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  1. The mukbang (pronounced "mook-bong")videos started in Korea. I never understood the appeal but they seem to be popular.
  2. That is why there are options. I am a city boy through and through! I live 20 km out of the city and get so bored on this rice field. I will take the city any day! Also, in my experience, the farther from the city... the louder it gets. We moved to the city a few years back for the peace & quiet. I only moved back out here, to the boonies, for rent free living. Looking for an apartment in the city now ha ha
  3. That is why they wear undershirts. I asked my wife if I should buy a barong for our wedding and she said not to bother. Other than weddings, she said the only people who wear them are politicians. But then... she is kuripot ha ha
  4. I use a family address as my permanent address here. Where I live at the particular moment, I do not worry about. I would not recommend misleading a government office... but... do as I say not as I do ha ha
  5. I would have told her I did not own a suit. A small lie, for my own comfort. When I moved over here I left my suit hanging in my sister's closet. I may need it during a visit to Texas, I will never need it here. I was at a formal event with the Rotary club. I wore slacks, dress shoes, and a collared shirt with a tie. I was the only one there without a jacket. Some of the more senior members told me I need to buy a sport coat... and I laughingly (but firmly) told them that I did not wear a jacket to my wedding, I will not wear a jacket to my funeral, and have no plans on buying one in between. There is no reason to wear a jacket while I live in the tropics. They did not seem happy with me, but they dropped it.
  6. Back in Texas people said I walked slow, here they said I walked fast. My wife told me long ago that if you walk too fast you will sweat more. So I slowed down.
  7. On my phone there is a mic icon anytime I have a keyboard. I can speak into any text box, but I do not generally surf on my phone, I prefer the PC - but have no mic.
  8. I quit work in 2012, did not retire until 2019. I had no taxable income, so no reason to file.
  9. We have a paper thin, bare aluminum kettle, that I really don't like. Super cheap and has lasted 7 years so far... I should like it... Working on a balikbayan box now and trying to pick a kettle. I always used a Chantal enameled steel kettle in the US (it was 30 years old) but I left it with one of the kids. I kind of don't want to spend $100 on one now. So I am looking for a good kettle. All the ones I have seen here are paper thin. Aunt & uncle, next door, cook on wood or uling, so morning coffee is more complicated than it should be. So for christmas we bought them an electric kettle. They seemed very happy about it. Especially the aunt (as she is the one lighting a fire to heat water I bet).
  10. I used to play with Dragon Speak on the PC, many years ago. It was ok, but the software was new and bit off. On the PC I just don't bother. But on my phone I use voice to text quite often. On the Android it works very well. The biggest problem I have is when I say my punctuation sometimes it will put . , or ? sometimes it puts period comma question mark. Not sure why it spells out the word sometimes. Now I tend to not speak my punctuation and just go back and add it manually.
  11. So far I have only had to file one year out of 6, and this year I will have to file (2 out of 7 ain't bad ha ha). I retired this year so I will have to file every year again, bummer. I see no reason to change how I filed in the US. Go to the IRS site, and click the 'file for free' button. They give you a long list of free services. All the big names, like H&R Block, Turbo Tax etc are usually there.
  12. Glad she is ok. There is a definite traffic food chain and here in the PIs pedestrians are the very bottom. I had a good lesson about that, on my bicycle. I was next to a jeepney heading into our town plaza. A sikad (the bicycle w/sidecar) coming towards us, carrying 2 very young kids, does a quick u-turn in front of us. The jeepney squeals on his brakes and I skid over to the curb. I may have let out a polite "what the f#$!!!". The sikad driver did not say anything but his expression and body language said it all. 'Basically... no one got hit, so what is your problem?' That seems to be the common attitude. There is no problem, until there is. The whole attitude seems to be a holdover from their Spanish colonial days. I am bigger/richer/more powerful than you - so I can do what I want.
  13. Printing is so cheap here, I cannot justify buying a new printer ha ha
  14. The first year I did my annual report I had to do some online registering. The 2nd year I just showed up and they just took my ACR card for a second... seemed almost too easy. Have not gone in yet this year. Need to do that soon.
  15. I am from Texas and love beans & toast for breakfast. What else would one eat?
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