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  1. Ahh, my mistake. Lowes has a special deal from Stanley Black & Decker to sell the Craftsman brand.
  2. Ask Lowe's, Sears sold Craftsman to them.
  3. Off topic -- Too bad that Sears lost control of its administration years ago to some wealthy idiot who has driven its products and brand down to nothing when for most of its life it had a reputation of quality products at a fair price.
  4. Must have missed that. Too bad. It was very convenient, fast and easy when we used DCF in 2014. Sounds like you have a big minefield to navigate which frequently changes due to COVID. Best of luck in your efforts.
  5. Might be a good idea to contact the US Embassy in Manila and ask them.
  6. OMW, When I filed for my wife's CR-1 spouse visa we were able to file DCF i.e. directly with the embassy in Manila since I had lived in the Philippines for more than 6 months. We completed the process and received the visa in only 3 months from the time I filed the I-130. If we had pushed it we could have had it done in 2 months. The visa was valid for 6 months. That of course was pre COVID. At that same point in time it would have taken 6 - 12 months to complete the process if I was doing it while living in the US. The logistics are even more difficult when doing a filing in the US when you s
  7. The lowlands are more of an instant coffee culture the mountains where coffee is grown is more of a coffee culture. My inlaws always have a thermos full of hot local coffee. Even helped my father in law roast some beans then he turned them into a coffee powder using a very large mortar and pestle. When I lived in Baguio I could buy whole beans for a number of different local varieties from SM market and they would grind them for me if I wanted.
  8. Have you looked at US college costs recently? I wouldn't call US college's and university's inexpensive unless you can get some scholarships to help offset the costs.
  9. No. I could be called former since it has been over 5 years since I lived full time in the Philippines. Hard to believe it has been that long. And almost 9 years since I started using this forum.
  10. Our cast iron skillets don't get used much because my wife insists on giving them a good scrub with soap every time she uses one, defeating the whole purpose of seasoning. So the lighter quality non sticks work better for us.
  11. But sometimes the woodpecker really is coming to get you! This Woodpecker Will Drill Into Your Skull And Eat Your Brains
  12. No we didn't qualify. I think that is also something which can change from state to state. The first time we applied we did the income verification thing. The website calculated our income wrong and automatically signed us up for state subsidy's. It was a huge pain in the ass to back out of that requiring us to verify we made to much income and actually go visit some bureaucrat in an office before it was corrected. One option to consider is if your wife would be interested in working. For example, my wife got work as a housekeeper at a hospital before we had our daughter. Hourly rate well
  13. That is a huge factor. Since the (Un)Affordable Care Act was implemented health insurance has increased at 10%, 15% and even 20% per year. The cost can vary a great deal between states. Here in the US Midwest I am paying almost $600 for my wife and 2 year old for the highest deductible lowest cost marketplace plan. You can wing it on your own now since President has removed the penalty for not having insurance and there are some options for non ACA marketplace coverage but I haven't explored that option much and then again that varies from state to state. Other than your home health insurance
  14. And back in 1969 no one went bat s___ crazy shutting everything down. The flower power generation survived that super spreader event called Woodstock.
  15. But in only a few years Elon Musk will arrive and my guess is he will be packing.
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