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  1. Tukaram (Tim)


    What you will likely run into is geo-locked content. I brought a Roku with me and it is almost useless. So far I can only connect it to my Netflix, none of the Roku stations are licensed here. Same with my US Hulu account, it will connect but nothing will play here in the PIs. Netflix works, but the library is severely limited. (All of those can be used by a VPN, though.) Alexa is just going to connect to your music service. Depending on what service you use, will affect how useful it is (Google, Pandora, Spotify etc). Not sure if you can set Alexa up through a VPN. If so, you can set whatever country you want.
  2. Tukaram (Tim)


    Or a new boyfriend?
  3. Tukaram (Tim)


    I have some really nice, tight fitting, ear buds (J4s). For many years I have slept in them, as needed. I have had them 8 or 9 years, and just bought a 2nd pair. Not as a replacement, just felt it was time for a spare set. My iPod has a white noise track of a jet engine that I play. Drowns out the thump-thump pretty well. I tried earplugs and muffs, to no avail.
  4. Tukaram (Tim)


    We both just laugh at each other and say "pack your shit and go". I don't think either of us are going anywhere... but we try ha ha
  5. Tukaram (Tim)


    I was a**h*le #1
  6. Tukaram (Tim)


    When we first got together I told her I do not put up jealousy. It is an immature action. She either is not jealous, hides it well, or just doesn't like me ha ha Actually my wife is friends with my ex and the new husband (husband #4).
  7. Tukaram (Tim)

    Where to find good head.

    Here in Iloilo we can get good lettuce at Robinsons and S&R but too expensive. Downtown is a wet market called 'super' (actually the terminal market). There is a vendor that sell hydroponic lettuce super cheap. I buy a grocery bag full for under p50. It is not always there, but a good find. Hopefully your city has someone growing hydroponics...
  8. Tukaram (Tim)

    Help me with Netflix ?

    My provider (and I use that term loosely ha ha) is Globe. They installed a one piece modem/router. I could add a router to it that allows for VPN but have not needed to. Generally on equipment - they fix theirs, you fix yours.
  9. Tukaram (Tim)

    Help me with Netflix ?

    My home modem does not allow for VPN access so I use my phone and Chromecast it to the TV. That does need a Chromecast dongle on the TV, though.
  10. Tukaram (Tim)

    Help me with Netflix ?

    I had Netflix in the US and just use the same account here in the PIs. Not sure if it is any cheaper to get a PI account. The library is very limited on the PI service so I use my VPN to switch it to the US library. Netflix did not used to care, but now they will sometimes block VPNs. My VPN is pretty good at getting around them - it is a dance they do (I use Private Internet Access, about $40 a year). I pay with Paypal, but use my credit cards on other sites. I have never had a problem using a card here. Another option is iFlix. It is a more local Netflix type... from Malaysia? Not sure where. It only cost like p1,500 for the year. It has an ok library but I have a lot of problems getting their player to work, and rarely use it now.
  11. No... very believable. Welcome to the Philippines ha ha It is, as they say, more fun.
  12. Same thing was happening to me but the Iloilo office said even though the probationary was expiring I would ok because we were waiting on the approval from Manila. Luckily... the approval came right as the provisional lapsed... so I was only uncovered like 2 weeks. Seemed odd they said it not important - seemed important to me. They said the paperwork had me covered even if the passport stamps did not. (I'm not saying they were right, though)
  13. I just did my 13a annual report in Iloilo. I had my passport, copies of my entrance stamp/visa stamp, and last years receipt. The only thing they looked at was my ACR. No form to fill out, no fuss. The actual time at the desk was just a few minutes, but there was a 30 minute wait to pay. The pay clerk was moving slow, I guess. Total time was just under 45 minutes, total fee p310. Not bad for a once a year visit.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, but I know. Also, that is a temporary office, too. (post office is also having to move out of the Customs House) I made a video of it a while back.
  15. I have not been yet. Maybe Tuesday? I think the online form is only the 1st time, but could not find an answer on the BI website. I have done it 3 times, I think... (It is hell getting old, but better than the alternative). I take the receipt of last years payment, as per their instructions, but they have not asked for it.