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  1. Thanks. Not brave, I had my GF and at times her family to help keep me out of trouble. Never considered camping or sleeping in the car. Much better to have a nice room and bed for my GF and I to stay in. Of course we stayed with her family for 3 nights and only 4 nights were in hotels. Just checked and I still have the pictures and could upload some of the pictures from that trip again. Once when travelling on the remote mountain rode to my wifes family we saw a lone foreign hiker with full backpack. Didn't stop and chat with him, I am sure he would have had many interesting stories.
  2. Yes, they were in my gallery. Shame they got lost, the pictures really added to the story.
  3. I just went to review that thread from almost 7 years ago and noticed that all the pictures I had posted in that thread are gone.
  4. If we are talking about travelling around to cool places that is doable. I did a write up years ago about one of my trips around the northern Luzon mountain area. Had a great time, much to see, drove a rental car with my GF. Here is a link to that thread:
  5. Ass, Gas or Grass; nobody advertises for free.
  6. The medium sized midwest city I live in is going to require that all children and staff wear masks at public schools this fall. Like that is going to work. But they also will allow families to keep their children home and "attend" the school over the internet. The greatest concern the schools have is to keep their enrolment and attendance up so they can keep the cash coming in.
  7. That is why it is called the silent service. Because very little is said about submarine operations.
  8. I can confirm that policy as a former submariner. I was out at sea when the US hostages were taken from the US Embassy in Iran. We knew very little about what was going on. After I returned I found out from a taxi driver that every submarine that could get out to sea was gone. The US submarine fleet was on a war footing. Later I learned a friend of mine on a fast attack boat had their 6 month north atlantic run extended for another 6 months in the med while only pulling in to port long enough to load stores. I can also confirm that on my boat there were some who were very concerned about their breath in such close quarters. They would bring along several bottles of that light brown colored "listerene" mouth wash. They must have been concerned about my breath because a few times they sweetened my coffee.
  9. For me the numbers I follow are the number currently hospitalized and the number of deaths recently in my local community and state. It doesn't matter to me, except for considerations of herd immunity, how many people have tested positive for the virus since the beginning. Locally the number of people testing positive and the number of active cases are at all time highs yet the number of people currently hospitalized or rate of death hasn't really increased.
  10. I recall a comment about statistics when First Lady Barbara Bush was asked about some elections polls, she said that the only statistic she had faith in was that if you took all the people who fell asleep during church and laid them end to end they would be a great deal more comfortable.
  11. For travel in the US you must carry your medication in the original bottle with all the prescription information. If law enforcement see unidentifiable pills they assume they are contraband prescription drugs or some sort of illegal drug.
  12. I get several medications from a Canadian Pharmacy online. One of them gets mailed from Canada, the other will come from either Canada or India. Saves me money especially since I have a high deductible health insurance with an HSA.
  13. I am not in the Philippines but when we closed on our sale in the US a few days before the lockdown started we had to go to the title company to sign the documents for the closing which had to be notarized. All other realtor related documents were signed electronically. Sounds like a question for the title company. There likely are a number of title companies to choose from so you may be able to find one that can handle remote document signing. I think some states allowed for a process in which notarization could be done via zoom calls.
  14. For my inlaws I recall my wife mentioning how much she hated planting the rice, I expect these were seedlings being planted. My inlaws small rice fields are up in the mountains so I expect that they do more work by hand because of the poor logistics to move equipment in the mountains.
  15. My inlaws own some small rice fields but can no longer find anyone willing to do the work to plant them.
  16. That cake looks awesome OMW. As I mentioned in another thread we have started baking since this COVID thing started. Neither I or my wife had baked before. She did a great job yesterday making pandesal and I made classic chocolate chip cookies last week. Other things include donuts, cinnamon roles and banana bread.
  17. They both are islands but New Zealand has a much smaller population, is more remote than the UK which has the chunnel to Europe and I expect the UK has a great deal more international travel than New Zealand. My point is that what works in one place may not work in another.
  18. New Zealand has one geographic factor in its favor which makes a lockdown much more effective. It is isolated by the ocean from other countries. What works in one geographic and political location will not necessarily work in another.
  19. This is being handled exactly opposite of how it should be done. The elderly and those with compromised health should be quarantined. Then encourage all those healthy individuals between 18 and 50 to have a big party. Not enough of those individuals will require hospitalization to overwhelm health care and then in 2-4 weeks you might reach herd immunity.
  20. If the police were honest they would have told you he tried to commit suicide and they were there to finish the job. Unfortunately that does happen from time to time. Suicide by cop. Or even someone who is suicidal getting killed by the police because they are tired of dealing with the person who is locked up in their home not able to hurt anyone but themselves.
  21. It took protests with riots before that happened. Remember the rest of that saying, "A bad apple spoils the bunch". There have been many bad apples and the bunch have been spoiled for a long time. A LEO getting fired for an incident like this is rare, actually getting charged with a crime is extremely rare. Normally they lawyer up with free legal counsel from the police union and in almost every case the officers will be acquitted or the charges dropped at a later time. Then the city, state, etc. will get sued by the union and the officer will be reinstated with all back pay. Or they get hired in a different jurisdiction where they can continue occasional abuse while on the job. Of course the city, county, state are sued and the tax payers have to foot the bill for millions of dollars in settlements to the families of the victims. If the bad apples can't be held accountable then the problem will never get fixed. This may be that rare case where one or more of the officers will get convicted. I grant that there are people in law enforcement with good intentions, good hearts, etc. But many of the organizations they work for are rotten to the core. Where the good cops have learned to look the other way and not cross that thin blue line. Because if they cross that thin blue line they end up in a dead end career or forced out completely. Example: https://www.autoblog.com/2014/02/12/officer-who-issued-120-mph-ticket-suing-police-harassment/ I was actually very surprised to hear that some police organizations have come out against the abuse of force in this case. Finally, this isn't primarily a race issue though police abuse is more likely to happen to minorities, it is an abuse of authority and can happen to anyone regardless of race. As an example I give you Kelly Thomas https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Kelly_Thomas With all that said, that history of abuse does not justify rioting, looting, burning, stealing, etc.
  22. I was wondering how long it would take for this topic to get started. <Stepping up onto my soapbox> For those outside the US the Political Left (D) and Political Right (R) have been escalating their political attacks on each other for many decades. It is not the fault of one or the other but of both ruthlessly seeking the "Ring of Power" to use a Lord of the Rings metaphor. Any issue where one or both parties think they can exploit to gain political advantage is politicized and covered with glee by the main stream media and becomes red meat for the political partisans in their social media echo chambers. Not only the political parties but other organizations, some very fringe, use opportunities like this to try and move forward their own agenda. For example AntiFa, white supremacists, criminal gangs, etc. The only facts which aren't really in dispute is the unjustified killing of George Floyd due to excessive force by police, peaceful protests and later riots with looting. Everything else is a bunch of BS politicized propaganda. <Stepping back down from the soapbox/>
  23. Back on May 6th I received the expected stimulus for my family of 2 adults and one child. Yesterday I received another $1200 stimulus deposit. I don't recall that there is a second stimulus coming so the IRS may have made a mistake and paid twice.
  24. The premise for the movie was that a world wide pandemic resulted in the establishment of authoritarian dictatorships. Of course Natalie Portman was incredible in that movie.
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