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  1. You only need the throwaway ticket to board the flight to the Philippines and they might check at immigration on arrival. You don't need a throw away for renewing your tourist visa.
  2. I wouldn't put myself in the middle of it if I am not the employee's supervisor. It is the responsibility of management and his direct supervisor to deal with any performance/fraud issues. One exception that you mentioned was if his work was shoddy and resulted in a safety issue, that should of course be reported.
  3. Not very often, once or twice a month at most.
  4. You know, that is a great idea. 15 -20 years ago I used to run a unix server at home for doing some hosting for myself and a few organizations I supported. That got to be a PITA so I switched to using a VPS for the last 10 years. Now I am leaning towards setting up a home server again with Terra Bytes of file storage and for use as a VPN for when I travel internationally and want access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. My current VPS just doesn't have the bandwidth that I have at home in the US.
  5. Last time we flew out of NAIA Terminal 3 we had a lot of luggage. So I got one of the porters outside that you pay. He took me through a different entrance where there was no queue to get through security. Worth the money to avoid the queue outside.
  6. I have used grab from NAIA Terminal 3. Only had to wait 5-10 minutes. Had to pay about 500 pesos though, but it was a longer ride during rush hour, took almost 2 hours. And that was the price quoted from the app before pickup. Gave a nice tip because it took much longer than the app predicted and charged for.
  7. Doh! They are filipino dogs.
  8. This may have been mentioned before, but using a text message to your phone for 2FA (two factor authentication) has its own risks. Criminals are getting good at contacting cell phone companies and convincing them they are the legit customer, lost their phone or some such excuse, then get the phone company to port the phone number to a new SIMM under the control of the criminal. Then the criminal can use the Forgot Password method to get control of accounts, or even your main email account, by now having the 2FA text message for your phone number arrive on their phone. Now they have a legit login to your email or other accounts. If your email account or other services you use offer better methods for 2FA than a text message, like Google Authenticator, Authy or Yubikey (USB device) use those, they are much more secure.
  9. Ahh, that helps explain things. Do you get a retainer fee as part of the contract?
  10. ok. Thanks for clarifying that. Seems it would be nice if AirBnB had the ability to split payments between the owner and a manager. Perhaps some percentage plus cleaning fee goes to the manager with the rest going to the owner. Having someone manage your AirBnB property must be pretty common.
  11. As I said. When I took my partner to Cambodia she was quizzed. There was seperate lanes for Filipinos and Foreigners so we never went through together. It started by asking who purchased the ticket, who she was travelling with then onto personal relationship questions before she was allowed through. This topic is regarding a fiance with fiance Visa to the US who has already been screened in order to get the visa. A young single filipina traveling outside the Philippines will get quizzed to ensure she is not caught up in some human trafficking scam.
  12. If the booking was in your account why didn't you receive the payment from AirBnB, deduct your fee, and pass the rest over to the owner?
  13. As I recall you can drive on your home country DL for the first three months you are in the Philippines. If your stay is longer than that then you need to get a PI DL.
  14. I concur that with an income of $1500 per month he will not meet the financial requirements for the visa unless he can get a cosponsor. But even if he were to get a visa his new wife will be required to have health insurance which is getting pretty damned expensive in the USA. Regarding travel back to the Philippines, you don't receive your permanent resident green card until you have lived in the US for 2 years, the one she would receive would be a temporary green card. With the temporary green card immigration can deny her entry. A rule of thumb I read was that it is ok to leave and return on short vacations but if she is out of the US for more than a month or two she could get denied reentry.
  15. If you want to keep your commute times down then it would be best to try and centrally locate where you stay to minimize the travel time. Traffic is terrible and can take hours to travel distances within the NCR. The best experience for travelling to/from where you stay will be to use Grab, a ride share like Uber where you install the app on your phone. If you don't like hotels you might try AirBnB. We had a very nice AirBnB on our visit last fall. It was a condo in a large complex used a great deal by foreigners. There were restaurants and grocery shopping right on the property with good security.
  16. There is a member (PaulB) who gets on here once in a while who lives near Santiago City, that is the closest I can think of.
  17. Last fall I stayed in an AirBnb on the beach in San Fernando La Union, just a few km south of San Juan. Nice relatively new 2BR apartment right on the beach. I think the cost was around $45 per night.
  18. Last fall I drove through that area on the way to my SIL home which is just west of Cainta off of Ortigas Ave. We stayed at an AirBnB at The Grove by Rockwell which was very nice. Best experience I have had when visiting the NCR.
  19. I found while I was an active computer programmer that contributing to open source projects helps to build your resume. Best to find something you are interested in related to online hosting of applications on websites or mobile apps. I don't have a college degree and am mostly self taught as a computer programmer. But my involvement over the course of a few years in some higher profile open source projects led to me being recruited heavily by Goldman Sachs. They didn't care if I had a degree but knew my skills from the work I had done on open source projects they needed inhouse expertise on. After 6 months and 3 phone interviews they flew me to NYC first class for an in person day long interview. 3 days in NYC all expense paid. They ended up offering me a position with starting salary over 6 figures but when I took into account the cost of living, work hours and stress I decided to stay where I was and declined their offer. I know many people who have had successful careers as computer programmers, system admins, etc. for internet related companies who do not have college degrees. And now it is even easier to work remotely as a contractor if you have the skills. Good luck and have fun following your work related passion. One final thought. At one point I contacted a number of companies in the Philippines, some owned by foreigners, who did website development and programming outsourced from the US. Six years ago when I looked into this a skilled website application programmer who worked full time for a client made approximately $1000 USD per month for one of these companies. For the Philippines that is pretty good money.
  20. In practice only the senior citizen discount is strictly applied to filipino's who have their senior card. Any other conveniences provided to seniors that do not provide a discounted price are up to the business and or office you are visiting.
  21. Regarding education and job opportunities for my daughter. My goal is that our daughter will receive an education and life experiences that will help her be successful and happy regardless of where in the world she decides to spend her time. There is a small but growing number of digital nomads. Young people who have no permanent home but travel the world making their money doing work on their laptop.
  22. Please dont go down that road in this topic or any. Just causes arguments. Understood. That was just an easy example for me to make about schools becoming politicized since a coworker of mine told me about his experience.
  23. When you say here, are you meaning the US or Philippines or Mars? Within context I am pretty sure nor cal mike is referring to education in the US.
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