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  1. What the hell does a federal cybersecurity group know about how local officials stuff ballot boxes and harvest mail in ballots? President does not claim that votes were changed over the internet in election computers by some hackers. I listened to his long list of election fraud claims in his speech yesterday. Many of them are credible but there is no way to identify which votes are fraudulent once they cross the line into the counted pile.The only way to fix the problem would be to do the election again but with very tight controls on how the vote is conducted. FYI, I am not a Donald support
  2. I wonder if a toxicology report was done to see if there were any 'date rape' drugs used.
  3. Google quote: "Don't be evil unless you can build awesome Terminator's".
  4. My inlaws live in the northern luzon mountains. In my visits over 7 years they have had spotty cell phone service and no data. Finally because of COVID and the need for remote learning internet access via cell phone data has finally reached them. Maybe I won't be so bored next time we visit.
  5. HK, election fraud is a great American sport with a long history. The democrat party is known for harvesting votes of people that should have long ago been removed from the list of registered voters due to moving, death etc. The Republicans are known for dirty tricks to try and suppress voter turnout in heavily democrat precincts. They pass laws and implement methods of voting to ensure there are ways to cheat. The media doesn't report on this much and most of the national media for this election have ignored anything that doesn't support the Democrats. The courts require evidence and the
  6. In the US the election is really done precinct by precinct, county by county. There is no one single way to vote in the US, each state, county and even precinct may use different methods. Each has their own level of risk for fraud. Some fraud happens due to corrupt election/government officials at the polling place and some happens by organized efforts to "harvest" more votes. If you follow the news you likely already understand that only a few number of swing states determined the outcome of the election. Within those states only a few counties could swing the election one way or the other.
  7. Nobody I ever vote for wins. So you are saying regardless of my vote I deserve to bend over and take it up the *ss because a majority of everyone else who votes is stupid? Sounds like the movie Idocracy.
  8. So I told my wife I had 4 more wives to catch before I reached my limit.... then the fight started.
  9. Dave, you said what I was thinking when I stated we needed more information and that we didn't know the whole story yet.
  10. That answers that question. Now for someone to dig up details about the alleged crime.
  11. From this it looks like an arrest warrant was issued but he could not be arrested because he was in the Philippines. No mention of whether he had fled to the Philippines just prior to the arrest warrant being issued. As someone else stated he is innocent until proven guilty and the story does not mention any details of his alleged crime. It may very well be that he is a child predator who fled to the Philippines to avoid arrest but there is not yet enough information to reach that conclusion.
  12. I think the original post was regarding getting physical dollars, as in $100 bills. That has nothing to do with USD transferred electronically by OFW's or maintained in account balances by individuals or governments. I had to wait a few days once to get $100 bills from BPI prior to our vacation to Thailand 6 years ago. I always like to make sure I have sufficient cash when travelling, especially internationally, because you never know when those pieces of plastic will stop working.
  13. I used these recently for tapping in to existing copper pipes when installing a laundry sink. A bit expensive but works great for small DIY projects when you don't want to buy any special tools.
  14. Ahh, my mistake. Lowes has a special deal from Stanley Black & Decker to sell the Craftsman brand.
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