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  1. Not only that. Got quite a blue nose on one north atlantic deployment.
  2. What about the Boeing 737Max??
  3. Then that must be the Beechcraft Baron.
  4. Is that a Cessna 310 back there behind the cars?
  5. I wonder how selecting a state for residency for purposes of voting would impact having to pay state income taxes. i.e. If you use California will they go after you for state income taxes.
  6. I found it entertaining to watch the old filipino movies where they are fighting the US Calvary. Kind of like the old US westerns but in these the US were the bad guys.
  7. Yikes, I hope they aren't installing router's with default passwords and do not immediately generate a new unique admin password and router key phrase.
  8. Have you checked for viruses and malware? Perhaps something was using a lot of bandwidth on your laptop that you weren't aware of. Thus limiting how much was available for other things. Is there a log of network stats?
  9. 13,333 pesos/sqm. That is a bit expensive. I recall seeing building plots on the edge of Baguio going for 8k pesos/sqm 5 years ago.
  10. Looking very nice Steve. One question, are the stairs really that steep with a short tread? Or is that just some trick of the camera lense?
  11. When I lived in San Fernando, La Union they would have scheduled brownouts that would last all day. Since it was scheduled it became an impromptu holiday and many spent the day at the beach. I sure didn't want to spend the day in the tiny studio apartment I had there with no aircon.
  12. If they are the same brand of door lock you may be able to get a kit to make them all the same. I did that a few years ago when I installed new doors. If you get the kit read the instructions very well because some of the lock components are spring loaded and it is a huge PITA to get them back in if they pop out. I did this with Schlage locks.
  13. I haven't looked at them but perhaps those stats include all visa types. i.e. Spouse visa's are granted at a very high percentage but visitor visa's are granted at a much lower percentage.
  14. One option would be to own a condo which doesn't require any yard or other routine upkeep. Then while you are gone leave it minimally furnished and generate income from renting it out as an AirBnB. You would need someone to manage it for you. Of course whether this works for you depends on the location, location, location of the condo. Then you would have a furnished place to stay in the US for your visits back.
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