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  1. Try contacting the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) their representatives generally have been very helpful, walking people through the process. Before COVID, it may have changed now.
  2. I concur, my wife's family members who live in the NCR all have cold/flu symptoms.
  3. Hey, Reggie Jackson buzzes off.
  4. I feel fortunate to live in a midwest US state which had no statewide mandates and even the more populous counties have relaxed most restrictions after the first 6 months or so. In fact we have traveled and stayed at campgrounds in our RV for 2 months total since COVID started and traveled to many states. For at least the last 8 months the only time we have worn a mask is when getting health care. Our daughter has attended preschool 2 mornings each week for the last year with no requirement to wear a mask. Yet the hospitalizations and death related to COVID is not very much different from other US states and less than some of those blue states which are very strict. I think it has been much better for our daughter from the age of 2-4 to live here where things have been pretty close to normal than in some big city, state or country which has very strict COVID rules.
  5. I will cross Enchanted Kingdom off my list of things to do when we return to the Philippines. Don, you might try PUGAD in La Union. It was very nice for a day trip back when I lived in Baguio. I even did their Superman zip line.
  6. For us it is contextual. For short stays of one or two nights we will use a hotel. For longer stays an AirBnB or VRBO. Why? For a longer stay we will more likely want to prepare some of our own meals, breakfast at a minimum, and have more room to relax. I concur regarding the vax cards.
  7. My experience hosting in the US was that most guests treated my property like they were a guest. WIthout us asking they would strip the beds and put the sheets in the laundry, do the dishes, etc. Usually it didn't take us very long to get the unit ready for the next guest. Of course there were the exceptions. But that was 2 years ago.
  8. The RFID tag is likely for a security door. With our AirBnB we didn't sweat the small stuff getting damaged. Not worth the effort to try and get compensation. Just part of the cost of doing business and should be built into your nightly rate and cleaning fee. For example we had some young men get very drunk and broke the toilet seat. I just spent the $10 for a replacement and a few minutes to replace it. Not worth the effort to try and get compensated for it. But I did give them a bad review. That type of attitude or approach is less common in the Philippines where people are more likely to covet every single peso they can squeeze out of you.
  9. Sorry to hear about your bad experience but that aligns with our last trip when we had 4 different AirBnB bookings. One required a cash deposit and the building/unit was at the low end of acceptable. Another near Ortigas and EDSA was very nice and reasonable cost but I got the impression that the staff gave a wink and a nod to those doing AirBnB hosting which was against the rules. We have had the experience in the US where the AirBnB we were given was not the one pictured. This was in a tourist area and the unit was in a time share complex. Of course they tried to get us to attend a sales event. Can't believe there are still people who would buy a time share. Having turned our former home into an AirBnB after buying a bigger home I have some experience being an AirBnB/VRBO host. That only lasted 6 months because a neighbor was on the HOA board and rallied all the other owners to amend the covenant to ban short term rentals Even though over 6 months there were only a couple of minor problem, no different than if we had turned it into a rental.
  10. Researchers have found that in more populated area's people often don't stop or offer to help because they assume that someone else has already done that or it is someone else's responsibility. In rural areas people are more likely to help because they know that if they don't do it no one else will. Plus there is more of a culture of helping each other in rural areas. A quick internet search did not find the study. But it make sense.
  11. Regarding OFW, there is a large need for health care workers in the US and the doors are wide open for filipino's to get a work visa. There are quite a few newly arrived filipino nurses in my area, many coming from working OFW in the middle east. Even families with children where both parents work in health care. The recruitment agencies are taking care of everything for them, finding housing, etc.
  12. My condolences on the loss of your father. Very sad how the elderly are being treated when close to passing.
  13. Dave & Mike J have some of the story. The program is Log4J, which is a programming library for logging used by software developers when writing web based applications in Java (not Javascript). So it could be found in any website which uses Java to run the backend application. The Apache Software Foundation is just the open source developer community where Log4J was developed and maintained. The AFS develops hundreds of different applications and tools primarily for web based internet applications. The exploit can be used to gain unauthorized access to the server to steal data, install ransomware, etc. This exploit is very damaging because a very large percentage of enterprise level online services are built using Java. Think banks, stocks, etc. Applications built for Oracle databases use Java extensively. The good news is that it only affects a few versions of the Log4J software, there is a new version which fixes the bug, and even if you can't immediately upgrade there is an easy fix.
  14. No, science is about hypothesizing then developing tests to prove/disprove them. If proven, being subject to additional testing which may disprove or modify the original hypothesis. moving the goal posts is "To alter the rules or parameters of a situation in such a way as to suit one's needs or objectives, making it more difficult for someone else to succeed, keep pace, or achieve an opposing objective."
  15. You contradict yourself in the same sentence. You state there is no proof then assert that it's still going to be more dangerous than seasonal flu.
  16. Sorry, but we have reached the conclusion that the vaccine is an unnecessary risk You and your family should be free to make your decision on what medical procedures are best for you as I and my family should be also free to do. Regarding our daughter, we have reached the decision that the risk of side effects from a new vaccine without any long term testing and very little short term testing is greater than her risk of harm from covid.
  17. Neither my wife nor I will get the booster. I had the Phizer last April and my wife had moderna last may. We will not let our daughter, soon to turn 4, get any covid vaccine.
  18. But if the omicron cases are mild in comparison to the previous variants. Who cares whether the vaccine protects you or not. As the original posting speculated, this could be a very good thing that replaces the need for vaccines and leads to herd immunity. That is until next season when the next mutant version arrives, much like how the flu changes every season.
  19. I noticed the same thing. Yet the US mainstream media tried very hard to ignore comorbidities like obesity and did not mention any ways you could boost your own immune response, like getting enough sun and/or vitamin D3.
  20. Of course your DR is giving good advice. What is interesting in this study is that it shows that the fat cells interact with the virus in ways that increase inflammation and the severity of the disease. Before this doctors thought that fat cells were just benign stores of energy.
  21. All good. Your response was fine. It was one of the responses to a response to your post that I had a problem with.
  22. You were given the correct answer already. You cannot enter the Philippines without being vaccinated. You better drop down to plan C or D or . . . . Also - telling a moderator of the forum that they do not know what they are talking about is NOT a good way to introduce yourself. At the risk of pissing off more than one moderator. granite is correct. He was responding to the statement that all countries require you to be vaccinated to enter. That statement is incorrect. A quick search of the internet will find that there are many countries which allow entry if you are not vaccinated. But they may require more testing and quarantine if you are not vaccinated when you enter the country. I am starting to get a bit tired of the attitude of some of the forum moderators. Perhaps that is why I do not participate as much in the forum.
  23. Yeah, I have seen that with other remittance companies. They give low fees and great FX rate at first to acquire you as a customer than increase the rates hoping you won't notice or that you don't want to spend the extra time to create a new account somewhere else.
  24. Fees are just one part of the cost. The other is how much is taken during the foreign exchange from USD to Peso's. Bottom line is you have to look at how many USD you input vs how many Peso's get remitted. In our recent case Transferwise now Wise was the best option.
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