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    Transfer US Social Security to Philippines?

    That income is from outside the Philippines. So you do not have to pay anything. I expect that it is very rare for an expat retiree in the Philippines to have to pay any income taxes to the Philippines unless they have a local business.
  2. earthdome

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    What area's of Luzon are you referring to?
  3. earthdome

    2 weeks and counting

    They were when I arrived around that time at NAIA Terminal 3. And they had very competitive rates.
  4. earthdome

    Building a Garden

    Running water like a fountain, especially if there is a bit of spray or mist, can really help it feel a bit cooler. Can't wait to see the finished garden.
  5. earthdome

    Home schooling

    I am interested in this topic but at this time have nothing to contribute regarding home schooling in the Philippines.
  6. earthdome

    Very sick wife

    The Brgy Captain is the best place to start for small local disputes. In the best case they act like an impartial arbitrator In the worst case they are related to your wife's family.This case is well beyond what a Brgy Captain should be involved with. I agree that it is best to keep your distance and use the Computer Crime Division of the NBI.
  7. earthdome

    Very sick wife

    Bigmac, Sorry to hear that your wife and her family were scamming you regarding her illness. I am curious about the US Spouse Visa. Did you file the paperwork with USCIS or was your wife handling everything? I wonder if perhaps that was also a way to scam money from you.
  8. earthdome

    Newbie question

    Make sure your phone is unlocked. Many phones you buy as part of a plan from a US cell phone carrier are locked and can not be used on a different cell phone service unless they get unlocked. The lock isn't a key, it is a special code you have to type in to your phone specific for your phone. Your cell phone company should have info about how to do this. My last visit I got a Globe SIMM and mostly used the phone for text and data. The data was used a great deal for google maps and using Grab taxi's. 50 peso's load for 3 days of data up to 2GB I think.
  9. earthdome

    Help me with Netflix ?

    You can buy and configure your own wifi router then just plug it in to the one your ISP provides. Then if you change ISP's you don't have to reconfigure all your devices. Just plug your router into the new ISP's router. This also allows you to have a nice router which you can configure with a VPN.
  10. earthdome

    Help me with Netflix ?

    There are home wifi routers which can be configured with a VPN, but in that case all the traffic using that for wifi will use the VPN.
  11. earthdome

    Availability of Gabapentin, Voltarin Gel

    You can bring up to a 3 months supply of prescription meds with you. So I would recommend speaking with your doctor/pharmacy before you leave to ensure you can obtain a 3 month supply to take with you. This is especially nice to do if your health insurance will pay most or all of the cost of the meds.
  12. Something similar can happen in the US. My wife needed to convert from a 2 year green card she got on arrival to a 10 year green card. The earliest you can apply is 3 months before the 2 year expires. We applied 3 months before and received a letter after her green card expired saying her case had not been reviewed yet and this letter granted her an additional year. Then it started getting close to the end of her 3rd year in the US and no 10 year green card yet. So I called and found out they were 15 months behind processing green card extensions. So we just had to wait. In total took almost 18 months. So technically my wife was an "illegal" since her 10 year green card didn't arrive until almost 6 months after the letter extending it another year expired.
  13. That is why I buy some of my meds online from the great white north.
  14. earthdome

    Newtown Plaza Hotel - Baguio

    We lived a block away from Newtown and watched the construction of the business complex and hotel. The condo's were still under construction when we left. We considered purchasing one of the condo's. We loved to eat at Rasa Pura and toured the hotel when it first opened. We wanted to stay there when we returned last fall but we were going to have family with us so an AirBnB worked out better for us.
  15. Yeah, Baguio checked off most of the boxes on my list of what I was looking for in a place to live in the Philippines 7 years ago, and I lived there over 2 years. With the growth and increased traffic since then I am now open to exploring other options. I would still like to live in a more moderate climate at elevation and have access to quality medical care plus the amenities of a medium sized city.
  16. earthdome

    The affluence of Manila

    It all depends on what area of the NCR you are at. Some nice areas, and there are a growing number of nice areas, do a fairly good job of getting the basura picked up. You can see a significant difference between different parts of the NCR since it really is a large metro area with many different political districts with different leadership. My most recent visit with my wife and daughter we spent more time in the NCR than I had ever spent before. I now have a better opinion of Manila. Yes, it suffers from everything you say, but there are nicer area's where those problems you listed are minimal. Except for traffic of course. But using Grab instead of taxi's has also made that part of my visit better.
  17. earthdome

    Taxi Manila -> Angeles

    If you have a smart phone install the Grab app, that is a ride sharing app similar to Uber. Book a few short rides in Manila and ask the driver what he would charge to take you to Angeles. I found all the Grab cars and drivers were very nice in Manila. Some I spoke with will do longer trips. One guy mentioned he did a 3 day trip to Baguio. Likely price would be 2-3k plus gas and tolls.
  18. earthdome

    Are Filipinos Racists?

    If you like tattoo's you might be interested in Whang-od. There is a long history of tatoo's in some areas of the Philippines and she is a world famous tattoo artist following the old traditions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whang-od
  19. earthdome

    No vegetables?

    My wife's family often eat fruit. They almost always have banana's in the house and eat other fruits in season. They have orange and pomelo tree's in their yard. They often cook pechay, sayote tops, etc. They cook pancit with carrots, green beans, etc. Now our daughter at 11 months old is tall for her age. Her height is at 96% for her age. i.e. taller than 95 out of 100 babies her age. But this is all genetics, though now that she is eating solid food we try to feed her healthy. She must be getting her height from my mother's side of the family and my wife's father's side of the family. My wife has an uncle on her fathers side that is 6'2" though my wife is 4'9" though she claims 5'. ;)
  20. Granted these two men are shady, you don't dump a body in a river if you don't have something to hide. Bitcoin is just a way to transfer and hold value. Just like cash, gold, silver, etc. Most transactions for which bitcoin and other crypto currencies are used are not criminal. I have used bitcoin to do remittances and I have done online purchases of legal products using bitcoin. Most drug sales still use cash money. Got a bit too much cash on you... hmmm... that raises a red flag.
  21. What, you only have a few weeks vacation from your work??
  22. earthdome

    Pick a Major?

    I concur. Focus on english communication skill. That goes a long way regardless of whether the person works OFW or stays in the Philippines. My SIL and her fiance both work for a call center. Both have over 4 years experience and will soon be married with a baby on the way. The call center will provide nice benefits to them when married for having the baby. They both make more than 25k per month but they are in Manila in the Ortigas/EDSA area.
  23. earthdome

    Open my gate

    Leave it up to Dave to tie this thread all together.
  24. earthdome

    Very sick wife

    I did a quick search and found that B12 self injections cost $10-$20 each in the US, if you visit a nurse to do the injection it might cost $75 in the US. Have you verified the costs for this? $70 each in the Philippines ($500/wk) sounds very expensive. Perhaps the health care staff are charging you extra, what is often called the long nose or kano tax.
  25. earthdome

    More Discussion On Tipping

    Employers in the US can expect anything they want but they will be sorely disappointed with me. I tip when the employee in the US is likely to be receiving the reduced minimum wage, such as wait staff. I will also tip the bellman on the rare occasion I use one or my barber in the US. I rarely tip other than in those situations in the US or anywhere else. Call me a kuripot and I will wear that as a badge of honor. One other situation where I might tip is for exceptional service well beyond all expectations.