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  1. I had the pleasure of living and working in Penang, Malaysia from 2004-2006. My Filipina wife was there with me. I found the country quite nice and affordable. In many ways, similar to the Philippines but with clear progress towards second world status. Their target of retirees, is very successful. I still have many good friends from that time, and keep in touch constantly. My wife also enjoyed Malaysia and would regularly compare it to the Phils, those comparisons generally resulted in her mentioning that " If only the Philippines cared to improve like Malaysia". Malaysia seems to be making baby steps towards less corruption and more investment in quality infrastructure... not only on the surface, but in the foundations of a higher quality of life for their citizens. I do miss the unique mix of cultures there. It was refreshing to be mixed in with Chinese, Malaysians, Indians and all sorts of expats and everyone just enjoyed the company and diversity so much. We were introduced to so many other cultural celebrations and just when we thought it would not be possible to properly celebrate Christmas, our friends all gathered up and brought us a Christmas tree and we enjoyed a very memorable Christmas dinner in the midst of a predominately Muslim, but also Hindu, Taoist and Buddhist friends. To the comment wondering about if all Malaysians are like that waitress..... it says alot to us that we still get birthday and anniversary cards/emails from these friends to this day... very thoughtful people. We DID enjoy our time in Malaysia very much!
  2. When I got my 13A in 2010, I had researched AND called the San Francisco consulate to ensure I had all I needed. Police clearance was NOT on the website list, NOR was it mentioned when I spoke to them to confirm the web lists were up to date. I was assured that if I had all my requirements to them before 11AM, I would get my visa by 5:00pm and be on my way. I flew out from Seattle at 6:00am, got to the consulate before they opened and was second in line...when I got to the counter, I first presented the checklist, (no ploice clearance required) and went down the list presenting each item with multiple copies as required.... at the end, she commented that I was very organized, BUT, I had no police clearance.... I pointed out all the communications I had with her office and the list and she simply replied, "Sorry sir, we changed the requirements and the web site is not updated. No problem though, you can go to a police station here and as long as you get back to us with it before 11AM, you still will get your visa, by 5:00pm as promised." I had an 8PM flight back to Seattle so I ran out the door, hailed a cab and said to go to the nearest police station... He looked at me worried and asked if anyone was following me, I laughed and said no, not an emergency like that just need some paperwork. Off we went and the police station was great, in and out and since I had never lived in San Francisco or even California, clearance was clean (it would have also been clean from my home town/state). No charge for the service and done with a smile... the cop even joked I could ask a patrol officer to take me back to the consulate if there were no taxis around.... Anyhow, made it back by 10:45, she smiled and took me at the counter right away, done and time for a few hours t the Hard Rock Cafe bar..... back at 4:30 and got my visa right away, walked to the Powell station and took the BART back to the airport and made an earlier flight home with visa in hand..... aside from that ONE point of the police clearance not being on the list, i felt that it was a very impressive achievement that Filipinos were involved and something like that happened in one day. Be wary of website lists and also, be wary EVEN when you confirm the info with them on the phone, when you get there, it may be a different story as I found out. Good luck!! ;)
  3. Very true Okieboy, and a more troubling number might be the underemployed... on the upside, we see many more Phd's taking your McDonalds orders now so accuracy is up on that front. :th_unfair:
  4. SPECIAL analysis of this "special study" Firstly, I am as light mnded as the next guy and even if this purported "study" held water, I would not take offense. I know full well that even the best of statistical analysis struggle to isolate opinion when the conclusions are conveyed. As someone that has collected, assessed and drawn conclusions from "data" my entire career, I must reply to this post with my opinion. Any study, of any value whatsoever, would not contain a statement such as, " While I didn't keep an actual tally,". That statement tells me straightaway, that this "study" is more an informal reporting of your opinion. A true statistical analysis would have also taken some of the collected data towards the undeniable positives that contribute to many relatioships NOT being a party to one or more of the mostly dysfunction that you purport to have vetted out. I personally, lend little to no creedence to this collection of data as it is presented with a common theme, Foreigners are mostly evil losers and Filipinas are conniving opportunists. Both conclusions that I feel would not be supported if in fact, we were reviewing the results of an objective study with objective questions asked in a consistent and straightforward manner, and not in a way such that they support this pre-decided conclusion. I do find this more entertaining and telling of the author than in any way, a true and accurate representation of the demographic you claim is the subject of your special study. You do not state how you came across these subjects of your study, other than to indicate it was conducted in a manner "(which would not be a cause of alarm or suspicion)". OK, you tricked them with leading questions is how I read that. Without you disclosing more about your subject pool, one might conclude that it is most likely limited to people you met at restos and/or bars so no surprise that you came across drinking problems etc. By the way, are you qualified to assess anyone regarding their use of alcohol? Maybe you came across a subject that was on vacation and otherwise did not drink?) You listed 9 key conclusions, ALL negative... this is the most telling evidence that you are not only stating unsupported opinion, but moreso, that you are sadly presenting opinion that perpetuates the myth that the mojority of these relationships are dysfunctional in some way... a myth that I, on the ground in the Philippines do not see... maybe it is due to my associating with many outside of bars, homebodies and good family folks.... Most studies start off with a detailed description of the author and their stated goals in conductiong the analysis.... I did not see that in yours. You stated, "If you have disagreement or are offended by the results and say “Oh, Not Me” please don’t whine to me about it. I just took down the information. So please lighten up." So I will clarify, I do not have DATA to disagree with your results, nor am I in any way offended as I do not take your conclusions as fact... your entitled opinion.. no prob. I do take issue with this being presented as some level of accurate and carefully collated data... which is infererred... the title should be, "My sad opinion on foreigner relations in the Philippines". Then I would have skipped over the whole thing as even the entertainment value is low. ....and lastly, so that I know how to read your future posts... are you a paid advertiser or something? I see a website and the all so subtle referral link. Not thast I see anything wrong with that, it is just nice to know when I am reading an infommercial, like those fake newspaper adverts made to look like real news. Helps me know one more website to avoid... thanks for that! Oh, one more thing: If you have disagreement or are offended by the results and say “Oh, Not Me” please don’t whine to me about it. I just responded to the information. So please lighten up. :hystery: :hystery: :hystery: :hystery:
  5. Yes I would and do live without A/C. Between the cost of power, the unreliability of said costly power and my inherent comfort with the heat, I am good to go without it. :23_11_60[2]:
  6. Sorry to say that i agree, but... i am pretty sure that an adoption requires a case to be filed in family court and only a lawyer can do that. So you gotta get a lawyer :-( Not only that, but that "social worker" thing is alot of BS and additional mandatory cost. They bring their microscope to your home and nitpick anything that does not fit into their mold for what a "normal" family life should consist of. With us being here on a temp basis, of course, we are not living the high life, so convincing her that the material aspects of life were not as important as the many other components of a healthy, nurturing upbringing was a challenge. She actually commented that "things like knick knacks often are inspirational to a childs creative side".... I nearly choked and at that point knew we had to increase focus on things like we both are home each night, we are both working with him in his studies.. .etc. and pointing out how there is no babysitter here, etc. Social workers serve a purpose, don't get me wrong, but this one was living in a vacuum of some sorts and in the end, we got to where we needed to go, but the road she took us on was strange. I felt if our names were Ward and June Cleaver.. she would have felt we were perfect from the start. :23_11_60[2]:
  7. I am returning home to Carcar in a few weeks and have been told by many that I may not recognize the town when I return. We left in March 2011 after a year full time and several years before that on and off. So I have some history with the place. I know a new Gaisano extension opened up since we left, and a Citi Hardware... but has the rest really changed that much? What are your perceptions and if there are improvements, what are they? and What do you think is propelling this movement? Clearly, this post is targeted at the demographic that has experience in Carcar recently. :hystery: BUT, have any others seen a rennaisance of sorts in your "neck of the woods"?
  8. Home is where my wife and son are at..... and happily, soon that will again be in Carcar Cebu. :thumbsup:
  9. Ditto here, I witnessed many "different" behaviors, that raised some questions, but in the end, when asked about it point blank... let's just say I knew right away, I had made a mistake in inferring any of her behavior was in any way sexual, only normal cultural stuff, like DH describes. As a consequence of raising that point I was faced with a long term of reinforcing her confidence in my NOT being some sort of sexual deviate. :hystery: Be very careful in raising the bisexual topic.
  10. Sadly, if there is an effort underway to cover anything up... your description is exactly what the conspirators are depending on... "See? No residue!" Now they have a record that defends their officer. Seems they want to get the results out fast, but not fast enough for them to be accurate. They count on people not knowing the technicalities of how the testing works... only that they did the test... even if done incorectly or to far past the incident to be accurate... those details are not important. OR Am I laying out a conspiracy theory that may lend more credible thought than they are capable of? It is so hard to watch these events unfold, over and over, like a "B" movie where you know the ending and the plot... and when it affects someone closer to you as in this case, a loved one of "one of our own"....it incites alot of rage. Does anyone know... are there really any legitamate training schools in the Philippines for police work, investigative techniques, forensic science??? Aside from the obvious of not having funding for the tools, would they even know how to use these tools if they had the funds? Sorry if this seems to be a hijack... we can split if that is the perception, but I find I am always wondering about how, and if, any real police work is accomplished in this country.
  11. Same here this is up near where my asawa is from, a reminder to not get too comfortable I guess... as with anyplace, due diligence is required.
  12. I know you stated local adoption, however, we tried local when I sought to adopt my wife's son.... straight away, we knew we were seen as a lottery ticket to the three attorneys we tried to get a scope of cost and time from. As we knew we were headed to the USA, we opted to do the adoption here, we did this in the state of Washington and the details you seek are listed below.... if for nothing else, than as a comparison to costs people see for similar actions in the Philippines. One note: He is now a dual citizen with two passports, HOWEVER, the Philippine government would not recognize his adoption in the USA, so his Philippine passport is still in his original name... we don't care as except for when he arrives into the Philippines, he travels on the US passport anyhow. 1.1 Total cost, including lawyer, social worker interviews and court fees, etc: 6,200 usd ( Lawyer: $4500.00usd) 1.2 Time, start to finish: 6 months (including a 1 month wait to see if the birth father responded to advertisements placed in local papers in the Philippines. 1.3 A. Get a lawyer B. Petition for the adoption C. Satisfy income, residential provision and social worker interview requirements. D. Wait for advertisement to birth father to run it's course (we got no reply) E. Appear in court and the judge finalizes the order of adoption. Then you find a way to explain, with compassion, to the 8 year old, that he is wanted and is loved and that his birth father just made some bad decisions in life and it is his birth father's loss to not know such a great little boy!!
  13. It is so sad to hear of losses like this and as you say, most always over such petty issues. When I read the news in the Philippines, and a story comes up about a shooting... it is most always accompanied by a mention of how their was bad blood or a disagreement or something that lead up to the senseless violence, as if in some way that justifies the action. It is just devestating to think of what this family must now go through and that it was possibly the result of someone trying to do their part to combat corruption. Our condolences to the family
  14. samatm, I agree, I also like the appearance of the sheet metal tile look alike. I expect that this analysis may be subject to a re-visit once we get started. I was not aware of Citi Hardware carrying the Onduline. They were just erecting the Citi Hardware in Carcar when we made our exit so I am looking forward to touring the place when we return and get started on the project. This particular topic remains one of the more open decisions we have made, since an all-encompassing comparison is best made with feet on the ground.
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