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  1. if you are traveling out of the country each year, the balikbayan stamp is a good option. You go through immigration with your spouse and they stamp your passport for a 1 year stay - free. If you are traveling anyway... it makes sense.
  2. You can get the 13a if married. I have heard it is easier to get in the US, but I got mine in the PIs... Biggest potential problem with the 13a is the extra travel costs. When you leave the country there is an additional p2,000 or p2,500 fee. It is a 1 year return authorization. Good for one year, but single use. Multiple trips a year would get expensive. 13a cost about p11,000 to get it - then only p350 a year at your annual report. The SRRV is another option. It takes a lump sum investment, but does not have the travel restrictions. Tourist visa is easy... but over time ends up being expensive. I tracked for 1 year and it was like p26,000
  3. Tukaram (Tim)

    New Foreign Ownership Law!!!

    Maybe the Chinese can take over the banking... and we can get all the WeChat payment functions. :)
  4. That was something I had to explain to my girlfriend... I could not be left alone with her 14 year old niece. After we were married, she is my niece, but not before. She told me I did not need to follow that law, but I chose to anyway. Since we were all living together in a family compound it probably would have been ok... but better safe than sorry.
  5. Tukaram (Tim)


    I just happened to be in the US and voted, but I have family checking my mail at home - and so far there is no ballot yet. Texas was supposed to send it... I wonder if I ever get one?
  6. As a tourist with less than 6 months I was never asked for an ACR. Sometimes I had one, sometimes I did not. After the 6 month period I have had to show the ACR at BI to get my ECC, but no one at the airport ever asked for my ACR, just the ECC. Your mileage may vary.
  7. Tukaram (Tim)

    Electric Fan Rant

    I wrote to Lazada and got a standard 'shipping fees are set by the vendor' but I have seen a HUGE increase in shipping too. I quit using them but have not found a good replacement. That fan said p1,300 shipping to Iloilo?!?!
  8. Tukaram (Tim)

    Cost of living

    I have not noticed much increase. Groceries have gone up a little, I guess, but not enough for me to adjust my budget. Gas has gone up dramatically in the last 18 months, but I do not drive. I expected all prices to go up as the shipping cost went up... but so far no big deal. The favorable exchange rate for US dollars has more than offset any inflation. Over the last 6 years meat prices have gone up about p25 a kilo, but the exchange rate went from 42 to 53. I like it.
  9. I have never done a direct bank x-fer, I used a service like Western Union or Xoom. I have found WU usually has a better exchange rate but a higher fee. Xoom is usually a faster transfer. I am visiting the US for a bit and had to send some money home. I used Xoom and sent it from my bank to BPI, no problems... well one oddity... the money was deposited in my BPI bank for 3 days before it got taken from my USAA ha ha.
  10. I don't know the rules, but all I carry is my ACR card. Passport stays at home in the safe if I am not crossing the border (or going to BI for something)
  11. Tukaram (Tim)

    fork and spoon

    I find it amusing that so many places will bring my wife a fork & spoon, but bring me a fork & knife - then I have to request a spoon. Generally I find that if you cannot cut the meat with a spoon it is too tough to eat anyway. At home, we use a knife to cut my meat, but the meal is served with fork & spoon. I am also perfectly comfortable eating with just my hands anyway. One time, in the Little India neighborhood of Singapore I got some dal and rice (thick split pea soup). I saw a couple locals looking at me and snickering to each other. I got the idea they thought I could not eat soup & rice with no utensils. I made an indention in the rice, poured in the soup, mixed it by hand, and proceeded to eat. They nodded approvingly. When I went back with a Filipino shipmate he could not believe they did not have utensils. I laughed and told him to use his "Filipino fork" (making scissor motions with my fingers).
  12. Tukaram (Tim)

    Google Chrome Crashing

    I just recently had to switch to Chrome because Firefox was crashing (Firefox would take all my RAM and never give it back). So far Chrome is much more stable, and faster, but I hate the layout. Firefox allowed you to move pretty much anything, anywhere. Chrome is clunky and poorly laid out, but fast.
  13. I just went to BI the other day for mine. You can do it at the airport, I just don't want any unforeseen delays... My receipt says: Receipt #2 Express Lane Fee p500 Receipt #1 Emigration Clearance Certificate p700 Head Tax p250 RP Fee p1400 Legal Research Fee p30 The RP Fee is the 're-entry permit'. It is what keeps your 13a active while out of the country. When you pay it, the permit is good for one month (to exit). The re-entry permit is good for 1 year, but single use. You can stay gone up to a year, but only enter with it once. If you leave more than once a year... you pay the fee for each permit.
  14. What kind of visa are you on? The p2,870 sounds like about what I paid for my 'Return Authorization' recently. This will be my first time to leave the country on my 13a visa. Last time I needed an ECC was on a tourist visa and it was like p500 for the ECC. The RA is much more expensive. I would not have gotten the 13a if I traveled out of country very often. The terminal fee/travel tax/whatever seems to be different every time I leave. I have never made heads or tails out of it.
  15. Tukaram (Tim)

    Why are so many men alone?

    Some could be single, some might just be *gasp* shopping. I go to the city by myself quite often. I enjoy walking around and window shopping - my wife enjoys doing laundry and napping ha ha