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  1. Naval, Biliran – The local police in the capital town in the Province of Biliran are conducting a thorough investigation over the alleged shooting to death of a Norwegian National inside their house about 10:25 in the evening last night Wednesday (Mar 31) in Sitio Kahukaw, Brgy. Villa Caneja here https://www.biliranisland.com/blogs/2021/04/01/norwegian-national-found-dead/ Other sources: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1413820/norwegian-national-found-dead-inside-house-in-biliran https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1890574/Tacloban/Local-News/Norwegian-63-found-dead-with-gunshot-wound-in-Biliran A question - if I may - to our Forum Members who currently reside in The Philippines: I was wondering when I read about these tragic stories: -is it more crime there now during the pandemic than before (pre Covid-19)?
  2. Here are some thoughs from me, I'm 49 and my filipina wife is 32. We have been married for 3,5 years and have 2 children already. One boy who is almost two years and a 3 month old baby girl. In addition I have two teenagers from my previous marriage. Its a busy life, especially for my wife who has maternity leave right now, but soon will have to go back to her work. My wife loves children, and often says to me she wants as many as possible, at least 5 or 6! She says it with a smile, in a humorous tone. But I know there is some truth in that. I love my wife very much, and seeing all the happiness they bring in our marriage, and how dedicated she is to them, is a blessing. Btw,, my mother on 75 does not smile of my wife's plans. She is horrified with it :-) But I must admit I sometimes feel old and tired. I remember when our youngest was born, in the birth clinic, we talked to many of the other parents there, and I thought the other fathers looked so young compared to me. When is to old for me to be a father? I really don't know. I guess I'll take one day at a time. What will the future bring? Nobody knows. As long my health is good, physically and mentally, I will live my limited time in this world to the fullest. And if that include more children, why not?
  3. Yes, sad news, indeed. I have been there a few times, en route to/from my wife's home province. Dipolog seemed to be a quiet, nice place. I have good memories of the city and its people.. There are quiet a few expats living there, as far as I know..
  4. A couple of news articles with a bit more information: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/127410/american-found-dead-inside-deep-well-in-negros-occidental http://www.visayandailystar.com/2015/August/18/topstory1.htm
  5. Hi Huggybearman, We have been useing China Bank Philippines (not Bank of China) for some years. And we are happy with it. They have branches all over PI, and their coustomer service is ok. We have been transfering money to various banks in PI and from Norway. Swift transfers. No problems whatsoever. Their onlinebanking-service is simple but have all the necessary features. The downside is that the online standard transaction limit is 20,000 php, but only 25 php in transaction fee. (BDO has 100 php) You can withdraw max 60,000 php over the the counter. We find China Bank satisfactory for our use. If we need to send larger amounts, we send directly from our norwegian bank. We have tried BDO, but was very disapointed with their online-banking and especially their customer service. No more BDO for us. Ref.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinabank http://www.chinabank.ph/personal.aspx
  6. hehe... Yes, I probably must. Guess I was naive about the barangay-elections in rural Mindanano. I was before in a local election board in a municipality i Norway. So much auditing. And it was secret indeed! In the barangay elections - at least in my wifes home province - its all about money, 100 %. As low as 20 pesos pr vote. And how do they know you voted "correct"? Utang na loob.
  7. I always pay some of the officals a visit when I'm with my wife in our barangay I think it important to socialize with them, and in this way show them respect and recognize their status. I never, ever discuss politicts with them. They are always happy when I come, and we drink a few beer and sing videoke. hmm... In a weak moment, I promised to sponsor my fatther-in-law's run for barangay councilor next year , 30.000 php. I'm afraid its all about vote-buying, and its against my principles. We'll see if my wife can get me out of this... I can blame it on the Tanduay.
  8. Even if it's painful for me to accept, you might be correct, Sir!
  9. Hi all, I have just come back from a long (4 week) vacation in the Philippines, together with my wife and son, my mother and her friend. The main purpose for the trip was to meet our family who lives in Mindanao, and attend my brother-in-laws' wedding in Basilisa, Dinagat Province We traveled extensively in western Mindanano (Zamboanga peninsula), Siqujor and Northern Mindanao, using all kinds of transportation: Plane, bus, jeepny, car, van, boats (from bankas to ferries), habal-habal and tricycle. It was fun and exciting, but also quite tiresome. Traveling with a 12 months old baby is not optimal. We had this route: Manila – Olangapo, rented van Manila to Zamboanga City, by plane Zamboanga City – Diplahan, (Zamboanga Sibugay Province), aircon bus Diplahan – Imelda (Zamboanga Sibugay Prov.), private car Imelda – Pagadian City (Zambanga del Sur), aircon bus Pagadian City - Lapuyan - Margosatubig - Pagadian (Zamboanga Del Sur), private car and habal-habal Pagadian – Dipolog – Dapitan (Zamboanga del Norte), Dakak beach Resort, private car Dapitan – Dumaguete, Negros, ferry Dumaguete – Larena (Siqujijor), Superferry Around Suquijor, using privat minivan Siqujor – Cebu, Superferry Dumaguete – Cebu, Superferry Cebu – Surigao City, plane Surigao City – Basilisa, Dinagat, banka Surigao City- Manila, plane My old mother and a friend of her also joined us after 2 weeks. And they too complained a little about the ambitious itinerary. Well, the mastermind behind it was my wife. We made it, but we have concluded that next time, we will just have lazy days by the pool... I will recommend Basilisa, Dinagat Islands Province to the forum members. Very beautiful. It consists of numerous islands. The nature there is to a larg degree, untouched by man. We visited the barangay with the famous name Puerto Princesa (SIC!) Yes, there at several places with that name in PI. Its a small fishing village with 3,00 inhabitants. People are poor but friendly and hospitable. As far as I know no foreigners live there permanently, but some of the girls have married foreigners, and they visit the place occasionally. One tip: I you dont like fish so much, bring your own meat. Because in Basilisa, its fish, fish, fish (and other seafoodds) all day, 7 days a week.. hehe... :lol: I have attached some images from Puerto Princesa (in Basilisa, Dinagat Islands Province!) The provinces lies north west of the more famous Siargao Islands. Dinagat is known to be just as beautiful as Siargao, but much less developed in terms of tourism. Basilisa, Dinagat Islands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basilisa,_Dinagat_Islands If you have questions, feel free to ask... Barangay Puerto Princesa, Basilisa Municipality, Dinagat Islands Province. From the streets of Puerto Princesa. The barangay has only 3 streets.. My wife and son.
  10. Hi there, I'v been visiting Pagadian City many times, the last time now this Christmas. My wife is from a place near by (Diplahan), as she have family in Pagadian. My impression is that there is quite a lot foreigners visiting the city from time to time, but only on short stay basis. I'm not familiar with foreigners living in Pagadian permanently. Some years ago, I was also contemplating on building a house in Pagadian and live there for longer periods. But after serious considerations, we abandoned the idea. Its to risky. Kidnap for Ransom Gangs are operating not far from the City, and at some point they migtht be tempted to cacht the "big fish" they see swimming, and sell it to Abu Sayaf Group or similar in Sulu/Basilan. My advice to is to visit the city. Its a really nice place. Kind people. Interesting place. But keep a low profile, and don't stay long. As others, I would recommend Dipolog. Its safer there. And another thing: I think Its wise to settle down a little far from your wife's family. Both for money matters (they can't invade your wallet so easily) and you will avoid more or less permanent family visit in your house; its nice in the beginning, but after a while it gets tiresome. Good luck!
  11. Dear Methersgate. Thank you for your interesting observations. During the period I have been chatting, courting, dating an eventually marrying my dear filipina, I have become more and more glad that I have been absent from Facebook. I' dont exist there. It has spared me for lots of annoyances and (jealousy) drama. Entering the dating field in the "filipina segment" is a strange experience. A kind of different realm, an unknown frontier, where the rules are so much different from what I'm used to. We will never understand. The women fight and compete and display their crab-mentality indeed.. In the beginning its fascinating and flattering, but soon the game changes and you wish to turn the clock back to the pre-internet age. Well, I came out in the other end with a wife. And the game is over. Thank God...puh!
  12. Yes, there are indeed many similarities between settlers at the Western Frontier in America in the 1800s and Mindanao from 1930-1970. The grandparents of my wife was settlers in what is now called Zamboanga Sibugay Priovince.They where Christian filipinos coming in from Bohol. Together with some other familes they cleared land in the wide and fertile Sibugay walley, and established a agricultural society deep in the interior of Zamboanga Peninsula. This happened in the 1950's. The whole walley was at the time just a wast jungle and the land of the Subanon Tribe. Sadly for them, they lost bit by bit their forest and their livelyhood. Today Sibugay Walley consist of rice-land, and is populated by visayan-speaking christian farmers. The Subanon People are more or less without land and make their living as dayworker for the settlers. The "colonization" of Mindanano from Visayan and Luzon, was an important mean for the politicians in Manila to gain control over the huge island in the south. I think that a large part of the conflcts that we see in Mindanao today, could be understood as a consequence of this massive resettlement between 1930 and 1970.
  13. I'm reading this thread with great interest, even if I have already found my filipina wife. Plenty of widsom and insights from experienced boardmembers are displayed here. I don't feel capable of giving the OP any advice in this matter. I have only had one relationship wiht a filipina, and she is now my wife. But I have noticed from my travels in RP that girls from the smaller provincial cities seems to me more shy and less "outgoing" than girls in tjhe bigger cities, let's say Cebu or Manila. And also maybe more conservative and "old fashioned"? Whether this in a decisive success-criteria for a western-filipino marriage is uncertain for me. There are so many more variables that will decide if a marriage is successful or not. Personally I'm very happy that my filipina is not the submissive type. I don't like submissive women. And I'm happy to see that many on this forum share the same taste in woman.
  14. You could just book a room at Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino. Its just a short walk from the airport terminal. I have stayed there a couple of times: http://tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g298461-d577834-Reviews-Waterfront_Airport_Hotel_and_Casino-Lapu_Lapu_Mactan_Island_Cebu_Island_Visayas.html
  15. Thanks Brett. Yes, I'm wery well aware of the safety situation on the Zamboanga Peninsula. I have travelled through all the provinces several times, and also down to Zamboanga City. I have never felt insecure, but always held a low profile, and never annocunce in advance to strangers about our travel schedules. In March 2012 we had a big garden wedding at a resort in the municipality of Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur province, about 45 min drive from Pagadian City. The resort is owned by the strong man in the province, governor Antonio Cerilles. I think it was safe there. Nobody dears to attack him or his property ;-) He has his own private army/security squad... And you know what? -The man who married us was the mayor of Lakewood, a brother-in-law of governor Cerilles. Then safe back in Norway, I read in the news that a police station near by was attacked only a week after our wedding with bombs, and 3 or 4 policemen where killed.
  16. Like so many nowadays, I met my wife online. We communicated using Skype and YM for some months, then I eventually travelled to Cebu and met her there. Later on the trip we went to her homeplace in Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay. She introduced me to her family and the whole barangay. I will never forget the welcoming in this remote barangay, hours from the nearest city, Pagadian. I was treated like a celebrity, and the kids they where in the beginning afraid of me; they had never seen a white guy before :-) Later I have visited the place 3 more times, twice together with my old mom. They have so much respect for old people; she was treated like a queen, and so eager to server and be nice. Fast forward: Now we are happily married, living here in Norway. We have one son (3 months old), and my sweet wife has already fulltime work, and learning norwegian fast! She is very loving and caring. I'm so happy we met. Like a gift from God. Maybe some time in the future we will have a home in the Philippines.
  17. DAPITAN CITY (Mindanao Examiner / Feb. 17, 2014) – An American national and a Filipino policeman were both killed in a motorcycle collision in the southern Philippine city of Dapitan, police said Monday. Chief Inspector Ariel Huesca, a regional police spokesman, identified the victims as 60-year old Stephen Richard Orr, from Pineville, Los Angeles; and SPO1 Armand Sagario Dalman, 42, assigned with the Sibutad police station. Huesca said the policeman’s wife, Nora, 42, was also injured in the road accident which occurred in the village of Polo. Emergency workers rushed the foreigner and the policeman in the hospital, but both died along the way, police said, but it was unknown whether officials informed the Department of Foreign Affairs or the U.S. embassy in Manila about the death of Orr whose American address is 2114 Shreveport Hwy Apt 271, Pineville, Rapides County. Police provided no other details about the personal background of Orr or whether he had a Filipino family or business in Dapitan City, except that he was temporarily residing in the area. (Mindanao Examiner) http://mindanaoexaminer.com/news.php?news_id=20140217030524
  18. Looks nice, Julia. Thanks for your tip. I will try to go there next time I visit Northern Luzon.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vigan
  19. I can recommend Mindanao Examiner: http://www.mindanaoexaminer.com/ Especially relevant for those of us with family ties on the Zamboanga Peninsula, and who travel there from time to time.
  20. Hehe.. many thanks for your interesting and witty post, Bruce :tiphat: Well, what can i say? People are different and have different needs. Some like dogs, some like cats, some like both, some dont like pets at all... Despite my failings in the relational/marital "arena", - I myself have come to the conclusion that I need a partner in life, one to share; for better, for worse etc. A philosopher (I think it was Soren Kierkegaard) have said: "-Marry or stay single, you will regret both". There is some truth in that, In my opinion. You can't get the best from both worlds, and none of the bad things. Cheers,
  21. For me it was her stunning beauty. She was more beautiful and attractive than I had imagined (lucky me...) Besides that, the most important difference between my filipina (now wife) and western woman, is that my wife was (and still is) much more caring towards me than my western ex'es. I mean caring like wiping off sweat of my forehead and shoulders, packing and preparing my clothes every day, serving me on the plate, giving me bath and washing me. And always asking of my well being. She almost wanted feed me like a little child. I was baffled of all this, and a little bit embarrased and tired of it in the beginning. It felt like she was my personal slave. But later when I learned more about filippino culture and how traditional filipina are brought up, I accepted it, and now I love it :-) It is a way for her to show her love and devotion to me. But all this don't mean that I find western woman not loving.or cariing, they are just loving and caring in a different way.
  22. Hi Thomas, You can try to ask them directly via email: rbtudela@yahoo.com Contact info: http://www.rbap.org/members/locate-rural-bank/mindanao/region-10/misamis-occidental/
  23. Thank you for sharing. Its touching to read about these heroes. I just discovered that a norwegian national, woman Gunvor Wilberg (1887-1973) also assisted the POW's:
  24. Hi Julia For me it started coincidentally. (..or was it destiny...?). It could have been a lady from any part of the world, for that matter. And it happend to be a filipina who stole my heart. I was looking for a new woman in my life, but with no intention to marry again. In my eyes filipino's always have had a high standing, and filipina are beautiful. But again, there are so many beautiful women in the world. The relationship with my special pinay developed rapidly. She gave so much love and care, different in many ways from what I have experienced before: passionate and conservative, softspoken and talkative, shy and ambitious, feminine and commander-in-chief, kind but strict, shopaholic and perfect family accountant. And so on. As time went on I learned to respect her culture and tried to understand her mindset and values. Even if its difficult at times. How much of all this comes from her individual personality, and how much from her filipino culture and upbringing is hard to say. We are now married, and I consider myself as a lucky and priveleged man. There are things that are difficult and challenging at times. Of course there are. Just like in all marriages. And we, who live in a multi-cultural marriages, have our own set of challenges. From time to time I talk to single friends about relationships and marriage. And my advice to them are: - You should learn to know a filipina. They are just amazing.
  25. Hi guys,Thanks for all your replies. Yes, we are not living together. My wife i a filipino citizen, I'm a norwegian. She lives in Philippines, bu we have plans to get her to my country, when possible. (The processing time for familiy reunifcation to Norway usually takes 2 - 6 months, by the way...)I will go to Austraila on business, and I will try to bring my filipina with me to that great country for a short visit. A tourist visa is probably the correct visa categroy for her to apply for in this case?But anyway, I will follow the advice from Jollygoodfellow, and contact DOI about this.
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