had grounds to not only take them to court but the government was ready to start major proceedings against them... Globe decided I didn't owe them anything... Lovely company... Hehe!
  11. I don't know about Manila but you won't have that problem here in Davao .. between the President (when he was mayor here) and his daughter (the current mayor), any cops try that and they're out of a job... And probably heading to jail... The complex I live in has 3 cops living here and for them to even think about something like that..? Now, once you leave Davao City, I can't guarantee it will be the same...
  12. Hehe! If you want that remote? You won't be having internet...
  13. I crushed my femur and cracked my pelvis a couple years back... I was living by myself and needed a katabung to keep the house clean... Cook my meals... I ended up hiring the cousin of 2 girls I knew... She lived a 4 hour bus ride away so she was a live-in... 20 years old, gorgeous with a hard body that would shame most... How do I know? I was a very bad boss... Yeah, that bad... Even with the way things went between us, she still worked her butt off without having to be told anything... I knew she wanted children so it wasn't a final relationship with her... Ok, I'm a dummy... When I started seeing someone else, she got jealous and did a few things that pissed me off and I fired her... Nothing to me but she got into fights online with my new gf... Sometimes I wonder if I should have just stayed with her... Oh well... Both her and that gf are gone... And I'm with someone else now... Though we are still friends on Facebook.. lol! Anyway, her pay was p3200 a month plus room and board... No 13th month... No SSS.... No PhilHealth.. now they are a requirement... As to pay? Google it and you will find there is a minimum pay per month depending on where you are...
  14. My experience with banks in Davao is limited... Simply because I don't use them for much... Occasionally I do a money transfer to one as it's listed on the company I use for transferring my monthly expenses... And I pay my rent through the same bank... Different location... I've been happy with BDO... But you might want to look at each bank and what their service are as well as their costs...
  15. Did you get your initial license before they put in the one year bit? Just curious... I've heard that others in your area have been getting their license still...
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