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  1. CBD might have the same effect as the medical cannabis with out the high. Legal now in most US states. But illegal in the Philippines according to this article: https://supplementsinreview.com/blog/is-cbd-legal-in-my-country-global-guide-to-cbd-legality/
  2. Thanks for the update. When we setup our SS benefits, for me, our daughter and my wife as caretaker we just had all 3 go into our joint credit union account. No restrictions.
  3. Growing up I was interested in sports. Baseball, basketball, etc. I played on summer leagues and school teams. Not once did my parents attend a game. My participation was driven solely by my interest in playing those sports. I don't recall there was any problem back then with parents.
  4. I agree. That should apply to all activities. It should be based on what the child's interest is and how much they want to participate. Not on the parents.
  5. Please report back on your experience renting. As they say, its all about location, location, location. We stayed in an AirBnB on the beach in San Fernando, La Union last fall. The building was 4 years old and originally was going to be apartments. But the owner (an expat's wife) is doing much better with AirBnB in that location. I think he gets 2.5 to 3k pesos per night and has 6 2BR apartments in the building.
  6. Ohh, a pirate girl friend. Yup, that will help pass the time until his eye heals.
  7. roddavis, Wow. Glad to hear you are doing better. A bit scary getting that sick. Did you have PhilHealth?
  8. Vit C, D3 when I can't get much sun. Just started taking CBD now that it is legal in most US States.
  9. The easy solution is to use Grab. The cars and drivers are nicer than the normal yellow or white taxi's and the fare is fair. Plus it only takes 5 -10 minutes for pickup. Just install the Grab app ahead of time on your smart phone and get your account with credit card info created. Then if you don't have one, buy a SIMM at the airport, enable data, then summon a Grab. My last trip I used Grab almost exclusively while in Manila and it was so much better than normal taxis. In Baguio the Grab cars and drivers were the normal taxis but then I never had a problem with taxis in Baguio the 2 years I lived there and used them often.
  10. Maybe those numbers were a foretelling of the winning lottery numbers. Did you play them?
  11. And then the fight started.
  12. On our 4th date my wife had me hike to the top of Mt Sta Thomas in Baguio with her.
  13. I walk quite a bit. 10-15 km every day. I bought a fitbit ionic watch Jan of last year and it helps to remind me to meet my goals.
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