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  1. Thanks Jack will check that out. Guy on another forum says he has been using them for a year now and the speeds have been reliable and he is very happy with it. Not affected by rain he says. Costs a bit more than PLDT/Globe though.
  2. I'm thinking about using Airlink Internet Services at my house in Talay. Anyone using it in this area or near and what bandwidth package are you using and are you happy with it? Does heavy rain affect the speed? as understand they fix a small microwave transceiver on your roof aimed at a dedicated tower or relay tower.. hence it is "on" all the time.
  3. Bit more information on the vaccine to prevent pneumonia: CDC recommends 2 pneumococcal vaccines for all adults 65 years or older. You should receive a dose of PCV13 first, followed by a dose of PPSV23, at least 1 year later. If you already received any doses of PPSV23, get the dose of PCV13 at least 1 year after the most recent PPSV23 dose. CDC › features › adult-pneumococcal › index.html Presume it is available here in Dumaguete?
  4. I agree this a major problem here.. not covering the mouth when they cough...many seem to unaware how viruses and bacteria can be spread in the droplets expelled from their lungs or throat and infect others. On my recent flights to and from Australia I had an asian man sitting opposite me (I always get an aile seat with my weak bladder ) who was coughing a lot ,a deep cough too, both did not cover their mouths. I now wear a face mask on air flights to avoid getting bugs recycled through the plane's air conditioning. The coughing in public places is I believe one of the reasons pneumonia is wide spread here. While I was in Oz I got my flu shot and pneumonia vaccine shot updated (free if over 70) which helps living here. Mike
  5. Superb service it was too Jack....I am of course still airbourne with the 6 week flight ......landed safely in the land of Oz and was met at Hobart airport by my son Noel in his red E-type Jag...continuing top drawer pick up service! I took it for an enjoyable drive Sunday....magnificent experience!
  6. Fully agree Jack .....as a hoarder I would have major storage problems in these tiny houses
  7. Not sure I'm posting this in the right way.... but here goes... We have a get together every 2nd Thurs of the month at Ching Loong resturant on the boulevard in Duma. Some of the group have mentioned meeting at the red tables in Valcencia on the last Thurs of the month as well. How about a trial run this coming Thurs 25th April at Valencia? usual time 1pm onward. I submit this for the groups consideration. Cheers
  8. EPL is shown on one of the BEIN channels 1,2,and 3 The 3 BEIN channels are only available in Cignal's HD POSTPAID P1,999 plan it would appear.
  9. The key, apart from having a lovely fiance 45mins walk away as an incentive and those sea exercises together, seems to be getting up at 5am before the sun rises... I guess your in bed asleep by 9pm? This is what I need to do but I have never been an earlier riser.. hmmm..let reword that..bouncy and bushy tailed at 5am! Congrats on your exercise regime at 70 inspiring... many thanks.
  10. Sorry Jack.... I was being too formal missed the son off Peterson I have duly gone to stand in the corner for my clumsiness
  11. I prefer Cignal to G-sat mainly because it's ONESports channel shows the weekly PGA golf touraments. We use to have Fil Products were we lived before which is by far the best value and has all the channels under the sun for just P420 a month (but not PGA golf!) but where we are in Talay now we can't get it. So I use Cignal HD box prepaid P1,000 per month to get additional channels...incidentaly we found we could use the G-Sat dish for Cignal without problems. I agree with Peter prepaid is handy for those times you are away for a lengthy period as you can just buy a card when you return.
  12. Yes RBM have started exploring various walks up in Apolong and Casaroro Falls. Excellent work out! With great scenery.
  13. Hmmm...the human mind is a wondorous organ.... trying to get the connection between cross dressers and walking machines....lady boys in jogging gear demonstrating the tread mills perhaps?
  14. Thanks Paul.... think I will chill out and have a drink haha... but seriously I will try to do some weights work each day and go to bed earlier and get up an hour earlier and power walk. Appreciate your information Interestingly you didn't emphasis diet... do you follow any particular health diet? Cheers
  15. I think Jack needs to keep the other hand for another exercise
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