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  1. I would have included a good teapot in the BB box.
  2. I am a city boy, but a friendly one. I will smile and say hi - it does not mean I want to stop & chat. Quite often the other foreigner looks away, or ignores me. That is fine with me. My wife thinks I should like all foreigners, simply because we are foreigners. That is not much of a bond to me. I met a subscriber to my channel, that lives a few towns over, and we hit it off quite well (and the wives like each other too). He and I both joke that we are socialized hermits. I think a lot of expats are like that, especially farther from the cities. If I wanted to hang out with a big group of friends... the old country would be a better option. A work acquaintance ended up in the same town as me and did not last a year here. He missed hanging out with all his buddies (and drinking). He is back in Texas and seems happier. I know his wife likes it better, too. Really? I get you and Sir Elton confused all the time ha ha
  3. They are nominally metric here. What you tend to get is a mix; they get what they get. Back in the old country (the US) I had a good mix of both sets because different things needed them. Seems similar here, but the mix will be on the same piece of equipment ha ha. When uncle was building our house (and my desk) he kept switching measurement types in one sentence. He would measure a length in inches, and a width in centimeters - I could not keep up with him. The nuts & bolts seem to switch about as much...
  4. Depends on where you are... Here, in Iloilo, most groceries have whole frozen turkey (S&R was out last I checked). I have seen turkey for p320 a kilo. Whole Chinese hams are p1,000 a kilo, at Iloilo Supermarket. Real ham is much harder to find, for me, than turkey.
  5. On the rare occasions I buy milk, I just buy the boxed, non-refrigerated, milk. Seemed like an odd concept, but over here it does make sense. My sister-in-law just sent me a can(?!) of butter from Malaysia (but from New Zealand). I never heard of that before. I just opened it last night and it seemed pretty good. (I did refrigerate it after opening.)
  6. Do you have to shake the milk to mix the cream back in? If so - it is not homogenized. If you do not need to shake it - it is homogenized. It just breaks up the fat to make it stay integrated, so the cream does not rise. The only "fresh" milk I have seen around here is the boxes of UHT milk ha ha (not fresh, but not bad). S&R will occasionally have real milk, but it sits on the shelf so long it spoils unsold. Mostly the locals use powdered milk...
  7. My wife and my (American) ex are friends. I am friends with my ex's new husband. Hell, we all share the same tattoo artist. I could not be in a relationship with a jealous person. I mean... if they walk in on you in bed with someone else... sure, they can be mad. But being jealous for no reason shows a lack of maturity. I could not be in a relationship with someone I do not trust, or that does not trust me.
  8. Yeah, no kidding. It sounds like a lot of guys (on lots of sites) married Western women. My wife and I mostly have a partnership, but I certainly own the controlling stock ha ha. I take her feelings and concerns under advisement, but the decisions ultimately are mine. I would not have it any other way - and neither would she.
  9. I have never asked my wife for her password, and she has never asked me for mine. But to look at videos or pics, we regularly unlock our phones and hand them over to each other. Nothing to hide, but no need for the passwords :)
  10. Which is where my standard answer came from. When they ask if I am married, I say: "I am married, but don't have a girlfriend yet". All the locals laugh, many expats look confused. Just be careful... some will call you bluff ha ha
  11. Mine is not jealous (or just does not like me? ha ha). I could not have put up with a jealous woman. I hear that many are, but I got a few friends married to locals, and theirs are not jealous either. Keep looking. Takes a while, but you can find them.
  12. Yeah, we are very overbuilt in Iloilo... and they are still building. But it is a nice looking mall that the BI is in.
  13. I have always found the Iloilo BI to be a very friendly and helpful office. They were friendlier back when they were upstairs at the Customs House. Just an open room of desks, no windows, much more laid back. I was just there yesterday, with another expat that needed an extension. In the few minutes were there we saw two people arguing with the clerks. The first said he has been here 7 years and never heard of an ACR card, and did not want to pay for it. The 2nd was arguing over the Express Fee. I really feel sorry for the clerks. They put up with these idiots everyday...
  14. I have a US Char-Broil and it works fine here. The gas "connection" on the grill is just a pipe sticking out of the valve. I use the regular cans of gas here and use a hose with clamp, just like we use on the hob. Been working fine for almost 3 years. We use it every single day, I love it.
  15. If it is for her to use over here, it would probably be easiest for her to pick one up at the mall. You could also buy one on Lazada, or Shopee, and have it sent to her. She can buy a local sim card, even if the pocket wifi is not available nearby. Best way to load it would also be locally. Just send her money for a load. I have no idea if you met her yet, or how well you know her (not my business, really). Now personally, I never sent money to anyone I never met... But this is not a lot of money anyway. Trying to do it from the US is just complicating a rather simple issue.
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