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  1. earthdome


    Notice that Palawan is west of the major fault lines which constitute the Pacific Ring of FIre. Palawan also does not get as high intensity typhoons as the eastern islands. In addition I don't think their are any volcanoes their either. So if your concern is being safe from natural disasters, Palawan is the place to live.
  2. I would make absolutely sure the surgery is required. Perhaps there are other things you can try first. Several years ago i had a growing problem with hip pain, then it extended to the front of my lower leg sometimes. It turned out that the bottom most disk of my spine next to the tailbone had been crushed at some point. (Rest of my spine looks perfect) This affects the nerve bundles exiting the spine to my legs. Bottom line the pain was caused by nerves. 3 months of physical therapy helped to adjust something to the point where i rarely have any pain. This avoided more intrusive therapy like spinal injections or eventually, surgery.
  3. I like nice long hot showers with plenty of water. Developed this habit after serving for years on a submarine taking navy showers or sponge baths at time if on water rations.
  4. When we travel I try to keep all the important documents and small valuables in my backpack. I always bring that with me when leaving the hotel room, AirBnB, etc. Just too many experiences with valuable things going missing when we travel that I try to make sure things don't get lost or misplaced.
  5. The stock markets could have a major break either way. Continue on for the next 5-10 years with all time highs or have a huge 50% plus correction. Good arguments can be made on both sides. And which way it goes depends a great deal on politicians and other things which are difficult to predict. That is why my investment adviser has me mostly in index funds but with enough PUT options to protect me if the market takes a major downturn. Kind of like insurance. If you stay in a cash position then you are losing money from monetary inflation. i don't trust bond's anymore since the interest rates are so low and if for some reason interest rates spike up you lose a great deal off the principal of the bond.
  6. Congratulations Steve. Looks like you are already off to a great start.
  7. If you are sitting on a nice chunk of equity perhaps you can sell then downsize to a condo. Perhaps you have enough equity to pay off a condo. The condo will be safer to leave empty and ready for you when you return. Another option to consider if you want some additional income is if your condo is in the right location it may work well as an AirBnB which you could leave in the hands of a professional AirBnB manager. Just block out the dates when you would be home so you can use it instead of guests.
  8. While being active on some local issues I attended many city council meetings for a medium sized midwestern city. Nothing unusual occurred in that meeting in Seattle. That looks pretty normal for how a city council operates. I agree that many cities are out of control nanny states, but what you saw is not an example of that.
  9. I don't know how much the LEO mesh network micro sats for internet would be effected by rain/weather. They orbit at around 200 miles rather than in geo synchronous orbit at 22k miles out and don't require a satellite dish. This technology is closer to that of cell phones than geo synchronous satellites. The cell tower just happens to be moving by in orbit 200 miles up rather than passing by as you travel on the road. How much are cell phones affected by rain/storms? A typical cell phone can be used as far as 22 miles from a cell tower at ground level. With these micro sats the signal is going up/down approximately 200 miles. So the sender/receiver don't have to be that much more stronger/sensitive than a cell phone and most of the distance would not be effected by weather, only the first 7.5 miles from ground level since thunderstorms max out at 7.5 miles up.
  10. Low earth orbit internet service will be reality soon. And there are multiple vendors competing to provide that service including SpaceX. The benefit of LEO is low latency and higher bandwidth. These solutions typically use micro satellites around the size of a loaf of bread.
  11. You only need the throwaway ticket to board the flight to the Philippines and they might check at immigration on arrival. You don't need a throw away for renewing your tourist visa.
  12. I wouldn't put myself in the middle of it if I am not the employee's supervisor. It is the responsibility of management and his direct supervisor to deal with any performance/fraud issues. One exception that you mentioned was if his work was shoddy and resulted in a safety issue, that should of course be reported.
  13. Not very often, once or twice a month at most.
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