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  1. Hence the expression a boner Good to know female humans don't have the clitoris version like the primates as could be very painful Maybe time to put this back in the box under the bed?
  2. True! But we only need a small air con for the bedroom which is not that large. My lady doesn't like it too cold anyway.. if she had her way she'd have just a stand fan pointing to the ground and lay on top of the sheets lol
  3. I prefer the noisy hole in the wall air con type... helps drown out the noise outside
  4. Yes Henry on arrival they will give you and the family the standard 30 day tourist stamp. Which covers your 3 week holiday and effectively ends your 13A visa without any need to go and see the BI based on my experience.....then just get the BB stamp next time if staying longer. You may be put on the BB stamp anyway without them telling you unless they ask you how long you are here for. No problem either way.
  5. Henry I came back with an expired (2years) 13A Visa and got a standard 29days tourist entry stamp. When I went to the BI in Cebu to extend my visa I asked a staff member if I could renew my 13A and pay any late renewal fees. She told me I could not renew it as it had expired and I would have to apply again. But an older staff member at the table by the door told me I COULD renew it...but if you extend by the 30 days tourist visa then you CANNOT. My flipina wife in Oz and I had divorced there so I did want to renew it as it would have been illegal... not the way to go retiring here!
  6. OzeMike


    They would keep more sound out than jealousie windows Jim....yeeze it must be really loud.
  7. OzeMike


    After 10 years living here I realize that the noise problem will never go away. You may have periods of respite but for various reasons it WILL return Where we currently live (rent) we also have the dog problem...several dogs in cages 24/7 in surrounding houses. I'm actual begining to get use to it amazingly. No loud discos or karoake joints near us or lots of roosters just a large church which tolls it's bells to remind the faithful to come to the morning or evening services. They also use loudspeakers to broadcast to the whole of south Talay for those who can't make it Filipinos love noise... they love loud everything.. family get togethers...music....tv.. dogs..karoake....everything! When I took my first Filipino wife to live in Australia where we were was a very quiet area and she had difficulty sleeping "darling it is too quiet here I can't sleep" The problem Jim has I think is the worse as they probaby have the speaker(s) turned up to the point of distortion "the jungle drums effect" all you can hear is the bass booming and vibrating into your house or bedroon if trying to sleep. My answer to it... too reduce it to a level where you can eventually fall asleep is to use thick acoustic boards (made in the UK and sold here) which fit against the inside windows (see photos) , ear plugs (from Oz), I find the soft silicone type best and a nosiy air con. Further measures I have not resorted to (yet) are noise cancelling earphones.. but hard to sleep in I'm thinking. One advantage of renting is you can always move... but as Cel points out to me we could end up with more noise somewhere else. Better the devil you know? At the end of the day it seems we have to just get use to it (and use various sound reduction methods) if we want to avoid going crazy and live here permanently.
  8. OzeMike


    Jalousie windows I'm guessing Jim?
  9. A flipina living in Samar told my ex she got a text message from her online Aussie bf saying he'd sent her an important email. Where she lived was very remote on a small island in Samar with no internet so she got a boat then a bus to Tacloban City several hours journey to an internet cafe. Logged into his email which had no content just an attachment which she clicked on..... it was a photo of his erect penis.
  10. For a serious answer this link may through some light (not LED sorry) on such large holes http://s.al.com/kkXoqBZ
  11. This being virtuous works.... the guy is installing the modem as I type!
  12. Maybe worth a retry Dave as the FIBR cabling had extended its coverage a lot since last year. Also think there is a promo on (check dates) for free installation.
  13. Thanks Jim this is what I thinking it will be.... SWMBO told me patience is a virtue so if it works I will be become very virtuous from now on
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