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  1. I have lived in the PIs for over 6 years. I am using the same account I had in the US. I use it from here, and my kids use it at their houses, in Texas. Never been a problem. Well... we can only have 2 simultaneous connections on our account (more are for sale), and once I tried to watch a show and it would not let me. Both kids were watching, from the US. Only happened once in 6 years ha ha But, yeah we have never had a problem with them because of our locations. (I pay for Netflix, my daughter pays for Hulu, and my ex pays for Amazon Prime - we all share)
  2. Well, 'superstitious' and 'afraid of negative thoughts' are the same thing ha ha. My wife is not overly religious but has the basic superstitions that are common here. She knows I don't buy into any of that junk, so we just don't discuss it. There was a kid with some odd thing safety pinned on the back her shirt. When I asked about it, all my wife would say is it was a "witch doctor thing". It was all I needed to know. No more questions needed.
  3. Are they gel liners? Airlines don't like gel shoe liners anymore. I don't like the new shipping charges with Lazada. They recently let their sellers jack the shipping prices up. I will look at Shopee, not sure about them. No credit cards accepted - you pay at a money shop, like Palawan. Will have to see if they COD.
  4. The Android should natively have GooglePhotos (since it has free pic storage you should be backing up to it anyway). You can get the app for your iPad from their playstore (or whatever they call it).
  5. I know Peace Corps volunteers that make people mad, by trying to teach them to farm or fish in more environmentally sound ways. They are here with permission... Sorry this guy got killed, but it sounds like he kind of brought it on himself. I would not get involved in that stuff over here!
  6. I know people love the inverter type, but I did HVAC/R work for 25 years and I prefer the regular units. When the inverters mess up, they are much more expensive to get fixed - and here in the PIs, good luck on finding qualified craftsmen. I like the split systems because they seem to cool better, but I like the window unit because it is louder. I have a lot of "neighbor" noise to drown out. (I really need to get back to the peace & quiet of the city)
  7. I never felt unsafe anywhere in the PIs, yet. I visited here a few times over the years, and moved here full time 6 years ago. I have wandered Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo all hours of the day & night and never felt threatened anywhere. Just use your basic situational awareness, like when traveling anywhere. I quit work at 48 and moved over here (no girl involved initially, but got kidnapped quick ha ha). The longest visit I could do before moving was 2 weeks at a time. Switching from tourist mode to expat mode is fun. No real culture shock for me, but I am easy going and can get along most anywhere. Yeah, that is true. Pretty much all the local guys I know have girlfriends, maybe not a steady kabit, but playmates. Not recommended... but very common. I also know a lot of married ladies that mess around (many text me).
  8. No, just leaving the country does not cancel the 13a (it does the tourist visa, but you get a free one on re-entry). When you leave on a 13a you get an ECC-B that includes the return authorization. It keeps your visa valid for up to 12 months out of country , but is single use (each exit requires a new RA).
  9. I agree. Here is the list put out by BI of the top 10 countries during the annual reporting period. Lot of Chinese here. They own some great shops, though
  10. The return authorization keeps your visa current while you are out of the country - but it is only good for 1 year. I had a friend that let his RA expire and he had to start the whole process over again, probationary, then permanent. Each office can be different of course. If you do not want the visa anymore, simply accept the 30 day stamp on entry, and extend as needed. Double check with the BI agent at the airport, of course.
  11. Grounded circuits are few and far between in the PIs.
  12. Clermont was speaking of a microwave. A useful item, but certainly no replacement for a real oven.
  13. Here is an update on the 3 boats. These are supposed to be the official numbers, as of now anyway. Right now the pier is still closed. A ro-ro is coming to pick up stranded people.
  14. I prefer cooking with gas, you tend to get better & faster temp control. That is more important for the hob, than the oven. Most of the ones I see here are 4 gas burners, and an electric oven. Electric is expensive, but cooking anything in an oven for 45 minutes would suck down a gas can, I think. So I understand the gas/elec combo. I have not talked myself into getting one yet. A friend had one and said the oven was useless for baking - but - he was a retired baker and probably had high standards ha ha
  15. They are just regular banka boats, not big ferries. The small bancas, not the big ones like going to Boracay. Four of the dead were all teachers at the same local high school... Monday is going to be a rough day at school.
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