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  1. Might be last months meeting or some stole my red wine
  2. I was one of those .....and yes know the "non-gentleman" who you are talking about, the man behind his wife ,as it was then. It was the same scheme that Dave H referred to back in 2012 when I was living in Cebu. I might even had been one of those foreigners in that room that pooh pooh you Dave...I'm not sure. That scheme was sold on the back of the PDIC's insurance backing as it was through a rural bank who were in on the scheme. Think the PDIC cover per bank account back then was P250, 000. So I only invested P250T as did my wife. I claimed and got P200,000+ back eventually but my Filipino wife's claim went round and round in circles and was never paid. Some people invested huge sums and lost the lot. What was particularily annoying was said non-gentleman kept encouraging people to invest and accepting new members to the scheme even when he knew the scheme was about to fold. A**h*le is too nice a name for this expat who made thousands from gulible investors....yes I admit I was one. The old adage "If it's to good to be true...it ain't true" applies in all this schemes. Footnote: sorry guys this should have been linked to quotes by Dave Houndriver and a reply to him about a ponzi scheme back in 2012. I stuffed up the quotes being in this reply... dotterage showing I'm afraid Here is the post from Dave that OzeMike referenced above. <snip>So if a bank tells you they have a mutual fund that you can invest in, and historically it makes 20 % per year, does that sound too good to be true? What about if I tell you I am a fund investor and historically I make 20% per year, does that sound too good to be true? Which one is more likely to be a Ponzi scheme? When you think you have the answer, Google "Philippine rural banks Ponzi scheme 2008". It is interesting that you use that old saying because people told me that same story before I moved to the Philippines. I told them how great it was here and they said: "That sounds too good to be true, I would not go there if I were you". It was great back then. Perhaps that was because there were not so many foreigners here. <end snip>
  3. Re: PLDT free speed increase for existing customers Yep same thing here been driving me crazy.... was beginning to think it was a scam
  4. They told us we can get up to 3 (or was it 5??) Smart cellphone numbers recorded with the PLDT office and these registered numbers can be called from the landline free. Anyone here confirm that?
  5. We're on the PLDT Fibre in Talay, Dumaguete 25Mbs plan..and most times its around 28Mbs some times even 30Mbs so very happy with it... as I use Kayo app from Australia through ExpressVPN for live steaming of all Foxtel sports channels....recommend it AUD$25 per month. Coming back to PLDT 25Mbs plan it is supposedly P1,899 per month but they charge me P1, 999 Keep meaning to ask them... I'm thinking it is the cost of installation spread over x number of months. I thought it was installed during one of their frequent "free installation" promos but maybe I missed out!
  6. Makes no difference they have been brain washed by advertising and by comments from other Fiipinos that to be dark skinned means you are a lower class and by economic reality in certain job positions here. A previous girl friend in Cebu some years ago went for a sale lady's position in Metro Department Store in Ayala Shopping Mall.. she was smart, had a computer degree, very pretty with a great smile and personality. She was told at the interview she met all the requirements but they couldn't give her the job because she was too dark.
  7. The problem was Dave I'd sold my house when I retired to the Philippines (the first time) and the house or apartment rentals in the Australian cities are really expensive.... so this created a financial pressure from the get-go. Add to that my last girl I took there sent home to her family nearly all her salary as a care giver unlike a western lady who would have put it into the family finances....
  8. I retired to the Philippines for the third and hopefully final time, just under 2 years ago. After living here with my first Filipina gf and her two wonderful children who I helped raise we eventually moved to live in Australia....where they are very happy and my ex step children have done well for themselves and are both now married. We remain very close and even though it didn't work out with their mum, she and I remain mates. I then retired here again (with my finances significantly reduced) and eventually met a lovely Filipina (no children) and... yep you've guessed it... after 4 years here took her to live in Oz... 3 years later she left me sadly for a younger wealthier Aussie....and I wish her happiness. So....I have retired to the Philippines for the third and at 72 for the last hurrah After one wrong gf I have settled in Dumaguete with a lovely lady who is almost 33 never been married (CENOMAR verified) with a great little lad turning 6.....and we are coming up to our first year together. To answer the original poster's question... I retired here because of finding a wonderful future wife, cheap cost of living, nice warm weather, many expat friends and the friendly happy Filipinos in this colourful country which I love. So here's hoping this is my final retirement to the Phillipines
  9. Totally agree Tommy. The driving game here is who gets there first claims the spot. So having cut my teeth driving in London where it is the quick and the dead...I will dual with them here by driving like a filipino (when in Rome etc) and mostly beat them at their own game BUT and this a big BUT if they get their nose there first I have learned to just give way to them as the number one thing here is do not hit anything or have them hit you. Defensive driving in the extreme and don't hit the motorbikes
  10. Yes it is way too early for us foreigners but it's like roosters and many other cultural differences here ....if you are going to avoid going nuts you have to grow to love these things or at least tolerate them. Part of the fun of living in the Philippines hahaha
  11. The rules are "there are no rules" just do what you want without hitting anyone or thing. Or being hit. Puts a whole new aspect on defensive driving.... learnt in the UK and used continuosly here!
  12. Family on the "2 island rule" fixes this
  13. Hence the expression a boner Good to know female humans don't have the clitoris version like the primates as could be very painful Maybe time to put this back in the box under the bed?
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