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  1. I have seen this behavior with Filipinos, however not in my wife’s family. She comes from what I would consider a middle class family, and there are a few members that are very wealthy, and others that are on the lower economic scale. Most are professionals, or work in middle/lower management for multi-corporations. I’ve never had to come out of my pocket for these dinners or celebrations. Of course, my wife has made a dish or two, or we have pooled equal amounts of money with family at these events. At one dinner, I snuck to the cashier and paid the bill. I was admonished by my wife when we got home. One of the wealthy members of her family intended to pay for it. After being thanked for paying for it, I was told that I was never to do that again. It was almost like I insulted him for paying for the meal. Ive been invited to visit his luxury resort, and I’m staying for free there. He has informed me that all transportation from the airport will be provided, and I am to pay for nothing. Guess I should thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to pull out my wallet with my wife’s family. Or maybe you guys are just hanging out with the wrong type of Filipinos.
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