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  1. Everything I see here is just twisted and taped. They recently ran street lights in our area. Not a single scrap of wire is over 10 feet long. All down the street it is twisted and taped. My wife's uncle is an "electrician" here. Has been for over 30 years. He will tell you that twisting the wire and taping it is the best connection. Any type of wire connectors (like wire nuts) are bad. He is wrong - but he will tell you that. Welcome to the Philippines
  2. Yes. So much this. I got a $50 bill out of an ATM in Texas. I did not notice the corner was slightly torn. It would not have been an issue in the US. When I got to the PIs no one would take it. I tried street exchangers, mall dept stores, and even my local bank. The bill was crisp, clean, and worthless. I ended up filling out a deposit slip and mailing it back to my US bank. Not a recommended procedure, but the bill was worthless here. Their bills can be all kinds of tore up and they accept them, not so with foreign money.
  3. I use my debit card more than cash when I visit the US. I pretty much quit using cash around 2010, when I still lived in TX. On my last visit I found many stores in Dallas had maybe one register that accepts cash, the rest are credit/debit only. When I see someone pulling out cash it is almost like the old person still writing a check ha ha But when I get to the PIs I am fine using cash most places. I was surprised how many places here actually accept cards.
  4. I have a Visa, a Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Here in the PIs I have never had the Visa or MC turned away. Many places have said they do not accept Discover or AmEx.
  5. My wife generally calls me Tito Tim... as well as a few other things that the filters would block here ha ha
  6. The only nicknames I hear are their own nicknames: ging, ting, noy... Usually doubled. My wife's (and 20 million others) nickname is ging-ging. (also ghing)
  7. I always have an umbrella with me in the PIs. Usually for sun more than rain. Not sure if I would use it in the US for sun... it is just not normally done ha ha. :tiphat:
  8. I love cooking (used to cook professionally). I make some cooking vids, because I like to make them - they get almost no views ha ha. Most guys don't want to watch that. My chili recipe took some work to get it right (well, close) with local ingredients. I still have to get my masa harina shipped in BB boxes. I have to adjust my recipes, and I have to adjust her recipes. Mine for ingredient availability, hers get slightly Americanized.
  9. I have not used McAfee or Nortons in at least 10 years. Kaspersky and ESET Nod are the best, according to my tech friends. Kind of funny the best antivirus is from Russia ha ha *but back in my hacking days, the best work was also in Russia). Most guys I know here just use the free Avast. I hear it is pretty good. I get Nod from my ex, at her discounted price (computer store manager).
  10. I have not made bulalo, but I made a good nilagang (pork stew) last month. The summer veggies have been great this year, in the PIs, so I have been cooking a lot lately.
  11. We keep talking about going to Bohol, but never quite get there. I tried planning the trip a couple times, but my wife sees it and says it is 'too complicated' and 'too expensive'. So we end up riding the bus to Boracay (it is relatively close). I tried 2 weeks ago to plan a trip for our 5th wedding anniversary (30JUN)...and we are going to Boracay again ha ha
  12. I don't know what we can do about it - the easily led will fall for it again and again. Trolls set up crazy posts, and the gullible turn it into a movement. Sad state of affairs... The youth are giving me great hope for the future - if we can hang on until the dinosaurs die off.
  13. I see your double face palm and raise you a triple...
  14. I do not get back to the US very often. Only 2 trips in 6 years, so far...
  15. I am from Texas and there they thought I was a Yankee. Here in the PIs they think I am German? I don't get it (but I love schnitzel) ha ha
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