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  1. A question to ask, if you can get the answer, is how many and what prescription meds he was or had been taking. Some of the meds they prescribe to children now can contribute to violent behaviour. Many of the HS students and young adults involved in killings were on or had been on some sort of mind adjusting prescription med.
  2. earthdome

    Update On Tipping

    Of course, at the time of my life when I would give a cute waitress this tip, I was a sailor.
  3. earthdome

    Update On Tipping

    When you see a cute waitress, give her a tip, "Don't go out with sailors"!
  4. Where I live in the US we have a HOA that is administed by the elected officers of the HOA. But there are only 22 units so this works for us and helps keep the HOA costs down. Larger HOA's my need to hire a facilities management company. Those still with active development of additional properties generally are administered by the developer.
  5. earthdome


    Have you considered just buying e-books then read them on your smart phone or tablet?
  6. earthdome

    Hmmmmmmmmmm Empty Morning

    So sad for a young person to pass away from something so simple. Condolences to the family.
  7. earthdome

    Pear shaped ham

    Haven't tried that specific one but I really don't care for the caramel glazed hams. Any plain old sugar cured ham is fine for me.
  8. earthdome

    Finding your wife or girlfriend.

    Same here. A big problem when she has forgotten her cell phone or turned the sound on it down. Even when she has the phone and I call or text her it can be difficult sometimes to understand where she is from her description. It was a huge problem when we had a long layover at a large airport recently. She just took off and did not have her phone with her. Sigh. I have tried and tried to impress on her the need to let me know, and ensure I acknowledge her, before she does this. But it doesn't seem to stick.
  9. I don't know about the other terminals but we arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 Sept 27. We got a Globe SIMM and bought 300 peso load. Then we enabled internet data using GOSURF50. 50 pesos for 3 days of data up to 1GB. Several banks had booths to do FX and the rates were excellent. 54.10 for 1USD. Rates have dropped a great deal since then due to the holiday season. Once you have a SIMM with internet data you can use Grab to get your taxi ride. Download and setup the Grab app with your credit card before you arrive. Then you won't need to use cash for your Grab taxi rides. So much nicer than a regular taxi and they can pickup at the airport. Your bank in the US or Canada is never going to be able to give you as good an exchange rate as you can get in the Philippines from a money changer there. Even the major banks doing FX at the airport had very competitive rates. Bring fresh crisp new US $100. Those are the easiest to exchange.
  10. earthdome

    puerto princsea/el nido

    We stayed at a new hotel 5 years ago called Celia. Reasonable rates and breakfast. Out on the edge a bit so the staff cal l you a trike. They also can arrange other tours like to the Underground River.
  11. earthdome

    puerto princsea/el nido

    I second the Tiki Bar. There was a good cover band from Manila playing there when we visited.
  12. In the Philippines you can legally drive using your foreign drivers license for the first 3 months you are in the Philippines.
  13. At a skinny 5'11" I haven't had any problems sitting in an Innova.
  14. Another one is... "We are from the government and we are here to help you".
  15. This happens every year towards the end of the year as OFW send alot of money home for the holidays. The FX rate should improve after the first of the year.