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  1. Tagalog is a regional language, but originally only in the area around Manila. Most filipino's in the northern third of Luzon speak Ilocano and may speak a local language. Of course tagalog is becoming more common in other areas over time.
  2. Now you know why filipino's go around unplugging things all the time. Most homes don't have proper grounds which increases the chance of electrical/electronic equipment getting damaged from an electrical storm.
  3. I know all about false flag incidents from the past. Wouldn't surprise me with these recent incidents. Even for false flag incidents those responsible have a motive driven by either greed or power. Yeah, maybe those types are bat s--- crazy.
  4. I recently stopped taking a statin daily. Since I had a small heart attack almost 10 years ago I have been taking statins. In that time, regardless of how healthy my diet is, how much exercise I get, quitting smoking, and taking the statins. My HDL and LDL numbers haven't really changed much in all that time. As noted there can be side effects. I lived my whole life never having any problems with acid reflux. Then all of a sudden a few years ago it had become a huge problem for me. One possible side effect with statins can effect your digestion and cause acid reflux. So I have been off the statins for several months now and am now trying to get off the proton pump inhibitor for my acid reflux.
  5. I have not been following the incident very closely but from what I have heard things just don't add up. What would Iran have to gain from these recent incidents? Even dictators and theocratic governments have a sense of self preservation. I don't think they are so bat s--- crazy they would ignore the reaction to these type of incidents.
  6. Something is wrong with this picture. I would assume that an oil tanker would be in an Iranian port to do something, hmmm..., maybe load up with oil? Then why would the Iranian's put mines on their own customer ships? That makes no sense.
  7. There a number of things I know my wife will miss when we return to live full time in the Philippines. The top two are garage sales and seasonal/clearance sales at stores. Regarding foods, she now loves crab legs and likes steak.
  8. Bring along some cash. $100 bill's work well. It is easy to find a money changer and get a good rate. You will need cash because the Philippines is still mostly a cash society and you will need to use cash much more often. Second, you will need multiple credit cards in case one doesn't work for some purchase. With some credit card companies, such as Capital One, they no longer let you tell them about international travel to authorize use of the card. Instead they use other more sophisticated anti fraud mechanisms now that the credit cards have chips. Basically, the card will only work if the vendor has a credit card machine that reads the chip on the card. FYI, Capital One has great cards for travel because they don't add any fee's for international transactions and have a fairly good foreign exchange rate. So you can have the charges done in peso's and Capital One does the FX to USD. Second, before you leave download the Grab app. Grab is like Uber or Lyft and works in some of the larger metro's. You can download this in advance and setup your credit card so you can use it for transport instead of taxi's. So much nicer than the normal taxi's. Especially in Manila.
  9. No harm no foul. I also have some strong opinions on some topics but usually can keep them to myself while on this forum which primarily is used for discussing Philippines related topics.
  10. One word of caution regarding LED TV's. Prior to LED TV's you had LCD TV's which faded out in bright light. Then came along LED TV's. What changed? They put bright LED lights behind the LCD to increase the brightness so you can see the TV in bright sunshine. The problem is that those LED lights behind the LCD screen can burn out and cause the TV to fail. I had that happen on a 4 year old 50" Samsung TV. When enough of the LED's failed it cause a higher current draw which prevented the Samsung from powering up. After a great deal of research and opening up the unit for some testing I was able to fix the TV by replacing the 4 strips of LED lights. The LED's can either be behind the LCD screen, this is called backlight. Or the LED's can be on the edge's. The backlight is better. I found out that my LED's burned out because the default setting for the backlight brightness on my tv was set at the MAX. By doing a bit of research and trouble shooting I was able to fix my TV for $48 rather than spring for the cost of a new TV. So if you have LED backlights on your TV go into the settings and check what the backlight setting is and set it to 30-50% of max to lengthen the lifetime of those LED lights.
  11. Perhaps the cell phone video was taken after the shooting during a replay of the CCTV footage by the operator.
  12. Not sure I agree with that. If it was an extra judicial killing by police would they fire at innocent bystanders?
  13. According to the story the men that were killed had been or currently involved in the drug trade. So there likely was a drug related reason for the killings. Similar things happen on the south side of Chicago all the time. It is scary that you could be an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.
  14. Same for me. My mother and father had very traditional roles in the family. For me, i was a bachelor for a long time so I am used to doing things for myself.
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