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  1. I had the pleasure of living and working in Penang, Malaysia from 2004-2006. My Filipina wife was there with me. I found the country quite nice and affordable. In many ways, similar to the Philippines but with clear progress towards second world status. Their target of retirees, is very successful. I still have many good friends from that time, and keep in touch constantly. My wife also enjoyed Malaysia and would regularly compare it to the Phils, those comparisons generally resulted in her mentioning that " If only the Philippines cared to improve like Malaysia". Malaysia seems to be making b
  2. When I got my 13A in 2010, I had researched AND called the San Francisco consulate to ensure I had all I needed. Police clearance was NOT on the website list, NOR was it mentioned when I spoke to them to confirm the web lists were up to date. I was assured that if I had all my requirements to them before 11AM, I would get my visa by 5:00pm and be on my way. I flew out from Seattle at 6:00am, got to the consulate before they opened and was second in line...when I got to the counter, I first presented the checklist, (no ploice clearance required) and went down the list presenting each item with
  3. Blockmaker sold, Thank you Phil and see you in the next week or so, when you have lined up the labor to hoist this beast out of here. ;) Thank you JGF, the classified forum section here was nice in that I am able to aid another expat with a good deal on this equipment.! Can you alter the topic to include the word SOLD? I did not see a way I could do that. Thanks much!
  4. One point to emphasize is IF this were to be used for a money making venture, you could exceed the local standards here by using the cheap cement and getting 60 blocks to a sack and make money at 10 php per block. We chose the more expensive Portland cement and stuck with 40 to the sack. Varying the formula is how money is made here. If there are standards, they are not enforced. ;)
  5. Hey Phil, OK, sounds good, we are always around, the goats make sure we never leave. See you then!
  6. Posted Today, 05:29 AM Do you know what the breakeven cost is on something like that? Basically what is the retail cost of the bricks you made vs the retail cost of the crappy bricks? I calculated my brick cost with this machine and after the operator got moving, at 15 php per 4 X * block. Costs are cement, water and rough sand, then labor. Labor cost used was from start of block making to time in final stack after drying. We could get blocks at Bhokyol for 10 php each. The real reason to do this is if you want a stronger block. We did after seeing the crap you get here. a decent test
  7. Purchased new in 2012, made over 4000 blocks with it and maintained it like new. Comes with 90 plus support frames (needed to transfer the blocks to drying areas) New was 36K plus 3K for the frames, asking 25K for all. We completed our major construction and do not foresee a need for it any longer. Runs like new. 220VAC motor that drives a simple vibrating device. We got the process down to where our guys were making 40 plus blocks an hour and as hoped, with OUR mix formulated at 40 blocks per sack of cement. Most local purchase blocks are crap as they are ion the 70 - 100 blocks per sack of c
  8. Very true Okieboy, and a more troubling number might be the underemployed... on the upside, we see many more Phd's taking your McDonalds orders now so accuracy is up on that front. :th_unfair:
  9. SPECIAL analysis of this "special study" Firstly, I am as light mnded as the next guy and even if this purported "study" held water, I would not take offense. I know full well that even the best of statistical analysis struggle to isolate opinion when the conclusions are conveyed. As someone that has collected, assessed and drawn conclusions from "data" my entire career, I must reply to this post with my opinion. Any study, of any value whatsoever, would not contain a statement such as, " While I didn't keep an actual tally,". That statement tells me straightaway, that this "study" is more
  10. Yes I would and do live without A/C. Between the cost of power, the unreliability of said costly power and my inherent comfort with the heat, I am good to go without it. :23_11_60[2]:
  11. Sorry to say that i agree, but... i am pretty sure that an adoption requires a case to be filed in family court and only a lawyer can do that. So you gotta get a lawyer :-( Not only that, but that "social worker" thing is alot of BS and additional mandatory cost. They bring their microscope to your home and nitpick anything that does not fit into their mold for what a "normal" family life should consist of. With us being here on a temp basis, of course, we are not living the high life, so convincing her that the material aspects of life were not as important as the many other components of
  12. I am returning home to Carcar in a few weeks and have been told by many that I may not recognize the town when I return. We left in March 2011 after a year full time and several years before that on and off. So I have some history with the place. I know a new Gaisano extension opened up since we left, and a Citi Hardware... but has the rest really changed that much? What are your perceptions and if there are improvements, what are they? and What do you think is propelling this movement? Clearly, this post is targeted at the demographic that has experience in Carcar recently. :hystery: BUT,
  13. Home is where my wife and son are at..... and happily, soon that will again be in Carcar Cebu. :thumbsup:
  14. Ditto here, I witnessed many "different" behaviors, that raised some questions, but in the end, when asked about it point blank... let's just say I knew right away, I had made a mistake in inferring any of her behavior was in any way sexual, only normal cultural stuff, like DH describes. As a consequence of raising that point I was faced with a long term of reinforcing her confidence in my NOT being some sort of sexual deviate. :hystery: Be very careful in raising the bisexual topic.
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