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  1. I was going into Unitop today and the cute security lady asked how old I was. I told her I was 56, then I asked her old she was, and told her to be careful - my wife was right behind me. That overtaxed her English so she asked my wife how old I was ha ha. It seems the under 20/over 60 is back in force, even in MGCQ.
  2. I am not familiar with the law here, but in the US it has been through the Supreme Court numerous times - the government has the right and responsibility to quarantine as they see fit, for the public good. I suspect the government can do that here in the PIs as well. Protecting the public good is not about our comfort.
  3. We are on MGCQ here in Iloilo. Over 60 are allowed out for regular business... but the governor is considering reinstating the under 20, over 60 quarantine, and coming out with quarantine passes again. The Antique province already reinstated the age restrictions. Rules can change daily. Hard to stay up to date...
  4. That is the biggest problem. It is not an isolated incident and nothing is changing. As MLK said "A riot is the language of the unheard." No real change in America has come without protests, and usually violence. When women wanted to vote, when workers wanted to unionize - protests and violence. When the colonist wanted to break from England - protest and violence. America is built on violence. Every positive change we have made, was made while kicking and screaming - being dragged into the future and humane treatment of others. We are still a young country, growing pains suck.
  5. That sounds about right to me. This new normal should last quite a while. We are on MGCQ here in Iloilo. Businesses can open, but at 50% capacity. Out and about you have to maintain social distancing and wear masks. Boracay has reopened the hotels and has marked areas for swimming. No big deal really, pretty much business as usual.
  6. Sorry, but you used to have 13a... When you leave the country you have to get a return authorization to keep your visa active while gone (it is built in to the ECC). The RA is only good for 1 year. If you are gone more than a year - you no longer have a visa. Yeah, I wondered about that too. Every official statement I have seen so far said that foreign spouses were allowed. I do not know what 'current' policies he is thinking of. Almost like English is not their first language? ...or is the "Permanent Resident Visas" something different from a 13a?
  7. I would never condone taking part in any black market activity (and would certainly never admit doing so...) but I heard some prices here... just hearsay, mind you. A p90 bottle of Tanduay or Emerador was going for p250 (sold by a barangay official, so the rumor goes). A dump truck driver got arrested nearby for trying to smuggle in cases of rum. Some cops got arrested going into the next province with a truck full of rum. The ban has been lifted again, so prices should go back to normal. Until it gets banned again next week ha ha
  8. I do not drink beer, but the local rot gut was p95, for a 750 ml bottle, before the new tax... and is p95 now. (well during the liquor ban the black market price was higher, but it would be ha ha).
  9. The cases are still on the rise, we are still in our first wave. I find it very interesting that so many online posts complaining about the proposed relaxation of the quarantine, next week, are saying it is too early and would be a mistake. Totally different attitude here than in many Western countries - and a much lower infection rate.
  10. Where do you make up your "information"? History shows that most pandemics do come in waves. We are still in the first wave, and a 2nd is almost certainly coming. No conspiracy - just real world. History repeats, and we are on track for another huge 2nd wave just like in 1918 - from people getting tired of quarantine. It is not easy on anyone, but it is necessary.
  11. Our expenses are way down. Even after spending hundreds of dollars buying food parcels for the barangay, we have tons of money left from our monthly allotment. We have so much left we just started a construction project a few months earlier than planned. I am sure my electric bill will be high, but I put extra away for whenever they actually read the meter again. With 150 Gb of home interwebs I have not had to pay for any extra. The phones are doing fine on their 7 Gb. We are spending more at the grocery store, but saving by not going out to eat. What expenses have gone up?
  12. A friend asked me to pass this around, to try and get more responses. I did the survey and it took less than 10 minutes. Any contact info is optional. If it is not allowed, y'all can delete the thread and I will not be offended **** Are you are U.S. veteran, or do you know a U.S. veteran, who is living outside the U.S., in the Philippines or anywhere? Can you complete the attached survey? A professor from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, Dr. Kelly L. Fisher, has reached out to us through Dr. Rosalie Arcala Hall, a professor at UP Visayas. Dr. Fisher is doing an academic study of US veterans who live abroad. There is so little information about who lives abroad, why and the challenges they face. It is a topic of interest among both academics and policy makers (e.g. in the VA). If you are a veteran, please fill out this short survey. If you know of a veteran, please forward this to them. Here is the letter from Dr. Fisher: Dear Expat Veterans, There are more questions than answers about expatriate veterans. As a 21-year career vet, I think it is important to understand why veterans choose to live and work abroad, sometimes for the rest of their lives. A key aim of this study is to help provide better services to the Nation’s veterans. This is the second phase of a long-term study and we hope to capture more data from across a wider geographic region and from under-represented minorities. Please click here to be taken to a description of the survey at https://wcupa.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bP1f2lwFptVXSK1 It should take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your interest and your participation. Kelly L. Fisher, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management College of Business and Public Management West Chester University West Chester, PA 19383
  13. I use Wyze cameras. Mostly because a friend gave me one for free, just to goof around with. I liked it and ordered more (cameras, motion sensors, contact alarms). I figure most are about the same. The Wyze seems to be very dependable, never had any problems with the camera or communication to my network(other than standard Filipino interweb issues). I like being able to check the house, away from home. The only thing I do not like is that I have to open each camera separately, no "one view" screen to see them all - like what many stores have (also Google Home says it connects to them, but will not display them). I am getting some work done on the front porch and will mount a camera to record it all. Hoping for a fun time lapse video project
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