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  1. I eat healthy like you Jim and also find my weight has stalled at 82kgs which I know should be lower but at age 75 I will settle for! I'm 5'10" (bald headed and not on my toes) Walk a magnetic tread mill 35mins 6 days a week with golf on one day seems to help keep my weight from rising...not a big beer drinker but have at least a San Mig Pilsen or glass of red wine a day, I don't eat the fast food mush. I eat fruit with rolled oats and Yakult for breakfast every morning. My BP figures have dropped back which is handy...which enables me to eat a slice of cake with my dinner..a sweet tooth is my weakness
  2. We haven't upgraded after the 3years PLDT Fibr contract here in Duma. 20Mbs P1,899 a month. Last night it was running around 40Mbs and is usually 27 or higher.
  3. Could be she is a druggie but could also be she has mental issues. It's not uncommon to come across these poor souls walking out in the road here as we all know.....I just slow right down and drive around them. Have to admit the one you encountered in the outside lane is a real hazard and I would used the horn too!
  4. The Negros Chronicie just published is speculating the house boy maybe did it because he is supposedly also missing. A beat up by the paper but if true another angle for the police to follow up.
  5. Stand by for another person to enter the scenario ....the houseboy ...acting on instructions by one of the parties. I have this from a person in the local press here in Dumaguete
  6. Any Aussies here used Shipping Cart from Australia? If so what was your experience and the costs? Our American cousins that use the US Shipping Cart speak highly of it so was thinking of trying out the Aussie version.
  7. Do you think if your married to your girl it makes any difference to this immigration interrogation when you take her overseas for the first time?
  8. When I lived in Cebu City back in 2008 or there abouts they did a similar program of rounding up all the street kids and sending back to their provinces...most came from the city anyway I reckoned. After a year or so it was just the same again.
  9. It's the norm here in Negros Oriental for agents who secured a leasee to get the equivalent in one months rent. These can just be agents who advertise in FaceBook Market Place for example. Not sure about property sales.
  10. Correct Dave ...just got my 13A (probationary) stamp in my passport ...took nearly 4 months start to finish....I haven't been back to Australia for 2 1/2 years and didn't need an overseas police check just an NBI Clearance.
  11. I understood the seminar and the resultant sticker in your wife/gf's passport was only if she was going to live in your country. My gf on an Australian defacto visa had to attend the seminar when she moved with me to live in Oz. But for a tourist visa there before that I don't remember her needing the seminar. It was a long time ok so things may have changed...or my memory is getting shot
  12. I found prices here in Dumaguete varied a lot with the rollback. I passed one gas station with diesel rolled back to 66 per litre then as I drove nearer the town center the price had not been rolled back much, if at all, at 75 pesos per litre. So on my way back home thought I'll top up at the place with 66 pesos per litre diesel....but it had now gone up to 75 too! Luckily nearer home two gas stations opposite each other were competing one with 62.3 and the other 63.2! So topped up the pajero tank before the the price 'rolls-up" again.
  13. I do the same Geoff.... I use Vodafone and as you say it is as cheap as AUD$10 to activate international sms...I mainly use it for Centrelink messages in MyGov. Money transfer from Westpac I use Wise formerly Transferwise for years and have been very happy with them.
  14. The Philippines will issue 10 year Driving Licences to drivers with no infringements on record starting Oct 28 in Metro Manila and then to other areas. If you have infringements on record you can only get a 5 year licence. In addition all applicants for renewal must undertake a driver refresher seminar. MANILA, Philippines — All drivers seeking to renew their license will now be required to acquire a certification from the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) starting Oct. 28, said the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/?p=1507307#ixzz7AYGH9NYA
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