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  1. I normally take both vitamin D3 and vitamin C. When the spread of COVID-19 to my area seemed likely I started doubling the dose. It doesn't hurt to try keep your immune system up to the best of its ability.
  2. There are several grocery stores where I live in the US that allow seniors only to shop the first hour the store is open. That way they can get in after the store has been cleaned and restocked overnight. I have been using the shop online for groceries then go to the store for pickup. They bring the groceries out and put them in my trunk for me, don't even have to get out of the car.
  3. IMHO the government debt (not my debt) will never be paid, only increase year after year with the federal reserve inflating the money supply until some external event causes it to all come crashing down. Will this be the black swan event which causes it to all come crashing down or will they who rule be able to kick the can down the road one more time? I don't know, only time will tell.
  4. That's what I thought. Kick the can down the road further... I guess I am glad I don't have kids... Sorry, boys... No, this will affect us in a very short time by rising prices and is not deferred to later generations.
  5. This money won't come from taxes, it will come from the federal reserve upgrading their money printing computer. Which in the end will result in inflation which steals money from everyone, especially the poor, because what little money they have buys so much less.
  6. Sorry to hear that. I verified that the money from the sale was in our account yesterday. We are so fortunate to have been able to get the sale done before the lockdown and without the buyer backing out due to the economic turmoil. Hope things settle down quickly and the markets recover some so you can get yours sold.
  7. I have heard that most stores are already sold out on ammo.
  8. My house sold and the closing was today. Just under the wire. Tomorrow at 8AM the city/county where I live is going into lockdown. It was supposed to close yesterday but the woman buying it for cash is a foreign international from china and the bank wouldn't release the funds. I was worried that we wouldn't reach close but she worked it out with her bank last night. That was close, I didn't want to get stuck holding on to it during all this economic turmoil. She came back after the inspection last week wanting a discount because of "problems" found during the inspection. She didn't ask for much so we just went with it instead of negotiating because the most important thing from my perspective was to get the sale closed.
  9. That is a concern and likely applies to the US as well. Fortunately my buyer has cash and doesn't require a loan.
  10. Thanks, I will update when I know more.
  11. Yes, that is very understandable. Has your realtor mentioned anything about how all the uncertainty in the markets has affected home sales? Home mortgage interest rates should be down even more, perhaps that offsets the market uncertainty.
  12. I along with several other members of this forum are currently trying to sell homes they have in the USA. I was wondering how that is going for you now? I have a closing date for the sale of mine in 6 days and hope the buyer doesn't back out or try to negotiate an even lower price.
  13. The most important part of the denominator is what risk category you are in. For me, the denominator is much smaller because it will be that sub set of people who have COPD and get COVID-19. That is why myself, my wife and daughter are staying home as much as we can to reduce my risk. At least until effective treatment's or vaccines are available. Finallly, don't forget to multiply the denominator by how many rolls of toilet paper you have.
  14. I did notice in the picture that my brother in laws finger was outside the trigger in a safe position. He is also a competitive marksman and we have helped sponsor his team.
  15. Confirmed. US Markets down over 10% on open. Silver also is way down. Recently it reached $18, now trading down in the $12 range. Everything is getting hit as traders have to close positions to cover margins.
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