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  1. earthdome


    The adopted daughter of a friend of mine got "captured" by the social science cult at the local state university. She now wants nothing to do with her adoptive parents, lived off of student loans, and they haven't had contact with her in several years. The social science schools at US higher education institutions are mostly used for indoctrination, not education. This is one of many reasons I do not want our daughter to attend any public k-12 schools or higher education in the USA.
  2. I hope they use some lubricant!
  3. earthdome

    Digital Multimeter

    Are you talking LED or Halogen? Halogen are extremely hot and can easily start fires. I thought LED, being much more efficient, generated less waste heat for the amount of lumens.
  4. Perfect, we leave in 2 days for a 6 week vacation in the Philippines.
  5. earthdome

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    Thank you for relating your experience. I hope when the time comes my wife and I will be able to home school/unschool our daughter. Especially if we are still in the US. I have already informed my wife that I will never ever send our daughter to a public school in the US.
  6. earthdome

    Which TV?

    Guess that depends on the make and model of phone.
  7. earthdome

    Our(well her) new house

    In the picture for the window bars it looks like they are bolted onto the outside wall. How difficult would it be for criminals to just unbolt those bars and remove them? Only 10 bolts and that first window.
  8. earthdome

    fork and spoon

    My wife told me a story of a large man from Scotland who visited neighbors of her family. The neighbors roasted a chicken, being polite they let him eat his fill first, the Scottish man ate the whole chicken. For the next meal they had to roast two chickens. The story reminded me of my first visit to her family home. They wondered what did I eat. They caught and killed a chicken for my meal but I didn't eat the whole thing, not being from Scotland.
  9. No, the interview came much later after the I-130 was approved. Altogether we had to make 3 or 4 trips to Manila over those 3 months to get it all done. All your interactions at the US Embassy will be by appointment. Just search online for DCF spouse visa application Manila US Embassy and you should find plenty of information. I think there already exist some threads on this forum of members experience getting a visa. The final interview is just for the spouse.
  10. earthdome

    coming for 29 days in February. Gameplan?

    Perhaps you are thinking of a fanny pack that is worn around your waist on the outside. Yeah, I agree, that would make you a target. I am referring to a money belt/pouch worn inside your clothes. The one I have worn is not noticeable unless you were to have a very thick wad of bills.
  11. We did ours in 2014. To file for the visa at the US Embassy in Manila (Direct Consular Filing) DCF rather than in the US with USCIS you need to provide proof that you, the petitioner, has resided in the Philippines for more than 6 months. Things I used was a DL, lease agreement, internet, phone and CATV bills, etc. to show proof of residence greater than 6 months. We had to make an appointment online, I don't think they will accept walk-ins. All in all, from the time I filed the I-130 it only took 3 months to receive the CR-1 visa (IR-1 if you have been married more than 2 years). We could have completed it in 2 months if we had really pushed it. Good luck.
  12. earthdome

    coming for 29 days in February. Gameplan?

    Best strategy is to learn good security practices and use them every day so they become second nature. Then there may be situations which require greater security but those are best avoided if possible. Don't wear or show expensive clothes, jewelry or electronic devices. Only take with you when you go out the cash and cards you need. Leave one or more cards and your extra cash where you are staying if they have a hotel or room safe you trust. This way if you do get robbed you still have cash/cards for the emergency. Carry a throw away wallet. Make it look like a real wallet with pictures, expired credit cards and some cash. This is what you can give to a criminal without losing much. Money belt is handy for when you are traveling. I put my folding money and a credit card in a money clip. That is small enough that it isn't noticeable and put that in a front zippered pocket. You can use your throw away wallet for making small routine payments and only take out the money clip and card when you make larger purchases. There are special backpacks designed for secure travel. Just don't set it down where someone can grab it. Word of caution, I have been pick pocketed twice. Once was a pack of smokes out of the hand pocket of a hoodie. The other was a smart phone, again out of the hand pocket of a hoodie. I hope by now I have learned my lesson about putting thinks in the hand pocket of a hoodie!! Enjoy your vacation. You are asking good questions.
  13. earthdome

    Google Chrome Crashing

    I recently switched to the Brave Browser on my android phone. Fast and very privacy oriented. Based on the firefox code and project spearheaded by one of the original netscape/mozilla developers. I also switched from Google to DuckDuckGo for my searches, they are more privacy oriented than Google.
  14. earthdome

    Car Service rip off - be warned

    No No No... The crank in the front used to start the engine needed greasing every week.
  15. earthdome

    On my way hits a goal, well last another year

    Happy Birthday OMW but you already had the best birthday greeting from your lovely daughters.