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  1. Just sounds like business as usual to me. How many times does it have to be said that there is corruption at all levels of government from the top to the bottom. This is one sensational front page story when there are many more that have not reported yet
  2. Breaking News: The police finally stormed the cafe and shot the terrorist dead. One hostage was also killed and a few are injured.
  3. I really like your post and have been saying the same things for many years. Every person thinks in a certain language. Therefore if a person cannot think in English they will not be a fluent English speaker.
  4. Probably they were using revolvers which do not leave shell casings unless the shooter reloads. As many have said, its easy to buy illegal guns in the Philippines therefore its easy to sell them too. There's a big market for illegal guns since there are criminals in every city.
  5. Nah, you're mistaken :hystery: Mike forgot to say his spell checker is from China so don't expect all words to be correct. :)
  6. I know all about strict laws but this Presidential Decree doesn't make any sense. Take for example "occupy" Does that mean if you rent a house and want to occupy if you must get a Building Permit first. A Building Permit is for building or construction, its not for all the other things mentioned which have nothing to do with building or constructing.
  7. Sometimes it don't end up as expected. ((My grandmother (from a neighbour country to Sweden) was rather much younger than my grandfather. When my mother was teenager, she heared my grandmother talking with a woman friend about what would happen to her after grandfather die. It ended up with grandmother got long time ill. grandfather took vare of HER many years, and she died 12 years BEFORE him... (He became 95.) My parents were together until death but a few years before the first one died my two sisters were worried about our mother saying, "father is 8 years older than mother so what will mother do when he dies? Our mother died in May 1980 and our father died in September 1997, which was 17 years and 4 months after our mother died. This and many other stories prove that you can not know if the husband or wife will die first based on age.
  8. Bad idea. Allowing foreigners to own/carry arms is the very last thing that should happen. If a foreigner can graduate from the same Firearm Safety Course that Filipinos are required to attend and receive the same Certificate and License to own a firearm then why shouldn't the foreigner be allowed to own a firearm? I doubt there are enough foreigners who want to overthrow the government to worry about that and if the foreigner hates Filipinos or Asians then he shouldn't be here in the first place.
  9. "...repair...demolish..." So by the law if you buy an old house and want to do some repairs you can't legally do those repairs without getting a building permit first or if a storm damages your house you can't repair it until you get a building permit? What kind of crazy law is that? And, if you buy some land with a very old house on it you can't demolish the house until you get a building permit? Stupidity at its finest. Stupid laws like this one is why a lot of foreigners give up and go back to their home country.
  10. I know a woman who lives in Carcar who has relatives who work in Customs in Manila. They send or deliver expensive imported make up to her for resale. Corruption is ramped throughout the Philippines.
  11. Its good to keep things like this confidential so the evidence cannot be stolen or someone involved in the process either killed or bribed. This evidence proves that there were at least 2 guns used in his murder.
  12. He may not need a building permit in the area he mentioned. I was married to a woman from there so I know the people do not have floor plans, construction permits or safety inspections. The area my wife is from in Mindanao people do not get construction permits, fire inspections or any of the other useless BS, which is all about paying someone for something that you don't need. They live more like squatters in other areas who build whatever they want to without any nosy government involvement. Your wife or a trusted family member should be able to find someone who can make the addition to the house. If you don't find someone soon let me know because my wife knows a man in Mindanao who is very good at constructing houses and without wasting materials. Maybe we can get his contact info for you.
  13. Just as I guessed, Florida does not have Earthquakes. The concrete blocks are not meant to be load bearing but when they break or crumble during an Earthquake then the building's sway from side to side will increase which can cause damage to the load bearing members.
  14. When a political office is being investigated the strategy to save face and his a@@ is to move him to another office. His replacement will have a valid reason to play ignorant to what happened before he took office, and the cycle continues.
  15. I don't know if there's a place in the Philippines where you can get concrete blocks tested for strength but you can test them yourself in at least 2 ways I have heard of. (1) Drop a block from 2 or 3 feet height onto a hard surface. If it breaks into a thousand pieces then you know its almost useless in construction. One day I watched some small children stealing concrete blocks from a parking lot. They dropped a few of the blocks from a very short distance and the blocks broke into so many pieces that they were just a pile of concrete on the ground. (2) When you hit a block with a hammer it should sing and not break. This method came from construction workers in the USA.
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