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  1. earthdome

    Building a Garden

    Last fall I drove through that area on the way to my SIL home which is just west of Cainta off of Ortigas Ave. We stayed at an AirBnB at The Grove by Rockwell which was very nice. Best experience I have had when visiting the NCR.
  2. earthdome

    Getting to know everyone

    I found while I was an active computer programmer that contributing to open source projects helps to build your resume. Best to find something you are interested in related to online hosting of applications on websites or mobile apps. I don't have a college degree and am mostly self taught as a computer programmer. But my involvement over the course of a few years in some higher profile open source projects led to me being recruited heavily by Goldman Sachs. They didn't care if I had a degree but knew my skills from the work I had done on open source projects they needed inhouse expertise on. After 6 months and 3 phone interviews they flew me to NYC first class for an in person day long interview. 3 days in NYC all expense paid. They ended up offering me a position with starting salary over 6 figures but when I took into account the cost of living, work hours and stress I decided to stay where I was and declined their offer. I know many people who have had successful careers as computer programmers, system admins, etc. for internet related companies who do not have college degrees. And now it is even easier to work remotely as a contractor if you have the skills. Good luck and have fun following your work related passion. One final thought. At one point I contacted a number of companies in the Philippines, some owned by foreigners, who did website development and programming outsourced from the US. Six years ago when I looked into this a skilled website application programmer who worked full time for a client made approximately $1000 USD per month for one of these companies. For the Philippines that is pretty good money.
  3. earthdome

    Manila Airport

    In practice only the senior citizen discount is strictly applied to filipino's who have their senior card. Any other conveniences provided to seniors that do not provide a discounted price are up to the business and or office you are visiting.
  4. earthdome

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Regarding education and job opportunities for my daughter. My goal is that our daughter will receive an education and life experiences that will help her be successful and happy regardless of where in the world she decides to spend her time. There is a small but growing number of digital nomads. Young people who have no permanent home but travel the world making their money doing work on their laptop.
  5. earthdome

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Please dont go down that road in this topic or any. Just causes arguments. Understood. That was just an easy example for me to make about schools becoming politicized since a coworker of mine told me about his experience.
  6. earthdome

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    When you say here, are you meaning the US or Philippines or Mars? Within context I am pretty sure nor cal mike is referring to education in the US.
  7. earthdome

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Yes, the health care issue is a two sided coin. On one side the husband if over the age of 65 has medicare but can only use that in the US or its territories like Guam. So he has to pay out of pocket for his health care in the Philippines. Granted it costs much less but also the quality may not be as good. On the other hand his wife and children can benefit from Phil Health and relatively lower cost health insurance in the Philippines but in the US you have to pay a great deal for poor health coverage. In the end it depends on what makes overall sense for a specific family. For me it works better for us to be in the Philippines, even after I reach 65, since my former employer provides medicare gap insurance as part of my retirement that will help pay for expenses outside of the US not covered by Medicare.
  8. earthdome

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    I too am interested in this topic. But from the reverse. I lived over 2 years in the Philippines and moved back to the US with my wife. Now we have a one year old daughter. I will not allow my daughter to attend public schools in the US. They are not like the schools when we were children. Do you support the 2nd amendment to keep and bear arms (guns)... well, your children will be taught to fear guns rather than gun safety. The schools have become politicized and often teach political agenda's. If your son is a bit unruly they will claim he has ADHD or some other disorder and push you to drug him. In a school not far from where we live a mother kept seeing her 2 middle school age children come home with signs of physical abuse. They were being bullied. She spoke to the school about it a number of times, but they did nothing. Finally, to protect her children, she pulled them out of school to home school them. The school reported her to child services and claimed she was neglecting her children by taking them out of public school. Yet it was the school that failed to protect them. Most public schools now have 'resource' officers who really are just police assigned to the school. There are a growing number of cases where these police treat misbehaving children like they are criminals, even hand cuffing grade school children. Regardless of whether we live in the US or Philippines I plan to have our daughter either attend a good private school or be home schooled. The other issue aside from schooling is health care. You better have a good employer with a great health plan... or else you will pay a great deal for a poor health care plan for your wife and children. We are doing ok in the US but our budget will go much further in the Philippines, especially if we want to pay for a quality private school in a few years for our daughter.
  9. earthdome

    New Drugs

    Yes, criminals will be criminals. Yet, the drug trade is tens of thousands of times more profitable than any other criminal enterprise. The money is so easy. Kids in the inner city see that selling drugs on the street corner is easy money compared to a real job. I think there will be far fewer criminals if they don't have an illegal drug culture to fuel their creation with easy money.
  10. earthdome

    Smelly Condos

    Not directly related but I have stayed at AirBnB's in the Philippines that had a rule of no cooking fish inside the unit. I expect the rule is to prevent the unit from getting stunk up from cooking fish.
  11. earthdome

    New Drugs

    After almost 50 years into the "war on drugs" the problem is no better and likely even worse. The "war on drugs" has failed. The best strategy is to work towards harm reduction. Policies that reduce the overall harm to individuals, their families and society from those who abuse drugs (and I include alcohol as a drug).
  12. earthdome

    New Drugs

    I heard of Krokodil many years ago. It never really got popular in the USA, likely for the reasons you state. The big problem in the USA now is fentanyl, a very very strong opioid manufactured in China that is being pushed as an alternative to those addicted to heroin, oxycotin and other opioids. It is a huge problem because it is so potent it is easy to overdose and most addict's don't know that what they are getting was cut with fentanyl.
  13. earthdome

    Manilla Visit

    Makati would be a good choice. Plenty of nice hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc. The cemetery is in Global City/Fort Bonafacio which is about 1-2 miles from Makati depending on where you stay. A quick search for Corregidor tours found ones that will pick up from your hotel, including Makati hotels. I recommend downloading the Grab rideshare app and getting that setup and ready to use in Manila. It really is a much better experience than trying to use taxi's. And you can get a pickup by Grab at NAIA, I only had to wait 5-10 minutes.
  14. earthdome

    Health issues since moving to Philippines

    Several mentioned more frequent and longer lasting coughs. Most likely due to the air pollution. That happened to me and after almost 2 years in the Philippines I was diagnosed with COPD. But started having the symptoms of coughs that took a long time to go away shortly after I arrived. I sometimes wonder if the exposure to all the air pollution helped to trigger the COPD.