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  1. - your 'home' passport may make you a kidnapping target your skin tone will make you a target in the wrong areas. Your passport stays home in the safe, anyway. - your 'home' passport may prevent you from making certain investments I am retired and this is not a concern of mine. Any future investments would be in the US (in the unlikely event that I made any investments at this point in my life). - your home country may be going down a path you don't wish to follow I am not there, not a problem. More likely the PIs will down a wrong path before the home country. - in the case of a US citizen, you may wish to renounce citizenship someday for tax reasons If you do not already have enough money to make that a viable option... you probably never will. - lets say a catastrophe devastates your home country; I'd rather have a local passport than be a refugee Again, more likely to happen here in the PIs than in Texas. If the shit hits the fan here, I would rather have the US Embassy to help me (they offered help during Yolanda). - local passport affords opportunities of land ownership, gun ownership, etc. Don't need a gun, don't care about land. At my stage in life I am enjoying my money, not worrying about collecting junk. Land can be in the wife's name. All the same to me. - lets say your filipina wife gets sick and dies...who gets your house & businesses? You're just a foreigner.... No business here for me, and the house is on family land. Neither of us own it, but doubt either of us would ever get tossed out. And, I moved before, I can move again. If she is dead I would likely go elsewhere. Don't forget your PI passport is almost useless for travel. Almost any 1st world passport is better for travel. A US passport can get you into almost any country you want, with no visa in advance. A PI passport is good in what, 27 countries? Forget that. You could not pay me to get a PI passport. If you are a young man, some of that may apply. At my age (55) none of it applies to me. There is no upside to PI citizenship, for me, at my age. I am a permanent resident, though. No major benefits, but no new risks either. Most guys I know are trying to go the other way. We want American citizenship for our wife (even if just for a good passport). I do not know anyone who ever tried to get citizenship here. I think it is a confusing concept for many of us...
  2. When people ask me about health care I always tell them that if medical care was a major concern - I would stay in my home country. Even living next door to a hospital here, is too far away. I live an hour from the city. In any emergency, I am dead. I know this, and accept the risk.
  3. I have tried to use online forms and have never had one accepted. The BI office tells me it is 'not current'. Generally it is the exact same form, but mine is a much cleaner copy. I have always had to refill the forms, so I gave up. Correct form or not, I just wait until I get there.
  4. Even if there is no down side - there really is no upside. I can work? I am on a 13a and 'can' work, and not interested in working for pesos. I guess maybe I could vote? Again, don't care. Senior discount? The senior discount is the only actual positive, and not worth all the hassle of trying to get citizenship. Renouncing my US citizenship may not really renounce it - but I would not do anything to threaten my US citizenship.
  5. Never looked into it. Is there any actual benefit? I doubt it :)
  6. How far? Far enough enough away that I have never seen it. I wonder how many houses our transformer serves? Probably too many ha ha. I need to ask around and see if someone knows where it is. There has to be one somewhere... :)
  7. This shows an unfortunate lack of understanding on the part of the DOH. The adult booster is a lifetime protection - and the last 12 months is irrelevant.
  8. You can request them - probably take a long time to get them. I got a copy when I separated and kept them in the safe. Hard copy of my shots & all medical records, microfiche of service record.
  9. Something to consider, if you are ex-military. I checked my shot records and found that in boot camp I did receive the adult polio booster (1988). So I am covered. Any of you vets might also have had it already.
  10. Navy, late 80s... never heard of it. :)
  11. Never heard of it... when was this? I would not use a PI bank. I tried and gave up with the franchise-like foolishness. But a friend gets his SS on the 3rd of every month (BPI).
  12. I have not had to renew my 5 year ACR yet, but I plan on going in 2 or 3 months in advance. Once you have the receipt you are good, even if the card is delayed (except maybe at the airport?). It is a pretty useless card, although it is required. My first two 13a ACRs (probationary & permanent) took about the same amount of time to get from Manila to Iloilo as all my tourist ACRs did, 3-5 months. As for expiration, I found it funny that the Iloilo office had me wait to renew my tourist ACR one time until after it expired - they were busy with 13 annual check ins and did not want to bother with it. When I asked if it would be a problem if it was expired he kind of laughed and said no one really cares about the card (I prefer to do it early, though).
  13. Welcome to the Philippines ha ha I see this stuff all the time. I smile and keep going
  14. I simple post about auto checkout... and the grumpy old farts have to bring up US politics... what a sad world some of you choose to live in.
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