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  1. I do the same Geoff.... I use Vodafone and as you say it is as cheap as AUD$10 to activate international sms...I mainly use it for Centrelink messages in MyGov. Money transfer from Westpac I use Wise formerly Transferwise for years and have been very happy with them.
  2. The Philippines will issue 10 year Driving Licences to drivers with no infringements on record starting Oct 28 in Metro Manila and then to other areas. If you have infringements on record you can only get a 5 year licence. In addition all applicants for renewal must undertake a driver refresher seminar. MANILA, Philippines — All drivers seeking to renew their license will now be required to acquire a certification from the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) starting Oct. 28, said the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/?p=1507307#ixzz7AYGH9NYA
  3. I'm 75 next month and my bp is around 125/70 taking 5mg (Amlodipine Besilate), non smoker and use treadmill daily. Use a arm type monitor too (Health Sure brand). I have frequently found higher readings at doctors and other locations eg when getting my vaccine jabs. Happens so often I almost don't react as much as perhaps I should. I read somewhere that the monitor should be level with your heart and to rest for 10mins before doing a reading.... and do at least three readings...which I do. My feeling would be go to another doctor for a second opinion.. perhaps even take your monitor with you for him to test it to see what it shows...before changing tablets. Hope you find out soon.
  4. I think it depends on the BI staff, the office and I think their appraisal of you...they will give two 6 months extenstions one after another in most cases.... here in Dumaguete BI I have had 3 x 6 monthly extenstions Anybody get 4 in a row?
  5. Helpful information many thanks. When you go through it all again in 12 months for the approval from probationary to permanent what additional costs are involved?
  6. They don't like Philippine cheese much either judging by a test run of the rat cage trap outside last night! I baited it with a piece of Eden brand cheese our son eats. This morning it was still intact and nary a knaw mark....will need to try Peanut Butter next...can't stand the stuff myself but if the rats love it we will buy a jar.
  7. Appreciate the good advice.... Part 2 of best laid plans of mice and men.... We had the super highway to the roof removed with a drastic cutting back of the mango tree branches from the vacant lot next door. The next day I spied a rat at the top of a drainpipe which doesn't go into the gutter (don't know what the story is behind it) but ends a foot from the eaves. So maybe trying to find their way in again? Noises in the ceiling much reduced (according to her indoors) or non existant (my ears). Next steps.... moth balls will be thrown around the ceiling and a rat trap cage the type Jack recommended put into use. ...and sealing of possible entry points. Hoping this will do the trick. Wish we had a cat or a snake!
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions...all good although think we will pass on using a snake! We think we found where they're getting in so will seal these points and cut back the branches of a mango tree on the vacant lot next door where it has grown over the wall onto our roof... we've been lax in not seeing this sooner. Then after sealing we start trapping until they have all been removed... ...the best laid plans of mice and men!
  9. We have roof rats in our roof cavity pounding around at night..... looking for non poison methods to drive them out.... perhaps the mothballs idea in a recent thread is worth trying as easy to throw them into the roof from the access hatch. Anyone dealt successfully with roof rats in their roof? Mike
  10. The BBC are showing the final... so you could use a VPN set to one of the VPNs UK server and then go to BBC Sports web site (think you have to register). That's my fall back plan...for my main choice I have paid P100 to LiveNow for the Euro Final.... FB or you can down load their app. Jim also gives a link for them on his post. Go England!!
  11. Does this new ruling mean on expiry of my 3 years on tourist visas (April next year for me) the BI will grant me a 6 months non extendable visa?
  12. I thought you had to have hair I have the same hairstyle as many here ...Kojack ...so I guess I could get the pesky creatures! I have heard kids here pick up lice at school from the other kids. Anyone come across that and if so how was it treated?
  13. This is true particularily for a long course of antibiotics. To recover your good gut bacteria quicker take a probiotic like Yakult every day or yogurt.
  14. Many thanks Rod, Mick and Gator for that information...good news that you can get brusells sprouts here. In some locations.
  15. You managed to find brusell spouts in the Philippines or did you grow them yourself? Can't find any in Dumaguete and most Filipinos have never heard of them. Wish they would grow them here I love them... especially roasted. ...
  16. A lovely lady Graham... definitely a keeper! Wishing much happiness
  17. I think you make a very good point Jack about getting too young a flipina partner and us more mature guys... and I would add a "material girl" type... will they stick around when we are too old to look after ourselves......maybe they will... IF your wealthy enough so she can employ a nurse to do the "dirty" work while she still goes out with her social circle! I hope the gals we have chosen will still look after us right to end
  18. What a great smile! She is lovely Jack can understand why your feeling so proud. Well done dad!
  19. How much is the replacement battery?
  20. Wonder if it is easier in Cebu Mactan International airport or Davao Airport?
  21. Agree Jim, sadly. Think England peaked beating the All Blacks.
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