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  1. They sell pocket knives like that in every mall I have seen here. It is illegal for us to carry them - but they are everywhere here. Checked bag should be no problem. I brought my Sabitiers with me when I moved. I did give my sword/dagger collection to my son, but a friend shipped his here.
  2. Tukaram (Tim)

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    I can get in a rut, but have never really needed a comfort zone. I could happily live out of airports & hotels. I always felt constrained by having roots (but you know, kids will sprout roots). So I never had any real problems fitting in and being comfortable here. Now, I do like my aircon and don't like the thumpity-thump-thump stereos... I had a couple friends move back to the US because they missed some important stuff - decent quality food, football, and nascar ha ha
  3. Tukaram (Tim)

    health insurance in USA

    I am lucky, as a disabled vet I get all my care free at the VA! I did not had health insurance since the 90s
  4. Not sure about Cebu, but I just got a warning from the US Embassy for Palawan:
  5. Tukaram (Tim)

    Blessing our new Home?

    Before we moved in someone came and put pig blood crosses on the house. I don't know who did it or how much it cost - I was not told about it until after the fact, but they did stop me when I started to wash that crap off my house (can't be good for the paint). I don't know if it was a witch doctor or a priest, there seems to be very little difference here...
  6. Tukaram (Tim)

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    If I lived in the city, I could get 100 Gb for the same price i am paying for 50. As for the distance... it does not make sense to me either. Manila tries to upsale me, then has to cancel it because it is not available where I live. If there was any other provider I would drop Globe in a heartbeat. Welcome to the Philippines ha ha
  7. Tukaram (Tim)

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I have Globe wireless modem "broadband". I get 50 Gb a month for 1299 - but no top off available. I tried to buy one and it would not process. When I asked customer service they said 'way out' where I live (20 km from city center) there is no top off allowed?
  8. The 13a allows one to work, I do not think a BB stamp does. I have been on both... but do not work. I never could find a good answer online (the BI site has very little info on the BB stamp), but as the BB stamp is a temporary permit I doubt working is allowed. The work visa is good if you are single. The 13a is good if you are married. Since the 13a is a permanent resident, working is allowed.
  9. Tukaram (Tim)

    Legally, Are They My Kids Too?

    Unsure of the support rules while married - but since there is no divorce in the PIs (unless you are muslim) I don't think there would be a lot of info on it. If you get divorced in your home country, their rules would probably apply...
  10. Tukaram (Tim)

    Wanted abroad Filipino's

    I like Filipino broads too.... wait... what was the topic again?
  11. Tukaram (Tim)

    What is it with this thing they have about Cheese on everything

    I assume it is because there are so few pickles? Seems odd, they have cucumbers, they love vinegar - there should be pickles. Yeah, actually it seems to be one of the favorites among the kids here. Cheese or melon are the most requested at our parties. I have tried to explain to my wife that if the butter or cheese do not need refrigeration... they are NOT butter or cheese ha ha It took forever but she finally tried my Lee & Perrin's Worcestershire sauce. I knew she would like it, it is vinegar and anchovies, what's not to love
  12. Tukaram (Tim)

    Ukay Ukay!

    About right, but mine is not Trek. It is a shirt to go under your diving gear.
  13. Tukaram (Tim)

    Ukay Ukay!

    Yeah I tell people it is the best place to get "fat American" sizes ha ha (my size). I got a nice rash guard for under $5.
  14. Tukaram (Tim)


    I am in Iloilo and just got my new passport last year. I got it right before I got my permanent 13a, so the 13a stamp is in the new passport. I asked them about my entry stamp. They said every time I go to BI... bring both passports. I would like to get the entry stamp moved, but Manila is too far away. Oh well, I may go back to the US for a visit next year, so will get a new entry stamp. :tiphat:
  15. Tukaram (Tim)


    The only real 'need' for it is that it is a BI requirement. If you are on a tourist visa you get a 1 year card and will have to get a new one every year you are here. If on a 13a (spouse) visa you get a 5 year card. For the most part it is a pretty useless card - except it is a requirement (unless you are on a balikbayan stamp). I have used it as a local ID, but rarely.