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  1. My favourite is Prince Luke down at the back of USJR in Colon. The owner is like an auto parts catalogue, really amazing memory.
  2. I agree 100%, this is one of the most important things anyone living here in the Philippines has to decide. I had not heard it vocalized in quite such an effective way before, thank you Dave.
  3. I agree that most of this is publicity nonsense, it just makes me a little thoughtful though when i see what are pretty obviously underage girls in any of these places. I mean seriously, don't the owners think about the world of crap they are likely to bring down on themselves.
  4. Hmmm, not so sure but i paid (i think) P300 a piece for mango trees about 6 feet high.
  5. The Dept of Ag keeps a place on M Velez near Capital. Has loads of big trees and such for sale. Entrance is nearly opposite the MetroBank.
  6. There is a guy just off the SRP that either makes or imports good quality fibre glass boats. You can see the boats in his yard as you leave town just entering Talisay, on the left. I got to see one of his boats and they are pretty nice.
  7. Ate there last week, the place is still my favourite resto in Cebu. Food is great, always interesting, such a wide selection and the prices are decent. Not sure about everyone else but IMO you should all go and make up your own mind, i love the place.
  8. I went completely the other way. After burning out 4 laptops in 18 months i got a big desktop and haven't had any problems (that i couldn't recover from) since. Problem with the laptops was, as soon as one component died, the whole laptop was a throw away. If the video died in my desktop, i replace the video card or the monitor, way blima, life goes on. Also with a desktop there is a lot more air circulation and less heat problems than laptops, that helps a lot IME. 100% agree, this is the reason i will never buy apple. They make it impossible to step outside the Apple community once you buy any Apple product. Any monopoly can't be good, i prefer choice, good bad or otherwise.
  9. I hate bread machines, i tried two and they both produced a very inferior loaf. I make all my own bread by hand, it is honest UK bread, only 4 ingredients, flour, yeast, salt and water. Main thing to make the bread really good and easy is to take your time, mix the ingredients first and then let the dough rise overnight and punch it back and rise it again for a few hours. Make the whole 'knead it till ya sweat' thing, not required at all. The bread tastes frikkin delicious and it costs me under P30 for a 2lb loaf. I buy the strong white bread flour and brown flour that i combine 50 / 50 in 25kg sacks for about P850 each. They are Pilmico brand and have produced good consistent results for a couple of years now. We buy them from the distributor in Cebu.
  10. Sad to say, probably not. In a recent case we were involved in, one of the witnesses was obviously lying, even the judge took the time to explain how its wrong to lie and he could get into trouble, etc. etc. This continued until the judge excused the witness and we were called into his chambers. He warned that he would 'get upset' if the prosecution brought any more 'low value witnesses' and that the defence was 'giving him a bad impression'. I suggested that we should investigate a charge of perjury, the judge replied 'Bill, its ok, everyone in this court lies, its up to me to figure out which is telling the most truth'. Interesting perspective... Thanks for keeping us up to date on this débâcle though, it is much appreciated.
  11. Mactan IMO is hot boring and the beaches are either mud or contrived and expensive. Cebu is too busy and dirty for me so i suggest heading out of the city into the mountains, try Balamban, Carcar, etc...
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