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  1. I went grocery shopping yesterday (Monday) and man, were the ATM lines long! Glad I knew better, and did not need money. Every holiday weekend goes like this. You would almost think more people would plan properly... almost... ha ha More fun in the Philippines. Every day is a holiday - every meal is a feast.
  2. I pulled the window unit out last week to clean it. I only clean it like once a year. Usually it is not too dirty... this time it was horrid. The coils were not too bad, but the interior of the unit was caked with all kinds of mud. The drain hole was stopped up and water was getting too high. All the dirt/dust was making mud. It works much now
  3. I was an Engineman in the Navy. I cooked before the Navy. I fixed the refrigeration though
  4. Yes, it is some of the best part. But I have always taken good care of my hands & feet. I did HVAC work for over 25 years and never got a callous on my hands. My feet are almost as soft as my hands. They file my feet, but there is little there to remove. As a cook I learned to take good care of my hands, and later, in the Navy I would lotion my feet daily. I kept it up my whole adult life.
  5. It used to be quite common for men to get manicures. Not sure when it feel out of favor. Some odd "macho" BS I would imagine. I had a couple regular shops, but with the employee turnover... I could never keep up with the good workers. Now I just go pretty much anywhere to get it done. I like to get a haircut/mani/pedi/foot spa every 6 weeks. My wife has never had professional mani/pedi as she is scared it would hurt. She will not do mine because she is afraid of hurting me. All my Asian girlfriends in the US loved to give manicures.
  6. More often I see "wala load" ha ha (no load) but I do buy rice a gantang at a time (basically 2.5 kilo) ...and to stay on topic... Here is a blurry pic of our water drum (video grab) and a photo of our tank/pump. There is usually a cover, but this was as we were installing the expansion tank. There are 2 houses, one pump for each house. The expansion tank is just for my house. The rooftop setup has a drum for each house (they just fill the drum with the pump, and use gravity feed). We keep our drum filled but only use it for brownouts. Maybe 10 feet off the ground?
  7. I used to work at a renaissance festival near Dallas, TX. Lots of performers and artisans pretending it is the 1500s. We did parades, skits, and weddings, in kilts, swords, and pikes. Tons of really bad kilt jokes ha ha Fun was had by all.
  8. Q What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? A On a good day... lipstick Q Why do Scots wear kilts? A Sheep can hear a zipper 50 yards away Q Why do Englishmen wear pants? A Goats are stone deaf.
  9. The timba is the bucket, the tabo is the dipper.
  10. When I got to my ship I started to take a Navy shower and the guys laughed & told me not to bother. Our ship never ran out of water. We were the West Coast test ship for a reverse osmosis machine. The 2 distillers made 200 gallons an hour each, and the RO made 400 gallons an hour by itself. With only 300 people on board, we ended up dumping fresh water overboard 5 or 6 hours every night.
  11. Yeah, they have done an annual cleanup of Manila bay for the last 5 or 6 years. It does not last long.
  12. My wife has come to prefer the shower and particularly the water heater. We do keep a full bucket in the shower as backup, but only use it for brownouts, and occasional foot washing (after the beach).
  13. We have one of those plastic drums on the roof (looks like a 50 gallon chemical drum). It is mounted right next to roof, maybe 10 feet off the ground. We only use it during brownouts, when our pump goes off. It provides plenty of pressure for showers. Not as good as my pump - but better than a bucket shower.
  14. Was that a local find, or shipped over? I have tried a couple of the local pates. They were liver spreads, but not even close to what I was looking for. I am not trying to look for foie gras, but even a simple Braunschweiger would be nice... Hell, just decent corned beef would be a treat ha ha
  15. Better make it look like their idea, or that you cannot do it without their support. Don't make them look bad... Does this guy not know how to fly under the radar?
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