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  1. I thought you had to have hair I have the same hairstyle as many here ...Kojack ...so I guess I could get the pesky creatures! I have heard kids here pick up lice at school from the other kids. Anyone come across that and if so how was it treated?
  2. This is true particularily for a long course of antibiotics. To recover your good gut bacteria quicker take a probiotic like Yakult every day or yogurt.
  3. Many thanks Rod, Mick and Gator for that information...good news that you can get brusells sprouts here. In some locations.
  4. You managed to find brusell spouts in the Philippines or did you grow them yourself? Can't find any in Dumaguete and most Filipinos have never heard of them. Wish they would grow them here I love them... especially roasted. ...
  5. A lovely lady Graham... definitely a keeper! Wishing much happiness
  6. I think you make a very good point Jack about getting too young a flipina partner and us more mature guys... and I would add a "material girl" type... will they stick around when we are too old to look after ourselves......maybe they will... IF your wealthy enough so she can employ a nurse to do the "dirty" work while she still goes out with her social circle! I hope the gals we have chosen will still look after us right to end
  7. What a great smile! She is lovely Jack can understand why your feeling so proud. Well done dad!
  8. How much is the replacement battery?
  9. Wonder if it is easier in Cebu Mactan International airport or Davao Airport?
  10. Agree Jim, sadly. Think England peaked beating the All Blacks.
  11. Well played Wales you gave it your all. Congrats to New Zealand getting the bronze.
  12. Well played Wales sorry you didn't get there. Third time losing in the World Cup semi's. Your time will come. Well played South Africa. Go England in the final!
  13. Ee by heck an Andy Capp flat hat! I got one those haha
  14. Great game to watch Wales were gutsy and the rough arm (should I say elbow) tactics in the scrum backfired on the French with the red card taking them down to 14 players. I support Wales as it's the land of my late dad... mum is from Hampshire. But if playing Australia I barrack for my adopted country of Oz... I have dual nationality with UK. But if Australia play England I like England as my homeland to win....Go England against the All Blacks! Jack says I have a identity crisis ps my son was born in Scotland!
  15. Maybe having a gap between the flu and pneumonia shots is generally recommended by doctor's Dave but when I was back in Oz 3 months ago for a visit, my doc ok'd both at the same time....one in one arm and one in the other Didn't experience any problems from it.....and it saved me going back. Both shots were free as the Pneumonia shot is also free in Oz to the over seventies.
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