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  1. Right, and the magnitude of price changes will be very dependent upon the individual market.
  2. Prices are coming down where I live in the US midwest. Down $.40/gal since the peak last month for regular unleaded.
  3. Economic sources I follow think this housing downturn will be different than the 2008 bust because different economic factors are involved. The 2008 bust was primarily due to the big mess created by sub-prime mortgages and the economic downturn was mostly driven by the housing and home mortgage markets. This economic downturn is a completely different beast being driven by monetary inflation over the last 2-3 years which has now triggered price inflation. The Fed increasing their interest rate will increase home mortgage rates which will cool down the real estate market but not result in a dramatic bust in home prices.
  4. Maybe you need some Gator Aide?
  5. Another twist on that. A friend of mine conceal carry's a handgun. He once told me that carrying a firearm makes him even more aware of the situation around him and more polite because he doesn't want to be put in a situation where he may have to make a decision to use his weapon in self defense. So it can go both ways.
  6. Reminds me of a quote from the author Robert Heinlein. "An armed society is a polite society."
  7. Prices are up here where I live in the US midwest. $4.89/gal for regular unleaded today.
  8. Sorry to hear of his passing. I recall how helpful he was replying to posts. Condolences to his family.
  9. I am in the US and the closest cell tower to my home for my mobile provider went out of service for an extended time resulting in no mobile phone service at our house. I contacted them and they sent me a mini cell phone 'tower' with a 50 foot signal radius which I could plug into our internet router. All I had to do was pay a $25 refundable deposit and plug it in to my router. It routes our phones phone/text/data connection through our internet connection.
  10. You may have missed this, but there are help wanted signs everywhere and employers are having a difficult time filling positions in the US. Covid triggered what they are now calling the great resignation. Millions of people have left the work force. Many retiring early. Starting wages have increased a great deal often including bonuses to start work.
  11. Yeah, I hadn't seen your post on this thread yet. Thanks for the updates. Hmm, high honors is awesome. Not so sure what I would think of my daughters picture hung up everywhere.
  12. Are there any immigration issues for your step-daughter once she turns 18?
  13. Glad to hear that at this point all are doing well or did well when it was their turn. It is now estimated based on testing that 60% of those in the US have already had COVID.
  14. Don, Ridiculous indeed. For a contrast, below is a letter we received yesterday from our daughters preschool. FYI, children at my daughters preschool have never been required to wear masks and adult staff have not worn masks for almost a year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am writing to inform families that I have just been notified of a child that tested positive for COVID today after showing symptoms overnight. To determine your child's level of exposure - The child was in attendance in the Lions class on Monday and in LODO+. I have discussed current COVID guidance with LODO leadership and we will require the following: Students will not be required to quarantine at this time, but we will monitor for any COVID symptoms. If a child exhibits any symptoms of COVID, they will be required to quarantine and/or be tested. Please check for symptoms prior to bringing your child to school. Students with symptoms can attend school with a negative COVID test. Test results will need to be submitted to me from your lab results, or a photo taken of an at-home test. If additional cases arise in the class/school, quarantines may be put in place. A child that tests positive for COVID will be required to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. Our young learners are not able to wear a mask consistently throughout the day and most are not eligible to receive the COVID vaccine. We are unable to provide a separate space for snack, lunch, or nap time when masks would be removed. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate maintaining a healthy learning environment. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Yeah, Sagada is a long drive north from Baguio taking most of a day. I wouldn't recommend living in Sagada full time, just a nice place to visit. Back 9 years ago I made a post with pictures about a trip up that way. I think the pictures got lost during a forum upgrade. The last Christmas/New Years holiday season I lived in Baguio in 2014 it was gridlock for that 2 weeks with several million tourists visiting. The older I get the less attractive living full time in the Philippines becomes. Mostly because of health care issues. First that you can't use your Medicare benefits. Second that as you age it becomes more important to live close to good emergency medical care. We likely will end up snow birding. Spending some of the winter months in the Philippines and the rest in the US. We would still need a place in the Philippines but I would rather it be something low maintenance and easy to leave like a condo rather than land with a house. That is if I can convince my better half of that.
  16. Feel better soon. Don't forget to double up on your Vit C and D3. Here in the US my pulmonologist mentioned to me that at the first sign of systems let him know so he could put me on monoclonal antibodies as an outpatient due to my comorbidities.
  17. We considered buying a home or condo in Baguio. Glad we didn't. I was told that Sagada is similar to what Baguio was 50 years ago. Worth a visit. You can go from Baguio north to Sagada, then go southeast through Bontoc to visit Banaue, then go further southeast and head back south down the Pan Asian Highway.
  18. The playground looks new. Is that in the Burnham Park area?
  19. Looks like FIDO is a reboot of PKI technology that has been around for a long time. With FIDO you would have a small USB hardware security FOB where your encryption keys are stored. This is big move in the right direction. The only problem is getting website/app and user adoption. I like that better than trusting Google to store your encryption keys. https://fidoalliance.org/how-fido-works/
  20. I found this, basic summary although the connection between you and dropbox is encrypted the individual files are not encrypted until after they arrive at the dropbox servers opening up the potential for a rogue employee or hacker to view your unencrypted .txt file. In addition they are not encrypted on your device, if dropbox is open on your device, anyone who gains access to your device can see the files unencrypted. I am losing count how many times my personal data stored by organizations or vendors I have a relationship with has been stolen by hackers. Fortunately, to this point, I have not had any problems from identity theft or a monetary loss. Is Dropbox Encryption as Secure as Expected? Dropbox security is one of the things that most people concern about. Dropbox claims to put the security of customers at the highest priority, but truth be told, Dropbox encryption is not as strong as it presents. First of all, if you read the privacy policy of Dropbox carefully, you may learn that Dropbox will retain and store your information like user usernames, emails, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information and social network details when you sign up. Even if you delete your Dropbox account, you can't delete this personal information. Besides, Dropbox doesn't provide end-to-end encryption. In other words, when you upload your data to your account, Dropbox has the encryption key to view all your files on their servers. Although Dropbox makes it clear that it will never manipulate or sell personal information, a rogue Dropbox employee or hacker will be able to breach the systems and steal this sensitive information.
  21. Seems you like living on the edge with regards to online account security. I use an open source solution that works on windows, linux, mac and android. It uses a shared encrypted file stored on Dropbox. If you continue with the .txt file I recommend you encrypt it with gpg. When available I setup 2FA for my accounts, preferably using something like Authy or Google Authenticate for the second factor.
  22. A few more thing to add. We never saw a checkpoint, we never had to leave our name & phone number when we entered a business, we have never been asked to show proof of vaccination, there is no such thing as a vaccine passport or special app you put on your phone.
  23. I expect that the impact on children is very specific to their home and family situation. My daughter who had just turned 2 when COVID started was impacted. There is no family close to us and she has no siblings. No neighbor kids either. She was starved for companionship of children her own age. The preschool we had signed her up for closed. The playgrounds were closed. All places where children could gather were closed. Fortunately we live in a midwest state which never had any statewide mandates, only local restrictions which started relaxing by the start of summer 2020. The playgrounds reopened and we found a mall 30 miles away with a large play area which was open. At first she would make a quick friend at the playground then have a complete meltdown when that friend had to leave 20 minutes later. She would continue to try and play with older children even when they were mean to her. She was so starved for companionship that first 6 months when she had limited opportunities to socialize with kids her own age. We finally got her into a preschool at the start of 2021 and since then she has done much better. BTW, only the adults wore masks at the preschool, no children were required to wear masks. Since last fall no one has been required to wear masks at her preschool. I feel very fortunate to live in a midwest US state which never had any statewide mandates and where local restrictions started relaxing after only a few months. Many on this forum live in the Philippines, Australia and other places which were very strict with rules and regulations during COVID. That was not our experience. The national US news focuses on the east/west coasts where blue states (Democrat controlled) had many mandates and strict rules. There were many other states not named Florida in flyover country (states in the middle of the US) which had lax rules and no mandates like Florida. They just had a low profile when it comes to the national news. For example, we went camping for a week in Aug 2020 at a campground on lake Michigan (in Wisconsin) and only wore mask a few times when shopping. in Nov 2020 we took our RV down to the gulf coast for a week. We went to the beach, restaurants, shopping, etc. and life was almost normal with only having to wear masks now and then.
  24. How is the market for new & used cars? Is there a limited supply of new cars? Are used car prices up? Here in the US car dealership lots have less than half the cars for sale than they used to have. Low inventory and high prices.
  25. it has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth. From my perspective it has become obvious that the world is awash in a sea of propaganda which is spread widely using all types of media from print, TV and online. It is an information war being conducted by all sides in this conflict. IMHO the US, EU & NATO by expanding NATO into former WARSAW Pact countries and former USSR republics has pushed the Russian bear into a corner, so don't be surprised if it lashes out. This isn't said to justify what Putin has done but to understand why. He is a dictator who can get nasty if he feels that his base of power is threatened. Russia is not a threat to Europe, their slow progress in Ukraine shows they are not the feared military power of 40 years ago. The only real threat from Russia are their nuclear weapons which are still very formidable. The reckless foreign policy of expanding NATO when it wasn't necessary has brought us closer to the brink of nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis.
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