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  1. I pay all my bills at 7-11 but cannot leave the barangay, because I do not have a quarantine pass. Only one per house, and it is in my wife's name. How a single over 65 year old is supposed to get groceries, I have no idea. I am sure "they" assume all older people have family living with them, and never thought about making provisions for it...
  2. For me, underwear in US sizes. A new computer, at a fair price & good specs. That is about it, but enough to get a box going.
  3. I have a BB box on a boat now (not from shipping cart)... the boat is (was?) supposed to get to Manila 2APR. I know cargo is supposed to keep going, but I can't help but wonder how long it will take to get to Iloilo, or if it just gets lost.
  4. I was avoiding the herd mentality and not hoarding. I went grocery shopping yesterday and just bought a 2 week supply. Guess that was a mistake. Today the mayor announced "enhanced" rules. No more jeepneys allowed into the city, but taxis are still running (good way to punish the poor). We will have a hard time getting into the city, and it is the only decent grocery shopping around. The new anti-hoarding rules sets ridiculously low limits on items, like only 12 sachets of coffee, only 1 can of baby formula, only 6 rolls pf toilet paper (but S7R sells them in 12 packs?). Good thing we do not use paper at the house. Should have hoarded when I had the chance. Live and learn...
  5. I am gld to see the government and stores being proactive here instead of reactive.
  6. I just got a text from Globe that they are closing their stores for now, too. As for alcohol... I told the clerk at iMart if they changed the label on the gin to "hand sanitizer" they could raise the price from p90 to p1000
  7. The travel restrictions are just going into effect today, so no one really knows all the details yet. And with daily review, it could be in flux for a while. Could they just stay with you in Thailand for the month?
  8. No worries. Back when we were kids, there was only one bar of soap in the shower at a home of 6 people... you just do not over think it ha ha
  9. So how do they expect people to get to the grocery store? Or the hospital? That is a bit of an overreaction.
  10. Cinemas here are closing. Iloilo just announced that no sea transport (except cargo) will be allowed. So, by shutting down the RoRo, that means no more bus from another island. They say it is to protect us from the people fleeing Manila, but closing the RoRo shuts off the other islands as well. ~Edit~ I just reread the executive order for Iloilo, it is going to be a mess. It restricts sea travel, including the RoRo, from the Manila area, or anyone traveling from a restricted country. And just how do they know what country you recently visited? Too easy to lie about that. Going to be an odd boat ban...
  11. Here on Panay the Antique province is implementing a 14 day border restriction - to protect themselves from the people fleeing Manila. This is a good time to just stay home...
  12. I tried to get them interested in making mulch but gave up. All food scraps go to the animals in the yard. All leaves are swept daily and burned. The local nursery sells what they call mulch, but it is just burned rice hulls. Not very good mulch.
  13. When you pour, or spray the bum gun, make sure your squat is good. Your butt needs to be lower than your knees. That way the water runs down to the bowl, and not down your leg. You can either air dry, or use a small towel.
  14. The 14 day isolation may be needed - but domestic air, sea, and land transport is still restricted for 30 days. If you come in internationally... sounds like you stay in Manila.
  15. Paper? Who uses paper? We have a bum gun. Only time we buy paper is if a foreigner is coming over for a visit.
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