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  1. Iloilo has stopped accepting LSIs from Cebu. All our new cases have been LSIs, and almost all are from Cebu. What is going on over there?
  2. The only roof ventilators I have seen here are huge, like for barns. I asked about small ones for the house and everyone looked at me like a was crazy. As an old HVAC man I know that the roof ventilators make a huge difference. We have a fart fan in the CR, but as you can tell by the name it is not for removing humidity ha ha
  3. When Iloilo posts numbers they generally say how many are hospitalized, or in what type of quarantine/facility. It would be interesting to see who is where - but not really important... as long as they are in some form of quarantine until they test clear. The best racking site I have seen is from a high school kid in Seattle. https://ncov2019.live/
  4. That is not at all my experience here in Iloilo. In the city, especially in the stores, masks are worn. I am unsure of the enforcement because I simply do not see people not wearing it. Out in the neighborhoods... it gets lax. on our barangay road, almost no masks seen. Once you get to highway, the masks show up. Of course your mileage may vary, we know that. Yeah, my sister (a doctor in Texas) was asking if I was ok. She saw that the cases in the PIs was still going up. I just laughed and asked if she has seen the Texas numbers. I feel much safer here. And, because we have so few cases in Iloilo, if I were to get sick I would have a better chance of getting a respirator here, than in Dallas. It seems that most of Asia took it more seriously than the West. That is the way Iloilo interprets it. If a senior has someone else that can shop for them, they cannot go out. If you have no one to help you - you can go. But they recommend you get a pass from the barangay giving you permission, so the store is not confused. (I am unsure of the legality of the pass, but the common sense of getting it makes it worthwhile.)
  5. I have heard them say that kids, while not more likely to catch it, are more likely to get it worse if they catch it. With the lack of medical care here... they are just trying to keep people out of the hospital. If you read the rules, the funny part is not only over 60/under 21 not allowed out (as well as numerous illness prone people) BUT anyone that lives with one of those people are not allowed out, except for essentials. Um... anyone living with an over 60 or an under 21... that is like 90% of the country ha ha. So pretty much my and I are the only ones allowed out?
  6. The "targeted quarantine" sounds pretty close to what we are doing in Iloilo. Most businesses are back (with limitations). They are encouraging parents to send their kids to school, but will not force them, for now. And the over 60s are supposed to stay home, so they are less likely to catch it. Not sure how this is being implemented around the country, but that is basically where Iloilo is.
  7. I have a new pressure cooker so my BBQ ribs will be much better.
  8. There are, of course, different rules floating around. On 1JUN the palace said all residents can leave their homes in MGCQ. While the IATF Resolution No. 43, June 03, 2020 says under 21 & over 60 have to stay in their homes (Resolution 41 allowed them out). Then the Iloilo governor issued EO 128-A on 6JUN reinstating the 24 hour quarantine on over 60 and under 21 (EO 128 relaxed it on 1JUN). Which rule takes priority? No one knows ha ha What do you want - consistency ...and yes I have all of these PDFs saved. Too many friends ask me the current rules. ha ha
  9. My sister-in-law is a returning OFW from Malaysia. She is coming some time in the next couple of weeks. First they told her she would have to be tested before she boarded the flight (which makes sense to me), now they say she will be tested in Manila. A 3-5 day quarantine while awaiting results - luckily for OFWs the hotel is paid for by the OWWA (she thinks). After a negative result she will get transported to a quarantine center in her town, on Panay island. Then, after the 2 weeks quarantine she can go home (maybe an exit test?).
  10. Here in Iloilo we are on MGCQ but over 60 can still not go out. Since I have gray hair, but not a senior, I have to show ID to get in stores ha ha
  11. I try to watch it... but if I thought this thread was a threat... I would move to another country ha ha
  12. Cases are probably down for the same reason crime is down... we have been locked in our houses since March ha ha
  13. They already use the 'persona non grata'... So keeping a low profile is always a good idea. I made the mistake of saying something positive about the PIs on FB and still pissed people off ha ha.
  14. Unfortunate, but true. I live so far from the city (8 miles ha ha) that in any real emergency I know I would be dead before even getting an ambulance. It is a risk I accepted when I moved here. It sucks, but that is life in a 3rd world country... But to be at the hospital and refused treatment, should not be acceptable anywhere.
  15. My wife and I went to PureGold today (we can now go places together). As we approached the door, the guard motioned over to some chairs and told my wife I would have to wait there (with another foreigner and 2 locals). She asked why, and he said because I was a senior. She said I was not, and that I was 56. So he asked her my age. She said 56. He asked me my age. I said 56. Then he asked my wife for my ID. He won't talk to me ha ha (nosebleed?). I give him my ID and you could see the rusty gears turning. Trying to do the math. I could not really help him, as my wife and I both already gave him the answer. Finally he looks up at me and says "you are 56", like I did not know. I smirked (probably lost in my mask) and said 'yeah, no shit'. I was laughing it off buy my wife was mad. She said he should not assume anyone's age, and should ask first. It would suck to be over 60 here, right now... It's more fun in the Philippines ha ha
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